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Project Panorama v1.6.2 – WordPress Project Management Plugin

Project Panorama visualizes the project process so that your clients and team may see the current status of the project in real time. Clients and team members each get their own unique dashboard with an overview of the projects they have access to and how far along they are in the process. You may decrease the amount of “where are things at?” conversations and e-mails by offering parties a visual indicator of project progress.

Panorama provides you to view critical project information such as the overall project status, project stages, project tasks, documents / document status, major milestones, and scheduling.

Panorama calculates time elapsed and project completion based on job completion to save time and effort. You’ll know exactly where you stand with the project and if you’re ahead or behind schedule.

Rather than referring customers to a list of finished or uncompleted activities, show them a progress bar with significant milestones that show how the project is moving.


wordpress project management hero 1

Features: Project Panorama – WordPress Project Management Plugin

  • With just a look, you can keep everyone in sync.
  • Keep track of project progress and deadlines in real time.
  • Tasks should be delegated, discussed, and tracked.
  • Keep track of paperwork and approvals.
  • Rich kanban boards let you keep track of task status and workflows.
  • Permissions, access, and capabilities may all be configured precisely how you want them.
    • Ascertain that clients only view their own work.
    • Limit what clients are allowed to do and what they are not allowed to do.
    • Allow team members access to all projects or only the ones they’re working on.
    • Allow users to create and administer their own projects (without being able to see or interact with those of others).
    • Much like a membership plugin, you may restrict access to specific portions of Panorama or your entire website.
  • You’ll need project management skills if you want to be successful.
    • Sub-assignments: Divide tasks into sub-tasks and track progress automatically.
    • Templates for Projects: By using project templates, you may save the time it takes to start up a project.
    • Keep track of deadlines: When projects and tasks fall behind, Panorama immediately flags them.
    • Threads of Communication: Discuss the project as a whole, as well as each phase and job individually.
    • Control Permissions: Control who has access to which projects and what skills they possess.
    • Teams: Users may be grouped into teams to make project communication and permissions easier to manage.
    • Management of Resources: Keep an eye on the projects and tasks that your teams or people have been allocated.
    • Dashboards for clients: Each user (or customer) gets their own dashboard with projects, deadlines, and tasks given to them.
  • Integrate with some of the most popular WordPress plugins.
  • Capabilities that go beyond the capabilities of typical project management platforms
    • Delays in Tracking: Keep track of project delays and make adjustments to project timetables automatically.
    • Budget Management: Maintain a record of project budgets and costs that will be charged to the project.
    • Projects to Sell: You may sell access to projects and produce them automatically using WooCommerce or Gravity Forms.
    • Invoices should be sent: Sprout Invoices allows you to send invoices and receive payments directly from WordPress.
    • Automating Projects: Timing, project progress, and when projects go behind are all automatically tracked.
    • Completely customisable: Clients visit your website and see your logo and brand colors.
    • Managed Approval: Manage the process of reviewing and approving critical papers and deliverables.
    • Extensible: Built with WordPress in mind, it’s simple to integrate with other plugins and themes.

Changelog: Project Panorama – WordPress Project Management Plugin


Adds additional hooks and filters for better upcoming add-on support
Fixes bug where psp_get_all_my_project_ids() doesn\'t return all projects if lower permission levels
Fixes bug where not being able to publish teams also means not being able to publish projects
Fixes bug where filtering by project type wasn\'t working in the admin
Fixes bug where report wasn\'t marking projects as complete


Adds reporting capability, reports by project type and user
Adds [project_phase project=\"XXX\" phases=\"XXX,XXX,XXX\"] shortcode
Removes legacy sidebar menu


Moves tasks from sidepanel into modal

Reworked logic on updating tasks from the front end for more reliability
Added ability to edit and delete comments from the front end
Refresh masonry grid after loading
Added new project status options (hold, canceled) and ability to set status through editing the project
Minor redesign on priority indicator on the project list
Added ability to direct link to a project task


Fixed issues with datepickers on front end editor


Fixes issue with styling loading if you have no projects
Restyled dashboard widget
Force block mode on #psp-projects to prevent themes from messing up chart calculations


Interface update
Better support for native WordPress theme with Panorama
Better universal support for external plugins and shortcodes


Subject line revisit
Fixed issues with %task_description% variable on task assignment / completion
Fixed issues with no ob_start() on dashboard widget
Fixed non-object property warning
Fixed issues with phases no documents

Fixes issues with email subject lines
New method of outputting iCal files for compatibility

Fixes caching issue on project breakdowns

Fixes Add-ons page

Fixes invalid function on project_status shortcode


Fixes issues with caching custom CSS styling
Adds %project_completion% email variable
Reworks comment suppression logic
Adds filter on calendar date feed

Fixes bug with unnecessary login failed get variable

Updates to PSP Lite migration routine
Reworked tooltips on calendar pages

New support for [project_list ids=\"XXX,XXXX,XXX\"] - to only display certain projects by ID
Compt. fix for Divi 4.0
Double check on tasks for project assignment

Minimizes memory required for project stats / lists
Adds option to control number of projects displayed at once

Adds new notification variable of %file_url% to document status notification
Switches default task sort date
Adds option for logo size
Adds new notification variable of %task_description% for tasks

Adds new notification variable of %file_url% to document status notification


Compatibility fix for sub-tasks
Feature: New notification type, project reaches % completion
Adds overflow:hidden to project breakdown graphic
Feature: Tasks breakdown on dashboard
Fixes issue with incorrect team project counts if only one project
Change: [project_status_part display=\"progress\"] no longer references milestones
Feature: [project_status_part display=\"milestones\"]


Added new user view, users with permissions can see projects and task completion assigned to a specific user
Added task descriptions
Added task breakdown on dashboard

Misc minor optimizations and bug fixes

Misc minor optimizations and bug fixes

Adds latest phase to project listing
Completed projects are sorted by most recent to least recent
Dashboard now has pagination rather than just more / prev links

Allows for remote network paths for offsite documents
Documents now open in a new window
Updates hooks on document templates
Adds hook for document status changed

Ability to regen task and phase IDs if Missing
Better support for embedded projects and taskbar
Fixes issue with notifications on save

Adds font awesome support on primary menu icons
Fixes misc notices and warnings
Fixes issue with non-fading out modal BG

Allows duplicate comments on projects
Filters out Panorama comments from recent comments list
Extra layers of obscurity around files
Redesigned login page with more design options
Adds new notification for document status change

Checks PHP version and prevents Panorama from loading if the version is too low
Extra security around older versions of add-ons that can cause major issues (will auto deactivate)
Updated language POT

Adds missing conditional for foreach check
Better support across themes for project_status shortcode
Fixes issues with notifying users from the WordPress edit screen
Resolves issues around collapsed user fields
Checks for plugin conflicts (like ACF free) and directs a solution


Upgrades CF library
Feature: Private phases
Better support for custom themes and Divi in particular
Added shortcode [psp_private] [/psp_private] to have non-client notes in project and phase descriptions
Adds option to reverse comment order


Removes limit on milestones per project
Fixes bug with panorama lite migrations
Adds filters on email addresses
Adds ability to rerun database upgrade if needed


Fix: Uploader button in admin not working
Fix: White text in task panel if you\'ve configured your menu colors


Feature: Adds documents to individual tasks
Feature: Adds discussions to individual tasks
Improvement: Better live updates of stats on the front end
Improvement: Completed tasks no longer show up in calendar

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Download Project Panorama v1.6.2 Nulled – WordPress Project Management Plugin

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