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PDF viewer for WordPress v10.6.5

What is PDF Viewer for WordPress ?

PDF Viewer for WordPress Nulled is a simple WordPress plugin that provides a user-friendly interface for viewing PDF files on your website. You may now immediately embed pdf files with a lovely viewer on any page or post of your WordPress website. It also comes with another shortcode that allows you to open a specific pdf file with the viewer.

If you want to display pdf files from your site with a decent viewer like Acrobat reader, this is an excellent and handy plugin. It includes page navigation, download, print, presentation mode, and a slew of other useful features.


PDF viewer for WordPress flipbook
PDF viewer for WordPress demo

Features: PDF viewer for WordPress

  • If you choose that option, it will automatically find pdf links and activate the viewer.
  • It appears more appealing when viewed in FlipBook View.
  • It can be translated into over a hundred other languages.
  • A PDF viewer that may be completely customized. Customize the viewer’s colors to match the color scheme of your website.
  • Embed a feature-rich PDF viewer on a WordPress page or post.
  • Shortcodes & a Feature-Rich Admin Panel
  • Share the pdf on social media
  • Email the link to a friend
  • Enable/Disable social sharing
  • Enable/Disable Print Option
  • Enable/Disable Download Option
  • Enable/Disable Presentation mode
  • Enable/Disable Find Option
  • Enable/Disable Logo
  • Enable/Disable Zoom
  • Enable/Disable Page Navigation
  • Enable/Disable auto linking of pdf links to viewer
  • You can personalize the viewer by adding your own logo.
  • Your logo is linked to your website’s home page.
  • 4 shortcodes with a lot of options.
  • Any post/page can use this shortcode to view a pdf file.
  • On any post/page, use this shortcode to provide a text link to your pdf file.
  • A PDF viewer that is fully responsive.
  • All of the individual elements can be styled and customized.
  • Most current browsers are supported.
  • User experience that is quick and easy to utilize
  • Keep the image quality
  • There are no third-party links, and the viewer must be installed on your website.
  • There are no restrictions on the size of PDF files.
  • It automatically replaces urls with jQuery, which has no effect on your site’s SEO if you use the plugin on an older site.

Changelog: PDF viewer for WordPress

== v10.6.5 ==
* Fixed Warnings on Fresh Installation
* Added Dismissable Notice in case of invalid registration
* Misc. Fixes and improvements

v10.6.4 ( 2 September 2022 )
* Updated the way custom color option works to prevent 403 forbidden issues on some servers
* Fixed Global options reset issue on plugin activation for existing installations
* Fixed Issue with Legacy Pages auto Selection in global settings
* Fixed Issue with Pagenav Display on Automatic Link & embed options
* Fixed issue with print/download settings on single pdf viewer setting

v10.6.3 ( 25 August 2022 )
* Fixed Warnings on Fresh Installation
* Fixed Issues with Theme Selection on Single Viewer
* Fixed Issues with Theme Selection on Global Settings
* Misc improvements

v10.6.2 ( 23 June 2022 )
* Fixed Warnings on 404 page
* Fixed some warnings for fresh installations
* Misc improvements

v10.6.1 (23 Marh 2022)
* Fixed a small issue

v10.5.1 (4 February 2022)
* Fixed broken issue happening for custom color scheme

10.4.5 (28 October 2021)
* Updated Options Framework
* Misc. Improvements.

10.4.4 (09 October 2021)
* Fixed issue with purchase code registration happening to some users.

10.4.3 (01 October 2021)
* Fixed fatal error showing on some sites.

10.4.2 (15 September 2021)
* Improvement to automatic zoom option
* Added option to define a viewer height on mobile
* Various other improvements

10.4.1 (25 August 2021)
* Fixed Issue on firefox with tabs
* Added Separate jQuery
* Changed PDF Viewer Capability.
* Misc. improvements

10.4 (02 July 2021)
* Fixed Automatic Update issue. Please update to this version manually to be able to use auto-update feature from next versions.
* Fixed issue with Printing
* Fixed Some issues with zoom
* Added 2 new shortcode parameters for zoom and page mode.
* Misc. improvements

10.3 (27 June 2021)
* Misc. improvements.
* Registration now required.

10.3 (27 June 2021)
* Misc. improvements.
* Registration now required.

10.2 (23 June 2021)
* Added translation pot file
* Fixed issue with Zoom
* Misc. improvements.

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Download PDF viewer for WordPress v10.6.5 Nulled Free

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.