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Profile Builder Pro v3.8.3 (+Addons) – WordPress Profile Plugin

Profile Builder Pro Nulled is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add registration forms for login, profile and login form.

To do this, simply create a new page and give it a visual name (e.g. Edit Profile). Now all you have to do is add the following shortcode: [wppb-edit-profile]. Publish your page and you’re done! Profile Builder is all in one plugin for user registration and management for WordPress sites.


Features Profile Builder Pro – WordPress Profile Plugin

Features Profile Builder Pro – WordPress Profile Plugin
  • Login, Register and Edit Profile Shortcodes
  • Manage default user fields
  • Minimum password length and length
  • Email Confirmation & Email Confirmation
  • Unlimited additional user fields
  • Conditional logic for fields
  • Upload user avatar
  • Support reCaptcha
  • Import/Export users
  • Advanced User Module
  • 11 Advanced Addons

Changelog Profile Builder Pro – WordPress Profile Plugin Nulled Free

= v3.8.3 =
* Fix: issue with 2FA functionality and newer block themes
* Fix: simple upload fields issue on mobile and improve UI when waiting for the upload to process
* Fix: case where 2FA fields were duplicated in a scenario with Elementor

= v3.8.2 =
* Fix: issue with large icons and text Social Connect display option
* Fix: issue with {{approval_url}} tag for EPAA email notification that wasn't working in some cases

= 3.8.1 = 
* Feature: Added option to set the password recovery link on the login form that can be added on the WooCommerce account page
* Misc: compatibility changes

= v3.8.0 =
* Fix: Small issues with Userlisting Themes loading
* Fix: Userlisting javascript error

= v3.7.8 =
* Feature: Add support to restrict the BuddyPress Activity and Member pages with a redirect, through the Content Restriction feature
* Fix: Add compatibility between Custom Profile Menus iFrames and Max Mega Menu plugin
* Fix: Issue between Simple Upload Fields and Conditional Logic
* Misc: Add .ico image type in the default image types for Avatar fields

= v3.7.7 =
* Fix: cases where forms were submitted before the file in an simple upload field was uploaded
* Fix: don't show unnapproved users in the userlisting
* Fix: add back social connect option to bypass email confirmation

= v3.7.6 =
* Fix: make sure GDPR consent is properly stored when registering through Social Connect and Email Confirmation is active
* Misc: remove the Filter Media menu from the Upload field Media Gallery popup
* Misc: fix a random issue with Social Connect when platform was undefined

= v3.7.5 =
* Feature: added redirect option after Password Recovery form is submitted
* Fix: Hide the edit profile success message when switching Multi Step Forms tabs
* Fix: A compatibility issue between the Map field and Field Visibility add-on
* Fix: A warning coming from the WooCommerce functionality
* Fix: Issue with multiple Simple Upload fields in a single form
* Misc: Allow Select (User Role) field to work with the Edit Profile Updates Approved by Admin add-on

= v3.7.4 =
* Fix: Issue with Avatar and Upload fields not working
* Fix: Javascript error when using Conditional Fields with ajax
* Misc: Update confirmation notice text for Admin Approval Link emailed to admins

Profile Builder Pro v3.7.3
Description: Improve initial upgrade behavior
Bug and Fixes:
Release Date: 04/14/2022

Profile Builder Pro v3.7.2
Description: Major update that refactors all the addons and includes them in a single plugin. Also installs the free version which is required automatically
All Premium Add-ons have been repackaged in new archives downloadable from account.
All the old plugin Add-ons will no longer receive updates.
Reconfigured add-ons to be activated from Add-ons page
Bug and Fixes:
Release Date: 04/12/2022

Profile Builder Pro v3.6.9
Description: Bugfixes and other changes
Bug and Fixes:
Fix: Fix a notice coming from content restriction function
Fix: Typo in back-end form fields select
Fix: Issue with Admin Approval email link not being able to approve users
Fix: Translation issue with missing placeholder for the german files from the plugin
Fix: Admin Approval email link showing html characters when the invalid message was being displayed
Misc: Don't wrap content restriction messages in spans at save
Misc: Password strength to respect the back-end weak password checkbox
Misc: Mobile display improvements
Misc: Execute shortcodes in the conten of the compare shortcode
Misc: Order users by display name in the Edit Other Users Dropdown
Release Date: 03/22/2022

Profile Builder Pro v3.6.8
Description: Bugfixes and other changes
Bug and Fixes:
Fix: Sanitize form field titles and descriptions
Fix: Issue with simple upload field not working when used on the WooCommerce Checkout page
Fix: Issue with Select2 not working in Repeater fields
Misc: Improve back-end compatibility with other plugins that use Select2
Misc: Add width and height for password visibility image

Profile Builder Pro v3.6.7
Description: Bugfixes and other changes
Bug and Fixes:
Fix: issue with back-end Users with unconfirmed emails page
Misc: remove unnecessary code
Misc: sanitize outputted register sucesss message
Release Date: 02/22/2022

* Feature: login users automatically after a password reset. Can be activated from the Advanced Settings -> Forms tab
* Fix: notice when deleting a labels edit add-on entry
* Fix: issue with Labels Edit page not refreshing after an import
* Fix: compatibility issue between Stripe and Invisible reCaptcha
* Misc: corrected a notice relating to PHP 8
* Added more security improvements

Description: Security update
Bug and Fixes:
Fixed some security issues
Release Date: 02/17/2022

= v3.6.4 =
* Fix: compatibility issue with MailPoet where our menu was showing different items when opened from their pages
* Fix: issue with Select2 not working correctly in the back-end due to to some compatibility issues
* Fix: case where the password visibility feature was not working
* Fix: issue with admin approval status not being removed on bulk delete users
* Misc: Added an User ID default sorting option for Userlistings

= v3.6.3 =
* Feature: add support for automatically login after email confirmation
* Fix: for admin defined strings which have WPML support. They are now registered in the default site language instead of always being registered in english
* Fix: issue with Avatar simple upload field not saving the file after Email Confirmation
* Fix: for EPAA add-on to work correctly for WYSIWYG fields
* Fix: PHP 8 compatibility for Userlisting pagination
* Misc: prefill user role names in Conditinal Rules when they are based on the User Role field

Profile Builder Pro v3.6.2
Description: Bugfixes and other changes
Bug and Fixes:
Fix: a notice regarding wp.passwordStrength.userInputBlacklist()
Fix: default focus not working anymore on add new fields select2
Fix: Issue with email field getting disabled in registration when using the Change Email Confirmation option
Fix: a security issue regarding the Email Confirmation fallback landing page. Thanks to Chloe Chamberland
Release Date: 10/01/2022

Profile Builder Pro v3.6.1 Release Date: 12/15/2021
Description: Bugfixes and other changes
Bug and Fixes:
Fix: make sure email change request UI only appears on edit profile forms
Fix: pass referer url as get parameter when content is restricted with a redirect
Fix: issue with an advanced setting hiding the Social Connect buttons from the login form
Fix: recaptcha compatibility issue with PMS when Stripe was in the form but not selected as a gateway
Fix: restricted the settings import functions to administrators
Misc: Userlisting pagination to work correctly if pretty permalinks are not used

Profile Builder Pro v3.6.0
Bug and Fixes:
Feature: Added an option to request Email Confirmation from the user when he changes his email address from the edit profile form. Can be activated from Advanced Settings
Fix: A notice regarding the Email Confirmation table that appeared in some cases
Fix: A bug user status bug when both Admin Approval and Email Confirmation were active
Fix: An issue with the Userlisting map feature where it was trying to center the map without markers
Misc: Select Multiple Facet type is now using Select2

= v3.5.9 =
* Fix: Allow HTML in the register success messages
* Misc: Added a filter that allows adding extra attributes to the login form password field: wppb_login_password_extra_attributes
* Misc: Added filters for Select Multiple labels and values

= v3.5.8 =
* Fix: some incorrect translations which were causing errors
* Fix: styling issues with Elementor widget
* Fix: disable reCaptcha functionality in case of API credentials error
* Fix: compatibility issue with Email Confirmation and the classic Upload field
* Fix: Repeater field tags for Upload subfields
* Misc: highlight correct admin subpage when editing emails

= v3.5.7 =
* Fix: Login form compatibility with LearnDash plugin which is hijacking the default 'wp_login_failed' hook
* Fix: Issue with Multiple Admin Emails not sending in a case
* Fix: A notice appearing in some cases relating to the Avatar functionality
* Misc: Disable the Custom Redirects {{http_referer}} tag for the default WordPress login form

= v3.5.6 =
* Fix: issue with 2FA settings tab incorrectly appearing for free version users
* Fix: a compatibility issue with Conditional Logic for the Paid Member Subscriptions Subscription Plans field
* Misc: added filter over the Display Name field select options
* Misc: added an extra Userlisting tag for Upload fields that returns the ID of the attachment
* Misc: improved searching and filtering for user roles in the Userlisting
* Misc: added translation support for Map field `Remove marker` string
* Misc: improved updates unavailable message prompting users to insert their licence key

= 3.5.5 =
* Fix: A display issue in the Form Fields interface for Select fields
* Fix: Don't show required asterisk for password fields on the edit profile form
* Fix: A display issue for the Show Password toggle on Repeat Password fields
* Fix: Strings changed through Labels Edit are not only changed in the front-end
* Fix: An error related to the status of Admin Approval for a user
* Fix: Fix a notice coming from Elementor and 2FA
* Misc: Updated 2FA field descriptions, fixed some typos
* Misc: Added a filter for the contents of the Map User Pin: wppb_filter_map_user_pin_bubble_contents

= v3.5.4 =
* Feature: Improved login error when an user with an unconfirmed email address is trying to login
* Feature: Added the ability resend the email confirmation from the login error message
* Feature: 2FA functionality is now using AJAX to show the authentication field if necessary on both front-end and back-end forms
* Fix: Don't load 2FA assets if functionality is not enabled
* Fix: Userlisting sort tags for first and last name were written as one word
* Misc: Added sorting information to Datepicker field description
* Misc: Improved userlisting tag for the Select CPT field. It now provides an extra tag that can be used to output a link to the selected post
* Misc: Userlisting widget for Elementor lets the admin select the desired userlist from a list instead of entering it's name

= v3.5.3 =
* Feature: Added option to display Elementor sections and widgets to logged out users
* Feature: Added Elementor widget for Userlisting
* Fix: An issue when repeater sub fields had similar meta name with the parent field
* Fix: Position of password strength on the reset password form
* Fix: An issue with the password reset shortcode generating invalid HTML in a case

= v3.5.2 =
* Fix: Issue with Multi-Step forms not rendering correctly
* Fix: Issue with Map field not rendering correctly
* Fix: Issue with Conditional Logic fields through AJAX not working correctly
* Misc: Add styling to 2FA notice
* Misc: Fixed a string in the German translation files

= v3.5.1 =
* Feature: Added 2 Factor Authentication functionality
* Feature: Added Honeypot field. This can be used as an alternative or alongside reCaptcha to help combat spam registrations
* Fix: Compatibility issue with the new admin page header from Elementor
* Fix: A potential notice generated by user roles without role names
* Misc: Security review
* Misc: Logout shortcode and Email Confirmation email subject to display user email instead of username when Allow Users to Login With is set to Email Only
* Misc: Added Overwrite Existing option to the Upload and Map fields
* Misc: Fix issue when activating Profile Builder from the Paid Member Subscriptions add-ons page

= v3.5.0 =
* Fix: Issue with missing dependency for a script
* Fix: Issue with Admin Approval sorting query for unapproved cases
* Fix: Issue with Multiple Admin Emails
* Misc: Added Advanced Setting to allow admins to disable the Multiple User Roles selector field from the back-end Add/Edit User pages
* Misc: Don't show Paid Member Subscriptions cross promotion if the plugin is already active
* Misc: Removed period after the Activation URL in the default Email Confirmation email
* Misc: Removed wrong email tags from the Default Registration email for admins

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List of Addons Profile Builder Pro – WordPress Profile Plugin

  1. Profile Builder – Edit Profile Approved by Admin Add-On v1.0.8
  2. Profile Builder – bbPress Add-on 1.0.4
  3. Profile Builder – Multi-Step Forms Add-On v1.1.3
  4. Profile Builder – Custom Profile Menus Add-On v1.1.1
  5. Profile Builder – WooCommerce Sync Add-on v1.6.1
  6. Profile Builder – Social Connect Add-On v1.2.2
  7. Profile Builder – MailPoet Add-on v1.0.7
  8. Profile Builder – MailChimp Add-On v1.2.6
  9. Profile Builder – Field Visibility Add-On v1.2.4
  10. Profile Builder – Campaign Monitor Add-On v1.1.0
  11. Profile Builder – BuddyPress Add-on v1.0.6
  12. BNFW – Profile Builder Add-on v1.0.0
  13. Profile Builder Paid Member Subscriptions v2.3.5

Download Profile Builder Pro v3.8.3 Nulled Free + Addons

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.