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The Events Calendar Pro v6.0.2.1 – WordPress Plugin

Websites with different purposes may need a calendar on the main page where any visitor can find out the date before the start of an event.

For example, for an online store this could be the beginning or end of a sale, for a multimedia website – the arrival of some expected content or information will have available for download. For a blog, this could be the countdown or the exact date a new post appears.

For any of these purposes, The Events Calendar PRO Nulled is suitable. Using the plugin you can create your own events (not one, but several times in a day, in a week, a month and the like).

The Events Calendar PRO plugin is not only easy to use, but also easy to set up – just download and install it in WordPress, then the plugin will be completely ready to go. In terms of compatibility, the plugin can work in most versions of WordPress, without interfering with the work of the most popular plugins, add-ons or themes.


⭐In addition, please refer to Bookly PRO – The No.1 Calendar Plugin For WordPress

Features Events Calendar PRO – Events Calendar for WordPress

Features Events Calendar PRO
  • Month View
  • List View
  • Day View
  • Saved Content
  • Keyword Search
  • AJAX
  • iCal & Gcal Export
  • Events List Widget
  • Responsive
  • Premium Support Access
  • Recurring Events
  • Week View
  • Photo View
  • Map View
  • Location Search
  • Venue & Organizer View
  • Advanced Widgets
  • Shortcodes
  • Additional Fields

Changelog The Events Calendar Pro Nulled Free

= [v6.0.2.1] 2022-11-03 =
* Fix - Fixed an issue where migrated Recurring Event Occurrences would not be displayed on the frontend. [ECP-1398]
* Fix - Refactor Custom Tables v1 post-decorating code to avoid serialization/unserialization issues. [TEC-4379]

= [v6.0.2] 2022-10-20 =
* Fix - Series Post Type now is registered with `with_front => false` which prevents the URL weirdness for Series Archive page. [ECP-1340]
* Fix - Correct a few misnamed custom prop references. [TEC-4445]
* Fix - Ensure all the Virtual Event assets required by the Elementor Event widget load correctly. [ECP-1255]
* Fix - Remove strict type hinting from Custom Tables v1 code that could cause fatals in some environments. [ECP-1343]
* Fix - Avoid post ID related issues in Custom Tables v1 queries. [TEC-4770]
* Fix - Solve issues with unregistred Series post type during migration. [ECP-1321]
* Fix - Redirect was failing on edge case where RDATE would be split to new event. Centralized redirection. [ECP-1366]
* Fix - Language fix. A typo in evaluating whether an occurrence update notice message was for a recurring event or not, would cause to evaluate incorrectly. [ECP-1366]
* Fix - Editing an RDATE occurrence > Issue when saving for "This and following events". The events would be split but the RDATEs were not moved properly and the date would not adjust correctly. [ECP-1361]
* Fix - Improve the logic of the Blocks Editor code to detect recurring events. [ECP-1374]
* Fix - Ensure Week View checks positive for `tribe_is_by_date`. [TEC-4509]
* Fix - Some "event updated" messages were displaying wrong verbs and a duplicate published notice was showing. [ECP-1383]
* Fix - Correct some migration errors around ensuring we have an object before accessing its properties. [ECP-1361]
* Tweak - Hook into the filter in TEC to allow Week view to be listed as a by-date-view. [TEC-4458]
* Tweak - Improve some error messaging around migrations. [ECP-1336]
* Language - 3 new strings added, 126 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 3 obsoleted.

= [v6.0.1] 2022-09-22 =
* Feature - Add a link to convert an Event to single in the Events Manager and Series edit screens [ECP-1308]
* Fix - Prevent fatal Fatal error `Call to undefined method DateTimeImmutable::format_i18n()` on Week view that occurred on certain versions of php 8.0 [ECP-1346]
* Fix - Correct some translation domains pointing to the wrong plugin. [BTRIA-1302]
* Fix - Correct a mismatch between the get_terms filter and our hooked function signature. [ECP-1327]
* Fix - Normalize and reformat Event recurrence and date-related meta before migration to fix a number of migration warnings. [ECP-1304]
* Fix - Fix regression that was making the Events Calendar PRO tabs show up on the Event Tickets settings. [ECP-1338]
* Fix - Ensure we don't try to check nonexistent globals ($_POST, $_GET, etc). [ECP-1162]
* Fix - Correct a block editor fatal. [ECP-1330]
* Fix - Fix a fatal in the mini-calendar widget. [ECP-1317]
* Fix - Ensure that taxonomies get carried over when splitting recurring events. [ECP-1303]
* Fix - Ensure recurring events have a series generated for them when one is not specified. [ECP-1274]
* Fix - Prevent duplicated JOINs on View Series filters. [ECP-1246]
* Fix - Prevent editing the first occurrence of a recurring event from creating a new event. [ECP-1232]
* Tweak - Add some explanatory text to the Single Update option. [ECP-1307]
* Tweak - Prevent conflicts with the WooCommerce product page shortcode when in the editor. [ECP-1231]
* Language - 6 new strings added, 130 updated, 1 fuzzied, and 2 obsoleted

= [v6.0.0] 2022-09-06 =
* Version - Events Calendar PRO 6.0.0 is only compatible with The Events Calendar 6.0.0 and higher
* Feature - Custom tables and optimization of Cache Primers to enable reduced and stabilized number of queries on Event views.
* Feature - Event Series are available to manage Recurring Events.
* Feature - Inclusion of Event Series custom table `{$prefix}_tec_series_relationships`.
* Feature - Duplication of Events.
* Fix - Avoid infinite loops in some combinations of recurrence rules and dates.
* Language - 323 new strings added, 321 updated, 4 fuzzied, and 59 obsoleted
* Tweak - Legacy views are now fully deprecated and most of the template files and code was removed, please see other changelog items to see modifications.
* Tweak - Added filters: `tec_events_pro_custom_tables_v1_redirect_id`, `tec_events_pro_custom_tables_v1_duplicate_arguments`, `tec_events_pro_custom_tables_v1_duplicate_event_taxonomies`, `tec_events_pro_custom_tables_v1_duplicate_event_additional_meta`, `tec_events_pro_custom_tables_v1_duplicate_event_virtual_meta`, `tec_events_pro_custom_tables_v1_duplicate_event_virtual_meeting_meta`, `tec_events_pro_custom_tables_v1_series_occurrent_list_metabox_per_page`, `tribe_events_pro_recurrence_template_custom_recurrence_months_before`, `tribe_events_pro_recurrence_template_year_same_day_select_before`, `tec_events_pro_lock_rules_ui`, `tec_events_pro_lock_exclusions_ui`, `tec_events_pro_custom_tables_v1_editor_occurrences_months_in_advance`, `tec_events_pro_custom_tables_v1_provisional_post_base_threshold`, `tec_events_pro_custom_tables_v1_provisional_post_base_initial`, `tec_events_custom_tables_v1_clone_post_fields`, `tec_events_custom_tables_v1_clone_post_meta`, `tec_events_pro_custom_tables_v1_migration_enabled`, `tec_events_pro_custom_tables_v1_occurrence_cache_post`, `tec_events_pro_custom_tables_v1_occurrence_cache_meta`, `tec_events_custom_tables_v1_remove_series_autogenerated_flag`, `tribe_events_register_series_type_args`, `tribe_series_label_singular`, `tribe_series_label_plural`, `tribe_series_label_singular_lowercase`, `tribe_series_label_plural_lowercase`, `tec_community_events_use_series`, `tec_events_pro_custom_tables_v1_redirect_event_link_to_series`, `tec_events_pro_custom_tables_v1_template_assets_is_event_single`, `tec_events_pro_custom_tables_v1_series_default_view`, `tec_events_pro_custom_tables_v1_series_event_view_slug`, `the_title`, `tec_events_custom_tables_v1_redirect_nonce_action`, `tec_events_pro_manager_boundary_datetime_by_status`, `tribe_events_pro_editor_config`, `tec_events_pro_recurrence_meta_get`, `tec_events_pro_blocks_recurrence_meta`, `tec_events_pro_editor_meta_value`, `tec_events_pro_recurrence_update_commit`, `tec_events_pro_recurrence_meta_update`, `tribe_events_pro_recurrence_recurrence_strings`, `tribe_events_pro_recurrence_admin_template_strings`, `tribe_events_pro_recurrence_template_rule_type_buttons_after`, `tribe_events_pro_recurrence_template_add_recurrence_button_after`, `tribe_events_pro_exclusion_template_rule_type_buttons_after`, `tribe_events_pro_recurrence_template_recurrence_month_on_the_after`, `tribe_events_pro_recurrence_template_recurrence_week_days_after`, `tribe_events_pro_recurrence_template_year_not_same_day_after`, `tec_events_custom_tables_v1_show_series_title`, `tec_events_custom_tables_v1_series_marker_label_classes`
* Tweak - Removed filters: `tribe_events_pro_google_maps_api`, `tribe_events_pro_countdown_widget_limit`, `tribe_events_pro_countdown_widget_paged`, `tribe_events_pro_countdown_widget_allowed_status`, `widget_title`, `tribe_events_`, `tribe_events_widget_jsonld_enabled`, `tribe_events_pro_add_title`, `tribe_events_pro_js_version`, `tribe_allow_widget_on_post_page_edit_screen`, `tribe_events_display_user_toggle_subsequent_recurrences`, `tribe_events_ajax_response`, `tribe_events_pro_shortcodes_countdown_widget_class`, `tribe_events_pro_shortcodes_list_widget_class`, `tribe_events_pro_shortcodes_venue_widget_class`, `tribe_events_pro_tribe_events_shortcode_truthy_values`, `tribe_events_pro_tribe_events_shortcode_output`, `tribe_events_pro_tribe_events_shortcode_wrapper_classes`, `tribe_events_pro_header_attributes`, `tribe_events_pro_week_hour_format`, `tribe_events_pro_week_header_date_format`, `tribe_events_pro_this_week_widget_query_args`, `tribe_events_this_week_date_format`, `tribe_events_pro_venue_widget_event_query_args`, `tribe_events_pro_stylesheet_url`, `tribe_get_map_view_permalink`, `tribe_get_week_permalink`, `tribe_get_photo_view_permalink`, `tribe_events_single_organizer_posts_per_page`, `tribe_organizer_upcoming_events`, `tribe_events_single_venue_posts_per_page`, `tribe_venue_upcoming_events`, `tribe_events_week_get_current_day`, `tribe_events_week_has_all_day_events`, `tribe_events_week_get_hours`, `tribe_events_week_get_days`, `tribe_events_week_day_header_classes`, `tribe_events_week_day_header`, `tribe_events_week_column_classes`, `tribe_events_week_get_the_date`, `tribe_events_week_event_attributes`, `tribe_events_the_mini_calendar_header_attributes`, `tribe_events_the_mini_calendar_prev_link`, `tribe_events_the_mini_calendar_title`, `tribe_events_the_mini_calendar_next_link`, `tribe_events_the_mini_calendar_day_link`, `tribe_events_get_mini_calendar_args`, `tribe_events_map_view_event_type`, `tribe_events_pro_min_calendar_widget_query_args`, `tribe_events_this_week_header_attributes`, `tribe_events_venue_widget_thumbnail_size`
* Tweak - Added actions: `tec_events_pro_custom_tables_v1_before_duplicate_event`, `tribe_log`, `tec_events_pro_custom_tables_v1_after_duplicate_event`, `tec_events_pro_custom_tables_v1_editors_provider_registered`, `tec_events_custom_tables_v1_error`, `tec_events_pro_output_before_rules_ui`, `tec_events_pro_output_before_exclusions_ui`
* Tweak - Removed actions: `tribe_events_pro_widget_render`, `tribe_events_pro_pre_get_posts`, `tribe_events_mini_cal_before_the_title`, `tribe_events_mini_cal_after_the_title`, `tribe_events_pro_tribe_events_shortcode_prepare`, `tribe_events_pro_tribe_events_shortcode_prepare_`, `tribe_events_pro_tribe_events_shortcode_prepare_view`, `tribe_events_pro_tribe_events_shortcode_pre_render`, `tribe_events_pro_tribe_events_shortcode_before_render`, `tribe_events_pro_tribe_events_shortcode_title_bar`, `tribe_events_pro_tribe_events_shortcode_after_render`, `tribe_events_pro_tribe_events_shortcode_post_render`, `tribe_events_this_week_widget_before_the_title`, `tribe_events_this_week_widget_after_the_title`, `tribe_events_venue_widget_before_the_title`, `tribe_events_venue_widget_after_the_title`, `tribe_events_before_template`, `tribe_events_after_template`, `tribe_events_before_header`, `tribe_events_before_header_nav`, `tribe_events_after_header_nav`, `tribe_events_after_header`, `tribe_events_before_loop`, `tribe_events_after_loop`, `tribe_events_before_footer`, `tribe_events_before_footer_nav`, `tribe_events_after_footer_nav`, `tribe_events_after_footer`, `tribe_events_inside_before_loop`, `tribe_events_inside_after_loop`, `tribe_events_before_the_event_title`, `tribe_events_after_the_event_title`, `tribe_events_before_the_meta`, `tribe_events_inside_cost`, `tribe_events_after_the_meta`, `tribe_events_before_the_content`, `tribe_events_after_the_content`, `tribe_events_before_the_title`, `tribe_events_after_the_title`, `tribe_events_widget_list_inside_before_loop`, `tribe_events_widget_list_inside_after_loop`, `tribe_events_mini_cal_before_header`, `tribe_events_mini_cal_after_header`, `tribe_events_mini_cal_before_the_grid`, `tribe_events_mini_cal_after_the_grid`, `tribe_events_mini_cal_list_inside_before_loop`, `tribe_events_mini_cal_list_inside_after_loop`, `tribe_events_before_this_week_title`, `tribe_events_after_this_week_title`, `tribe_events_venue_widget_before_the_list`, `tribe_events_list_venue_before_the_event_image`, `tribe_events_venue_widget_after_the_event_image`, `tribe_events_venue_widget_after_the_list`
* Tweak - Changed views: `custom-tables-v1/components/icons/series`, `custom-tables-v1/components/series-relationship-icon-link-pill`, `custom-tables-v1/components/series-relationship-icon-link`, `custom-tables-v1/components/series-relationship-icon`, `custom-tables-v1/components/series-relationship-marker-link`, `custom-tables-v1/recurrence/hide-recurring`, `custom-tables-v1/single/series-relationship-marker`, `pro/list/venue-nav`, `pro/map-basic`, `pro/map`, `pro/map/content`, `pro/map/gmap-container`, `pro/map/loop`, `pro/map/nav`, `pro/map/single-event`, `pro/map/single-featured`, `pro/map/title-bar`, `pro/photo`, `pro/photo/content`, `pro/photo/loop`, `pro/photo/nav`, `pro/photo/single-event`, `pro/photo/title-bar`, `pro/week`, `pro/week/content`, `pro/week/loop-grid-allday`, `pro/week/loop-grid-hourly`, `pro/week/loop-grid`, `pro/week/mobile`, `pro/week/nav`, `pro/week/single-event`, `pro/week/title-bar`, `pro/week/tooltip`, `pro/widgets/countdown-widget`, `pro/widgets/list-widget`, `pro/widgets/mini-calendar-widget`, `pro/widgets/mini-calendar/grid`, `pro/widgets/mini-calendar/list`, `pro/widgets/mini-calendar/single-day`, `pro/widgets/this-week-widget`, `pro/widgets/this-week/loop-grid-day`, `pro/widgets/this-week/nav`, `pro/widgets/this-week/single-event`, `pro/widgets/venue-widget`, `v2/map/event-cards/event-card/tooltip/title`

= [v5.14.5] 2022-08-09 =
* Feature - Add Elementor styling support to the `Events View` widget. [ECP-1106]
* Fix - Add integrations to ensure the Brizy Page Builder plays well with the [tribe_events] shortcode. [ECP-1094]
* Fix - Correct issue with Week and Day views on datepicker change. [ECP-1136]
* Fix - Ensure the taxonomy dropdown works in Beaver Builder FE editor. [ECP-1129]
* Tweak - Update the calendar print design. [TEC-4425]
* Tweak - Added new function load_brizy_builder_integration to selectively load integrations for Brizy Page Builder. [ECP-1094]
* Language - 31 new strings added, 313 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 318 obsoleted.

= [v5.14.4] 2022-07-20 =
* Feature - Enabled Filter Bar on the admin Events manager. [FBAR-270]
* Tweak - Add Tag filtering to the TEC `Events List` and `Events View` Elementor widgets. [ECP-1140]
* Fix - Correct errors when filtering shortcodes or widgets by taxonomy. [ECP-1186]
* Fix - Ensure custom fields are displayed correctly on the Elementor `Event Widget` for events created using the Block Editor. [ECP-1191]
* Fix - Ensure the recurring event tooltip displays correctly on the Elementor `Event Widget` for events created using the classic editor. [ECP-1196]

= [v5.14.3] 2022-07-06 =
* Fix - Ensure the `Next` arrow in `Photo` view navigates to the correct page when the `Main Events Page` is set as the homepage. [TEC-4247]
* Fix - Correct admin url used to determine when assets are loaded for Event Settings. [ECP-1175]
* Tweak - Remove the `Advanced Post Manager` plugin admin notice. [ECP-1163]

= [v5.14.2.1] 2022-06-09 =
* Fix - Correct an accidental reversion of

= [v5.14.1.1] 2022-06-01 =
* Fix - Using the "Recurring event instances" setting no longer triggers 404 for single event pages. [ECP-1174]

= [] 2022-05-20 =
* Fix - URL resolution for the Settings Page on Events Manager now pointing to the new pages correctly [ECP-1164]

= [v5.14.0] 2022-05-19 =
* Version - Events Calendar PRO 5.14.0 is only compatible with The Events Calendar 5.15.0 and higher
* Feature - Add compatibility to the new TEC admin menu system. [ET-1335]
* Language - 0 new strings added, 150 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 43 obsoleted

= [5.13.1] 2022-04-28 =
* Version - Events Calendar PRO 5.13.1 is only compatible with The Events Calendar 5.14.2 and higher.
* Feature - Add Elementor styling support to the `Events List` widget. [ECP-1104]
* Feature - Add Elementor styling support to the `Event` widget. [ECP-1105]
* Feature - Add Elementor styling support to the `Event Countdown` widget. [ECP-1075]
* Tweak - Change action for script enqueues to ensure they are loaded in the correct order on FSE themes. [TEC-4267]
* Tweak - Changed views: `v2/widgets/widget-countdown/complete`.
* Fix - Ensure widget filter dropdowns populate correctly in page builders. [ECP-651]
* Fix - Ensure fast-forward link respects categories from shortcodes. [ECP-957]
* Language - 41 new strings added, 139 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted.

= [v5.13.0] 2022-04-21 =
* Feature - Added the ability to `excude-category` and `exclude-tag` on the `[tribe_events]` shortcode. [ECP-1120]
* Feature - Added the ability to restrict events by event `author`, `organizer`, and `venue` on `[tribe_events]` shortcode. [ECP-1123]
* Feature - Elementor support for restricting events by category on the Events View Elementor widget. [ECP-1120]
* Feature - Elementor support for restricting events by author, organizer, and venue on the Events View Elementor widget. [ECP-1123]
* Language - 5 new strings added, 29 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

= [v5.12.2] 2022-03-17 =
* Fix - Ensure the `Week View` is displayed correctly on Astra theme. [ECP-1073]
* Language - 0 new strings added, 1 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

= [v5.12.1] 2022-02-15 =
* Version - Events Calendar PRO 5.12.1 is only compatible with The Events Calendar 5.14.0 and higher.
* Tweak - Remove the `wp.editor.InnerBlocks` gutenberg component in favor of `wp.blockEditor.InnerBlocks` which was deprecated since version 5.3. [ECP-1052]
* Tweak - Compatibility with the Common Abstract for editor blocks registration.
* Fix - Major performance improvements gain from preventing improper load of Geolocation classes when not needed.
* Fix - Prevent infinite loops in events manager when other plugins build the post. [ECP-1048]
* Fix - Properly observe the disabling of JSON-LD output on the `Events By Week` widget. [ECP-1037]
* Language - 0 new strings added, 56 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

= [v5.12.0] 2022-01-19 =
* Feature - Add an `Events Countdown` block to the block editor which is based on the `Events Countdown` widget. [ECP-1016]
* Feature - Add an `Events Featured Venue` block to the block editor which is based on the `Events Featured Venue` widget. [ECP-1022]

= [v5.11.2] 2022-01-10 =
* Version - Events Calendar PRO 5.11.2 is only compatible with The Events Calendar 5.12.3 and higher.
* Fix - Utilize new hooks in TEC to let ECP control showing mobile default view. [TEC-3826]
* Fix - Ensure the modifications made through the `tribe_events_views_v2_category_title` are respected. [TEC-4110]
* Tweak - Boost SEO for category archive pages by fixing the title tag. [TEC-4110]
* Language - 0 new strings added, 6 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

= [v5.11.1] 2021-12-14 =
* Fix - Avoid loading the same CSS file twice. [CE-13]
* Fix - Correct pagination on shortcodes when the date parameter has been set. [ECP-362]
* Fix - Properly observe the disabling of JSON-LD output on widget blocks in the block editor. [TEC-4077]
* Tweak - Ensure the `Hide location search` setting doesn't get applied on the Event Manager page. [ECP-948]
* Language - 0 new strings added, 1 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

= [v5.11.0] 2021-12-02 =
* Feature - Hook into new TEC subscribe to calendar functionality to adapt for shortcodes. [TEC-4131]
* Language - 1 new strings added, 58 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 1 obsoleted

= [v5.10.0] 2022-11-17 =
* Feature - Add a `Mini Calendar` block that is based on the `Mini Calendar` widget to the block editor which users can drag around to any position they want it to appear. [ECP-974]
* Feature - Add event status options of scheduled, canceled, and postponed with display of the latter two on Pro views and widgets. [TEC-3465]
* Tweak - Update the `Calendar Manager` label to `Events Manager` under the general event settings page in order to have a consistent nomenclature of features. [ECP-955]
* Fix - Ensure the Calendar Manager link isn't inserted into inappropriate pages. [ECP-982]
* Language - 0 new strings added, 16 updated, 1 fuzzied, and 1 obsoleted

= [v5.9.2.1] 2021-10-14 =
* Fix - Fixed bug where our Events->Settings->General->"Calendar Manager" option could cause some child admin pages to not route properly. [ECP-962]

= [v5.9.1] 2021-09-14 =
* Fix - Now displaying multi-day all day events with date ranges for better UX on photo list view page [ECP-525]
* Fix - Ensure we don't run any of the legacy Customizer and its deprecated functions. [ECP-941]
* Fix - Use the correct text label for custom URL fields. [ECP-921]
* Language - 0 new strings added, 14 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

= [v5.9.0] 2021-08-24 =
* Version - Events Calendar PRO 5.9.0 is only compatible with The Events Calendar 5.9.0 and higher.
* Feature - View events in a calendar format within the dashboard using the new Events Manager!
* Feature - Stop compiling CSS custom props and leave them exposed and accessible to the Customizer and third parties. [TEC-3011]
* Feature - Update hooked Customizer styles to account for surfaced CSS custom properties and for new TEC Customizer font controls. [TEC-3897]
* Language - 2 new strings added, 5 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

= [v5.8.2] 2021-08-17 =
* Fix - Fix issue of month names not being translatable. This was caused by a missing moment js localization dependency. [ECP-739]
* Fix - Add a new function to add "Additional Fields" category to the editor for WP >= 5.8. [ECP-922]
* Language - 0 new strings added, 4 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 2 obsoleted

= [v5.8.1] 2021-07-20 =
* Fix - Prevent pagination from influencing the fetching of events for the Events List and Featured Venue widgets. [TEC-3954]
* Fix - Show the correct cost on the Summary View for events that do not have event tickets or RSVPs yet have a cost value set. [ECP-904]
* Fix - Ensure "Summary" gets translated correctly in view selector. [ECP-889]
* Fix - Don't enqueue scripts (and localized scripts) if they're already enqueued. [ECP-880]
* Fix - Don't try to enqueue scripts too early preventing them from being enqueued later. [ECP-888]
* Tweak - Change the text of the Featured Venue Widget "view more" link. [ECP-878]
* Tweak - Add empty alt tag to featured images in the map view if user doesn't explicitly define one. [ECP-395]
* Language - 1 new strings added, 22 updated, 1 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

= [v5.8.0] 2021-07-01 =
* Version - Events Calendar PRO 5.8.0 is only compatible with The Events Calendar 5.8.0 and higher.
* Feature - Add new Events bar section to the Customizer for control of the Events Bar styles. [TEC-3672]
* Language - 3 new strings added, 1 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

= v5.7.1 [2021-06-23] =
* Fix - Ensure Month Widget translates date in navigation. [ECP-851]
* Fix - Ensure month name translates in the event card in Map view. [ECP-875]
* Tweak - Remove incorrect aria-label from icons, pass icon label where needed. [TEC-3396]
* Language - 0 new strings added, 9 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

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List of Addons Events Calendar PRO | The Events Calendar

  1. The Events Calendar Pro Virtual Events Addon v1.13.1
  2. The Events Calendar Pro Event Tickets Plus Addon v5.6.3
  3. The Events Calendar Pro Community Events Addon v4.10.2
  4. The Events Calendar Pro Community Tickets Addon v4.8.2
  5. The Events Calendar Pro Eventbrite Tickets Addon v4.6.12
  6. The Events Calendar Pro Filter Bar Addon v5.4.0
  7. The Events Calendar Shortcode And Templates Pro v2.9.4

Download The Events Calendar PRO v6.0.2.1 Nulled Free

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.