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SportPress Pro v2.7.15 – WordPress Plugin For Teams And Athletes

SportPress Pro is the only WordPress Plugin designed specifically for serious teams and players.

ADVANCED CLUB AND TEAM MANAGEMENT: Create a data-driven professional sports website for your organization today.

Built for sport: There’s no need to mix several plugins to acquire the features you need; it’s all right here. SportsPress Pro is a WordPress sports club manager that does it all.

Intuitive software made with care by our most experienced developers. Consider your sports website with no ‘roids — just nicely designed code.

Saves development time: SportsPress Pro saves you time by providing you with the tools you need to swiftly and easily set up your website. All of its features function in unison.


sportpress pro event

Features: SportPress Pro – ThemeBoy

  • STANDINGS THAT ARE COMPLETELY AUTOMATED: Fully automated standings provide you with the peace of mind that your league tables are always up to date.
    • Calculate and sort by any column automatically: Sort by one or more columns, each having its own priority setting. Visitors may also sort the table by clicking any of the columns.
    • In the table, highlight your home team: Choose a team to highlight in each league table to make it easier to observe your club’s rankings. Tables are shortened and centered on the highlighted team.
    • Tiebreakers based on head-to-head competition: In the case of a tie, SportsPress evaluates and analyzes match results between the teams to sort them.
  • Create your own equations for your sport: Select from the supplied settings or create your own equations for any sport. You may design custom equations and show complicated statistics such as streaks, games back, and home/away records using the simple drag-and-drop interface.
  • FIXTURES: Plan out your events.
    • Show venue details: Keep your players and staff informed, and make sure they know where they need to be. Make it a point to provide an interactive Google map of the location so visitors know precisely how to get there.
    • Include a starting lineup: Choose the players who will compete in the event. The player order may be altered, and the starting lineup and replacements can be presented individually.
  • RESULTS: Scores should be published.
    • Timeline for scoring: SportsPress makes it simple to track each player’s performance during a game. On your match report, display these in a timeline using icons.
    • Match statistics in great detail: Increase your understanding by providing a breakdown of each team’s statistics every event. The match stats will be shown in an animated bar graph.
  • SELECT HOW TO SHOW THOSE MATCHES: You may adjust where and how events appear on your site by using several layouts.
    • Scoreboard in the header: Display several events throughout your website in a horizontal manner. The header scoreboard layout is a characteristic design feature of every professional sports website, as seen on websites such as the NFL, EPL, NHL, and NBA. Visitors may simply view the most recent scores and match reports.
      • Design of a calendar: This well-known calendar style is ideal for displaying your visitors how close the next event is. The current day is highlighted, and days with events can be clicked for additional information.
      • Layout of a list: The list layout is concise and useful for displaying a lot of information without taking up too much room on your website. You may configure the columns so that they only display the information you require.
      • Event Blocks for SportsPress Pro: Event blocks can be set side by side to display fixtures and outcomes simultaneously. For forthcoming events, the kick-off time is automatically provided, as are the results for previous events that have results.
  • Show an animated countdown clock to your upcoming match: Shortcodes may be used to add countdown widgets to the sidebar or any page. Choose a certain match or let it display the next match automatically. Visitors will be able to sense the thrill as the clock animates on your website!
  • BRACKETS FOR TOURNAMENTS: Create beautiful and interactive knockout cup and tournament brackets with ease.
    • Makes events for you: Set up your forthcoming event quickly and start scheduling matches from the first round. Choose the dates, hours, and who will be playing who. Events are generated on the fly.
    • Allows for single and double elimination: Most bracket types are supported by the tournament’s adaptable layout. Add up to 64 teams in single elimination or 8 teams in double elimination, with losers and champions in separate brackets.
    • Teams and results are automatically updated: Once you’ve published the event, your followers will be able to track your team’s progress through the bracket. Watch as teams are eliminated from the knockout cup, while victors advance to the next round and reach the finals!
    • Showcase group stages: League tables can be put before the brackets to indicate how each club performed prior to qualifying for the main round. Display several group stages or important match information on one page with ease.
  • Offer new sponsors advertising space on your website to attract new sponsors!: Simply upload a logo to register each sponsor. Add sponsors to your website in all the proper locations as soon as possible. You will be able to change the size of sponsor logos, sort order, location, and number of sponsors displayed in your website’s footer or header. You’ll be able to observe which of your sponsors is getting the most clicks and impressions from your admin panel.
  • OUTSTANDING PLAYER PROFILES: Provide your players with dynamic profiles that include their own statistics.
    • Career statistics are automatically updated: Player statistics are produced automatically based on their performance in previous events from any season and league combination. By viewing overall data, you can get an overview of their career.
    • Birthdays with estimated ages: Birthdays can be included into player and staff profiles. When a person is added, their age is automatically determined and shown on their profile.
  • MANAGE YOUR TEAM’S ORGANIZATION: Create unique groups and display them in a variety of ways on your site.
    • Galleries of players: In a grid structure, each player is shown with a profile photo and their squad number. This is useful for making team rosters.
    • Leaderboards: Players can be ranked based on their performance to determine who is in the lead. Make many leaderboards for various statistics.
    • Directories of employees: Display a short summary of the staff members at each club, including their job title and contact information.
    • Access for the group: Give members access to various portions of your website. You may even select the team each individual belongs to.
  • WELL DOCUMENTED AND COMPLETELY SUPPORTED: You’re in good hands with access to our guides and tutorials to help you along the way.
    • Guides for Getting Started: Our user-friendly guidance will walk you through the process of creating your new sports team website from start to finish.
    • Video lessons and pointers: We’ve created a variety of tutorials that you may view if you prefer to watch videos. Narrations are included.
    • There is a lot of affection for coders: More skilled users can utilize our REST API and developer documentation to further tweak and build complex integrations.

Changelog: SportPress Pro – WordPress Plugin For Teams And Athletes

= v2.7.15 =
* Feature - Sports news widget in dashboard.
* Fix - Fixture importer bug with extended characters in league and season name.
* Fix - Player list not loading (too many resources).
* Fix - Performance format not updating.
* Fix - Trim whitespace on geo coordinates to avoid import error.

= v2.7.9 =
* Tweak - Add support for event format in REST API.
* Tweak - Add "Order" and "Order by" selection fields for countdown widget.
* Tweak - Add option to display event status in countdown widget.
* Tweak - Add ability to filter events by format in calendar template.
* Tweak - Update TGM plugin activation library.
* Fix - Remove plugin headers from modules for improved compatibility.
* Fix - Reverse order not applying to teams in event lists.
* Fix - Add validation to user inputs for improved security.
* Fix - Sanitize all user inputs for improved security.
* Fix - Escape all outputs in admin for improved security.
* Fix - Filtering based on format for event blocks.
* Fix - Last week and next week filter not applying to player lists.
* Fix - Deselecting a selected team in settings.
* Fix - PHP 8.0 deprecated warnings.
* Localization - Add nationalities and flags for French Guiana, French Polynesia, Guadeloupe, Greenland, Martinique, Reunion, and Sint Maarten.

= v2.7.8 =
Fix - Event results, box scores, and players stats not updating via REST API.

= v2.7.7 =
Fix - Events not appearing due to filter malfunction.

= v2.7.6 =
* Feature - Add ability to bulk set events as on time.
* Fix - Players in events not being filtered by team.

= v2.7.5 =
* Tweak - Add ability to filter events by team and match day in one query.
* Tweak - Apply reverse team order setting to scoreboard
* Tweak - Improve performance by updating leaflet script and only loading when required.
* Tweak - Add overtime notation compatibility for minutes played.
* Fix - Issue with event edit page where the scripts were not working.
* Fix - No records when format is default in event list shortcode.

= v2.7.4 =
* Tweak - Add option to display birthday, age, or both in birthdays widget.
* Fix - Player list data showing zeroes in some cases.

= v2.7.3 =
* Compatibility - Tested for compatibility with WordPress 5.5 with changes made where necessary.
* Tweak - Avoid showing minutes box for subs when not needed.
* Tweak - Improve filtering speed for queries without leagues or seasons.
* Tweak - Apply reverse order setting in event lists.
* Tweak - Enable filtering a player's events played on a specific team.
* Fix - Inconsistent number of events displayed in event scoreboards.
* Fix - Equation-based player performance when using icons mode.
* Fix - Include future events in REST API for WordPress 5.5.
* Fix - Enable updating player metrics using the REST API.
* Fix - Deprecated code for PHP 7.4.
* Fix - Elementor compatibility.
* Localization - Update country names for Czechia, North Macedonia, Myanmar, and Eswatini.
* Localization - Adjust RTL stylesheet for event performance icons.

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Download SportPress Pro v2.7.15 Nulled – WordPress Plugin For Teams And Athletes

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.