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PW WooCommerce Bulk Edit Pro By PimWick v2.334

PW WooCommerce Bulk Edit Pro Nulled is a great approach to keep your WooCommerce product catalog up to date.

You may update a number of product fields with our WooCommerce bulk editor, including:

  • Name of the product
  • Description of the product
  • SKU
  • Regular Cost
  • Status of Taxes
  • Classification of Income
  • Stock Control
  • Quantity in Stock
  • Backorders are permitted.
  • Stock Levels
  • Visibility of the Catalog
  • Featured
  • Status


pw woocommerce bulk edit pro by pimwick demo 1
pw woocommerce bulk edit pro by pimwick demo 2
pw woocommerce bulk edit pro by pimwick demo 3
pw woocommerce bulk edit pro by pimwick demo 4
pw woocommerce bulk edit pro by pimwick demo 5

Features: PW WooCommerce Bulk Edit Pro By PimWick

  • Live Preview – Before you save, see what you’re going to alter. There will be no more surprises!
  • In addition to bulk editing, inline editing is available.
  • You have a safety net in place: you can reverse changes before saving them.
  • Variations may be edited just as fast as plain goods.
  • Increase or decrease costs by a certain quantity or percentage.
  • Append, prepend, or alter capitalization by searching/replacing text.
  • Searches using wildcards
  • Navigation with the keyboard
  • So many more fields may be edited, including Categories, Sale Prices, Dates, and more!
  • In bulk, create or clear product pictures.
  • Make new variants.
  • Modify the Attributes you want to change.
  • The Sale Price is changed by Bulk based on the Regular Price.
  • Filter options such as “Is Empty” and “Is Not Empty” are available as well.
  • Filters are saved and loaded.
  • Regular Expressions can be used to search for and replace text values.
  • Other plugins such as WooCommerce Brands, YITH Multi Vendor, and Dokan Multi Vendor Marketplace are all supported!

Changelog: PW WooCommerce Bulk Edit Pro By PimWick

v2.334 - [2022-08-09] Added YITH Cost of Good field from the YITH Cost of Goods for WooCommerce plugin.

v2.332 - [2022-08-04] Global setting to hide the Pimwick Plugins menu in the admin area. Confirmed compatibility with WooCommerce 6.8

2.331 - [2022-07-25] Fix the display of the Variation Name field when using the Export CSV feature.

v2.330 - [2022-07-16] Usability improvement: When bulk editing Checkbox fields, split the option into Yes / No instead of a single checkbox.

2.328 - [2022-07-05] Fixed an issue with saving certain fields.

2.327 - [2022-07-04] Fixed an issue with permanently deleting products.

2.326 - [2022-07-02] Fixed a possible PHP exception when deleting products.

2.325 - [2022-06-29] Added a setting to hide the Pimwick Plugins menu in the admin area. Updated save routines to use the built in WooCommerce setter methods where available.

2.324 - [2022-06-24] Added fields from the Related Products for WooCommerce plugin by WebToffee.

2.323 - [2022-06-23] Added troubleshooting information to the WooCommerce System Report. WooCommerce 6.7 compatible. Fixed an issue introduced with v2.321 on some systems.

v2.322 - [2022-06-20] Moved the Cost column from the WooCommerce Cost of Goods plugin to after the Sale End Date column. Moved the min max quantities columns to after the Weight column. Open the help page in a new window.

v2.321 - [2022-06-15] Fixed an issue with taxonomies caused by v2.318. Refactored some code.

v2.311 - [2022-05-19] Small bug fixes.

v2.308 - [2022-05-06] Confirmed compatibility with WordPress 6.0

2.307 - [2022-05-01] Squished a few small bugs.

2.306 - [2022-04-28] Compatibility with WooCommerce 6.5 and WordPress 5.9.3

v2.305 - Updated Italian translation. Added Spanish translation. Compatibility with WooCommerce 6.4 and WordPress 5.9.2

v2.304 - Cleaning up some jQuery function calls to reduce migratewarn messages in web browser developer console.

v2.303 - Added a new checkbox option to Only create Variations for newly added Attributes. Removed PWBE_ONLY_CREATE_VARIATIONS_FOR_NEWLY_ADDED_ATTRIBUTES configuration flag since it is now a checkbox.

v2.301 - WordPress 5.9 and WooCommerce 6.2 compatibility.

v2.300 - Bulk editing textarea fields such as Description will now preserve newlines.

v2.299 - Updated POT file and Italian translations.

v2.298 - Updated javascript files so that the strings can be translated.

v2.297 - Confirmed compatibility with WooCommerce 6.0

v2.296 - Added integration for Product Prices by User Roles for WooCommerce Pro by Tyche Softwares

v2.294 - Fixed an issue where Rounding Precision might be used when increasing or decreasing currencies by a fixed amount.

v2.292 - Added a new setting: Save Batch Size. This will allow adjusting the number of records that are processed when you click the Save Changes to help with servers that timeout while saving the default 25 records at a time.

v2.291 - Confirmed compatibility with WooCommerce v5.7

v2.290 - Printing the bulk editor will now print just the results grid instead of all elements. This can be disabled under the Settings menu.

v2.289 - Added a new wp-config.php option to change the memory limit setting or disable it entirely: PWBE_MEMORY_LIMIT

v2.288 - Fixed an issue with filtering by Featured for WooCommerce v3.0 and later. Removed a PHP Warning message that can appear in the log files when running wp-cron.php on the command line. Confirmed compatibility with WooCommerce 5.6.

v2.286 - Confirmed compatibility with WordPress v5.8 and WooCommerce v5.5

v2.285 - Fixed an issue with saving fields in the 'ATUM Inventory Management for WooCommerce' plugin by Stock Management Labs.

v2.282 - Fixed an issue preventing string filters that contain an underscore character.

v2.281 - Added a new feature to be able to perform a Search and Replace function on Currency column types.

v2.280 - Added integration with the Cost of Goods for WooCommerce plugin by WPFactory.

v2.276 - Updated call to the WooCommerce hook woocommerce_update_product_variation to include the Product variable. Fixed the HTML IDs for some of the bulk editors to make the HTML valid.

v2.274 - Fixed an issue with saving data with the WooCommerce Multi Currency plugin by VillaTheme.

v2.272 - Added GTIN, MPN, and EAN fields from the WooCommerce Product Feed Pro by WebAppick.

2.271 - Confirmed compatibility with WooCommerce v4.9

v2.270 - Updated call to woocommerce_update_product for other plugins that listen to this hook and use the new second parameter.

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Download PW WooCommerce Bulk Edit Pro By PimWick v2.334 Nulled

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.