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Relevanssi Premium v2.20.0 - The WordPress Search Plugin You Need

Relevanssi Premium Nulled is a superior search engine that replaces the default WordPress search with a lot of features and adjustable parameters. You’ll receive better results and better results presentation, and your users will appreciate it.


relevanssi screenshot 2
  • Search results are arranged by relevance rather than date.
  • If whole words don’t match, use fuzzy matching to match incomplete words.
  • Find documents that match only one search keyword (OR query) or all words must present (AND query).
  • Look for terms in quotes, such as “search phrase.”
  • Create unique extracts that emphasize the search phrases and indicate where the hit occurred.
  • When the user clicks through the search results, search terms are highlighted in the documents.
  • Comments, tags, categories, and custom fields may all be searched.
  • Multi-site compatibility.
  • Support for bbPress.
  • Gutenberg-compatible
  • Titles, tags, and comments can all be given different weightings.
  • Show the most popular searches and recent queries with no hits in the query log.
  • Using a hidden variable or plugin settings, limit searches to categories and tags.
  • Custom post types and taxonomies are indexed.
  • Shortcodes’ contents are indexed.
  • “Did you mean?” suggestions a la Google, based on successful user queries.
  • WPML and Polylang multi-language plugins are supported.
  • Support for the s2member membership plugin, as well as other membership plugins like as Members, Groups, Simple Membership, and others.
  • Advanced filters to let you manipulate the search results to your liking.
  • Throttling of search results to increase performance on huge databases.
  • With a simple filter hook, you may disable indexing of post content and titles.
  • Attachment content indexing (PDF, Office, Open Office).
  • Spelling correction in “Did you mean?” recommendations has been improved.
  • In a multisite installation, searching across different sites is possible.
  • User profiles may be searched and indexed.
  • Taxonomic word pages may be searched and indexed (categories, tags, custom taxonomies).
  • In the wp posts MySQL table, you may search and index any column.
  • Any post types and taxonomies can be given weights.
  • New posts should be given more weight.
  • Allow the user to select between AND and OR searches, and make use of the + and – operators (AND and NOT).
  • Settings for export and import.
  • WP CLI is a command line interface for WordPress.
  • Posts that are related.
  • For searches, there are redirects.

Changelog: Relevanssi Premium – The WordPress Search Plugin You Need

= v2.20.0 =
* New feature: Relevanssi now shows the MySQL `max_allowed_packet` size on the debug tab.
* New feature: Relevanssi now shows the indexing query on the debug tab.
* New feature: You can now edit pinning and exclusions from Quick Edit.
* New feature: You can now remove queries from the search log from the query insights page.
* New feature: ACF field settings now include a 'Exclude from Relevanssi index' setting. You can use that to exclude ACF fields from the Relevanssi index.
* Changed behaviour: Click tracking is disabled in multisite searches. It causes problems with wrong links and isn't very reliable in the best case.
* Changed behaviour: Plugin translation updates are disabled, unless explicitly enabled either from the Overview settings or with the `relevanssi_update_translations` filter hook.
* Minor fix: Relevanssi was adding extra quotes around search terms in the `highlight` parameter.
* Minor fix: Metabox fields look nicer on Firefox.
* Minor fix: Adds the `relevanssi_related_posts_cache_id` filter to the relevanssi_related_posts() function.
* Minor fix: Yet another update to data attributes in highlighting. Thanks to Faeddur.
* Minor fix: Taxonomy query handling was improved. This should help in particular Polylang users who've had problems with Relevanssi ignoring Polylang language restrictions.
* Minor fix: Negative search terms in AND searches caused problems, but now work better.
* Minor fix: Pinning phrases that had the same word more than once (e.g. 'word by word') didn't work. Now it works better.

Premium. New feature: New CLI command list_pinned_posts lists all pinned and unpinned posts.
Premium. New feature: New CLI command list lists indexed and unindexed posts, taxonomy terms and users.
New feature: You can now look at how the posts appear in the database from the Debugging tab.
New feature: Relevanssi now works with WooCommerce layered navigation filters. The filter post counts should now match the Relevanssi search results.
Premium. New feature: You can now export the click tracking logs.
New feature: The new function relevanssi_count_term_occurrances() can display how often search terms appear in the database.
Changed behaviour: Relevanssi post update trigger is now on wp_after_insert_post instead of wp_insert_post (for WP versions 5.6+). This makes the indexing more reliable and better compatible with other plugins.
Changed behaviour: Throttling searches has been impossible when results are sorted by date. Now, if you set Relevanssi to sort by post date from the searching settings, you can enable the throttle, and the throttling will make sure to keep the most recent posts. This does not work if you set the orderby to post_date elsewhere.
Minor fix: Prevents Relevanssi from interfering in fringe cases (including The Event Calendar event search).
Minor fix: Relevanssi added the highlight parameter to home page URLs, even though it shouldn’t.
Minor fix: Indexing nav_menu_item posts is stopped earlier in the process to avoid problems with big menus.
Minor fix: Add support for WooCommerce product attribute lookup table filtering.
Minor fix: Improves Polylang language detection.
Minor fix: Improve excerpts to avoid breaking HTML tags when tags are allowed.
Minor fix: Add support for JetSmartFilters.
Premium. Minor fix: With multiple excerpts, sometimes Relevanssi would return no excerpt at all.
Minor fix: If the sentence query variable is used to enable phrase searching, Relevanssi now adds quotes to the highlight parameter.
Minor fix: Add support for TablePress table_filter shortcodes.
Minor fix: Improve WP File Download file content indexing support. Relevanssi indexing now happens after the WPFD indexing is done.
Premium. Minor fix: User profile update actions now happen at a later priority. This should reduce problems when indexing ACF fields, for example.
Minor fix: Relevanssi now hyphenates long search terms on the User searches page. This prevents long search terms from messing up the display.
Minor fix: Stopped some problems with “Did you mean” suggestions suggesting the same word if a hyphen was included.
Premium. Minor fix: If the API key weren’t set in network settings for a multisite installation, Relevanssi wouldn’t fall back to the current site API key setting when indexing attachment content. That works correctly now. However, preferably still set the API key on the network settings level.
Minor fix: Paging didn’t work in admin searches for hierarchical post types (like pages).
Minor fix: Relevanssi doesn’t add click tracking or highlight parameters to admin searches anymore.
Premium. Minor fix: The search log reset feature now also resets the click tracking log.
Minor fix: In-document highlighting could break certain elements thanks to Relevanssi messing up data attributes.
Minor fix: Relevanssi now recursively runs relevanssi_block_to_render and the CSS relevanssi_noindex filtering for inner blocks.
Premium. Minor fix: Relevanssi redirects now work better with FacetWP searches. Thanks to Jan Willem Oostendorp.

= v2.18.0 =
* New feature: Oxygen compatibility has been upgraded to support JSON data from Oxygen 4. This is still in early stages, so feedback from Oxygen users is welcome.
* New feature: New filter hook `relevanssi_oxygen_element` is used to filter Oxygen JSON elements. The earlier `relevanssi_oxygen_section_filters` and `relevanssi_oxygen_section_content` filters are no longer used with Oxygen 4; this hook is the only way to filter Oxygen elements.
* Changed behaviour: Relevanssi now applies `remove_accents()` to all strings. This is because default database collations do not care for accents and having accents may cause missing information in indexing. If you use a database collation that doesn't ignore accents, make sure you disable this filter.
* Minor fix: Stops drafts and pending posts from showing up in Relevanssi Live Ajax Searches.
* Minor fix: Remove array_flip() warnings from related posts.
* Minor fix: Relevanssi used `the_category` filter with too few parameters. The missing parameters have been added.
* Minor fix: Language translations didn't update.
* Minor fix: Phrases weren't used in some cases where a multiple-word phrase looked like a single-word phrase.
* Minor fix: Prevents fatal errors from `relevanssi_extract_rt()`.
* Minor fix: Prevents fatal errors from `relevanssi_strip_all_tags()`.

Premium. New feature: New filter hook relevanssi_update_translations lets you disable the translation updates from TranslationsPress. If you only use WordPress in English, you can disable the translation updates with add_filter( 'relevanssi_update_translations', '__return_false' );.
Changed behaviour: Relevanssi now ignores WordPress metadata custom fields that aren’t interesting for Relevanssi indexing.
Changed behaviour: Both relevanssi_get_permalink() and relevanssi_the_permalink() now can take post ID or a post object as a parameter and can thus be used outside the Loop.
Changed behaviour: The relevanssi_hits_filter hook now gets the WP_Query object as the second parameter.
Premium. Minor fix: The “Disable outside connections” option did not apply to the TranslationsPress translation updates. Now it does: those are also disabled when this option is enabled.
Premium. Minor fix: The mysqlcolumn_detail feature was completely missing. Nobody has ever asked about it, which suggests nobody actually uses it, but now it works.
Premium. Minor fix: The ‘Ignore post content’ checkbox did not show up correctly. Now it works.
Free. Minor fix: Avoid error messages for missing mysqlcolumn_matches array key.

There was a single comma that made Relevanssi Premium 2.16.7 incompatible with PHP versions 7.2 or earlier. Relevanssi is supposed to be compatible with PHP 7+, so this version restores PHP 7 compatibility. (That said, do move on to PHP 8. The affected PHP versions are no longer officially supported and are not safe to use in the long run.)

= v2.15.1 =
* New feature: New action hooks `relevanssi_disable_stemmer` and `relevanssi_enable_stemmer`. Relevanssi-compatible stemmers should implement these action hooks: the first should disable the stemmer and the second should enable it.
* New feature: Adds compatibility for WP-Members plugin, preventing blocked posts from showing up in the search results.
* New feature: New function `relevanssi_get_attachment_suffix()` can be used to return the attachment file suffix based on a post object or a post ID.
* Major fix: Fixes the broken Relevanssi controls on block editor post edit pages.
* Minor fix: Improved the Missing terms feature when used with stemming. This fix requires updating Snowball Stemmer to version 1.3.
* Minor fix: Improves the Oxygen compatibility. Now also the [oxygen] shortcode tags are removed.

= v2.8.1 = 
* New feature: New filter hook `relevanssi_post_content_after_shortcodes` filters the post content after shortcodes have been processed but before the HTML tags are stripped.
* Minor fix: Adds more backwards compatibility for the `relevanssi_indexing_restriction` change.

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Download Relevanssi Premium v2.20.0 Nulled Free

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