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SEOPress PRO v5.9.0.1 – Seo WordPress Plugin

Improve your traffic now with SEOPress PRO Nulled! Simple, fast and powerful SEO plugin for WordPress.

Quickly enable/disable features, change title tags in seconds, all you need in one SEOPress PRO plugin. Support for Google structured data types. Generate XML sitemaps for Google News and more.


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Features SEOPress PRO – WordPress SEO Plugin

Features SEOPress PRO
  • Titles & metas
  • XML sitemap
  • HTML sitemap
  • Content analysis with unlimited keywords (even in the free)
  • Google Knowledge Graph
  • Google Local Business Data Type
  • Dublin Core
  • Open Graph
  • Twitter Card
  • Google Analytics (GDPR ready)
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Ads
  • Import / Export settings
  • Redirect attachments to post parent or file URL
  • No Ads?
  • No footprints?
  • 404 monitoring
  • URL Rewriting
  • White label
  • Intuitive interface
  • Import metadata from CSV file
  • Google Structured Data Types (schemas)
  • Google Suggestions
  • Automatic / manual schemas with advanced conditions
  • SEOPress BOT – Broken links
  • Backlinks (required a Majestic API key)
  • Video XML Sitemap
  • Google Analytics Stats in WordPress Dashboard
  • Redirections 301, 302, 307, 410, 451
  • Edit your robots.txt
  • Edit your htaccess
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Google Page Speed
  • WooCommerce
  • Google News Sitemap

Changelog SEOPress Pro – Seo WordPress Plugin Nulled Free

= v5.9.0.1 =
* FIX Compatibility with SEOPress for MainWP add-on

= v5.9 (18/08/2022) =
NEW Google Analytics v4 widget to get stats in WP Dashboard 
NEW HTML Sitemap block for Gutenberg 
NEW Compatibility with official AMP plugin (first iteration) 
NEW Dozens of user interface and user experience enhancements
NEW Swedish language (professional translation) 🇸🇪
NEW Option to remove noreferrer attribute on links (SEO, Advanced, Advanced tab)
NEW ‘seopress_link_attrs’ hook to filter link attribute on post_content (
NEW Add redirection meta to the SEOPress REST API (
INFO Universal SEO metabox: change quick button order ‘site separator’ and ‘site title’ to match global settings (UI)
INFO Remove ‘Disable trailing slash for metas’ option from Advanced settings: we now automatically take care of this
INFO Disable Bing XML sitemap ping (CRON) if IndexNow is enabled (Instant Indexing)
INFO If ‘seopress_404_cleaning_query’ filter used, the period is now dynamically displayed to the UI
INFO Improve Google Preview encoding for universal SEO metabox
INFO Oxygen v4 compatibility for keyword density and word counters
FIX Uncaught TypeError: array_key_first() /wp-seopress/inc/admin/callbacks/InstantIndexing.php:165
FIX Empty xml sub sitemap for product if WC is disabled
FIX Bricks builder compatibility: duplicated beacon on homepage
FIX Trailingslash for post type archive link in XML sitemaps
FIX OG type for products
FIX Redirection suggestion URL by using home_url() instead of site_url()
FIX Missing addressCountry field for manual Job schema
FIX Primary product category
FIX Undefined $html variable with Local Business block
FIX i18n

= (30/06/2022) =
FIX Fatal error if PRO not up to date
FIX Can’t redeclare seopress_register_meta on plugin deactivation

= v5.8 (30/06/2022) =
NEW Quickly edit your primary category for post and products with the Block Editor 
NEW Image SEO: cleaning image file when upload a media (e.g. “ExãMple 1 cópy!.jpg” => “example-1-copy.jpg”) 
NEW Prevent 500 errors when editing / saving .htaccess file 
NEW Automatically use the Product title when sending images to set the image Title, Alt, Caption and Description (Product post type only)
NEW Add link on term archives for html sitemap
NEW Try to automatically override Storefront‘s default breadcrumbs with SEOPress one (PRO)
NEW Add noindex on add-to-cart links in robots.txt file (go to SEO, PRO, robots.txt tab to add this new rule)
NEW XML sub-sitemaps URL to better follow the official guidelines of Google (
NEW ‘seopress_sitemaps_cpt’ hook to filter list of custom post types of XML sitemaps settings (
NEW ‘seopress_sitemaps_tax’ hook to filter list of taxonomies of XML sitemaps settings (
INFO Improve SEO Dashboard
INFO Optimize video xml sitemap regeneration performance
INFO Improve Alt text missing UI in Content Analysis
INFO Improve word counter for Content Analysis
INFO Add CPT key and Post ID to “seopress_auto_image_title” hook (
INFO Automatic handling of the site url to avoid errors with Google Inspect URL
INFO Stop pinging Bing for XML sitemaps since it’s officially deprecated
INFO Use the Site icon if no image available for Open Graph Image tag
INFO Improve block FAQ schema logic
INFO Update updater
FIX Bricks (1.4) compatibility issue with our content analysis feature
FIX Archives indexing for our Wizard if no post type archives available
FIX SEOPress blocks icons alignment in Gutenberg blocks panel
FIX Duplicated meta robots on search archive page
FIX Knowledge graph option (Person or Organization) option with French translation
FIX GA4 tracking script URL
FIX Import / Export Indexing options
FIX Zion Builder compatibility for Content Analysis
FIX Social Icons Widget & Block by WPZOOM compatibility issue with Block Editor and SEOPress PRO
FIX Video xml sitemap missing video caused by a transient issue
FIX Missing alt text for images analysis with Universal SEO metabox
FIX UI: Remove GA tab from SEO dashboard if disabled
FIX Primary post / product categories in XML sitemaps
FIX Missing sameAs properties for Article automatic schema
FIX i18n

= 5.7.2 =
* FIX Google Inspect URL in Content Analysis metabox

= 5.7.1 =
* FIX Fatal error with automatic update

= v5.7
* NEW Inspect URL with Google Search Console when you create / edit a post content 
* NEW Matomo On-Premise (self-hosted) tracking 
* NEW Automatically activate your SEOPress PRO license key with the define SEOPRESS_LICENSE_KEY (PRO) 
* NEW Automatically add your YouTube videos to XML video sitemap (PRO)
* NEW Breadcrumbs block for Gutenberg 
* NEW How-to block for Gutenberg 
* NEW 'seopress_sitemaps_video_xsl' hook to filter video XML stylesheet (
* NEW 'seopress_inspect_url_permalink' hook to filter inspected URL (
* NEW 'seopress_inspect_url_home_url' hook to filter home URL with inspect URL tool (
* INFO Remove deprecated xml sitemaps tags by Google for Video, Image and News sitemaps
* INFO Add post thumbnail to Google mobile preview
* INFO Add post date to Google preview for Universal SEO metabox
* INFO Improve accessibility for SEO Dashboard and Content Analysis metabox
* INFO Upgrade our universal SEO metabox to React 18
* INFO Strengthening of security
* INFO Update Monolog 3rd party library
* INFO Improve performance for GA stats in Dashboard widget if disabled
* FIX Universal SEO metabox: disable News and Video sitemaps tabs if disabled from global settings
* FIX Compatibility issue with TranslatePress: missing a trailing slash for post type archive link in XML sitemaps
* FIX Compatibility issue with The Event Calendar (single event and category event archive page)
* FIX OG and Twitter image if a user directly paste a URL to set these fields
* FIX Content analysis with Oxygen Builder in specific cases
* FIX HTML sitemap shortcode with FSE themes
* FIX Fatal error with WC and oembed if not a singular product

= v5.6 
* NEW Local Business block to display business information with the Block Editor (PRO)
* NEW Microsoft Clarity integration: capture session recordings, get instant heatmaps and powerful Insights for Free
* NEW Edit Google Analytics stats in Dashboard widget permissions from SEO, Advanced, Security tab
* NEW Define license key in wp-config.php (PRO -
* NEW directApply property for Job schema (automatic and manual)
* NEW 'seopress_pro_breadcrumbs_html_markup' hook to filter schema markup for HTML breadcrumbs (
* NEW 'seopress_clarity_tracking_js' hook to filter Microsoft Clarity tracking code (
* INFO Support login status field for CSV metadata import tool
* INFO Several UI / UX enhancements for CSV metadata import tool and migration tools from other SEO plugins
* INFO Improve UX/UI for automatic schemas
* INFO Remove regex option from SEO metabox when editing term taxonomy because it doesn't make sense
* INFO Replace header() by wp_redirect (props @ajoah)
* INFO Remove add_theme_support( 'title-tag' ); notification is Full Site Editing (FSE) is enabled
* INFO Improve A11Y for FAQ block (aria controls and aria labelledby)
* INFO Quick access links to Google APIs from the UI
* INFO Improve breadcrumbs markup for search engines
* INFO Performance improvement for Google Analytics Dashboard widget
* FIX Login status to Redirections tab when editing term taxonomy
* FIX Twitter Preview for SEO metabox on term taxonomy
* FIX Redirect XML sitemaps if Sitemaps feature is disabled
* FIX SiteNavigationElement JSON schema
* FIX UI for toggle features
* FIX Fatal error get_price() for LinkedIn (oembed JSON)
* FIX Disable shortcodes when running broken link checker if "post_content" option set
* FIX Internal links analysis with Oxygen Builder
* FIX 403 forbidden key for Bing IndexNow API
* FIX Elementor deprecations for our Breadcrumbs widget and SEO integration
* FIX Undefined index 'description' in SEO Dashboard
* FIX Quick edit dynamic variables from post types list
* FIX Month name translation in date archive when using %%archive_date_month_name%%
* FIX Undefined variable: id in RobotSettings (props to @mvdhoek1)

= v5.5 =
* NEW Regular expressions enhanced for our redirect manager: you can now passed matches to the destination URL ( - PRO)
* NEW Installation Wizard enhanced
* NEW Polish language (Free already available, PRO incoming soon)
* NEW SEOPress terms metadata added to SEOPress REST API
* NEW SEOPress global settings added to SEOPress REST API
* NEW Test your own URL for Page Speed Insights (PRO)
* NEW "Ignore existing values" option for CSV import tool (PRO)
* NEW Support %%_cf_your_custom_field_name%% dynamic variable for term taxonomy
* NEW Support %%_cf_your_custom_field_name%% dynamic variable for social sharing (posts and taxonomies)
* NEW 'seopress_content_analysis_target_keywords' hook to filter analyzed target keywords by the content analysis feature (
* NEW 'seopress_pro_breadcrumbs_last_item_linkable' hook to force the last item to be linkable (
* INFO Add Instant Indexing item to SEO admin bar
* INFO Better user experience for Instant Indexing feature
* INFO Decrease severity of having a Headings 3 from medium to low for content analysis feature
* FIX Divi and Visual Composer compatibility with our universal SEO metabox
* FIX Documentation link
* FIX Language Packs for the PRO (go to WP, Updates, Update translations)
* FIX Alternative texts of images analysis if no media found
* FIX Meta title / description checks in content analysis
* FIX Link for "Enable structured data types option" notification
* FIX Price for variable products with automatic product schema
* FIX Rendering dynamic variables when sharing a post on LinkdedIn (WP-JSON oembed)
* FIX Autoload on "seopress_instant_indexing_log_option_name" option
* FIX WooCommerce options with TwentyTwentyTwo theme
* FIX Conflict with Polylang and our Local Business widget
* FIX IndexNow API (Bing) "Something went wrong" false positive for Instant Indexing feature
* FIX Notification link to fix robots.txt with multisite installation
* FIX Page Speed integration
* FIX Type of employment quick buttons (Job Schema - PRO)
* FIX Fatal error: Cannot unset string offset (CustomCapabilities.php)

= v5.4.4 =
* FIX Guzzle conflict
* FIX AIOSEO import tool

= v5.4.2 =
* PHP 7.2 is now the minimum requirement to use SEOPress. Contact your host to update.
* NEW WordPress 5.9 compatibility
* NEW Choose which search engine to use for instant indexing (Google and/or Bing)
* INFO End of the complete removal of the compatibility center for more performance
* FIX Google / Bing instant indexing
* FIX Prevent Guzzle conflict
* FIX Search / sorting / filtering in Redirections manager
* FIX Homepage metadata editing with SEO metabox

= v5.4 =
* NEW Google & Bing instant indexing (first iteration - 🎉
* NEW Add menu / acceptsReservations properties to global Local Business schema (SEO, PRO, Local Business)
* NEW Notification to detect if mbstring PHP module is missing on your server
* NEW Notification to detect if "IndexNow", "Instant Indexing", or "Bing Webmaster Url Submission" is installed and activated on your site to prevent any conflict with our Instant Indexing feature
* NEW "Description" field for manual / automatic article schema
* NEW 'seopress_pro_breadcrumbs_html_class' + 'seopress_pro_breadcrumbs_html_class_ol' to filter the breadcrumbs HTML classes (
* NEW 'seopress_stop_attachment_url_to_postid' to disable attachment_url_to_postid function
* INFO Performance improvement for OG image tags
* INFO Improve Redirections UI with new view filters and bulk actions
* INFO Improve FAQ schema user interface
* INFO Improve Local Business widget (new HTML class "sp-lb-closed-all-day", display "closed" only if "Closed all the day?" option is checked)
* INFO Use custom meta title if no FB title available for oembed sharing (LinkedIn)
* INFO Minify metaboxe.js to reduce file size by 43% when using the universal SEO metabox
* INFO Do not exclude custom canonical if equals to permalink in XML sitemaps
* INFO Localized our news widget for French audience
* INFO Add all social settings options to wpml-config.xml file to translate them with WPML / Polylang
* INFO Improve UI
* FIX Ping button for News XML sitemap
* FIX Missing URL tag in XML sitemaps if custom canonical tag
* FIX Warning Undefined variables Redirect tab on term taxonomies
* FIX Term taxonomy invidually set to noindex in XML sitemaps
* FIX Empty "wpseopress-faq-answer-image" div if no image for FAQ Block
* FIX global product identifiers parent / child inheritance with automatic product schema and variable products
* FIX Fatal error tribe_is_venue or tribe_is_organizer with the Events Calendar plugin in specific cases
* FIX Conflict with PODS
* FIX Conflict with WooCommerce Memberships
* FIX Textdomain

= v5.3.1 (23/12/2021) =
NEW ‘seopress_titles_the_title_priority’ hook to filter the title tag priority (
INFO Add Page Speed Insights API key field to use your own API key (by default Google limits to 25K queries per day, we invite you to use your own key:
FIX Conflict with Events Calendar and title tag generation on Venues and Orgnizers term taxonomies
FIX Conflict with Elementor and Universal SEO metabox
FIX Google Stats in dashboard AJAX 403 error
FIX Universal SEO metabox social tags editing
FIX Page Speed Insights scores

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Download SEOPress PRO v5.9.0.1 Nulled Free

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.