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Slider Revolution WordPress v6.6.5 (Templates + Addons + Plugin) – Responsive WordPress Plugin

Slider Revolution Nulled is a responsive and innovative WordPress slider plugin that allows you to show your content in a stylish way.

Slider Revolution 6 is a ground-breaking new technique to developing dynamic, rich content for your website.

Without any prior programming skills, you can instantly create a fantastic website. The plugin contains a number of ready-to-use examples (revolution slider templates) that combine all of the available templates to help you get started quickly!

Features Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin:

New Visual Editor Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin"
200+ Templates Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin
  • You may design amazing websites on a single page.
  • There are a lot of examples in this book.
  • It’s compatible with any device (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile)
  • It’s not necessary to know how to code!

The 6th Edition of Slider Revolution is now available. WordPress Builder has an optimized editor with all options gathered together so you can work quicker.

  • Usability has been improved.
  • Work more efficiently and productively.
  • The user interface is dark and simple to read.
  • Boosted loading speed
Addons Slider Revolution
  • Visual Editor
  • It’s easy to set up, and updates are accessible right away.
  • Over 200 ready-to-use sample templates are available (Refer to demo here)
  • There are over 2000 object libraries to choose from.
  • Over 20 add-ons are included in the download box (addons).
  • ……..

Slider Revolutionary WordPress Builder has a library of over 20 add-ons that expand the plugin’s capabilities.

  • To the nth degree of customization
  • Revslider is the only one with special effects.
  • Add a plugin if desired.
  • On a regular basis, new add-ons are launched.
Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin

Changelog Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugins Nulled Free

v6.6.5 (25th October 2022)
Added Full Inset as covermode. This will help to set spaces throug 4 device levels in any direction within a group when a layer is absolute positioned
Bug Fixes
Videos autoplay on mobile even though autoplay is set to ‘Skip 1st Time Slide’
In carousel modules, static layers don’t animate in and out on the correct slides
RTL layers in column do not align to the left/right since version 6.6.0

Version 6.6.4 (19h October 2022)
The Cluster: This update comes with support for a new AddOn that will add amazing cluster particles effects to layers
CrossOrigin Video: Added new button for HTML5 background videos to support videos from third party sites. If you are getting CORS erros in console while using third party video as background, enable the new option
Modified error messages if a slider does not have a slide to show
Looped and masked layers in the Before After AddOn environment breaks after 6.6.0

Version 6.6.3 (7th October 2022)
Dropped IE11 support as WordPress has stoppped supporting it since august 2021 and it holds back development.
RTL environment calculate bad positions for layers since version 6.6.0
Fixed errors on IE11 due to update 6.6.0
CSTRETCH is not a function error in backend overview page

v6.6.2 (7th October 2022)
Video Layers with border radius show a white border since version 6.6.0
Text Layers with % based size or auto width calculated and positioned wrong in frontend

Version 6.6.1 (6th October 2022)
6.6.0 Regression: Old cached version of rbtools was loading with new update

v6.5.31 (13th August 2022)
Notice occurring since 6.5.30 about bos not defined

v6.5.30 (12th August 2022)
3D parallax effect gets clipped in the latest Chrome version
Advanced Transition fails if the HTML5 video is from third party domain
Editing frame actions in backend fails with a console error
Carousel scaling is wrong in certain PHP environment settings
Using decimal values with postfix shows error even though the value is valid
Material Icons were loaded from Google if the global setting “Enable Google Fonts download” was set to “Cache Fonts Local”
Layer can receive hover effects even is border-style is set to none

Version 6.5.25 (21st June 2022)
Slider cannot be edited after updating from very old versions
Sharp Corner extensions are not rendering correctly in WordPress 6.0
Video layer with "No Interaction" enabled, becomes clickable with link action
Scroll Below Slider and Scroll to ID actions don't work on video layer with "No Interaction" enabled
Video border radius disappears after in-animations on some rare situations
Box shadow does not render full opacity if #000000 color is used
Object library could not fetch thumbnails and full objects if cURL is not enabled
Clickable scroll based animated layers are not any more clickable after scrolling backwards when layers are overlapping each other
Rapidly clicking and very rare repeated slowly clicks on navigation buttons changes the direction of layeranimations
Slide animation from last slide to first slide produced a rewind effect if the direction based animation has been selected. This is changed now to forward direction
HTML slider exports inclusion of jQuery.js is with http:// instead of https://
Dragging bottom (and/or) right aligned layers in the editor gives a sticky effect during the drag process

Version 6.5.24 (26th May 2022)
Missing width/height values in images can produce notices
Slow loading times on mobile, if elementor is activated due to lazy loading
WooCommerce slider may appear empty even though categories are selected

v6.5.23 (24th May 2022)
WooCommerce slider does not consider child posts/variants in filtering for price ranges
Layers become invisible if duration of layer is 0

Version 6.5.22 (18th May 2022)
Carousel Stop on Click: Added new option, by default carousel progress stops if user clicks on slider, this option lets you choose to continue auto rotate progress after user clicks on slider.
Importing a slider may create an additional empty slide
Opening modal with openModalAPI method fails with console error
Parallax jumps on iOS if URL field gets removed
Action triggered static layers ignore triggered frame call on last slide after slide swap
Before & After AddOn copy to clipboard after image is not working. Latest 3.0.6 version of Before & After AddOn required to fix issue
Glitch & noise effect does not fade out after fading once on 1st slide

Version 6.5.21 (2nd May 2022)
Autoplay enabled videos will play with audio if user has interacted with page
Loop enabled background videos will auto pause/play if page visibility state changes due to switching tabs etc
Added option under Advanced options to fix glitches on iOS filters. It will add a tiny 0.0001 value to x, z, rotationX or to default (based on layer type) to avoid cuts and other distortions on layers when slider is running on iOS
Activation through wp-cli returns a fatal error
Moving frames on timeline before playing the slide onces breaks with JavaScript error on static slide
Exit animation of static layers works only on slide change, animation before slide end is ignored

v6.5.20 (12th April 2022)
Added new action to ask for permission to use gyroscope accelerator on iPhone devices if needed. Read more in FAQ
Added page scroll possibility for modals to use modals as adverts
Lottie Addon: Canvas renderer for lottie now has new maxdpr option to help with performance optimization
Elementor deprecation message _register_controls() shows up using the newest Elementor version
If video was muted initially then video auto-mutes after pausing and playing
Blurred elements in Safari under masks shows broken edges, rendering issues
CSS fixes (i.e. speak-as and willow filter)
WP_PLUGIN_URL creates JavaScript error if it has a newline added (\n\r)
Meta data current_slide_index displays incorrect slide number on first slide
Vimeo stream keeps pausing and playing
YouTube video is blurry if used with poster
Vimeo videos are limited to 20 videos

v6.5.19 (14th March 2022)
Opening specific modal slide with Panzoom effect fails
On mobile, layer with long text has padding on right until slider loads completely

Version 6.5.18 (8th March 2022)
Slider editor has issues if the WooCommerce Advanced Quantity plugin is enabled
Hosts that do not allow connection to external servers creating longer loading times
Unwanted categories are shown in meta tags added to layers
Deleting global layers fails with console errors
Static layers with percentage based width or height do generate unneeded padding on mobile views
Google page speed warns against using unload event listener
6.5.17 regression: Slider with Advanced Transitions flashes after transition.

v6.5.17 (23rd February 2022)
Added internal hook for manipulating layer positions and dimensions due to external addons

v6.5.16 (17th February 2022)
Changed notice containers in the WordPress plugin page for a better user experience
Editor does not render advanced opacity on layers
Force overflow causes layers to be hidden on mobile and to be visible on Android Chrome
Third party object extensions may kill the initialisation process of Slider Revolution in preview mode
Mobile height change is not respected when URL bar height changes on mobile devices

Version 6.5.15 (31st January 2022)
Opening a WordPress media modal fails because the editor script overwrites the _ variable
Notice occurs in post based sliders, as $attr1 is undefined
Advanced transitions fail on websites using subdomain as CDN
Gutenberg block preview not available
Gutenberg editor glitches on mouse enter and hover
Gutenberg template not updating after disabling blank page
Slider Revolution settings on WordPress pages are stuck on the top
Bottom margin issues on fixed slider scroll processes where the Slider is higher than the page
Exporting modules with advanced transitions ignore the predefined values
Sometimes glitches occur in the media library after triggering dropdowns in module editor
Carousel height jumps when a slide comes in focus after latest update 6.5.14 and 6.5.13
Console logs and errors are visible in some rare cases
Animation issues on menu in some older templates

Version 6.5.14 (6th January 2022)
JS error in some rare cases due to a conflict between underscore.js and some editor scripts by overwriting the global _ variable

Version 6.5.13 (6th January 2022)
Middle row zones in carousel are not in the right position if the carousel is dragged and not triggered by navigation buttons
Instagram display date meta shows system date instead of instagram post date
SVG layer can not be resized due to the size options after saving and reloading the editor
Advanced rotation, opacity and filter which are assigend to the mask container are not showing in the editor, only live and in preview
Hover zoom breaks out of mask after dragging the carousel
STRONG tag lineheight is different (25 default) as the lineheight of the layer itself
JS warnings in Safari when backdrop filters are used
Not existing modal pop up on scroll drop JS failures

Version 6.5.12 (21st December 2021)
New Features
Added new submenus: Getting Started, Help Center, Templates, Premium Support and Go Premium
Menu burger buttons and scroll down buttons won’t use out of box the intelligent size inheriting to avoid strange spacing on smaller devices
Updated GSAP to version 3.9.0
Simplified duplicating and copy pasting layers with actions triggering the duplicated layers with steps like:
Deleting a layer will remove the action references pointing on it from other layers
Undoing “delete layer” will recreate the deleted action references as well
Duplicating a layer will check for all pointing action references and will also duplicate those by adjusting the target id as well
Changing audio preload options does not have any influence on loading performance and results on frontend
Selecting post based slider by popularity, related and recent does not allow categories to be selected
Backend is slow in Chrome if more than 200 elements are added in rows and columns. Issue happens only in WebKit browsers based on transform perspective and filters
Glitch effect of advanced transitions throws console error
Duplicating layers undo/redo group is filled with multiple steps, single redo/undo is not working
Menu link & scroll action’s scroll offset value is ignored
Change between navigation and general settings in the editor does not refresh the layer rendering, generating artifacts until next refresh
Multiple rows and columns generating artifacts on Chrome version 96.0.4664.110+
Centered rows may show layers and elements in columns blurry if the content is drawn on half pixels. Core will now internally calculate the vertical position of rows and columns

Version 6.5.11 (19th November 2021)
JavaScript error breaks the global settings in the overview mode and throws a console error getConcVals

Version 6.5.10 (17th November 2021)
Fullwidth layout in combination with Timeline based scroll will allow optional to pull content now
Slider Revolution meta box now shows on all custom post types

v6.5.9 (11th October 2021) Thanks To @Medw1311
Added Trust Pilot review link to overview page
Added deregistration warning informations
Not installed AddOns will warn now in overview, and allow a one click installation of all required elements
Added premium templates badge on original templates from library. Templates can be used only in registered and licensed environments
Color update for SVG layers is inconsistent on carousel if lazy loading is set to single or smart
SVG options are squeezed in editor
Slide animation “in” resets opacity to 0 when 1 is set and the editor reloads
Downsized carousel items get squeezed images on fullwidth layout
Firefox shows console warnings for -webkit-backdrop-filter
Using the carousel justify option generates console errors in rare cases and prevents the carousel from rendering BG
WPML translation priorities terms were not ignored
Dropdowns in-place search is not filtering by Option content, only by option value
Firefox mouseleave event is not triggering when slide change has been called due further actions
In very rare cases, slider height grows if column contains layer with 100% height
Slide based direction is not working if animation distances set by pixel
Changed locale for decimals in PHP results in a JavaScript error
HTML export is missing CSS and JS files from AddOns
Reverse scroll option makes slider jump to last slide
Volume level for audio layer does not work correctly on Safari

v6.5.8 (7th September 2021)
Added cursor mode “none” to the option list to be able to hide the cursor on “a” tags when mouse track is activated
Introducing tag option for slide links (available options: “a” & “rs-layer”) to avoid FireFox popup blocking on _blank targets
Introducing a global option: “Lazy Load on BG Images”. This will allow to load BG images also with lazy load, defined due the lazy load global and module based options
Editing the size of layers in a column will replace % sizes into px on edit. Added a further protection which will only change the height values if the height is set over 98% within the column of any layer
Carousel slider is flickering in Safari
Safari clippath animations are not visible during the animation
Some third party form options fail to work correctly. (This may have affected other third party integration as well)
Missing Elementor property on load causes the Cookiebot plugin to fail
Solid color background with opacity gets darker on refocus
First slide using the Advanced Transition’s blur effect flashes black background
Advanced Transition with PanZoom BG jumps on slide change
Using fullscreen toggle on slider with parallax effect does not reset BG correctly
Blend Mode “color” is not working well in Safari. (Fallback to color-burn works)
Slider Revolution can not be added to WordPress Widgets area. JS Failures
Revolution Slider in Essential Grid’s lightbox opens only on the first time
Carousel background is squashed if the carousel’s ‘Keep Aspect Ratio(Justify)’ option is turned off
Slider added using the Gutenberg block is pushed to the right side if the slider uses “Fixed during scroll” option
Gap (border) option does not work correctly on fullwidth and fullscreen slider

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Download Slider Revolution v6.6.5 Nulled + Addons + Templates:

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.

👉480+ TEMPLATES SLIDER REVOLUTION (new update 20-05) (866MB mini demo): 

Upload Templates Via FTP Manually -> Folder Contents (\revslider) ->>> Copy In Folder ( …\wp-content\uploads)

👉 TEMPLATES SLIDER REVOLUTION FULL PACKAGE (1.54GB contains the entire demo):

⚠️The transfer process may take 2-3 hours, please wait for the upload to complete after 5pm 24/02 (UTC+7). To ensure uninterrupted download you should only download the Templates you need, avoid downloading all