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School Management System for WordPress v82.0

Plugins School Management System for WordPress Nulled is the ideal way to manage the entire operation of the school. The system has different access rights for Administrators, Teachers, Students and Parents.


User Role Username Password
teacher teacher teacher
student student student
Parents parent parent
Support Staff supportsstaff supportsstaff
school app
7 sms gateways

List of School Management System for WordPress modules:

  • Rich dashboard with analytics
  • Admin module
  • Student course
  • Teacher module
  • Main module
  • Theme module
  • Class Modules
  • Class Modules
  • Trademark Management
  • Dedicated module
  • Message module
  • Announcement-Event Module
  • Transportation Module
  • List of halls
  • Holidays module
  • Migration module
  • Payment module
  • Report
  • Student Class Procedure
  • Teacher Process
  • Print bookmarks as PDF
  • Move students with one click
  • After clicking Install
  • Powerful features with unique design
  • Admissions Module
  • Test module
  • Updated list of halls Exam room module
  • Homework Module
  • Hostel module
  • Fee payment module
  • Library module
  • Custom Fields Module


Changelog School Management System for WordPress

v82.0 - 26-09-2022
-[Feature] added Push Notifications for mobile app(Notice,Holiday).
-[Fixed] Mobile APP Issue.
-[Fixed] Language translation issue.

v81.0 - 26-08-2022
-[Feature] RTL Compatibility.
-[Feature] Download Teacher Attendance with CSV file.
-[Feature] Import/Export Book.
-[Feature] Import/Export Subject.
-[Feature] Import/Export Class Route.
-[Feature] Update Migration Module.
(Without an exam, you can migrate students from one class to another class).
-[Fixed] GUI issue in all modules.
-[Fixed] Language translation issue.

v80.0 - 25-07-2022
- Wordpress Version 6.0.1 Compatibility
-[Feature] Update New Design.
-[Feature] Added Holiday approval process.
-[Feature] Update admission form.
-[Feature] Added Razorpay Payment gateway with the paymaster plugin.
-[Fixed] Fixed minor bugs.
-[Fixed] GUI issue in all modules.
-[Fixed] Language translation issue.

v79.0 - 30-04-2022
- Compatibility Wordpress Version 5.9.3
-[Feature]Update accessright module for supportstaff and teacher.
          we have given all module access to support staff.
-[Feature]Added daily attendance report in dashboard.
-[Feature]Update attendance report with datatable.
-[Feature]Added new management role. 
        management user can handle school management plugin.e.
-Fixed wp default theme compatibility.
- [Fixed] Fixed minor bugs.
- Fixed GUI issue in all modules.
- Fixed Laungage translation issue.

v78.0 - 09-12-2021
- Compatibility Wordpress Version 5.8.2
- [Feature] Updated User Dashboard.
- [Feature] Update admission form.
- Fixed GUI issue in all modules.
- Fixed Responsive issue in all modules.

v77.0 - 03-11-2021
- Compatibility Wordpress Version 5.8.1
- Fixed Paymaster Payment gateways issue.
- Fixed Mobile aplication issue.
- Fixed SmsMaster SMS gateways issue.
- Fixed GUI issue in all modules.
- Fixed Responsive issue in all modules.
- Fixed Laungage translation issue.

v76.0 31-07-2021
- Fixed license registration loading issue.

v75.0 26-06-2021
- Compatibility Wordpress Version 5.7.2
- [Feature]Updated Envato Security/vulnerability Update List.
- [Feature] Updated all latest version libraries.
Updated Libary
1) Boostrap (v5.0.1).
2) jQuery (v3.6.0).
3) DataTables(v1.10.24).
4) Fullcalender (v5.7.2).
5) Font Awesome (5.15.2) etc...
- [Fixed] Fixed minor bugs.
- [Fixed] Fixed Mobile API issue.

v74.0 17-05-2021
- [Feature] added Multiple child option in import parent time.
- [Feature] Allow add class routine and add class module access to support staff user.
- [Fixed] Fixed Mobile API issue.

- [Fixed] GUI Issue in all module.
- [Fixed] Mobile API issue.
- [Fixed] Fixed minor bugs.

- Wordpress Version 5.6.2 Compatibility.
- [Feature] Added mail Reminder for teachers and student(Virtual class).
- [Feature] Added print feature for participants list(Virtual class).
- [Fixed] Fixed minor bugs.

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