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Rey v2.3.6 – Fashion & Clothing, Furniture WordPress Theme

Rey Nulled – Fashion & Clothing, Furniture WordPress Theme Theme is probably one of the most unique products on WooCommerce market, suitable for Furniture stores, Fashion / Clothing & Apparel stores, Artist stores or Painters and many other stores. A Jack of all e-commerce business lines.

Rey demo
Rey demo 2
features Rey Fashion amp Clothing Furniture
other features Rey Fashion amp Clothing Furniture

Rey – Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme

Rey is a well-crafted WordPress theme, packed with features, stunning design, and solid infrastructure to provide the foundation for your upcoming projects. While it is primarily considered an e-commerce-specific theme, this is only a small part of its power. So you can safely use it for pretty much any type of website.

ThemeFuzz is dedicated to this theme and the author wants to constantly update it with amazing new features, improvements, fixes and designs.

Please contact ThemeFuzz if you have a feature request. I have a huge to-do list of features and your requests will help the author prioritize them better.

Compare the theme Rey – Fashion & Clothing, Furniture compared to other themes

In a nutshell, ThemeFuzz means – A modern, flexible and lightweight theme with lots of features.

Normally, features & flexibility are the opposite of light weight and it basically accentuates the theme, but that is not the case with Rey Theme. Because of its modularity, everything is loaded on demand, the rule of thumb is – load only what’s in use.

As for the work of others, many works are archaic themes and they become unmistakable due to their composite background. Again, not the case with the Rey theme. Its infrastructure will always prioritize modularity, providing a stable foundation for current and future projects.


Changelog Rey – Fashion & Clothing, Furniture WordPress Theme Nulled Free

02 July 2022
Improvement: Added option to disable WP emoji scripts, enabled by default;
Improvement: Added Instagram integration without depending on a plugin. To easily migrate the access token from the WPZoom Social Feeds please click on the migrate link;
Improvement: Catalog variation swatches, added option to redirect to product page on click;
Improvement: Product Grid, added new Query type choice – Recently Purchased;
Improvement: SideSlide cover added option to customize its height;
Improvement: Checkout custom layout, moved the coupon form outside of the review summary, only in the payments step;
Improvement: Cover Panels added description on hover;
Fix: Instagram widget, compatibility with WPZoom Social Feeds v2.0 plugin;
Fix: Search SKU sometimes not working;
Fix: Product Grid gallery, better display when having an inline video;
Fix: Price features, conflicting with related products variation form;
Fix: Modal sections, sometimes needing to click multiple times to close it;
Fix: Price in Add to cart button, not working when in Custom product template;
Fix: Custom sidebars, not working when having multiple ones created;
Fix: Product grid on mobiles as list view, not showing images sometimes;
Fix: Catalog variation swatches changing image with full rather then thumbs;
Fix: Product page variation swatches labels, not stretching;
Fix: Compatibility with Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce;
Fix: Ajax Search’s view all link not keeping post type;
Fix: Posts element, inner content skin not wrapped in link;
Fix: Variation swatches in catalog, disabled updating prices if only a single attribute is visible;
Fix: Product archive element, ordering not working.

27 May 2022
Improvement: Added newsletter form element for SendInBlue;
Improvement: Custom templates, product tabs/blocks element, more customisation;
Improvement: MailChimp Newsletter, use Ajax instead of reloading page;
Improvement: Filtering widgets, ability to show widget only on Search page;
Improvement: Category filter widget, ability to manually pick the categories to display;
Improvement: Custom sidebars option, supports custom taxonomies;
Improvement: Module for Product grid element, to support custom product taxonomies in query;
Fix: ACF Image element, sometimes not working;
Fix: Header Cart’s Cross-sells controls not showing in Customizer options;
Fix: Product SKU search returning variations, instead of parent products only;
Fix: Required asterix not being displayed properly sometimes;
Fix: Elements manager scanner, not searching in all custom post types, returning incorrect results;
Fix: Menu element, Subcategories, not pulling the current taxonomy by default;
Fix: Variation swatches, deselection not resetting the gallery sometimes;
Fix: Price slider, tooltips overlapping;
Fix: Free shipping bar, sometimes returns a php fatal error;
Fix: Loop quantity fields not working properly with ajax pagination;
Fix: PHP error with Woo Product table plugin active;
Fix: Header’s cart panel overflow issues when set to scroll upwards;
Fix: Mega menus, issues with Elementor Container and “container size”;
Fix: Checkout steps, better validation for email address;
Fix: Move modals at dom’s end;
Fix: Order count in account menu not working right after logging in;
Fix: Infinite loading of reviews in product page, when just submitting the first review;
Fix: Brands show duplicated in catalog sometimes.

v2.3.4 27 Apr. 2022
Improvement: Single swatches in product item in catalog, ability to float on side;
Improvement: Updated ACF to 5.12.2;
Improvement: Buy now button, new choice position before ATC button;
Improvement: Customizer sections, added icons;
Fix: Elementor template preview product, gallery not working;
Fix: After add to cart popup, variation swatches not loading styles on simple products;
Fix: Element title showing in controls regardless of conditions;
Fix: Wishlist button in Product Grid Proto skin;
Fix: Proto skin sometimes has overwritten custom styles;
Fix: Ability to disabled scheduled sales badges in product grid;
Fix: Missing Cookie Notice settings;
Fix: Account panel on mobiles, not working properly when logged out;
Fix: Scheduled sales countdown not working on Safari;
Fix: Grid element, subcategories showing all when empty parent;
Fix: ACF elements, not working for taxonomies;
Fix: Product gallery thumbs not scrolling vertically;
Fix: Carousel element, padding not working;
Fix: Product grid, manual selection order not working properly;
Fix: Description moved after cart, option not working;
Fix: Cover Nest, fade mode, having a glitch;
Fix: Elementor deprecation error;
Fix: Free shipping bar in cart, sometimes now showing;
Fix: Php notices in Posts grid element;
Fix: Product page gallery, variations with extra image as duplicate of main;
Fix: Free shipping text near product page price, bypass caching;
Fix: Showing swatches as regular on catalog, when single variation;
Fix: Compatibility with TM Extra Product Options, lightbox image;
Fix: Better compatibility with Single Variation plugins (show desc. and brands in catalog);
Fix: Numbered pagination, force scroll to top (even if disabled);
Fix: Customizer dimensions fields not appending units;
Fix: Refresh title & breadcrumbs while filtering;
Fix: Better notifications for login/register panel;
Fix: Product page navigation, same categories option, use childless categories only;
Fix: Hotspots, Quickview not opening and also added option to disable the panel;
Fix: Request a quote form, when enabled in Quickview;
Fix: Deprecation notices;
Fix: Carousel element with taxonomies;
Fix: Slider Nav. arrows not showing with Image carousel;

20 Mar. 2022
Improvement: Updated Google Fonts lists;
Improvement: Product grid element, added free drag mode option;
Improvement: Header Account, mobile support for the Wishlist product list;
Improvement: Change Quickview and Wishlist buttons tags to button;
Fix: Product Grid, Sale query, fixes duplicated items;
Fix: Upsells in product page, acts as a paginated archive;
Fix: Php warnings;
Fix: Related products title styling not showing correctly;
Fix: Checkout form labels, missing required star;
Fix: Results count text staying outside of the loop header block;
Fix: Elementor Gallery, column styling issues on mobiles;
Fix: Blog teasers not showing anymore;
Fix: Ajax login, throws error when using incorrect account details;
Fix: Header Nav, mobile logo width not applying;
Fix: Elementor 3.6 compatibility improvements;
Fix: Elementor Pro, product page’s gallery element not rendering properly in edit mode;
Fix: Text widget, underline links for bolded links;
Fix: Variation swatches, use variation image items, not working sometimes;
Fix: Ajax variables popup, tweaks when selecting an external swatch;
Fix: Product category grid inheriting parameters from a grid placed in Cover;
Fix: Product page navigation, activating under its button;
Fix: Cover Split, compatibility on tablets;
Fix: Custom templates product page gallery not applying styles;
Fix: Section padding, sometimes getting the page stuck;
Fix: Swatches in catalog not changing images when showing all attributes;
Fix: Side filter panel width on tablets;
Fix: Search form options in Customizer, not showing controls for Inline form;
Fix: Product page mobile gallery showing broken images (when having variations with extra images);
Fix: Catalog swatches sometimes is not updating the thumb url;
Fix: Default basic header, mobile issues with height;
Fix: Posts element, manual selection for pages too.

27 Feb. 2022
Fix: Catalog items, thumbnails as slideshow, not showing images on mobile;
Fix: Buy now button shows regardless if disabled;
Fix: Columns width sometimes cannot be adjusted properly;
Fix: Product items with slideshow, sometimes showing incorrect;
Fix: Brand image missing and compatibility with WooCommerce attributes element;
Fix: Gallery refresh when using extra variations images;
Fix: Product gallery with custom templates better compatibility;
Fix: Titles before/after categories not showing in categories;
Fix: Gap when dismissing top store notice;
Fix: Some Customizer controls not generating proper responsive values;
Fix: Related products still showing up regardless if they’re disabled;
Fix: Contact form 7 compatibility;
Fix: Lazy loaded assets, in some cases are not loaded;
Fix: Up-sells and lazy loaded product grid;

21 Feb. 2022
Improvement: Module manager. Added the ability to disable modules and features that are not used, avoiding any trace of their code;
Improvement: Refactored larges parts of code within the Core plugin;
Improvement: Added Starter demo, a useful tool for those who want to start cleaner with a simpler pre-made site;
Improvement: Added Slider widget for Elementor, a basic slider instead of complex cover sliders;
Improvement: Reorganized Customizer options, to be more descriptive and relevant;
Improvement: Trigger element, added “Toggle content visibility” functionality to show/hide any element, section or column in the page;
Improvement: Trigger element, added “Open popover” functionality to display any content (including global sections) through a dropdown;
Improvement: Added Wishlist sharing icons;
Improvement: Recent products in cart loading through Ajax;
Improvement: Filters Top bar, when in sticky mode, ability to attach to bottom;
Improvement: Product grid, query by custom min/max price;
Improvement: Heading partial highlight, support for long lines;
Fix: Compare products, ability to show the custom attributes;
Fix: Extra variation images compatibility with Single variations plugin;
Fix: Conflict with WooCommerce Variation Swatches and Photos;
Fix: Products per page showing in related products;
Fix: Cross-sells bubble on RTL layouts;
Fix: Mega menu overlay issue while editing in Elementor;
Fix: Compare and Wishlist display problems after add to cart button in product page;
Fix: Carousel element, button styles not applying;
Fix: Cards product item skin compatibility with mobile list view;
Fix: Compatibility with WC Vendors plugin;
Fix: Image Carousel with links;
Fix: WooCommerce single variations plugin compatibility with Rey’s filters;
Fix: Custom product page, video link not working;
Fix: Carousel Section skin in product grid, added back support for thumbs;
Fix: compatibility with Woo Variation Swatches Pro not showing swatches on first product item;
Fix: Catalog teasers with WPML;
Fix: Swatches in filters, compatibility with WPML;
Fix: Compatibility with filters, Iconic Swatches and WPML;
Fix: WPML better compatibility with Rey’s custom templates;
Fix: Section modal prevent reopening “forever” wasn’t working properly;
Fix: Variation attributes label cell background color;
Fix: Wishlist not working properly sometimes in multilanguage context;
Fix: Active filters with “Apply filters” button, not working;
Fix: Wishlist button not showing in Quickview;
Fix: Mini-cart quantity not limiting on available stock;
Fix: Product page’s mobile gallery sometimes sets images of related product variations;
Fix: Sometimes reviews don’t load when using ajax load;
Fix: Product page’s variations, update gallery on single variation click;
Fix: Wishlist panel position on mobiles;
Fix: Section padding with custom breakpoints;
Fix: Menu items ids avoid being duplicated;

14 Dec. 2021
Improvement: Quickview, added navigation arrow buttons inside;
Improvement: Variation Swatches’ Clear button, replaced with an improved markup;
Improvement: Updated ACF Pro to 5.11.4;
Improvement: Added products per page switcher;
Improvement: Better compatibility with Advanced Woo Search;
Improvement: Compare, added option to be aware of the attribute visibility;
Fix: Custom checkout login button still showing up regardless if disabled in WooCommerce’ account settings;
Fix: Compare button, padding issues on product page;
Fix: Size charts plugin compatibility;
Fix: Filters accessibility issue;
Fix: Tags filter widget hiding sibling items regardless if multiple tags are selected;
Fix: Cookies dependency script from WooCommerce is sometimes not loaded;
Fix: WPML currency not working with lazy product grids;
Fix: SkewSection prevent clicking on video;
Fix: Deselecting active parent categories in filters;
Fix: Compatibility with Jetpack’s lazy loading;
Fix: Automatically hide modal containing a newsletter form on successful submission;
Fix: PHP error with YITH Gift Cards enabled;
Fix: Variation swatches and filtering auto-select attribute (ex: color);
Fix: Variation swatches RTL improvements;
Fix: Price instalments sometimes showing a huge number for “from-to” prices;
Fix: Estimated delivery dates utf8 encode by default;
Fix: Compatibility with Slider Revolution, not adding custom fonts and causing its crash;

26 Nov 2021 
Improvement: Scheduled sales, added new Countdown style – Inline and options to stretch or align to center;
Fix: Customizer’s fonts sometimes are not loaded;
Fix: Size charts plugin compatibilities;
Fix: Scrollbar fixes;
Fix: PHP error happening sometimes when Core is disabled;
Fix: Fatal error when Woo disabled;
Fix: Icons in menu not showing properly with svg’s;
Fix: When Customizer dynamic cache is disabled, the styles still remain cached;
Fix: Product page’s free shipping text not showing up anymore;
Fix: Remade compatibility with Iconic Attribute Swatches plugin;
Fix: Product item slideshows sometimes not showing fine with custom thumbnail container height;
Fix: Sometimes in-stock filters inherit a wrong comparison operator;
Fix: Swatches module, better compatibility with other plugins;

18 Nov 2021
Improvement: Added Variation Swatches internal module with various styles eg: . No need for external plugins to display the swatches, neither in product page or archive. More inside the KB article;
Improvement: Added Scheduled Sales badges or countdowns in products eg: or ;
Improvement: Added Carousel element supporting various card templates and multiple source types;
Improvement: New product catalog item skin – Rigo eg: ;
Improvement: Added Grid element with multiple source types, regular or list grid and various card layouts;
Improvement: Posts element, support for pages too;
Improvement: Cart element, added option to replace empty cart template with generic global section;
Improvement: Added control to replace empty product catalog pages (and search) with generic global section;
Improvement: Wishlist page, added option to replace empty template with generic global section;
Improvement: Button element, support for Triggers (such as opening an off-canvas panel);
Improvement: Trigger element, option to stretch button;
Improvement: Ability to link everywhere to trigger any offcanvas panel;
Improvement: Menu element, Product categories skin, added option to disable Uncategorized item;
Improvement: Menu element, Product cat. skin, compatibility with Vertical/Horizontal sliding menus;
Improvement: Product grid, option to hide the no-results notice;
Improvement: Request quote, will show variation attributes in popup and mail;
Improvement: Newsletter form, more customisation options;
Improvement: Product grid’s arrows, extra style customisations;
Improvement: Slider element, new bullets style (bars);
Improvement: Posts element, inner skin option to have gradient overlay;
Improvement: Inline Search form (element), added option to disable results overlay;
Improvement: Cover SideSlide added support for videos on mobile;
Improvement: Menu element, added ability to link the custom title;
Improvement: Cover Skew, added option to disable entry animation;
Improvement: Updated ACF to 5.11;
Fix: Advanced Size Charts plugin, options not showing up in Customizer + compatibilities;
Fix: Global sections date visibility & timezone;
Fix: Product catalog teasers positions, not working;
Fix: Posts element in carousel mode, sometimes not loading in the frontend;
Fix: Cover Split, workaround for Chromium browsers when showing blurry images;
Fix: Grid gallery zoom expanding image boundaries;
Fix: Safari 15 issues with Distortion Cover;
Fix: Text widget’s links not applying the link effects;
Fix: WPRocket when Delay JS is enabled, force disable product page gallery loading state;
Fix: Bottom description controls show up for non-public product attributes;
Fix: Cart panel remove buttons conflicts with Flying Pages scripts;
Fix: Php error with Badges showing sometimes;
Fix: Sidebar popup close button on hover appearing invisible;
Fix: PHP error with Autoptimize plugin;
Fix: video embed in product page’s short description;
Fix: Product item slideshows, not working properly when disabled on mobiles;
Fix: Chevron icon not showing properly;
Fix: Tag pages not being able to hide title;
Fix: PHP fatal error happening sometimes in backend mode;
Fix: Product page gallery bullets improper count when using video;
Fix: Removed Product grid’s container offset option. Better to use the parent column’s utility expand to edge classes;
Fix: Product page video not working with timestamp in link;
Fix: Category filters switch to siblings when multiple is not possible;
Fix: Checkout custom layout, when billing first and different address checked, force shipping validation;
Fix: Summary tabs, not opening first by default;
Fix: Product grid element, excerpt display settings not being able to show on mobiles;
Fix: Compatibility with Iconic Single variations;
Fix: Wrapped product item skin’s height not properly covering the image;
Fix: Cart page, missing quantity controls;
Fix: Posts element on a single column having large gaps;
Fix: Product page’s mobile accordion, added scroll in position, smooth animation and arrows;
Fix: Quickview with Accordion items, duplicated Specifications block;
Fix: Compatibility with WPRocket, in some cases Delay JS is not running even though it’s enabled which causes invalidation checks in Rey;
Fix: Sticky Add to cart bar prices missing dash;
Fix: Modal section resizing in edit mode not working;

v2.1.3 REY CORE - 6 Oct 2021
Improvement: Added option to disable Add To Cart button in product page, regardless of Catalog Mode;
Improvement: Support for toggle text on Dynamic text skin;
Improvement: Slider Nav. widget, added hover color control;
Improvement: Added support for inline video in Product page’s gallery;
Improvement: Added support for product brands to be shown in cart or checkout;
Fix: My account panel, bottom links missing href attribute;
Fix: Menu Element, sometimes All categories not showing;
Fix: Split slider, scroll hijack fix;
Fix: Product page social icons mobile alignment with multiple icons;
Fix: Rating stars alignment on RTL layouts;
Fix: Fatal error sometimes happening for Badges;
Fix: Missing short description element;
Fix: Compatibility with Autoptimize;
Fix: Request a quote button not showing when specific categories are selected;
Fix: Catalog Mode, added extra option how to handle variable products;
Fix: Compatibility improvements with WooCommerce Product Table plugin;
Fix: Attribute Filter widget’s Hide Empty not being able to uncheck;
Fix: Carousel Uno, tweak to allow link to wrap slide;
Fix: Fatal error in checkout showing sometimes;
Fix: On-sale filters on shop page, sometimes showing all categories, not just parent ones;
Fix: Sometimes Buy now button is not grabbing product attributes;
Fix: Ajax variation form in catalog, causing spacing at the bottom of the site;
Fix: Product catalog Add to cart quantity not counting properly;
Fix: After add to cart popup issue when Masonry is active;
Fix: Custom product tabs, forcing custom title on product save;
Fix: Posts widget, excerpt length limit not working with custom excerpts;
Fix: Custom add to cart button icon in After added to cart popup;
Fix: Wrapped product catalog skin with Metro grid visual issue;
Fix: Option to disable the internal critical css, which is sometimes causing conflicts with other caching plugins.

7 Sept 2021
Improvement: Added social sharing element;
Improvement: Updated ACF Pro to v5.10.2;
Improvement: Reviews (PDP) element, more customisation controls;
Improvement: Product grid component styles, added option to hide component on mobiles;
Improvement: Added separate Product page “Description” element for Custom templates;
Fix: Extra images gallery fix with Custom templates;
Fix: WPRocket compatibility with Delay JavaScript option;
Fix: Dropdown filters shown even though they’re empty;
Fix: Price features, sometimes are applying for related products grid;
Fix: Load more pagination with Product grid in Current query mode;
Fix: PHP notice when using filters;
Fix: Accessibility improvement;
Fix: Sometimes product gallery is not loading;
Fix: Some products in cart panel are shifted;
Fix: Compatibility with Elementor PRO for the grid items display;
Fix: Woo Discount Rules compatibility with discount badges;
Fix: Sometimes reviews block not staying closed (using Woo Photo Reviews plugin);
Fix: Elementor global button styles compatibility improvements;
Fix: Sometimes ajax search not working with WPML;
Fix: Compatibility improvements for YITH Product Addons;
Fix: Compatibility with Woo Perfect Brands plugin;
Fix: Bulk saving brands sometimes not working;
Fix: Wishlist page appearing unstyled;
Fix: Checkout custom layout, sometimes “Create account” shows twice;
Fix: Product page gallery’s mobile thumbs not showing up when clearing variation;
Fix: Stars icons in reviews and product page, sometimes appearing cut-off;
Fix: View Selector, compatibility fix with Elementor Pro;
Fix: Elements containing social icons, added rel noreferrer;
Fix: Mobile gallery in product page, not showing the video button;
Fix: Product video modal, close button on mobiles;
Fix: Related products element, not setting column properly;
Fix: Product grid not showing “no results” templates when empty;
Fix: Search form element, not applying post type setting;
Fix: Cart element in header sometimes having missing styles;
Fix: Search not returning items when a taxonomy was selected to be included, but is missing;
Fix: Load more posts in Blog;
Fix: Quantity select box in Quickview panel.

17 aug 2021
Improvement: Added Discord social icon;
Fix: Custom logo in fixed mode sometimes not working properly;
Fix: Product page gallery’s thumbnails navigation not showing sometimes;
Fix: PHP parse error;
Fix: Wishlist sometimes showing reviews;
Fix: Product grid element on related, cross-sells and up-sells, returning products when empty lists;
Fix: Compatibility with WVS Pro with swatches limit option;
Fix: Related products carousel;
Fix: Elementor alignment icons in controls;
Fix: Highlighted heading mark with gradients in Safari not showing the text properly if on a new line;
Fix: Missing reviews choice in Tabs/Blocks element;
Fix: Reviews as classic layout not firing the ajax call;
Fix: Multiple filters with Apply button sometimes not working properly;
Fix: Sticky global sections per page, possibility to be disabled;
Fix: Slider Nav. with Product grid lazy;
Fix: Discount labels with grouped products;
Fix: better compatibility with Woo Discount Rules;
Fix: Drop-down filter visual tweaks;
Fix: Zoom icon in product gallery with text button.

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Download Rey v2.3.6 Nulled Free

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