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Qubely Pro v1.4.1 – Advanced Gutenberg Blocks

Qubely Nulled is a full-featured Gutenberg block toolkit that includes a plethora of custom blocks, predefined sections, and starting packs for building gorgeous web pages. It reduces the constraints of the Gutenberg editor and expands the possibilities for every type of design on Gutenberg, from basic to complicated. Qubely is a user-friendly Gutenberg plugin with rich functionality and customization options.

Add several custom blocks to the default WordPress Gutenberg editor that are currently missing. Use Qubely’s out-of-the-box style tools to take control of your website’s look. Create visually appealing and mobile-friendly web pages.


qubely screenshot 1
qubely screenshot 2
qubely screenshot 3

Features: Qubely Pro – The Ultimate WordPress Gutenberg Plugin

  • With this Gutenberg block, you may create a row and resize columns using mouse drag to obtain the required layout.
  • Button: Use the Gutenberg block editor to create a flat, gradient, or line button. Change the icon’s location and size, as well as the icon’s spacing.
  • Testimonial: Unlike any other Gutenberg block, testimonials may be designed with a quotation icon, message, name, designation, avatar, ratings, and more, and then set up in the settings.
  • Icon: Choose from a wide range of Font Awesome and Qubely Line Icons icons. This Icon Gutenberg block provides a plethora of styling choices.
  • Google Map: Embed Google Maps with the Qubely Google Map block, which allows you to set the height, add a map address, and zoom the map on a scale of 1 to 20.
  • Divider: The magnificent 28 pre-designed dividers of Qubely’s Divider Gutenberg block allow you to segregate content with this WordPress gutenberg block plugin.
  • Qubely Gutenberg plugin allows you to add sophisticated text. Advanced style choices should be used. Change the font, modify the design, and add a border and box-shadow to the finished product.
  • Counter: Use the Counter Gutenberg block to display an animated number/counter on your site to visually represent your accomplishments.
  • Tabs: Use gorgeous predesigned tabs to display content. Create tabs with the width and spacing you choose. To highlight features and trends, create responsive tabs.
  • Accordion: Use the Accordion Gutenberg block to add collapsible text content to your site. Set up things in a pleasing manner to expose the hidden content.
  • Video Popup: Use the Qubely Video Popup block to make a lovely video popup. Apply the overlay, box shadow, and motion after changing the fonts.
  • Heading: Use Gutenberg’s sophisticated Heading block to create amazing titles. Make changes to the typeface, color, and other elements of the header text.
  • Qubely’s Progress Bar Gutenberg block may be used to show off your abilities, experiences, or the progress of a current project.
  • Qubely Social Icons Gutenberg block allows you to add and customize all of your social network profiles in one spot. Use a label, an icon, or both to display prominent social networking channels.
  • Button Group: Design and create fashionable button groupings. The Button Group Gutenberg block from Qubely has predefined layouts, size settings, and other features.
  • Info Box: Use the Info Box to display interesting information. Choose a design from one of three pre-made layouts, then customize it using the parameters.
  • List of Advanced Options: This WordPress gutenberg block plugin comes with two list layouts: Classic and Fill. Choose the amount of columns you want and customize your design by adjusting spacing, background size, shadow, and more.
  • Design contact forms with two layouts and a variety of design choices. From the block options, enter the recipient’s email address and activate captcha.
  • Icon List: Use the Qubely Icon List block to build two icon list layouts. Choose from a variety of icons and customize the design with color, spacing, and border settings.
  • Design price plans with five different configurations. In the plan, display features, badges, and the text for the post button. Make it simple to set the plan’s length, font, and style badges.
  • Wrap blocks in a backdrop using the Block Wrapper. Define the Gradient Angle and Type to create a gradient backdrop.
  • Team: Make a list of team members and provide them with information. Showcase the profile of a member in one of three formats. Display the member profiles’ designation and description.
  • Qubely Image Block allows you to insert and enhance pictures. Get two layouts and apply effects like opacity, alignment, border-radius, box-shadow, and more to your photos.
  • With this WordPress Gutenberg block plugin, you may display the timelines of numerous events. Display comprehensive road maps with photos, words, headers, symbols, and other elements.
  • Grid and List Layouts for Posts: Display posts in a variety of grid and list layouts. Define the post number, design the featured picture, modify font, regulate space, and more.
  • Display complicated data and view it in a circular progress graph with simple settings. Make it your own by picking a style from the available templates.

Changelog: Qubely Pro – Advanced Gutenberg Blocks

= v1.4.1 =
New: Introduced "Deprecation" in case of the "Block Recovery Issue" for Update

= v1.4.0 =
Update: PHP version compatibility is improved
Fix: Counter was not working properly
FIX: Post Grid pagination was not appearing in the Edit Mode

= v1.3.9 =
New: Popup/Modal Block feature is introduced
Update: Compatibility with the latest WPML plugin is introduced
Fix: PHP Notice Message was appearing on some Pages
Fix: The "Number of Columns" setting was not working in the latest Qubely
Fix: "Image Carousel" with Multiple images was not working properly
Fix: Mobile View Styles Break after the latest update to 1.8.0

= v1.3.8 =
New: Introduced the "Hide on Desktop" feature for Blocks
Update: Significant security improvements on authorization and authentication
Fix: Known functional bug fixes
Fix: Known design bug fixes

= v1.3.7 =
Update: In Advanced List Block, Ordered List is introduced
Update: Add Bullet Point feature is introduced in the Table Content
Update: Table Contents will now support Advanced Text Header
Fix: Contact Form was not sending Email with proper header information
Fix: In Post Grid Block, the Title Tag was not being changed

= v1.3.6 =
New: Lottie Block
Fix: Reusable Blocks Rendering Issue
Fix: All known issues

December 20, 2021
License Page Logo Image Broken issue
License Expiration Date wrongly shown
Form Builder Block - Date placeholder not working issue
Countdown Block - Errors while selecting custom dates
Image Carousel Block - Arrow size is not working

November 26, 2021
Fixed layout breaking issue while importing layouts
Contact form sending failed issue

August 23, 2021
WooCommerce Product Block Typography issue
WooCommerce Blocks Translation issue
Post Carousel Block Image not Showing issue
Testimonial Carousel Shape Size and Gutter issue

July 16, 2021
Added compatibility for WordPress 5.8

June 23, 2021
Post Grid block - Post image thumbnail issue
Vertical Tabs block - Inline formats not working in Tab title, Subtitle & label text

June 10, 2021
Post Carousel block - Wrong post date displaying in Chinese language
Post Carousel block - Post image thumbnail issue in PHP 7.4

February 22, 2021
Builder block - missing jQuery UI dependency on preview
Testimonial Carousel block - Nav arrow default positioning for small devices

February 9, 2021
Optimised Font Awesome CSS loading on Front-end
Contact Form block - Linebreak support in message
Table of Contents block - Indent value not saving
Row block - Shape divider picker not showing
Media field - Image picker conflict with WordPress 5.6

December 19, 2020
Builder block - Form fields not showing on backend in WordPress 5.6

December 8, 2020
Post Grid block - Restructured Pagination in Backend
Table Builder - Custom color option button type cells
Builder block - Deprecated issue for imported layout/sections
Countdown block - Script loading issue on frontend

November 20, 2020
Table Builder - Made Responsive/Scrollable
Table Builder - Custom Typography for cells
Table Builder - Custom color option for icon , ratings field
Post Grid block - Custom Post-type support
Vertical Tab block - Add new tab issue in WordPress new versions

October 23, 2020
Table Builder block
Richtext Custom font-size format
Range field - disable option
Builder block - Removed unnecessary space in backend
Border filed - Custom Border disable optio
CSS issue on Preview posts
Team block - Internationalization issue on Frontend
Table of content block - List styling issue
anced Text block - Typography issue

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Download Qubely Pro v1.4.1 Nulled Free

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