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PrivateContent v8.3.2 - Multilevel Content Plugin

PrivateContent Nulled is a powerful, yet simple, plugin that transforms WordPress into a genuine tiered membership network.

Complete user management, a contemporary form foundation, and a one-of-a-kind engine for restricting any area of your website are all included. Everything is possible even if you don’t know how to code!

It also complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


privatecontent multilevel content plugin 3
privatecontent multilevel content plugin 2
privatecontent multilevel content plugin 1

Features: PrivateContent – Multilevel Content Plugin

  • Membership of users:
    • User levels are unrestricted.
    • Each user can have an unlimited number of levels assigned to them.
    • Manual insertion by the administrator
    • Forms of registration that are unlimited and adaptable
    • List management that is simple and quick
    • Sorting, as well as basic and complex search
    • Users are assigned to targeted WP users in a global or personalized manner, based on their categorization.
    • Multiple statuses are available: active, disabled, and awaiting approval.
    • Users’ actions are tracked using Google Analytics.
    • Systems for export and import
    • Bulk import for WordPress users
  • Restriction mechanisms for content: (based on user categories + configurable through API)
    • Shortcode for PrivateContet with optional warning box and login/register buttons
    • Any public post type or taxonomy has an advanced limitations wizard and a restrictions helper.
      • Total limitation of pages, posts, custom post types, categories, and custom taxonomies through redirect
      • Contents of pages, posts, and custom post types are replaced with a warning box, an excerpt, or nothing.
      • Hide your comments
      • On page load, a persistent modal lightbox appears, forcing the user to engage.
    • Regular expression support for custom (URL-based) restrictions
    • Items on the menu
    • Widgets
    • Gutenberg blocks of any kind
    • Complete website lockdown with only one click (optionally leaving menu visible)
  • Create a framework:
    • Structure of flexible fields
    • To divide fields into parts, use form pages.
    • Navigator for form pages is an optional feature.
    • Validation on the client side in HTML5
    • Separators and text blocks
    • Assigning custom categories (through shortcode)
    • Personalized redirection (through shortcode)
    • Configuration of password strength
    • Anti-spam systems: honeypots or reCAPTCHAs that aren’t apparent
    • The anti-bruteforce mechanism in Login
    • There are two layouts: one-column and fluid.
    • Three preset styles that may be customized, plus a custom skin builder
    • Icon for fields and buttons + placeholder for fields
    • Styles with a bottom border and no-label fields
    • Alignment of registration and login forms
    • Mode of registration that only accepts e-mail
  • When you click any site element, a lightbox engine appears, displaying forms (or other content).
  • Custom redirection for the login form and logout button
  • Self-delete box for users
  • Users get access to a private section with pre-programmed material and private remarks.
  • WP users must sync in order to utilize WP-based systems, and WP responsibilities must be emulated.
  • Registration and control of users on the frontend through any form (using WP user sync)
  • Integration with Visual Composer, Elementor, and Divi
  • Messages that can be customized
  • 100% translatable + 23 ready-to-use frontend languages + WPML or Polylang support
  • Hooks and a developer-friendly API structure
  • GDPR-Compatible
  • Structure that is modular

Changelog: PrivateContent – Multilevel Content Plugin

v8.3.2 - release date 25/08/2022
NEW improved PHP 8 compatibility

v8.3.0 - release date 22/08/2022​
NEW browsers focused fields outline removed
NEW values coming from multi-option fields now show labels instead of DB IDs
NEW better browsers save password integration for login form
UPDATED LC WordPress Dashboard
FIXED user_id parameter in form fields validation
FIXED MagPop issue focusing LC Select search field
FIXED buttons loader color not following styling
FIXED wp data saving for wp-synced users
FIXED multi-choice values in Divi integrations
FIXED no username field setup not respected on mobile

v8.2.3 - release date 13/05/2022
FIXED disclaimer layout in single-column forms

v8.2.1 - release date 29/04/2022​
UPDATED LC WordPress Dashboard

v8.2.1 - release date 29/04/2022​
UPDATED LC WordPress Dashboard

v8.2.0 - release date 28/04/2022​
unified anti-cache login/logout parameter automatically hidden on page's opening
ADDED shortcode to print logged user's private page contents wherever
ADDED targeted users export for advanced search
ADDED category registration field placeholder
ADDED partial hungarian translation
ADDED elementor blocks helper for hidden login/logout forms
FIXED RangeSlider value not rendered on frontend of Gutenberg blocks
UPDATED LC WordPress Dashboard

v8.1.4 - release date 08/03/2021​
UPDATED LC WordPress Dashboard

v8.1.2 - release date 03/03/2021​
LC WordPress Dashboard introduced
FIXED Gutenberg blocks not displayed in user pvt page

v8.1.1 - release date 15/02/2021​
removed LC Dashboard menu mistakenly added in the previous release (it will come soon, sorry!)

v8.1.0 - release date 31/12/2021
- added: optional login token system to avoid concurrent sessions
- fixed: password containing slashes and double quotes management

v8.0.8 - release date 31/12/2021
- fixed: "remember me" text position on narrow contexts

v8.0.7 - release date 23/12/2021
- fixed: logout redirect target
- fixed: no registration form option for user categories

v8.0.6 - release date 05/12/2021
- fixed: PHP static methods not executed by call_user_func()

v8.0.4 - release date 01/12/2021
- fixed: dropdowns now shown in lightbox forms
- fixed: dynamic CSS not created on plugin's activation/update

v8.0.3 - release date 23/11/2021
- fixed: preset contents not applied in user pvt pages managed through Elementor

v8.0.2 - release date 21/11/2021
- fixed: "file" field types getting mistakenly styled

v8.0.0 - release date 18/11/2021
- added: visibility restriction for any Gutenberg block
- added: Divi Builder native integration
- added: new user pvt page mode, replacing the whole page (useful with builders)
- added: login attempts limit in order to avoid brute force attacks
- added: option to use only e-mail and password to create new users
- added: option to show pagination summary on top of forms
- added: option to use only one password field with revealer in forms
- added: option to display password requirements
- added: separator form block
- added: "pvtcontent admin" WP role, to create targeted user managements
- added: option to auto-login users after registration
- added: password generator button while adding users on the admin side
- added: responsive typography
- columns totally sortable and manageable in users list
- dynamic and customizable frontend CSS instead of static CSS styles
- LC select is now used in forms
- single checkboxes displayed through LC Switch
- better "remember me" cookie management
- users pvt pages now editable through Divi
- frontend form layout totally revamped with modern CSS techniques

v7.4.7 - release date 20/09/2021
- fixed: code typo in WP user sync function

v7.4.6 - release date 05/08/2021
- fixed: javascript error in logout button

v7.4.5 - release date 30/07/2021
- fixed: single pending user enabling
- fixed: users counter for various states on users management

v7.4.3 - release date 26/07/2021
- fixed: user pvt page management with Elementor

v7.3.7 - release date 26/05/2021
- fixed: bulk usser list commands not executed

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List of PrivateContent ‘s Add-ons

  • PrivateContent – User Data Add-on v3.3.0
  • PrivateContent – Mail Actions Add-on v1.9.8
  • PrivateContent – Premium Plans Add-on 1.261
  • PrivateContent – Files Manager add-on v1.4.1

Download PrivateContent v8.3.2 Nulled Free

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