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Review 3 Best WordPress Cache Plugins in 2022

This article is not like the top 10 cache plugin on the market as bloggers still share (written like that, the view is really high) I think it’s like going to buy vegetables.

The most important thing for choosing the best cache plugin is not the most powerful but the one that works best for you.

WP-Rocket is very good but makes full use of it when using a website like this, litespeed makes full use of it when using a website like that.

“The strongest does not equal the most suitable”

Kind of like hiring a math professor to wash your car, not as effective as hiring me to wash your car for you (a young man still going through puberty hahaha).

Other posts often say that you have to use this cache plugin, it’s good to leave the other plugin, very general advice, then ask it again, so do you know how many pages my website has and what webserver to put on? Surely you do not know, then what kind of advice is right.

I will not introduce the cache plugin like selling vegetables, I will introduce the way I think is good, the website that comes before the new cache plugin follows, not like the other way around.

Choosing a cache plugin is the same, to decide to stick with a cache plugin, it is very important to affect the website loading speed.

In this article, I will share according to my experience, which is the best plugin to use in this case, in which case it is not.

In my opinion, currently, I have checked and tried a lot of plugins, but I see only 3 plugins are the best currently in some aspect that can be used in a certain case. And you should see what your case is to decide to use them.

The essence of the cache plugin is to convert mysql + php into html for storage, there are plugins that are just server control and plugins that run php software level cache.

Server side caching is always much faster and more efficient than php cache.

However, only high-end shared hosting can be integrated or use vps or your own built-in server.

3 best cache plugins in 2022

  1. Swift Performance plugin
  2. Litespeed
  3. Wp-Rocket

Now let’s start together in which case, which plugin should be used to always ensure the most effective quality, I will not share about how to install the best way to wait for you in my articles. Will update those posts soon.

In the meantime, choose the most suitable plugin for your website.

When to use Swift Performance plugin

Swift Performance

Swift Performance is in my opinion the best cache plugin in 2022, literally an all-powerful plugin. both software-level cache and server-level cache management.

swift performance, there are 2 versions, free and paid

are swift performance lite and swift performance pro.

In case of less than 300 pages, apache, nginx, litespeed, have server cache

swift is only as powerful as server-side cache support.

If your website is running apache, nginx , litespeed with machine-side cache, website under 300 pages, choose swift performance lite if possible, use swift performance pro which can improve speed by 50ms compared to free version.

swift performance almighty websites with less than 300 pages and with server-side cache, turn on rewrite cache mode, the speed is amazing.

Especially great if you invest in using swift performance pro.

In case Over 300 pages, apache, ngixn, have server cache

It is almost mandatory that you use swift performance pro.

Don’t try to Null because what makes you outstanding is using Swift’s API, not the software.

When to use Litespeed cache plugin

litespeed cache

In case of website over 300 pages, webserver is litespeed and has lscache server-side cache support.

Litespeed cache is developed by litespeed websever company. It is an extremely great free plugin, its mission is not born to create software cache like other plugins, it is born to manage an advanced server-side cache system. High power for litespeed websever server.

when you are using litespeed websever and have ls cache server and website over 300 pages, litespeed cache is really very fast, almost omnipotent.

When to use WP Rocket Plugin

wp rocket

WP-Rocket is a paid plugin that is quite expensive compared to the average of cache plugins. But very trusted by many users, the ease of setup, people who don’t know much about website acceleration can still establish normally the strongest point of wp-rocket is safety.

In case of less than 300 pages, apache websever and litespeed websever and no server side cache support.

wp-rocket implements the best php software level cache in 2020, if you use shared hosting that doesn’t support server side cache then wp-rocket is the best choice, apache websever and litespeed websever wp-rocket great.

However wp-rocket should not be used on websever ngixn is very harmful not good, almost wp-rocket is only strong on apache or litespeed side without server side cache.

In case you don’t have a lot of money to invest in wp-rocket and your shared hosting does not support cache, then in my opinion choose swift performance lite or Cache Enabler plugin or software-level Breeze plugin which is also very suitable for ngixn webserver.

WP-Rocket is only really good when the website is under 300 pages, and over 300 pages is quite weak.

Which is the best option for a website with a lot of traffic?

If the website is over 1,000 pages + a lot of traffic, I will vote, use LiteSpeed ​​Plugin and go through litespeed webserver right away because the threshold of over 1k pages is a php-level cache plugin that is difficult to balance, then only webserver-level cache here I find the best for wordpress when you have a website with over 1,000 pages, only lscache can handle it, there are other webserver-level caches like Fastcgi (nginx side) and Varnish Cache (apache side) but it’s about the best fit for WordPress then lscache still the best because LScache is fully supported for WordPress and the other 2 plugins are not very difficult to control for basic users and the optimal support for WordPress is not.

The strongest and best option, for those who have a lot of traffic and many pages, in my opinion only Litespeed cache plugin, please switch your webserver to litespeed and install lscache.

You can rest assured that Litespeed has open source code, openlitespeed is free, I have a series: instructions from a to z to optimize openlitespeed for WordPress, you just need to copy and pates to do it right away. you can refer to openlitespeed settings

You just need to invest in a vps and follow my instructions to run it. If not you can contact me, I have openlitespeed webgui installation service for WordPress.

Popular plugins not on the list

  • WP Super Cache: outdated, slow speed many other better options
  • W3 Total Cache: too many complicated configurations, difficult to configure even if the configuration is correct, the performance is also poor
  • PerfMatters: this is not a cache plugin but a powerful right-hand optimization plugin of cache plugins
  • Hummingbird: poor speed
  • Cache Enabler and Breeze: great if you are using nginx webserver but swift performance is better
  • FlyingPress: very tasty and not mature enough, I guess with this development the flyingpress will sooner or later blow away wp rocket and be on this list
  • Simple Cache: great speed but simply lacks necessary features
  • SiteGround Optimizer: mainly saves server resources and is an exclusive product of SiteGround, must use their SiteGround shared hosting to use this plugin
  • WP Performance: very delicious, good speed, easy to use, but has not been updated for a long time
  • Nitropack: only focuses on hacking google page speed points and the price is quite impressive, the speed is not impressive

Source: WP Tăng Tốc