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Neve Pro Addon v2.4.4 – ThemeIsle Neve Theme Addon

Neve Pro Addon Nulled for the ThemeIsle Neve subject that extends its abilities. Similarity with AMP and well known page builders makes site advancement appropriate for everyone.

Very Fast: Google cherishes quick sites, so we ensure that Neve has the best outcomes in PageSpeed Insights execution tests.

neve pro addon speed test

Optimizing page load speed in under 1 second: We’ve made speed our first concern to get your site running quick. On default settings, Neve requires 0.6 seconds for sure.

Page Size: We made a lightweight topic without sacrificing adaptability. The default WordPress installation is just 28K.

Features Neve Pro Addons – Neve WordPress Theme 2020 Free Download

Features Neve Pro Addons

Changelog Neve Pro Addon – ThemeIsle Docs Nulled Free

[v2.4.4]( (2022-11-03)
- [Feat] Add Line icon to social icons component
- [Fix] Typekit font locally loading
- [Fix] Page Parent and Page Ancestor properties for custom layout
- [Fix] Compatibility between Spectra and Neve's scroll to top button
- [Fix] Tab title when installing Otter Pro
- [Fix] Template not applying without WooCommerce installed
- [Fix] Fixed the PHP editor render when switching between Code / Visual editor
- [Fix] Deprecation warnings in PHP 8.1
- [Fix] Post and Pages conditions in Custom Layouts are capped at 100 entries

##### [Version 2.4.3]( (2022-10-12)
- [Fix] Added styles for RankMath breadcrumbs.
- [Fix] Empty line between border and element when the row is sticky 
- [Fix] Notice for new sharing icons until a title is set for it
- Prepare Neve Pro for WordPress 6.1

[v2.4.2]( (2022-09-27)
- [Fix] Upside down menu caret in Safari
- [Fix] Page header not appearing when expanding its section
- [Fix[ Submenu looks different in customizer by default
- [Fix] Performace issue caused by Advanced search components

#### [Version 2.4.0] ( (2022-09-19)
- [Feat] Advanced style controls for sub menus - [Learn more](
- [Feat] Improve Custom Layouts experience - [Learn more](
- [Feat] Responsive controls for Social Icons - [Learn more](
- [Feat] Add Advanced search icon header component - [Learn more](
- [Feat] Add Advanced search form header component - [Learn more](
- [Feat] Add Finance Blog starter site - [Gutenberg](
- [Fix] Prevent other users than the Administrator and Editor from creating a Custom layout
- [Fix] Social icons not appearing without setting a background color
- [Fix] Issues related to Sparks installation from Neve dashboard

[Version 2.3.6]( (2022-08-31)
- [Fix] Compatibility issue between Sparks Variation Swatches & Neve Pro infinite products mechanism
- [Fix] Regression-related compatibility to Sparks Comparison Table Sticky Bar & Neve Pro Sticky Add to Cart
- [Fix] Admin notice related to Woo Booster

[v2.3.5]( (2022-08-18)
- [Feat] Introduce two new conditions for Custom Layouts: page parent and page ancestor
- [Fix] Custom Layout Sidebar not working on page

[Version 2.3.4]( (2022-07-26)
- [Feat] Add support for hiding archive titles for custom post types
- [Fix] Product gallery style
- [Fix] Sharing icons not appearing without background and color

[2.3.3] ( (2022-07-20)
- [Feat] Enhanced controls for related posts
- [Feat] Add settings for Polylang inside the language switcher component
- [Feat] Add support for discovering late-registered custom post types in the Post type enhancements module
- [Fix] Meta on custom post types not displaying anything until the control in the customizer is changed
- [Fix] Shop and product pages if elementor template is installed
- [Fix] Hide doc section when Whitelabel is active
- [Fix] Broken install link for sparks in dashboard
- [Fix] Post type enhancements header layout does not inherit post header layout
- [Fix] Product header affected by the post type enhancements module
- [Fix] PHP notice on payment icons if Sparks is not activated

[v2.3.2]( (2022-07-11)
- [Fix] Notice behavior in the dashboard
- [Fix] Possible error with Neve Pro and Otter Pro

[v2.3.0]( (2022-06-23)
- [Feat] Custom Sidebars using custom layout
- [Feat] Enhance sharing icons section both on single posts and on custom post types
- [Feat] New Global custom layout option
- [Feat] Custom meta integration with ACF, Toolset, and Metabox
- [Feat] Adds support for saving local fonts to the server for any plugin which enqueues fonts
- [Feat] Card Style for the Blog List Layout
- [Feat] Add a way to translate the logo with Polylang
- [Feat] Add Architecture Studio starter site - [Gutenberg](
- [Feat] Add Recipe Blog starter site - [Gutenberg]( | [Elementor](
- [Feat] Add Real Estate Agency starter site - [Gutenberg](
- [Feat] Add NFT Illustrator starter site - [Gutenberg](
- [Feat] Add Medicare starter site - [Gutenberg]( | [Elementor](
- [Fix] Control out of the accordion
- [Fix] Add a check for Custom Layouts when using the custom editor
- [Fix] Post items order controls affect shop items order
- [Fix] Console error when the transparent header and sticky are turned on
- [FIx] Related post's colors are overwritten by card style colors from blog
- We have started to add a new generation of starter sites called Expert Sites, which are more complex and cover a more variety of sections and integrations for each niche. Furthermore, we have started to review and convert some of the older ones to Expert Sites and you will see them available soon. To support this change, you will see a lighter starter site collection than we had in the past as we want to focus on a smaller but more powerful collection of ready-to-use sites which we can constantly update. You will still be able to access the legacy starter sites by [following this doc](, but keep in mind that those will no longer receive updates or be tested with the latest versions.

v2.2.5 - 25/05/2022
Multiple inside layouts not displaying
Compatibility issue with Ninja Forms
Products Quick View not working with plain permalinks
Mega menu colors
Compatibility between Pods - Custom Content Types and Fields and Post type enhancements module
Variation swatches image upload issue in WP 6.0
Conflict with BuddyPress post update button and WooCommerce Booster module

v2.2.4 - 12/05/2022
Added responsive control for the author content alignment
Fixed the alignment and styles for the author box
Improve the WooBooster module performance by not having unnecessary polyfills as part of the woocommerce_booster script file
Non-Latin character usage on custom product tabs
Rollback button does not appear in some cases
Move the Block Editor Booster module in Otter Pro

v2.2.3 - 05/05/2022
Gradient support for color controls
Add TikTok icons in the social media icons component
HTML/CSS Validation Issues reported by Nu Html Checker
Refactor the way we mark blocks as top-level blocks to improve TTFB when using the performance module

v2.2.2 - 20/04/2022
Add Xing to the icon list
More conditionals for custom layouts and headers
Content padding for grid elements is the same no matter the unit
Switching product card layout in the customizer
Handle edge cases for the Instagram Elementor widget
Seamless add to cart adds two products in the WooCommerce Product Bundles plugin
Spacing on the comparison button
Handle sale percentage for variable products
When using LearnDash LMS, context would default to post for the page
Performance module display for related products

Version 2.2.1]( (2022-04-05)
- [Feat] Add a new filter to allow users to enable quantity input in the quick view modal.
- [Fix] After rollback the update button doesn't appear in some situations.
- [Fix] Auto-update link not appearing after installing the latest version.
- [Fix] PHP warning due to React controls.
- [Fix] Column layout display on mega-menu.
- [Fix] Some Typekit fonts are not working.
- Trigger a JS event after loading a new post in the infinite scroll on the single page.

v2.2.0 - 23/03/2022
Allow direct SVG input on icons components. - Learn more
Post Type enhancements module. - Learn more
Page header individual display. - Learn more
Easy Digital Downloads module. - Learn more
Enhanced options for blog featured posts. - Learn more
Contact component when adding quotes.
Solve sticky header displaying on top of WooCommerce lightbox.
 Masonry Layout breaks Blog Layout.
Stepped checkout at order review step when changing the shipping method.
Compatibility between otter 2 and product tab manager.

[v2.1.6]( (2022-02-23)
- [Feat] Product-based restriction added to a custom thank you page
- [Fix] Updated method visibility to improve php8.1 compatibility
- [Fix] Priority field of the custom layout wasn't working with other functions hooked there
- [Fix] Add a smooth transition for the non-sticky header
- [Fix] Console error in Customizer environment
- [Fix] Product sliders of Essential Addons for Elementor

[v2.1.5]( (2022-02-07)
- [Feat] Added more icons to scroll to top
- [Feat] Allow different navigation menu on each additional Primary Menu component
- [Fix] Quick view button in mobile view on product card image automatically gets triggered on touch
- [Fix] Comparison table compatibility with Otter Blocks
- [Fix] Admin bar drop-downs getting overlapped by sticky navigation
- Add action links to plugin card on plugins dashboard page

[v2.1.4]( (2022-01-20)
- [Fix] Range control's design broken in customizer on WordPress 5.9
- Supporting changes for logo based on palette switcher

[Version 2.1.3]( (2022-01-06)
- [Fix] Error on the search page with no results when comparison table is active
- [Fix] Show hide comments button on single post infinite scroll
- [Fix] Trying to edit a post that doesn't exist produce a notice in the backend when announcement bars are enabled

[v2.1.2]( (2021-12-23)
- [Fix] Missing icons in the dashboard for Elementor widgets.
- [Fix] Product navigation works through all products, not just between products in the same category.
- [Fix] Prevent Comparison table scripts to load on pages where it's not required.
- [Fix] Compare button on the cart page.
- [Fix] Off-canvas cart not opening in some cases
- [Fix] The caret for the mega menu is not doing anything in the mobile sidebar
- Improve UX for users when they configure the scroll to the top section.

[Version 2.1.1]( (2021-12-09)
- [Feat] Custom "Thank You Pages" - [Learn More](
- [Fix] Fixed the issue with slow dashboard when there are a lot of users registered on a website
- [Fix] Comparison table is not translatable
- [Fix] Product links on images require double-tap to open the product page
- [Fix] Compatibility issue between comparison table sticky bar and top positioned sticky add to cart
- [Fix] My Account drop-downs misaligned on Desktop
- Reduce JS file size for WooCommerce Booster

[v2.1.0]( (2021-11-24)
- [Feat] - WooCommerce Booster advanced product review - [Learn more](
- [Feat] - Elementor Booster Instagram widget - [Learn more](
- [Feat] - New divider component for header/footer builder - [Learn more](
- [Feat] - New widget component for header/footer builder - [Learn more](
- [Feat] - Header Booster mega menu options
- [Feat] - WooCommerce tabs manager

[v2.0.7]( (2021-11-10)
- [Fix] Performance module features continue to take action when the main module is disabled
- [Fix] Custom layouts not working inside content
- [Fix] Sticky header/footer script loading when not needed in edge case
- [Fix] Elementor custom field widget is not displaying the meta fields
- [Fix] Unicode characters displayed as encoded on conditional headers
- [Fix] Conditional headers JSON data getting corrupted in some cases
- [Fix] Conditional headers not saving after first publishing in the customizer

[Version 2.0.6]( (2021-10-26)
- [Feat] Product Tabs Support on Sticky Add to Cart - [Learn more](
- [Feat] Archive backgrounds support, select featured images backgrounds for each term for the selected taxonomies - [Learn more](
- [Feat] New custom layout option as inside content - [Learn more](
- [Feat] Ability to add a custom hook - [Learn more](
- [Feat] Add more hooks for custom layouts
- [Feat] Add Nonprofit starter site - [Gutenberg]( ) | [Elementor](
- [Feat] Add Audio Books starter site - [Gutenberg]( | [Elementor](
- [Feat] Add Business starter site - [Gutenberg]( | [Elementor](
- [Fix] Missing icons for widgets in Elementor booster module
- [Fix] Add conditional checks before trying to load the content from files generated by custom layout's PHP Editor
- [Fix] Variation Swatches JS error on WooCommerce category page
- Change labels in stepped checkout for better translations

[v2.0.3]( (2021-09-06)
- [Fix] Cart Total Box and Fixed Total Box overlapping the footer when sticky
- [Fix] Show placeholder image in quick view modal if the product has no images
- [Fix] "Show Hooks" button appearing for users that are not admins
- [Fix] Sticky header issue that occurs on the mobile devices with admin bar visible
- [Fix] SiteGround Optimization plugin conflict
- Optimize markup for Compare and Wishlist product card buttons

[v2.0.2]( (2021-08-23)
- [Fix] Sticky order total box on the side-by-side cart
- [Fix] Related posts have featured images without width and height
- [Fix] Notice when the comparison page is being deleted
- [Fix] Product breadcrumbs not showing up
- [Fix] Checkout duplicated title
- [Fix] Re-design for comparison table max product notice
- [Fix] Disable compare button from quick view
- [Fix] Disable the variation swatches options according to the stock availability or attribute dependencies
- [Feat] Enhanced repeater control for Customizer settings

[Version 2.0.1]( (2021-08-06)
- [Fix] transparent/sticky header
- [Fix] notice that amp check was called too soon
- [Fix] image swipe effect goes over product card buttons

[Version 2.0.0]( (2021-08-04)
- [Feat] Add compatibility with Neve 3.0 new default skin - [Learn more](
- [Feat] Add product comparison table on new skin - [Learn more](
- [Feat] Additional customizer options for the single post on new skin
- [Feat] New performance module - [Learn more](
- [Fix] Image sizes of related products were updated as full-width
- [Fix] Deprecation notice for allowed_block_types filter in 5.8
- [Fix] Single post navigation not showing posts in proper order
- [Fix] Fix variation swatches color-picker in WooCommerce versions lower than 5.0
- [Fix] Products filtering customizer option not working
- [Fix] Disable outside sale tag for products in the related products slider
- [Fix] Announcement bars style inside the editor
- [Fix] Compatibility between YITH Badge Management and Neve Pro swipe next product image style
- [Fix] Compatibility with YITH Brands Add-on Premium
- [Fix] Conflict with Happy Addons inside Elementor
- Refactor conditional headers controls


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Download Neve Pro Addon v2.4.4 Nulled Free

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