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Neve Pro Addon v2.1.0 – ThemeIsle Neve Theme Addon

An addon for the ThemeIsle Neve subject that extends its abilities. Similarity with AMP and well known page builders makes site advancement appropriate for everyone.

Very Fast: Google cherishes quick sites, so we ensure that Neve has the best outcomes in PageSpeed Insights execution tests.

neve pro addon speed test

Optimizing page load speed in under 1 second: We’ve made speed our first concern to get your site running quick. On default settings, Neve requires 0.6 seconds for sure.

Page Size: We made a lightweight topic without sacrificing adaptability. The default WordPress installation is just 28K.

Features Neve Pro Addons – Neve WordPress Theme 2020 Free Download

Features Neve Pro Addons

Changelog Neve Pro Addon – ThemeIsle Docs Nulled Free

[v2.0.7]( (2021-11-10)
- [Fix] Performance module features continue to take action when the main module is disabled
- [Fix] Custom layouts not working inside content
- [Fix] Sticky header/footer script loading when not needed in edge case
- [Fix] Elementor custom field widget is not displaying the meta fields
- [Fix] Unicode characters displayed as encoded on conditional headers
- [Fix] Conditional headers JSON data getting corrupted in some cases
- [Fix] Conditional headers not saving after first publishing in the customizer

[Version 2.0.6]( (2021-10-26)
- [Feat] Product Tabs Support on Sticky Add to Cart - [Learn more](
- [Feat] Archive backgrounds support, select featured images backgrounds for each term for the selected taxonomies - [Learn more](
- [Feat] New custom layout option as inside content - [Learn more](
- [Feat] Ability to add a custom hook - [Learn more](
- [Feat] Add more hooks for custom layouts
- [Feat] Add Nonprofit starter site - [Gutenberg]( ) | [Elementor](
- [Feat] Add Audio Books starter site - [Gutenberg]( | [Elementor](
- [Feat] Add Business starter site - [Gutenberg]( | [Elementor](
- [Fix] Missing icons for widgets in Elementor booster module
- [Fix] Add conditional checks before trying to load the content from files generated by custom layout's PHP Editor
- [Fix] Variation Swatches JS error on WooCommerce category page
- Change labels in stepped checkout for better translations

[v2.0.3]( (2021-09-06)
- [Fix] Cart Total Box and Fixed Total Box overlapping the footer when sticky
- [Fix] Show placeholder image in quick view modal if the product has no images
- [Fix] "Show Hooks" button appearing for users that are not admins
- [Fix] Sticky header issue that occurs on the mobile devices with admin bar visible
- [Fix] SiteGround Optimization plugin conflict
- Optimize markup for Compare and Wishlist product card buttons

[v2.0.2]( (2021-08-23)
- [Fix] Sticky order total box on the side-by-side cart
- [Fix] Related posts have featured images without width and height
- [Fix] Notice when the comparison page is being deleted
- [Fix] Product breadcrumbs not showing up
- [Fix] Checkout duplicated title
- [Fix] Re-design for comparison table max product notice
- [Fix] Disable compare button from quick view
- [Fix] Disable the variation swatches options according to the stock availability or attribute dependencies
- [Feat] Enhanced repeater control for Customizer settings

[Version 2.0.1]( (2021-08-06)
- [Fix] transparent/sticky header
- [Fix] notice that amp check was called too soon
- [Fix] image swipe effect goes over product card buttons

[Version 2.0.0]( (2021-08-04)
- [Feat] Add compatibility with Neve 3.0 new default skin - [Learn more](
- [Feat] Add product comparison table on new skin - [Learn more](
- [Feat] Additional customizer options for the single post on new skin
- [Feat] New performance module - [Learn more](
- [Fix] Image sizes of related products were updated as full-width
- [Fix] Deprecation notice for allowed_block_types filter in 5.8
- [Fix] Single post navigation not showing posts in proper order
- [Fix] Fix variation swatches color-picker in WooCommerce versions lower than 5.0
- [Fix] Products filtering customizer option not working
- [Fix] Disable outside sale tag for products in the related products slider
- [Fix] Announcement bars style inside the editor
- [Fix] Compatibility between YITH Badge Management and Neve Pro swipe next product image style
- [Fix] Compatibility with YITH Brands Add-on Premium
- [Fix] Conflict with Happy Addons inside Elementor
- Refactor conditional headers controls

[v1.5.5]( (2021-05-31)
- [Feat] Add wishlist on the single product
- [Fix] Buttons in the stepped checkout were behaving like a secondary button, thus it caused a font-weight overriding problem
- [Fix] When setting padding values in Blog/Archive layout - only PX can be used but not EM
- [Fix] Background on quantity field on sticky add to cart should inherit the right global color
- [Fix] Smooth scroll instead of snapping to the top on Safari
- [Fix] Individual custom layout Elementor duplicating footer
- [Fix] Do not load dynamic styles of Neve Pro modules when the module is disabled

[v1.5.4]( (2021-05-14)
- [Fix] Fatal error that related to WooCommerce Rest API

[Version 1.5.3]( (2021-05-12)
- [Fix] Warning that occurs when the quick view opens
- [Fix] WooCommerce Wishlist plugin was causing an error in Quick View
- [Fix] Elementor deprecated classes and repeater controls errors
- [Fix] Sticky header overlapping admin bar dropdowns
- [Fix] Activate Related Product Slider according to the column number
- [Fix] Load WooCommerce dynamic styles conditionally if they are needed

[Version 1.5.2]( (2021-04-28)
- [Fix] HTML component does not render shortcodes in Page Header
- [Fix] Color picker inputs from Overlay Color (Blog options) are not bound to the slider
- [Fix] WooBooster - Page scrolls to top when swiping images in Quick view
- [Fix] Sticky add to cart scroll freezing
- [Fix] WooCommerce Booster breaks the Woocommerce category pages and single product pages if PHP 8.0 is used (Fatal error)
- [Feat] implement next page links for infinite scroll
- Improve sticky cart behavior by scrolling to form when there are not variations selected

[v1.5.1]( (2021-04-13)
- [Fix] Regression over-escaping for Elementor widgets

[v1.4.3]( (2021-03-16)
- [Fix] product details duplicated when products shortcode is used in Elementor
- [Fix] custom layouts conditionals not showing in the editor

[Version 1.4.1]( (2021-02-10)
- [Fix] Shop columns CSS gets overridden with Autoptimize on
- [Fix] Elementor editor conflict with Cart Notices
- [Fix] Notices when there are no memberships with LifterMLS
- [Fix] Image coming from {author_avatar} magic tag in Custom Layouts
- [Fix] 404 page created with Custom Layout not translatable with WPML
- [Fix] Custom Layouts not editable with Beaver Builder
- [Feat] New Gutenberg starter sites
- [Fix] Accessibility for scroll to top button
- [Fix] Off-canvas cart inherits site background-color
- [Fix] Recently viewed products not working with Elementor Pro single product templates

[Version 1.4.0]( (2021-01-18)
- [Feat] Cart notices
- [Fix] PHP editor not working in the Custom Layouts
- [Fix] Whitelabel global color names

##### [Version 1.3.2]( (2020-12-21)
- [Fix] Added rel=noopener to Social Sharing links on single post pages
- [Fix] Sticky header scripts not loading in the Customizer
- [Fix] Breadcrumbs for SEOPress and RankMath plugins
- [Fix] Composer requiring PHP greater than 7.1.0
- [Fix] Recently viewed products not working
- [Fix] Sale tag alignment
- [Fix] Add to cart button alignment in the Quick View popup

[Version 1.3.1]( (2020-12-07)
- [Fix] Compatibility with WP 5.6
- [Fix] Add to cart button for variable products in the Quick View popup

[Version 1.3.0]( (2020-11-24)
- [Feat] New layouts for the Checkout page ( Standard, Vertical, and Stepped )
- [Feat] New CSS and JS methods of loading the Typekit fonts
- [Feat] New option to enable/disable Scroll to top from Customizer
- [Fix] Custom Layouts conditional logic for the Shop page
- New Gutenberg Starter Sites

[Version 1.2.12]
- [Fix] Related products layout
- [Fix] Registered callbacks priorities order for the woocommerce_single_product_summary hook
- [Fix] Layout options not applying for the [lifterlms_courses] shortcode
- [Fix] Add to cart button behavior on mobile
- [Fix] Quick view popup overlapping fixed Cart Total box on the Cart page
- [Fix] Overlapping underline style for Elementor links
- New Gutenberg Starter Sites


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