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Oxygen Builder v4.1.1 – The Ultimate Visual Site Builder For WordPress

Oxygen Builder Nulled is a visual WordPress page builder. Build everything visually. Say goodbye to bloated themes and the default page builder makes no difference.

Oxygen is a new way to create WordPress websites. Powerful alignment controls. Create horizontal and vertical layouts. Unlimited layout options. And more.

Build websites visually

Say goodbye to cumbersome themes and clumsy page builders. Oxygen Builder is a new way to create WordPress websites.

Not just design.

In addition to market leading design features for every part of the page, Oxygen’s dynamic data and template functionality provides the same power for headers and footers, archives, blog posts, categories, and more. custom posts, pages and plugins.

The best design library

An extensive library of ready-made designs and elements has everything you need to create any type of website. Import entire web pages with one click or combine and select elements to create your own design.

Unlimited layout options

Oxygen Builder Plugin combines sections, columns, and div elements to create any layout.

⭐See also: WPBakery Page Builder – Visual Composer


Features Oxygen Builder – The Ultimate Visual Site Builder for WordPress

Oxygen Builder plugin
  • Drag and drop editing: Drag element edges to set spacing, or drag and drop to rearrange.
  • E-commerce: Intuitive control of every part of your WooCommerce store.
  • Header Builder: Visually create custom website headers, including sticky headers and overlay headers.
  • Global colors: Edit colors in one place. The change takes effect everywhere color is used.
  • Developer Friendly: Built with basic HTML elements. Write PHP, CSS and JS directly.
  • Advanced functionality: Flexible construction elements. Dynamic data with repeaters and loops. And more.

Changelog Oxygen Builder – The Ultimate Visual Site Builder for WordPress Final Nulled Free

2022/11/11 - v4.1.1 Changelog
Fix: Corrected issue where nested Repeater resulted in query being reset, breaking any subsequent nested Repeaters after the first one (#4777)
Fix: Corrected issue causing it to be impossible to click sub-menu links in Pro Menu dropdowns if the dropdown was animated (#4778/#4785)
Fix: Corrected issue causing it to require two clicks to follow Pro Menu mobile menu dropdown links (#4784)

v4.1.0 Changelog
New: Added cross-site copy & paste (#4654)
-- Use the new "export" button in the Structure Pane node menu or ctrl/cmd+shift+c to copy an element's JSON
-- Use the new "import" button at the opt of the Structure Pane or ctrl/cmd+shift+i to import an element's JSON
Tweak: Added width expansion when "none" unit is chosen to most fields with "none" as a unit option (#4411)
Tweak: Made a number of adjustments to revisions (#4553)
-- Set maximum number of "daily" revisions to 7 by default. This is adjustable in Oxygen > Settings > Revisions.
-- Removed "hourly" revisions.
-- Added ability to delete individual revisions from posts.
-- Added ability to delete all revisions from specific posts.
Enhancement: Added support for tab navigation in Menu and Pro Menu elements (#2275)
Enhancement: Added support for ACF fields in Media Library images (#4528)
Fix: Non-CSS option from Elements API being rendered in CSS in builder preview
Fix: Umlaut characters being replaced in Oxygen JSON/shortcodes (#3272)
Fix: Form select dropdown triggers Oxygen Exit Intent modal (#3822)
Fix: Incorrect behavior for styles present indicator on Effects > Filter (#2366)
Fix: Incorrect behavior for styles present indicator on checkboxes (#2366)
Fix: Button padding ignored when using multiple classes (#1769)
Fix: Can't use Global Colors as a caption background color in Gallery element (#3779)
Fix: Revisions listed in incorrect order (#3775)
Fix: ACF image returned when image field empty (#3671)
Fix: "Dynamic Callback in Static Method" error related to Conditions (#3437)
Fix: Backtrace from notice Undefined index: oxygen_lock_post_edit_mode (#3136)
Fix: Updated EDD updater URL to https to avoid redirects on license checks (#3349)
Fix: Defining manual IDs in Repeater causes it to return only "post" post types (#3618)
Fix: Backtrace from notice Undefined variable: show_gradient (#3137)
Fix: Error related to design set images and User Design Library denied access (#3560)
Fix: Typo in Repeater code that could cause wrong post/product to be shown (#3526)
Fix: Global fonts not resolving in some specific scenarios (#2874)
Fix: Exception "Too few arguments to function wpdb::prepare()" (#3370)
Fix: Design library items can't be found if permalinks are set to Plain (#2654)
Fix: Dynamic data in a template can now be inherited down more than 2 levels (#2008)
Fix: Corrected scenario involving spans made into links containing dynamic data that could result in duplicate IDs/broken structure (#4668)
Fix: Corrected issue with elements that have apostrophes in their names breaking the page after being imported via the Design Library (#4657)
Fix: Users with "edit only" access to Oxygen can no longer rename elements (#4498)
Fix: Users with "edit only" access to Oxygen no longer have access to the gap field for containers (#4497)
Fix: Users with "Edit Only" access can no longer delete elements that aren't enabled for them (#4744)
Fix: Made multiple changes resulting in faster builder load times (#4683)

## Oxygen 4.0.4 Final Changelog
Tweak: Optimized webfont loading techniques (#3538)
Fix: Corrected issue preventing output of ID assigned styles on Code Blocks used via Templates (#4689)
Fix: Disabled Properties Pane text editor for Spans (#3600)
Fix: Removed duplicate ct-section-with-shape-divider class on Sections that have Shape Dividers (#4622)
Fix: Corrected issue resulting in JSON manually deleted from a post not being removed properly (#4462)
Fix: Corrected "Image not found" error when inserting background images (#4645)
Fix: Corrected "Maximum call stack size exceeded" error on sites with large amounts of classes (#4510)
Fix: Fixed class locking for states/pseudoselectors (#4437)
Fix: Corrected z-index on color picker & Structure Pane so they don't overlay in-builder dialog backdrops (#4016)
Fix: Corrected issue that could result in stylesheets having incorrect parent IDs, thus being active but not visible anywhere (#4264)
Fix: Minor security fix (#3781)
Fix: Repeater styles on breakpoints should now show properly in the builder (#4042)
Fix: Corrected issue that caused xlink.css file to still be generated for some sites, even with CSS caching enabled (#4631)
Fix: Edit Only users can now see the History list again (#4662)
Fix: Cleaned up some old Dragula files that were no longer in use (#4656)
Fix: Implemented fix for cases where CSS cache could not be regenerated on certain pages due to the presence of Code Blocks or third-party plugin shortcodes (#4219)
Fix: Corrected issue that caused an archive template to only be used if there were posts in the archive (#1954)

## Oxygen 4.0.3 Changelog
Enhancement: Added options to limit number of revisions, and delete all revisions (#4532)
Enhancement: Added post type & shortcodes/JSON options when regenerating CSS cache to avoid memory errors (#4643)
Fix: Corrected an issue that prevented default Gutenberg CSS from being output on the front-end (#4578, #4618)
Fix: Corrected an issue that prevented content/Gutenberg blocks from rendering with some template configurations (#4631)
Fix: Corrected Thrive compatibility issue (#4632)
Fix: Corrected issue that caused HTML inside script tags inside Code Blocks to be stripped on the front-end (#4585)
Fix: Corrected fatal error related to PHP 8.x and global Text/Display font settings (#4620)
Fix: Corrected issue preventing Structure Pane drag & drop from working correctly in Safari (#4453)
Fix: Empty templates should now render content as they did prior to 4.x (#4629)
Fix: Corrected PHP error related to CSS cache regeneration (#4597)
Fix: Added support for custom attachment sizes for images (#4388)
Fix: Corrected issue resulting in PHP Function Return Value function arguments getting encoded (#4546)
Fix: Corrected a number of invalid CSS properties output by Oxygen (#3963)
Fix: Corrected Border control lag (#4605)
Fix: Corrected issue resulting in erroneous warning in builder after setting Tabs element width on a breakpoint (#4563)
Fix: Locked classes can no longer be edited by having the Advanced tab open on another element, then switching to an element with the locked selector active (#4351)
Fix: Added option to load AOS styles in head, correcting issues where on-screen elements don't animate on page load (#2364)
Fix: Corrected FOUC caused by Tabs element (#3927)
Fix: Corrected issue that allowed Edit Only users to make changes to classes in specific circumstances (#3685)
Fix: Corrected issue causing Edit Only users to get redirected when attempting to edit Blocks (#3980)
Fix: Made it possible to use hyphens in custom attribute names (#3938)

## Oxygen 4.0.2 Changelog
Tweak: Increased click area for breakpoint buttons (#4548)
Fix: Exclude Code Block PHP/HTML output from Repeater ID fix (#4575)
Fix: Various issues with content being encoded on the front-end (#4577, #4564, #4527, #4526)
Fix: Corrected issue causing Oxygen-Gutenberg blocks to be inaccessible for users/roles without at least Edit Only access to Oxygen (#4565)
Fix: Corrected issue that made it impossible to check "Lock Post In Edit Mode" checkbox (#4555)
Fix: Improved behavior of save keyboard shortcut when editing code in Oxygen (#4551)
Fix: Corrected issue that caused styles for elements following a nested Repeater to break (#4547)
Fix: Restored Structure Pane for users in Edit Mode (#4539)
Fix: Warning: foreach() argument must be of type array/object, string given in ajax.php on line 596 (#4536)
Fix: It's now possible to select a specific menu in the Pro Menu element on a multisite install (#4531)
Fix: Corrected issue where ID assigned styles on elements used via Single Reusable part in Repeater were not output correctly (#4503)

## Oxygen 4.0.1 RC 1 Changelog
Fix: Removed new unintentional default flex styles for .oxy-dynamic-list that caused layout problems (#4538)
Fix: Corrected issue resulting in Custom CSS and Custom JS on elements in Reusable Parts becoming encoded (#4537)
Fix: Corrected blank front-end issue caused by Inner Content element with no JSON (#4529)
Fix: Corrected issue causing Sliders to disappear on the front-end when used within a Repeater (#4517)
Fix: Corrected a problem with a Thrive compatibility fix that caused pages to appear blank on the front-end (#4514)
Fix: Corrected issue preventing Gallery lightbox from working when within a Repeater (#4518)
Fix: Corrected issue resulting in encoded code from Code Blocks when used within a Block and inserted on a page via Gutenberg (#4512)
Fix: Corrected issue resulting in code from Code Blocks being encoded when used within a Repeater that is filtered or paginated using WP Gridbuilder (#4469)
Fix: Updated various elements to use the proper selectors when used within Repeaters, fixing styling issues on the front-end (#4511)
Fix: Corrected issue resulting in code from Code Block being output as encoded string when used within a reusable part on a full Oxygen-Gutenberg page (#4506)
Fix: Corrected issue resulting in ID assigned styles on reusable parts not being output if reusable is inserted via Repeater (#4503)
Fix: Corrected issue resulting in broken Superbox styling when used within a Repeater (#4504)
Fix: Removed default loading="eager" attribute on Image elements to avoid conflicts with third-party lazy loading functionality (#4505)

## Oxygen 4.0 RC 1 Changelog
Fix: Corrected invalid image-type and attachment-size CSS output (#4436)
Fix: Fixed error related to pages with Repeaters that had been converted to Gutenberg block (#4432)
Fix: Corrected issue where underscores were not visible in class names in Selector dropdown (#4434)
Fix: Corrected issue preventing changes to Child Element Layout on breakpoints (#4399)
Fix: Corrected issue related to two nestable API elements in a template breaking Repeater output (#4392)
Fix: Corrected issue causing Repeater to hang after inserting a dynamic image ID via Media Library option (#4385)
Fix: Tweaked admin notice logic for 4.0 upgrade (#4367)
Fix: Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: strpos(): Argument #1 ($haystack) must be of type string, array given in /wp-includes/shortcodes.php on line 209 (#4237)
Fix: Resolved fatal error related to images and custom attributes (#4415)
Fix: Corrected issue preventing Sliders set to Fade from showing any content (#4401)
Fix: Corrected issue causing Media Library > ID > Dynamic Data to be broken if a page is set as static home page (#4364)
Fix: Warning: Undefined array key "id" in .../wp-content/plugins/oxygen/component-framework/includes/metabox/oxygen-metabox-integration.php on line 85 (#4384)
Fix: Corrected PHP 8 errors when activating Oxygen on a multisite (#4382)
Fix: Corrected issue resulting in dynamic featured images falling back to placeholders after shortcode resigning (#4383)
Fix: Warning: Undefined array key "id" in oxygen/component-framework/includes/metabox/oxygen-metabox-integration.php on line 85 (#4355)
Fix: Corrected issue resulting in nicename loss when dragging elements in the Structure Pane (#4363)
Fix: Corrected issue causing image and link URLs to be encoded when used via a Repeater in Gutenberg (#4361)
Fix: Corrected issue resulting in Code Blocks in Gutenberg being encoded on the front-end (#4360)
Fix: Corrected issue breaking interactivity of elements in Builder Preview if Inner Content has custom tag (#4379)
Fix: Corrected issue preventing Dynamic Data from 2+ levels of template inheritance from being rendered on front-end (#4356)
Fix: Corrected do_shortcode_tag call incorrect arguments (#4313)
Fix: Corrected issue preventing Rank Math and Yoast SEO from reading Oxygen content properly (#4317
Tweak: Improved CSS cache regeneration logic to avoid memory exhaustion while regenerating (#3929)
Tweak: Newly inserted images now default to "full" attachment size (#4416)
Tweak: Adjusted four side measure box layout for Repeater controls (#4414)
Tweak: Adjusted layout of Oxygen metabox buttons to avoid odd layout in some cases (#4413)
Tweak: Added ability to override Media Library image alt via a custom attribute (#4393)
Tweak: General styling adjustments (#4371, #4358)
Polish: Value/unit inheritance final polish (#4361)

## Oxygen 4.0 Beta 2 Changelog
Polish: Added new checkbox input icon - (#4281)
Polish: Updated UI icons - (#4268)
Polish: Corrected "Enter class name" text hard to read when adding a class - (#4251)
Polish: Updated UI modal (Conditions and Dynamic Data) styles - (#4248)
Polish: Updated +Add pane icons - (#4245)
Polish: Updated "save" and "back to wp" icons. - (#4114)
Polish: Updated stylesheet gear icon - (#4068)
Polish: Updated icons for text editing top bar buttons - (#4067)
Polish: Improved value inheritance to lower breakpoints - (#4280)
Tweak: Exposed modal.class.php showModal() function for use in external code via oxyShowModal() - (#4357)
Tweak: Added dynamic data button to image ID field for Images using Media Library - (#4250)
Tweak: Added tag control for Inner Content element - (#4249)
Tweak: Improved Oxygen's handling of non-registered Oxygen elements - (#4241)
Tweak: Added "gap" for flex containers. - (#4186)
Tweak: Used more specific variable names for Oxygen UI color variables - (#4115)
Tweak: Oxygen now calls the wp_body_open() function after body open tag - (#2566)
Fix: Corrected CSS specificity issue resulting from Repeater duplicate ID fix - (#4354)
Fix: Warning: Undefined array key "settings_page" in \component-framework\includes\acf\oxygen-acf-integration.php on line 547 - (#4353)
Polish: Updated WooCommerce global settings icon - (#4345)
Fix: Corrected issue preventing Shortcode Wrapper used via Gutenberg block from working properly - (#4342)
Fix: Corrected undefined array key errors when saving blank page in 4.0 beta 2 - (#4332)
Fix: Corrected issue preventing Selector Detector from working - (#4329)
Fix: Corrected modal scroll issue after fix in #4165 - (#4304)
Fix: Corrected issue resulting in Custom CSS & JS and shortcodes in Shortcode Wrappers being base64 encoded - (#4285)
Fix: Corrected Gallery Flex layout in Repeaters - (#4282)
Fix: Addressed compatibility issue with Thrive Leads - (#4277)
Fix: Advanced Query Meta Query Compare operator should no longer be stuck on = - (#4276)
Fix: Corrected Image element size and alt text field positions - (#4269)
Fix: Corrected multiple PHP errors found in dynamic-list.class.php on line 906 - (#4267)
Fix: Corrected issue that prevented Image elements from displaying properly - (#4263)
Fix: Optimized Structure Pane code to improve performance and reduce lag - (#4262)
Fix: Corrected issue where long reusable part names spill out of the container - (#4239)
Fix: Added initial-scale=1.0 to viewport meta tag - (#4238)
Fix: Warning: Trying to access array offset on value of type null in \oxygen\component-framework\components\component.class.php on line 3385 - (#4225)
Fix: Warning: Undefined array key "never" in \oxygen\component-framework\components\component.class.php on line 3385 - (#4224)
Fix: The slider now changes to the correct slide when the Slide is clicked via the Structure panel - (#4206)
Fix: Corrected "DOMDocument::loadHTML()" errors when using Oxygen's Repeater with third-party API elements - (#4180)
Fix: Corrected undefined array key errors found when adding a third-party API element to Oxygen's Repeater - (#4179)
Fix: Undefined array key "shortcode_tag" \wp-content\plugins\oxygen\component-framework\components\layouts\shortcode.php [line 108] - (#4176)
Fix: SoundCloud element no longer causes "undefined variable $args" error in \oxygen\component-framework\includes\ajax.php on line 1654 - (#4174)
Fix: [Meta Box] Image Advanced field can now be used as a Gallery source if it's located on a Settings page - (#4157)
Fix: Corrected issue that prevented a site from being able to retrieve data from ACF if a specific plugin was active - (#4087)
Fix: When an element is made into a Link, its nicename should now change - (#4085)
Fix: Corrected Tippy.js notice in the console. - (#4064)
Fix: [Meta Box] If a Meta Box Cloneable group is used as a Repeater source and that Group contains an Image Advanced field to be used as a Gallery, then Oxygen shows "No Meta Box gallery field data found". - (#4059)
Fix: Duplicated elements no longer have the same nicename in the Structure Panel - (#4055)
Fix: [Meta Box] Corrected issue causing Single Image field to not return the image when used in Oxygen's Image element - (#3890)
Fix: Trying to access array offset on value of type bool in /oxygen/component-framework/includes/acf/oxygen-acf-integration.php - (#3345)
Fix: Sliders should no longer show a "Flash Of Unstyled Content" on load - (#3191)

New: Meta Box integration
Enhancement: Optimized back-end queries for faster builder load times in some environments
Enhancement: Rebuilt Structure Pane to improve in-builder latency over the course of a session
Enhancement: It's now possible to use fields from ACF Options Pages via Dynamic Data
Enhancement: Added better support for ACF Group fields, including nested groups
Tweak: Changed Advanced Query dropdowns to use Select2
Fix: Corrected search logic for +Add pane to make it fuzzier
Fix: Flexbox child controls > align self set via a class should now work correctly
Fix: Easy Posts pagination should now work on static home pages
Fix: Corrected 'Uncaught Exception: DateTime::__construct()' error after inserting ACF date picker/date and time picker field via dynamic data
Fix: ACF date field now respects default or specified format
Fix: Corrected empty CSS file generated when reusable part is styled only using classes
Fix: Adobe Fonts should no longer be loaded when disabled
Fix: Conditions should now work on Shortcode elements
Fix: Repeater Preview Render: Single Mode should no longer cause endless spinning cog after rearranging elements within Repeater
Fix: It's now possible to preview posts on template assigned to Singular > Posts and Media
Fix: Corrected issue where JavaScript added to an element via the Properties Pane disappeared when styles were copied from ID to Class, but still output on front end
Fix: Corrected scenario that caused incorrect Google Fonts font weights to be loaded
Fix: Corrected issue where Adobe Font weights weren't loaded, and Adobe Fonts were requested from Google
Fix: Can no longer drag margin/padding on elements with locked selector selected
Fix: Formatting is now removed when pasting text into the Properties Pane content field
Fix: Reply to comments should now work when smooth scroll to hash links is active
Fix: CSS Caching can now be used on sites where permalinks use non-Latin characters
Fix: Corrected Pro Menu slowness & 'maximum call stack size exceeded' error on some devices
Fix: Added depth storage to all elements, which should correct depth issues with API elements. Existing API elements that accept children may need to be designated as nestable, e.g. $My_Element->nestable()
Fix: Corrected issue causing multiple title and meta viewport tags on front-end when Rank Math and Yoast SEO are enabled
Fix: Multiple Meta Query & Taxonomy Query arrays should now work via Advanced Query

⭐See also: Elementor Pro Page Builder – WordPress Page Builder

List of Oxygen Builder Plugin Addons

  1. Scripts Organizer v1.6.3
  2. Oxy Extended Elements v1.1.0
  3. OxyNinja for Oxygen Builder v3.4.3
  4. Agency Base For Oxygen Builder v2.1.6
  5. Oxygen Advanced Scripts v2.1.0
  6. OxyMonster Framework v0.31
  7. Oxy Transfer Pro v1.2.6
  8. Oxy Ultimate Woo v1.4.17
  9. Oxy Ultimate v1.5.5
  10. Oxy Extras v1.4.3
  11. Swiss Knife Pro For Oxygen Builder v4.0.0
  12. Oxygen Gutenberg Integration v1.4.3
  13. Oxygen Elements for WooCommerce v2.0
  14. Editor Enhancer PRO For Oxygen Builder v4.2.0 Final
  15. ERROPiX Hydrogen Pack For Oxygen Builder v1.4.0
  16. ERROPiX Oxygen Attributes v1.3.2
  17. OxyPowerPack v2.1
  18. Oxy Toolbox v1.5.7
  19. OxyMade for Oxygen builder v1.5.9
  20. Automatic CSS For Oxygen Builder v2.0.0
  21. Oxy Font Manager by DPlugin v1.0.0

Download Oxygen Builder v4.1.1 Nulled:

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.

Instructions on how to activate OxyNinja for Oxygen Builder

This enables us to use all the OxyNinja Core Classes and Stylesheets. Simply follow below steps to install the classes. No need to install OxyNinja Plugin to make this work.

1. Download the OxyNinja-Version (Please note this is not a plugin do not upload it via plugins)

2. Inside OxyNinja-Version file you will find a text file OxyNinja-Version 3.4.0-export-import.txt. Open it and copy all code written inside.

3. Open your WordPress installation, Go to oxygen Export & Import. You will see two boxes 1st to Export, 2nd to Import. Simply paste the code you copied from the txt file I provided and click save.

4. Done you have the OxyNinja Core stylesheets and selectors.

5. You can see them inside oxygen builder any template or page by going to manage selectors.

6. To apply a selector simply use OxyNinja-Core-Cheat-Sheet.pdf I included in the zip file. For example Add Section > Div then add c-card-dark will apply the class.

how to activate OxyNinja for Oxygen Builder
how to activate OxyNinja for Oxygen Builder