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Premium URL Shortener v6.7.3 - Link Shortener, Bio Pages & QR Codes

Premium URL Shortener is a PHP URL shortener software with a lot of interesting features. It converts a long link into a short smart link that you can use to track clicks and improve your marketing campaigns. It comes with a number of unique features that help you quickly setup a link shortening website. Geotargeting, device targeting, premium membership, a comprehensive dashboard and admin panel, and a number of CMS tools are just a few of the features. It has been being developed for almost 9 years, which means it will continue to improve with each update (amazing value!).


premium url shortener nulled features

Features: Premium URL Shortener – Link Shortener, Bio Pages & QR Codes

Maker of biographical profiles

Make stunning bio profiles, distribute a single link, and track traffic. Customize bio profiles with attractive colors and add widgets and connections to social network accounts.

Custom QR Code Maker

Create one-of-a-kind QR codes and distribute them to the general audience. Use a variety of QR codes, change the colors, add your brand, select from a variety of forms, and keep track of scans.

As a Service (SaaS) (SaaS)

With the enhanced license, the script transforms into a SaaS platform that handles all payments by Stripe, PayPal, and bank transfer automatically.

Featured Team

The new team function allows you to ask others to join your group and share an account. This is ideal for group projects!

Personalized Domain

Custom domains are supported by the script for both users and administrators. Users who wish to use their own domain may simply add it and begin using it. Customers can also utilize other domains that the admin can add. If you don’t want clients to use your primary domain name, this is the way to go.

Link Rotator & Campaigns

The campaign function allows you to combine together certain links and create a unique link that you may share with others. They will be able to see and access all of the links in the campaign using that particular URL. Campaigns also compile data for all of the campaign’s links.

Pages with Splash and Overlay

The script now produces a separate page for media URLs such as Youtube, Vine, and Dailymotion, among others. Users may now make their own splash pages, which can be a paid service. Overlays for other CTA popups are also available.

System for geotargeting and device targeting

Users may send visitors to a different page based on their location, which includes both nation and state, as well as their device. This feature may be turned off in the admin panel or on a per-plan basis.

UTMs and custom parameters

Custom parameters, such as affiliate tags, or UTMs, can be added by the user.

Tracking of pixels

The user may choose from over 15 different services, including Facebook, Twitter, Bing, Google Ads, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Snapchat, Reddit, Quora, Pinterest, and many others.

Integrations for Slack, WordPress, and Zapier

Set up Slack so that your users may use custom commands to shorten URLs right from Slack. Your users may set up Zapier, and the script will send a notification to Zapier whenever a new URL is shortened or someone clicks on a link! Your clients may utilize the platform to shorten URLs with the help of a WordPress plugin included in the script.

Personalized Service

Are you interested in modifying this script to suit your needs? It’s no issue. Simply enable the private option in the admin panel, and only you and any accounts you create will have access to the site and its features.

History of Anonymous Users

Without registering, anonymous users may now keep track of their past 10 URLs. From the admin panel, you can quickly enable or disable this feature.

Logins on social media

Users may now log in instantly with their Facebook, Twitter, or Google accounts.

Simple Translation

Using the built-in language manager, you can quickly translate this script into any language you choose. With a single click, you may create a new translation, update an existing one, or even remove it. Everything is now automated, therefore languages will be added to the menu as soon as possible.

API System with Advanced Features

Users must authenticate using a unique API key assigned to them upon registration in order to access the powerful API system. All URLs produced by a registered user are preserved in their account automatically.

Plugin for URL Validation and reCaptcha

You may rest easy with our extensive validation and URL filtering system. There are several built-in settings to prevent the system from processing “inappropriate” URLs or domain names (including tlds). reCaptcha and SolveMedia Captcha are also included in the script. Only anonymous users will see the Captcha system if it is activated (users not registered).

Admin Panel with all the bells and whistles

You have complete control over your website thanks to a powerful administrative interface. It allows you to control URLs, users, and custom pages. You can also use the admin panel to control all of the features by enabling or removing them with a single click. Advertisement, various captcha systems, frame, API system, user registration, URL filtering, themes and maintenance, and more are all within your control.

Responsive Template with 3 Color Schemes, including Dark Mode, and a Template Editor built-in

Three color palettes are included in the default theme (default, light and dark). With the new in-script editor, you can simply change the layout and style to suit your needs. Child themes are now supported by the script, enabling you to quickly alter the theme without fear of updates overwriting it.

Installer that is quick and simple

The powerful, easy-to-use installer creates your website in under a minute. You won’t have to waste time dumping SQL files and changing PHP scripts. It walks you through the process of installing this program step by step.

Documentation at the corporate level

You will be able to grasp all parts of your website thanks to extensive and detailed documentation. Views Documents

Premium Assistance

You are entitled to premium assistance as a customer of our goods. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please do not hesitate to call us if you require immediate assistance. Please remember to follow us and rate this fantastic script. Please visit for development and customization.

Changelog: Premium URL Shortener – Link Shortener, Bio Pages & QR Codes

v6.7.3 (30/10/2022)
+ Added Hooks for Links
+ Improved Plugin & Theme System
+ Improved Vouchers so it can be redeemed without a credit card on file
+ Fixed An issue with QR Transparency on some older Imagick version
+ Fixed An issue users on a free plans cannot shorten links in some instances

v6.7.2 (28/10/2022)
+ Added Custom button text to Bio Page vCard
+ Fixed Help menu link still point to faq
+ Fixed An issue where Stripe checkout would trigger vouchers
+ Fixed An issue with splash page

v6.7.1 (26/10/2022)
+ Improved QR logo size & management
+ Fixed an issue with pricing tables where the tick & x were reversed

v6.7 (26/10/2022)
+ Added Dedicated Multilingual Help Center
+ Added QR Code Advanced Styling
+ Added QR Code Transparency
+ Added QR Code Logo Size & Error Correction
+ Added Multilingual Blogging System
+ Added Multilingual Paging System
+ Added Vouchers
+ Added Native Object Storage/CDN Support
+ Added PaddleJs
+ Added Cloudflare Turnstile Captcha
+ Added Event Type QR
+ Added Zip code, Cellphone & Fax to vCard in QR & Bio
+ Added Table Pricing & Improved List Pricing
+ Added Ability to manually approve subscriptions
+ Added Ability to unverify users
+ Added Ability to override the default English language
+ Added Ability to assign domains to more than one user via the admin panel
+ Added Mass block short links & long links via the Admin > Reported Links
+ Added Blog & Help Types for Ads and {{--ad--}} short code for blog posts.
+ Improved Slack Integration
+ Improved Pricing Page FAQs
+ Improved Language translation tool
+ Improved Blog System UI
+ Improved Captcha System to be extended via Plugins
+ Improved Dark Mode
+ Improved Various UI & UX
+ Improved Core Framework & Plugin System
+ Improved Vendors
+ Improved Various logics & code (Optimization)
+ Fixed Various minor issues

v6.6.3 (05/10/2022)
+ Improved Paddle Payment Gateway
+ Fixed Error 500 on Checkout for Customers With Regular License

Version 6.6.2, 22 September 2022

Version 6.6.1 (20/09/2022)
+ Added Code to force browsers to use latest version of JS file

Version 6.6 (20/09/2022)
+ Added Paddle Payments
+ Added Stripe Portal Support
+ Added TikTok Pixel
+ Added OpenSea NFT Bio Page Widget
+ Added Twitter Bio Page Widget
+ Added Facebook Bio Page Widget
+ Added Instagram Bio Page Widget
+ Added Soundcloud Bio Page Widget
+ Added Tagline Bio Page Widget
+ Added Meta Image for Bio Pages
+ Added New Bio Page Themes
+ Added Bio Page Native Share icon
+ Added Bio Page Sensitive Content Warning
+ Added Bio Page Cookie Popup
+ Added Option to Toggle Verification System
+ Added Proxy Support
+ Added Sitemap Configuration
+ Added Ability to Hash IP
+ Added New Admin Cleanup Tool
+ Improved Bio Page UI
+ Improved Dark Mode
+ Improved RTL
+ Improved Various UI Elements
+ Fixed Bio Pages Background Bug
+ Fixed Various Minor Bugs

Version 6.3.2 (13/04/2022)    
+ Added Font Selector 
+ Added FontAwesome Icon Selector 
+ Added Stripe-Hosted Payment Links
+ Added Notification Bell Read Status
+ Improved Stripe API
+ Improved Shortcuts Page
+ Fixed QR File Type & Static vCard
+ Fixed Minor Bugs & Improvements

 Version 6.3.1 (09/04/2022)
+ Added Integrations Icons to Homepage
+ Fixed Installer bug

Version 6.3 (08/04/2022)
+ Added Contact Form Widget
+ Added Newsletter Form Widget
+ Added Product Widget
+ Added HTML Widget
+ Added vCard Widget
+ Added Static vCard
+ Added File Upload
+ Added WordPress Plugin Generator
+ Added IOS Shortcuts Integration
+ Added DeepL Integration
+ Added Admin Panel Language File
+ Added API Language File
+ Improved Various Widgets
+ Improved Various Integrations
+ Improved Plugin Directory
+ Improved API Platform
+ Improved Installer
+ Improved Updater
+ Improved Various Elements
+ Fixed Various Bugs

Version 6.2.1 (28/01/2022)
+ Added Optimization Tools
+ Added Trial End Reminder Cron
+ Added Tax in Invoices
+ Improved Links API
+ Improved Bio Pages Links
+ Improved Plugin Directory
+ Improved Updater
+ Fixed An issue with Bookmarklet when Require Registration is On
+ Fixed An issue with IPv6
+ Fixed Various Minor Bugs

Version 6.2 (17/01/2022)            
+ Added Advanced Tax Rates 
+ Added Advanced Bio Widgets
+ Added Advanced Bio Settings
+ Added Coupon CTA
+ Added Trackable Crypto QR
+ Added Trackable SMS QR
+ Added Trackable vCard QR
+ Added Custom Frontpage Colors 
+ Added Captcha on Homepage
+ Added Plugin Directory
+ Added Blog Rich Markup
+ Added FAQ Rich Markup
+ Improved Browser and Platform Detection
+ Improved Installer
+ Improved Various Improvements
+ Fixed Various Minor Bugs
+ Added Minor Features

Version 6.1.9 (27/12/2021)
+ Added Child Theme Support
+ Improved Theming Structure
+ Improved Plugin Structure
+ Improved Various Logics
+ Improved Various UI and Dark Mode
+ Fixed An issue with SMS QR and WiFi
+ Fixed An issue with Emails
+ Improved Various things
+ Fixed Various minor bugs

Version 6.1.8  (17/10/2021)
+ Added More API Endpoints
+ Added More Pixels
+ Improved Landing Page
+ Fixed An issue with Teams
+ Fixed An issue with Campaigns
+ Fixed Various minor bugs

Version 6.1.7 (10/12/2021)
+ Fixed An issue with Teams
+ Fixed An issue with Link Shortening

Version 6.1.6 (09/12/2021)
+ Added Bio Pages Admin
+ Added QR Codes Admin
+ Added Language Sync Admin
+ Added More Social Links Admin
+ Added Reset Link Stats User
+ Added More Stats in Statistics Admin
+ Added Missing Translation Strings
+ Improved Home Page Redirect
+ Improved Campaigns
+ Improved Teams
+ Improved Various UI Elements
+ Improved Various Logics
+ Fixed An issue with Teams
+ Fixed An issue with Social Login
+ Fixed Various minor bugs

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