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Search & Filter Pro v2.5.13 - The Ultimate WordPress Filter Plugin + Addons

Search & Filter Pro Nulled allows you to search by user field, meta tag, taxonomy, tag, category, author, message type, date, and other criteria. It enables you to search and filter user messages/messages/products based on any number of factors, allowing your users to easily discover what they’re searching for on your website. whether it’s a blog article, an online shop product, or something else.


Features: Search & Filter Pro – The Ultimate WordPress Filter Plugin

  • Activate: Create complex filters for Taxonomies, Custom Fields, Post Meta, and other things!
  • Exceptionally Quick: Customize the results and searches to meet the demands of your website. Even the most complicated searches run quickly thanks to the built-in cache.
  • Compatible With Any Theme: There is always a way to get Search & Filter up and running on your site thanks to different integration techniques.
  • Support at its Finest: What more could you want with a dedicated support team and accessible documentation?
  • Ecommerce: WooCommerce, WP eCommerce, and Easy Digital Downloads have all been tested and found to be compatible.
  • Integration: Support for major WordPress plugins like as ACF, Easy Digital Downloads, and WPML out of the box, as well as free extensions for Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi Builder, and WPB Page Builder
  • Filters that change dynamically: Filters are reloaded based on the current search, so consumers will not see pages with no results.
  • Countless Search Forms: You may make as many different search forms as you like! Why not have two on the same page?

Changelog: Search & Filter Pro

= v2.5.13 =
* Fix - an issue with infinite scroll triggering after pressing "back" in certain browsers.
* Fix - an issue with canonical redirects being triggered when using Polylang Pro + WooCommerce.
* Fix - remove replaceAll polyfill which was causing conflicts with other plugins.

= v2.5.12 =
* Fix - Support ajax in multiple results areas when using our third party integrations
* Fix - an issue with the author field not hiding admin authors (when that option was enabled)
* Fix - pagination issues with some of our integrations when using multiple search forms + results
* Fix - an issue where the query was not integrating with the Custom Layouts block
* Fix - issues in the admin UI since WordPress 5.9
* Fix - update to using wp_initialize_site for multisite - thanks to Chrissyd
* Update - minimum required WordPress version to 5.1

= v2.5.11 =
* Fix - an issue with ajax and the results URL not being correctly detected
* Fix - updated some of our plugin update procedures
* New - options to use text input control for selecting post meta keys (to prevent loading of all meta keys in large databases) - available via the settings page
* New - action - `search_filter_remove_pagination` - use this before your template pagination functions to stop S&F from modifying the pagination

= v2.5.10 =
* Fix - Fix an ajax issue for Dynamic Content maps - * Note: if you are using the maps + posts display method, you might need to reset this option.
* Fix - Translate the labels for options in the `sort` field via WPMLs Advanced Translation editor

= v2.5.9 =
* Fix - Update fix for Dynamic Content maps integration
* Fix - An issue with with WPML Advanced Translation Editor (the text for our submit and reset buttons was not being detected)

= v2.5.8 =
* Fix - an issue with Ajax and Dynamic Content's Google maps widget
* Fix - a PHP notice in our admin notices
* New - experimental hook for displaying WooCommerce variations individually

= v2.5.7 =
* Fix - scroll (on pagination only) was not working correctly
* Fix - duplicate search form stopped working in a previous update
* Fix - an issue with the cache not progressing on nginx + php8
* Fix - a PHP8 admin issue where checkboxes were not being set
* New - initial support for Posts + Maps combined
* New - basic support for multiple ajax areas via hooks
* New - support for WPMLs advanced translation editor

= v2.5.6 =
* Fix - a PHP issue due to a trailing comma

= v2.5.4 =
* Fix - a WooCommerce issue that was introduced where variations data was not being saved correctly

= v2.5.3 =
* Fix - `hide empty` in taxonomy fields was ignoring certain posts completely based on their post stati
* Fix - issues with the combobox "No Results Message" with post meta fields
* Fix - js warnings on admin pages
* Fix - issues relating to jQuery migrate plugin being removed
* Fix - an issue with refocussing the search box after pressing enter to submit
* Fix - a css issue with the datepicker dropdown
* Remove - js library dependency for admin tooltips
* Update - Select2 library to 4.0.13
* Compatibility + tested upto WP 5.6
* New - Display Results method - integration with Dynamic Posts v2 from Dynamic Content for Elementor

= v2.5.2 =
* Fix - a warning about stripslashes expecting a string
* Fix - an issue where getting labels for ACF fields was failing on private posts
* Fix - an issue with infinite scroll not working when the pagination selector was not set
* Fix - a JS warning where we using attribute to set checked state in certain admin screens
* Fix - an issue where infinite scroll was causing issues on taxonomy archives
* Fix - an issue where scrolling to results was fired before the content had loaded, causing an unwanted offset
* Fix - an issue with EDD Purchase buttons not using ajax to add to cart after a search
* Fix - an issue when WooCommerce is enabled with S&F, and interference being caused to non related search forms
* Fix - some compatibility issues with WPML and WooCommerce product variations
* New - better integration with WC products shortcode, simply add a `search_filter_id` argument to integrate

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List of Search & Filter Pro Addons

  • Search & Filter Pro – Divi Extension v1.0.3
  • Search & Filter – Elementor Extension v1.0.10
  • Search & Filter – WPBakery PB Extension v1.0.1
  • Search & Filter – Beaver Builder Extension v1.0.1

Download Search & Filter Pro v2.5.13 Nulled Free + Addons

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.