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RoyalSlider v3.4.1 - Touch Content Slider for WordPress

Royal Slider for WordPress is a touch-swipe responsive image gallery and HTML content slider plugin. The plugin is mobile-friendly and allows you to create entirely bespoke slideshows and css3 banner rotators with images, videos, and HTML content on each slide. You can also use WooCommerce products to dynamically populate data from Flickr or featured articles of any post type. CSS3 and HTML5 best practices were used to create this site. You can choose between vertical or horizontal thumbnails, lazy loading, and fullscreen mode for your photo gallery. Carousel also accepts videos from YouTube and Vimeo, allowing you to create video galleries.

RoyalSlider prioritizes performance, accessibility, and stability, as well as giving the greatest possible experience for users on any device. It doesn’t have a slew of fancy transition effects, but the ones it does have function as quickly and smoothly as modern technology allows. The script modular architecture allows you to remove elements of the main JS file that you don’t need to further optimize it.

RoyalSlider templates


Features: RoyalSlider

Frontend Features:

  • Handle for touch swipe navigation in iOS (all versions), Android 2.3+, Internet Explorer 10 and 11, Blackberry, and other operating systems and browsers that support touch or pointer events.
  • CSS3 transitions for mobile devices that are hardware-accelerated.
  • Everything is responsive and can be scaled dynamically, including the HTML in slides and thumbnails.
  • Videos from YouTube and Vimeo are included in the slideshow.
  • Smart lazy-loading – preloads photos that are close by.
  • Memory management – eliminates unused slides from the DOM automatically.
  • Slide transitions can be moved or faded.
  • Search engines index even lazy-loaded photos that have been SEO optimized.
  • For navigation, use vertical or horizontal thumbnails, bullets, or tabs.
  • Down to mobile, the layout is responsive.
  • Custom effects (fade, move top, move right… or none) for HTML blocks.
  • Each slide has image and/or HTML content.
  • Full-screen mode is available thanks to HTML5’s inbuilt full-screen functionality. Ideal for displaying high-resolution images in a picture gallery.
  • Multiple sliders per page are allowed, even if the skins are different.
  • 4 distinct skins that may be easily customized with CSS. Included are Photoshop files.
  • Slider files are only included in posts that use a slider.
  • Smart autoplay that pauses on hover and ends when the user takes the first action.
  • Deeplinking (permalinks) allows you to connect to any slide from any URL.
  • Touch thumbnails picture scroller based on physics that can be inserted anywhere on the website.
  • Thumbnails should all be the same size and scrollable in one line. Tabs can be any size, but they cannot be scrollable.
  • Keyboard navigation is an option, and there’s a lot more…
  • Allows user to navigate as quickly as they want (doesn’t block navigation during transition), and has options to disable mouse/touch drag for slides and thumbnails. Doesn’t block vertical scrolling, doesn’t block default browser zoom, works even if javascript is disabled, allows user to navigate as quickly as they want (doesn’t block navigation during transition).
  • Support for touch in Internet Explorer 10.

RoyalSlider has been tried on a Mac, a PC, an iPad 2, an iPhone 4, an HTC Desire, a Lumia 920, a Surface, a Blackberry PlayBook, and even a Kindle Keyboard ;). Please contact me through my personal page or start a ticket on the help forum if something isn’t working properly on your device.

Backend Features:

  • Editors will find the admin area straightforward to use, while developers will find it customizable.
  • With the usual WordPress layout and inline help, the admin section is simple to use.
  • Using a shortcode, a PHP function, or a widget, you may easily embed content.
  • Bulk picture uploading, which is compatible with the WordPress 3.5 media management.
  • Sliders are cached automatically, so they won’t slow down your site.
  • The shortcode can be used to override the default WordPress in-post gallery.
  • In just a few clicks, you can create magnificent galleries using photographs from your Flickr account.
  • NextGEN gallery plugin (both v2.0+ and v1.x) is completely integrated with RoyalSlider.
  • In the plugin admin, you may use the slide markup editor to create your own markup for slides. There are more than 30 variables, including title, description, date, url, image, and so on.
  • Add responsive blocks to each slide using an animated blocks editor – add blocks-captions to each slide and adjust their text inline. Please keep in mind that this is not the primary function of RoyalSlider, and I recommend keeping animation to a minimum to ensure the greatest experience for users on mobile devices.
  • For each animated block, customize the move and fade effects, duration, ease, and delay.
  • In the admin, you may get a live preview of the slider.
  • Use the WordPress media uploader or input a website to add images.
  • Works with php5 and WordPress 3.3+. Because HTML5 technologies are used on the Slider admin page, Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 9+ are required. The slider itself is compatible with Internet Explorer 7 and up.

Changelog: RoyalSlider

3.4.1 - 17 Aug 2020
Improved compatibility with WordPress 5.5, minor admin styling issues.
Fixed a warning that could appear during or while checking for an update.

3.4.0 - 21 Jan 2020
Improved compatibility with WordPress 5.3.
Fixed JS initialization issue when used with Gutenberg and scripts are loaded asynchronously.
Fixed fullscreen mode issue with Twentytwenty theme.

3.3.9 - 8 Dec 2018
Added full compatibility with WordPress 5.0 - fixed bugs and improved new WordPress editor support.

3.3.8 - 3 Dec 2018
Added basic Gutenberg support.
Fixed bug in admin area - text fields in media modal were not focusable when opened from "Add New Slide" dialog.
Minor CSS optimizations and improvements.

3.3.7 - 17 Aug 2018
Updated default YouTube and Vimeo embed code.
Dropped 500px and Instagram support, due to the deprecation of their API.
Added filter new_rs_slide_html, which allows filtering HTML content of each slide individually.
Added filter new_rs_options, which allows filtering options for specific slider.

3.3.6 - 31 Mar 2018
Updated JavaScript file. Fixed dragging on iOS 11.3 - the page scroll is not locked while you drag the slider. Improved touch functionality and added support for passive event listeners.

3.3.5 - 21 Mar 2017
Added new_rs_slides_output_after_start filter that allows developers to add slides before the first one (in addition to new_rs_slides_output_before_end that allows to add slides after the last one).
 shortcode now supports third-party solutions that override WordPress media library functionality (for example Enhanced Media Library plugin allows to add categories or tags to images and then create gallery based on them).
Fixed a bug in video module that could prevent from showing specific YouTube urls.

3.3.4 - 19 Jan 2017
Compability with NextGen v2.1.62.
Added new_royalslider_image_tab_after_inputs filter that allows developers to add instructions or more inputs for "Image" tab of custom slider.
Fixed minor styling issues in admin related to WordPress 4.7.1.

3.3.3 - 21 Aug 2016
Updated RoyalSlider JS file with minor performance improvements.
Improved sanitizing of Instagram data to make sure that special characters like emoji are rendered correctly.
Minor fixes in an admin area for the recent WordPress version.

3.3.2 - 15 Mar 2016
Fix: method custom_footer_scripts is now static (fixes deprecated notice when using with PHP7 or latest version of WordPress).

3.3.1 - 20 Jan 2016
Fixed notice in admin when using with PHP7 and the new version of WordPress.
Changed default authentication scope for Instagram API. In case you're using Instagram gallery, please read this notice.
Updated default YouTube and Vimeo URL to https.
Minor UI fixes.

3.3.0 - 20 Oct 2015
Changed media uploader for "custom" slider.
Improved slide animation performance on iOS9 for large images.
Added action new_rs_before_js_init_code, that allows to insert additional JS code before slider is initialized.

3.2.9 - 22 Sep 2015
Fixed iOS9 Safari image disappearing during transition in some cases (just royalslider.css changed).

3.2.8 - 19 Aug 2015
Fixed issue that could cause PHP notice to appear when using with WordPress 4.3 and when WP_DEBUG is enabled.

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Download RoyalSlider v3.4.1 Nulled – Touch Content Slider for WordPress

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