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Pixwell v10.3 - Modern Magazine

Pixwell Nulled is a versatile, modern WordPress magazine theme with a pixel-perfect design, excellent functionality, and is totally responsive and mobile-friendly. It’s a really versatile theme that works great for recipe, fashion, travel, technology, personal, and other amazing magazine and blog websites.

Elementor, Cooked (Recipe plugin), WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, AMP, W3 Total Cache, Yoast SEO, and many other popular WordPress plugins are compatible and optimized with the theme.

Pixwell has a Schema-compliant structure that makes it SEO-friendly. Supports site structure, a search box for site links, a breadcrumbs bar, and an open graph. Your website will be adored by search engines as a result of this.

Pixwell has a Ruby Composer and Elementor builder built in. As a result, a novice WP user will find this theme simple to use. If you are a professional, though, it becomes versatile, capable of building anything, and infinite.

You’ll never want to use another theme after this. It’s far superior than anything you’ve seen before.


pixwell modern magazine demo 1
pixwell modern magazine demo 2

Features: Pixwell v9.3 – Modern Magazine

  • DESIGN INNOVATION: Pixwell is a strong theme that organizes information to follow natural eyes, establishing a balance between visual hierarchy and beauty.
  • LAYOUTS ARE UNLIMITED: It has a plethora of bespoke components. Every demo is individual, and different parts may be mixed and matched.
  • DEMOS INSTALL IN ONE CLICK: From the theme settings page, you may install any of the demos. Flexible options for importing all or specific parameters, as well as widgets. If you’re starting from scratch, you may either import the entire demo or pick and choose specific options.
  • MOBILE FRIENDLY AND COMPLETELY RESPONSIVE: The theme passes Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. We also thoroughly tested the theme across a variety of devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. All elements are fully responsive and compatible with all devices.
  • ELEMENTOR: If you use Elementor and enjoy it. Don’t worry, the theme is compatible with this plugin and supports all layouts.
  • COMPOSER RUBY: Our theme’s built-in builder. It’s a simple, drag-and-drop builder that’s easy to use. For new WordPress users, it’s simple to use. Pre-made templates allow you to rapidly construct any page with only one click.
  • OPTIMIZED FOR SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING AND SUPPORTED: SEO requirements, Microdata markup, organization, Open Graph, and Google SERP compliance are all met. Theme Panels make it simple to add information.
  • WELL CODED, SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE: Modularize the code and load it only when it’s needed. There are no hefty third-party plugins. All functionalities can be altered when using the child theme.
  • ARE YOU READY FOR THE CORE WEB VITALS?: Navigate lazy load, preload fonts, clean code and database optimization, and compatibility with common cache and minify plugins. As a result, the theme is ready for the most important aspects of the site.
  • SUPPORTED BY AMP: This is, as far as we can tell, a crucial component in a modern theme. Yes, Pixwell fully supports the AMP plugin in transitional mode, as well as all default templates, including post, page, homepage, blog, category, search, and many others…
  • MODE OF DARKNESS: Dark mode is available in the frontend, allowing visitors to switch to dark mode. As the default site layout, you can utilize dark mode.
  • AWESOME AJAX AND LIVE SEARCH RESULTS: Pixwell’s robust ajax system lets you add a variety of filter kinds to the block header. Your visitors may search for content using categories, tags, and authors. Pixwell also supports pagination kinds such as load more and endless scroll, as well as live input search in the header.
  • THEME OPTIONS FOR FLEXIBLE CUSTOMIZATION: The Redux framework is used. With hundreds of settings, Pixwell’s Theme Options panel allows you to customize general design, components, font, and color throughout the site.
  • READ IT SUBSEQUENTLY (BOOKMARKS): Pixwell is the only place where you can get this functionality. This allows your readers to save and read interesting content later.
  • AN EXTREMELY EXTREMELY EXTREMELY EX: Reduce the time it takes for your site to load. This will please your visitors.
  • TRANSLATION IN A FEW MINUTES: Pixwell’s Options panel allows you to immediately convert to your preferred language. It also supports PO files, which you may edit with the “Loco Translate” plugin or PO editing tools.
  • FANTASTIC POST FEATURES: There are at least 5 single layouts. Videos, galleries, audio, and standard are all supported. Sponsored, self-hosted, and compatible with GIFs. Custom meta value, review systems built-in, and much more…
  • NEXT INFINITE SINGLE LOAD: Are you looking for a way to increase page views and retain visitors reading your content on your website? This is excellent news. Pixwell provides additional features such as Google pageview tracking, category-based post loading, and a bespoke advertising sidebar for the next load.
  • POP-UP NEWSLETTER: Pixwell has a Ruby newsletter system, which is a paid service included with the theme. Beautiful popup design, real-time notification upon subscribing, and simple data export to file MC4WP plugins are also supported by the theme.
  • CONTENTS TABLE OF CONTENTS: Tables of contents are supported by Pixwell, making it easier for visitors to navigate.
  • GDPR COMPATIBLE: Support that is GDPR compliant. It is no longer necessary to utilize a third-party plugin to show a cookie notification.
  • ANIMATION WITH PARALLAX: When scrolling, a parallax animation has been implemented to display large featured photos seamlessly. This gives your website a professional appearance and helps it stand out.
  • REACTIONS AFTER THE EVENT: On Pixwell, there is still another unique feature. Assist your viewers in leaving comments on your blogs.
  • COUNTER FOR POST VIEW: The Pixwell post view counter plugin is supported. A popular and dependable plugin for calculating total article views. It enables you to arrange posts based on the view data.
  • SUPPORT COOKED: Pixwell is well suited to your needs if you are a food blogger seeking for a WP theme that supports recipes. The cooked plugin, which is included with the theme, allows you to create whatever recipe you want.
  • RELATED TO INLINE: Inline related post shortcodes are supported by Pixwell. Allow you to include relevant posts within the body of your post.
  • POPUP GALLERY: Pixwell has a gallery popup lightbox feature. Allows you to display gallery photographs complete with captions, titles, and descriptions.
  • RESPONSIVE ADVERT: Responsive Adsense functionality is built-in. For PCs, tablets, and phones, you may pick any size of AdSense. You may put them wherever you like. It is not necessary to be exhausted in order to install or locate alternative options.
  • IN-FEED ADVERTISEMENTS: Pixwell supports in-feed advertising, which you can insert inside your feed to help monetise your site and provide your users a better experience.
  • WOOCOMMERCE: Pixwell is fully compatible with the Woocommerce and Wishlist plugins.
  • BUY THE POST: In the single post content, show shopping products or any 3rd party affiliate code. The best theme for fashion bloggers or persons who wish to start monetizing a blog by showcasing things. A fantastic new feature that allows you to make money online by doing what you enjoy.
  • SUPPORT FOR WPML: Compatible with WPML, this plugin allows you to add many languages to your website.
  • TYPE OF GALLERY POST: Custom gallery post types are supported by Pixwell. Allows you to share any gallery with a gorgeous popup lightbox in style.
  • POST TYPE FOR PORTFOLIO: Custom portfolio post types are supported by Pixwell. Allows you to share your work much more easily than before.
  • LARGE MENU: In the grid structure, the mega menu displays the most recent category posts under the category menu item and sub-level menus.
  • OPTIONS FOR THEMES: In the theme options panel, you’ll discover practically all of your theme’s settings. It’s simple to use even if you don’t know how to code.
  • GOOGLE FONTS (800+): Supports all Google fonts, allowing you to choose fonts for every visible element.
  • There are many more things to discover when using this theme.

Changelog: Pixwell – Modern Magazine

v10.3 – Sep 1, 2022
Add meta description for single post and archives
Add detailed description for the settings. This will help you easy use to the theme
Add use Jetpack OG tags if this plugin is installed
Improve OG tags for Twitter shared
Add new google fonts
Add offer settings for the post review
Improve post review schema
Improve remove zero share number
Improve dark mode styling and color
Improve detect opengaph plugins to disable default OG tags to prevent duplicate code
Improve detect SEO plugins to disable default schema markup to prevent duplicate code
Improve Elementor block settings
Improve Theme Options panel style
Improve single page metaboxes panel
And other improvements and minor bug fix

v10.2 – July 6, 2022
New: Add new google fonts
And other improvements and minor bug fix

v10.1 – June 21, 2022
new: Add news demo
new: Add heathy demo
new: Add cookie mode for the dark mode to prevent flickering when loading
And other improvements and minor bug fix

------ Version: 10.0 --------
- Add new demo
- Add new Elementor small list block
- Add ratio setting for the featured image in Elementor blocks
- Add H tags setting in Elementor block
- Add Paywall feature and support simple membership plugin
- Add Elementor plan, subscription block
- Add Elementor ad image block
- Add Elementor ad script block
- Add Footer 3 columns layout
- Add border settings for the Elementor heading block
- Improve compatible with Elementor 3.5.6
- Fix footer menu typography settings
- And other improvements and minor bug fix

------ Version: 9.3 --------
- Add: New Baby Care demo
- Improve: Update google fonts
- Improve: Optimize CSS code
- And other improvements and minor bug fix

------ Version: 9.2 --------
- Add: Architecture demo
- Add: opacity for dark overlay option for the Slider (Wrapper) block
- Add: H tag selection for list and gird blocks.
- Add: new layout for the post listing widget
- Fix: install PublishPress Authors plugin issue
- And other improvements and minor bug fix

------ Version: 9.1 --------
- Add: Wedding demo
- Add: New shadow style for grid 1
- Add: Color options for the dark mode
- Improve: Optimize post review
- Improve: Update google fonts
- Fix: Dark mode issues in Woocommerce
- Fix: AMP CSS issues
- Fix: Ajax issue with tag filter
- And other improvements and minor bug fix

------ Version: 9.0 --------
- Add: Outfit demo
- Add: Military demo
- Add: Cryptocurrency News demo
- Improve: Dark mode layout
- Improve: WPML config
- And other improvements and minor bug fix

------ Version: 8.2 --------
- Improve: compatible with WPML (The WordPress Multilingual Plugin)

------ Version: 8.1 --------
- Add: Disable block style editor in widget page option
- Improve: compatible with WordPress 5.8
- Improve: Category featured image setting issue in WP 5.8
- Improve: Improve category panel setting
- Improve: Advert widget issue in WP 5.8

------ Version: 8.0 --------
- Add: New software demo
- Add: Fully compatible with PHP 8
- Add: Improve overall speed and optimize for Core Web Vitals
- Add: New performance settings tab
- Add: disable srcset option
- Add disable dashicons option
- Add disable gutenberg style on page builder option
- Add disable polyfill Script option
- Add preload Google fonts option
- Add disable default stylesheet option
- Add height and width attributes for image tag of external links.
- Improve: Optimize and reduce CSS code
- Improve: Optimize and reduce JS code
- Improve: Update Google fonts
- Improve: Reading time calculate support RTL language
- Improve: Update optimize speed documentation
- Improve: Theme options panel layout
- And other improvements and minor bug fix

------ Version: 7.2 --------
- Add: New podcast demo
- Add: New dark mode options
- Add: New single podcast layout
- Add: New pocast block
- Improve: Table content issues with RTL language
- Improve: Update Google fonts
- Improve: Dark mode styles
- And other improvements and minor bug fix

------ Version: 7.1 --------
- Add: New featured block
- Add: Topbar height option
- Add: New How-tos concept
- Improve: Update Google fonts
- Fix: Widget header font size option
- And other improvements and minor bug fix

------ Version: 7.0 --------
- Add: Dark mode supported
- Add: Logo options for the dark mode
- Add: New tutorial concept
- Add: Multiple authors supported
- Add: Category icon background & color settings
- Add: New subscribe box layout
- Add: New header style and header background options
- Add: New menu trigger button style
- Improve: Change bookmark icons
- Improve: Optimize code
- And other improvements and minor bug fix

------ Version: 6.3 --------
- Fix: image opacity issue in the single post.

------ Version: 6.2 --------
- Add: Support sliders in Elementor editor
- Improve: lazyload feature, Switch to use WordPress lazy load for the featured image
- Improve: Remove placeholder animation option
- Improve: importer content
- And other improvements and minor bug fix

------ Version: 6.1 --------
- Add: Elementor homempage for all demos.
- Add Call to Action widget.
- Add FW Category 1 widget.
- Add FW Category 2 widget.
- Add FW Portfolio widget.
- FW Subscribe widget.
- Add Heading Widget.
- Add Image Box widget.
- Improve: Ruby importer plugin.
- And other improvements and minor bug fix

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Download Pixwell v10.3 Nulled Free

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.