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StartNext v4.8.0 - IT Startup & Technology Services WordPress Theme

StartNext Nulled is a professional WordPress theme built with Elementor and WP Bakery Page Builder. It was designed specifically for people and businesses who offer online IT solutions and software services. In the home and other pages of the website, the theme has numerous distinct design choices. The theme’s mobile-first design is gorgeous and striking on all sorts of displays and devices. Individuals or agencies who specialize in Web, Mobile, eCommerce, AI, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, or Digital Marketing could like the StartNext theme for their current or future company website!

The StartNext theme has an RTL option, making it simple to use for Arabic and Hebrew language websites.

In addition, the theme’s forms are GDPR compliant. It works with the WPML, Loco Translate, and Yoast plugins.


startnext demo 1
startnext demo 2

Features: StartNext – IT Startup & Technology Services WordPress Theme

  • No coding is required, and demo data can be imported with a single click.
  • There are 19 different homepage variations.
  • Elementor, ACF Pro, Redux, and WP Bakery Page Builder were used to create this site.
  • Supported by RTL
  • Theme with a single and multi-page layout
  • WooCommerce Shopping Cart (WooCommerce)
  • List of products, product details, and a shopping cart with payment options
  • Variations on a Multi-Color Homepage
  • GDPR-Compatible
  • Mobile Devices with a Floating Menu
  • Subscriptions in MailChimp
  • Layout in Boxes
  • Option for Unlimited Typography
  • Adding JS Code from the Dashboard
  • 7th Contact Form
  • 10 Different Types of Blog Posts
  • Subscription to the Newsletter
  • Any Device Responsive
  • Custom CSS and JS Code is an option.
  • Hide/Show Option for Footer Shape Images
  • Color Picker for Paragraphs
  • Option to change the background color of the navbar
    Option for a sticky navbar background color picker
  • Color Picker for the Footer Background
  • Hide/Show Option for the Header Cart Icon
  • Option for a lazy loader is available.
  • Option from the top menu
  • Compatible with WPML (WordPress Markup Language)
  • ‘Projects’ and ‘Services’ that can be translated
  • All custom posts have the option of having a custom link.
  • Option for a Custom Preloader
  • It’s compatible with the Yoast plugin.
  • Font Size Customization
  • Hide/Show option for blog posts meta
  • Recent Thumbnail Posts
  • Option to minify CSS and JS from the Dashboard
  • Infinite Scroll for a Single Slider Item in the Testimonial Slider
  • Ready for Retina Display
  • Layout that is both creative and beautiful
  • Quick, light, and powerful
  • Effects of Smooth Transitions
  • Feather Icons are included.
  • On the Hosting Demo, you may use the Domain Availability Checker to see if your domain is available.
  • Customized Slider is fantastic.
  • Valid W3C
  • Code that is well commented
  • Customizable to your liking
  • Documentation in great detail
  • +Ongoing Improvements…

Changelog: StartNext – IT Startup & Technology Services WordPress Theme

July 25, 2022: StartNext v4.8
- Fixed: Unyson plugin "Backup & Demo Content" extension download issue.
- Updated: ACF Pro Plugin Latest File
- Updated: WPBakery Page Builder Plugin Latest File

May 21, 2022: StartNext v4.7
- Updated: Redux Framework plugin latest version
- Updated: ACF Pro latest version

April 2, 2022: StartNext V4.6
- Updated: Compatibility with Elementor V3.6.1+
- Updated: ACF Pro Latest File
- Updated: WPBakery Latest Version

November 08, 2021: StartNext V4.5
- Fixed: Editing Issue with Elementor Latest Version
- Updated: ACF Pro Latest File
- Updated: WPBakery Latest File

March 24, 2021: Startnext v4.4
- Fixed: Slider issue
- Fixed: WPBakery save change button issue
- Updated: Latest plugins

Note: Compatible with WordPress 5.7

November 22, 2020: StartNext v4.3
- Added: Text formatting option for services and features cards
- Added: Primary menu item link option
- Added: Footer column option
- Added: Blog width control option
- Added: Blog sidebar formatting option
- Added: Custom font option
- Added: Custom header & footer builder option
- Added: MailChimp subscription
- Updated: Demo import option with Unyson
- Updated: Documentation
- Updated: Latest  plugin files
- Fixed: Sticky header issue

September 28, 2020
- Fixed: Lazyloader issue

September 09, 2020: StartNext v4.2
Added: Main logo dimensions
Added: Mobile logo dimensions
Added: Banner title typography option
Added: Banner padding option
Added: Banner shape background image change option
Added: Page shape image hide/show option
Added: Menu item typography option
Added: Mobile menu Item typography option
Updated: WooCommerce affected files
Updated: Latest plugin
Updated: Link option in the parent menu item

July 28, 2020
- Fixed: HTTP and HTTPS related issues 
- Fixed: License verification issue
- Fixed: EnvatoApi2 error issue

July 23, 2020: StartNext V4.1
- Added: Big Data Analytics Demo
- Added: About Style Two Page
- Added: About Style Three Page
- Added: Feedback Page
- Added: White Logo Option
- Added: A New Header Style
- Added: Enable Nav Full Width Option
- Added: Menu Item Align Option
- Added: Navbar Class Option
- Added: Enable White Color Logo Option
- Added: Enable Navbar Background Color White Option

June 28, 2020: Startnext v4.0
- Added: Lazy Loader Option
- Added: Top Menu Option
- Added: Translatable 'projects' & 'services'
- Added: Custom Link Option for All Custom Posts
- Added: Custom Preloader Option
- Added: Compatible with WPML
- Added: Compatible with Yoast plugin
- Added: GDPR Compliant
- Added: Custom Font Size Option
- Added: Blog Posts Meta Hide/Show option
- Added: Recent Posts with Thumb
- Added: CSS & JS minify Option from Dashboard
- Added: Testimonial Slider Infinite Scroll for Single Slider Item
- Updated: WooCommerce Files
- Updated: Documentation in details

March 22, 2020: StartNext v3.5
- Added: 2 New Demos
- Added: Custom Posts Permalink Change Options
- Updated: WooCommerce Compatibility Files
- Updated: Latest Plugins Version

March 07, 2020: StartNext v3.3
- Updated: Plugins Version
- Fixed: Blog Search
- Fixed: Menubar Responsive Issue

February 03, 2020: StartNext v3.2
- Updated: WooCommerce Files
- Fixed: Footer Copyright text HTML and Allowing Shortcodes

January 20, 2020: StartNext v3.1
- Added: Machine Learning Demo
- Updated: Elementor and ACF Pro version

December 20, 2019
- Added: Headroom js support

November 28, 2019
- Fixed: Features box notice
- Fixed: About area notice 
- Fixed: Banner image issue

November 19, 2019: v3.0
[Note for the existing customer: Please make sure you take your website backup before upgrading your website with StartNext v3.0]
- Added: Elementor Page Builder
- Added: ACF Plugin
- Added: Redux Theme Option
- Added: ACF: Font Awesome Field Plugin
- Added: Unlimited Typography Option
- Added: Option for Custom CSS and JS Code
- Added: Footer Shape Images Hide/Show Option
- Added: Paragraph Color Picker Option
- Added: Navbar Background Color Picker Option
- Added: Sticky Navbar Background Color Picker Option
- Added: Footer Background Color Picker Option
- Added: Header cart Icon Hide/Show  Option
- Updated: Demo Import Option
- Updated: Social Link Option
- Updated: StartNext Toolkit Plugin
- Updated: 404 Page Option
- Updated: Theme Documentation
- Removed: CMB2 Plugin
- Removed: CMB2 Field Type: Font Awesome Plugin
- Removed: Google Typography Plugin

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Download StartNext v4.8.0 Nulled Free

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