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MemberPress Pro v1.9.49 (+Addons) – All In One Membership Plugin

MemberPress Nulled is an easy-to-use WordPress membership plugin that allows you to provide your visitors with paid access to premium content and other products.

MemberPress Pro is installed on your website and helps you to immediately start charging for access. MemberPress gives you the power to confidently create, manage, and track membership subscriptions and sell digital downloadable products.

MemberPress will help you confidently create, manage and track membership subscriptions and sell digital download products.

In addition to these features, MemberPress will allow you to manage your members by granting and revoking their access to posts, pages, videos, categories, tags, feeds, communities, Digital files and more based on which member they belong to.

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Features MemberPress Pro – WordPress Membership Plugin

Features MemberPress Pro – WordPress Membership Plugin
  • Easy Setup MemberPress makes setting up a membership site easy with WordPress. It can automatically adjust prices, subscriptions, accounts, and add plans.
  • Content Access Control: MemberPress provides a powerful tool for sharing access to content, including posts, pages, categories, tags, files,
  • Drip content: This feature allows you to show limited content to members after a certain time. Very useful for selling online courses or training materials.
  • MemberPress Integration: The plugin integrates seamlessly with mailing list services: AWeber, MailChimp, GetResponse, and MadMimi. It also works with Amazon Web Services and BluBrry for podcast hosting.
  • Payment Gateways: MemberPress offers built-in support for PayPal and Stripe payment gateways. The development plan also adds support for

Changelog MemberPress – All-In-One Membership Plugin for WordPress Nulled Free

v1.9.48 – 2022-10-17
Added message to inform user they must fill out email address before Credit Card (Stripe) payment form appears at checkout
Day not sticking in date picker when changing year
Updating PayPal Standard endpoints
Search by ID on subscriptions page
Offline gateway description disappearing on 2-step checkout
Other small bug fixes

1.9.47 – 2022-10-07
PayPal IPN Validation URL's
Clarified coupon expiration time

v1.9.45 – 2022-09-27
Security Hardening
Validate Stripe payment information has been entered before submission allowed
mepr-i18n folder gets priority over i18n folder
Free coupon in PayPal eCommerce gateway

v1.9.40 – 2022-08-23
New Onboarding/Setup wizard for new installs
Better handling of upgraded subs when using Offline Gateway with “Admin must manually complete transactions” enabled
Deprecating Avalara integration
TaxJar API version outdated
Could not edit membership when also subscribed to membership as Admin
File upload showing “replace” instead of “upload” on registration form
Prevent multiple upgrades while still in trial period from prior upgrade
Catch insufficient funds error in Stripe
Could not disable Debug emails after upgrading to PayPal Commerce
JS errors on reports page
Emails are not forced sent when adding member manually
Set customer default payment method if not set in Stripe
Gutenberg blocks webpack base updated
Fallback transactions sometimes not being generated on failed payments
Refresh member data on subscription or transaction edits
Hide disconnected gateways from checkout
Total spent value incorrect in some cases
State error after switching from US on registration form
Expiration data incorrect on Subscription after failed Transaction(s)

v1.9.38 – 2022-06-28
New! Stripe's Link now supported for US/USD sellers
Admins can edit member's VAT number in User's profile
no memberships “message” attribute added to mepr-user-active-membership-titles shortcode
Cyprus VAT accepted format updated
Saving Membership with no active payment methods disables customize setting
Stripe coupon handling
Stripe checkout tax rounding error
VAT handling improved
Deprecated jQuery functions
Custom fields interactions not working in some mobile devices
php_uname function not always available
PayPal Commerce errors
User Roles not always being removed properly
Two-Factor plugin tab fix

1.9.37- 2022-04-28
Temporarily hiding ability to add new PayPal Commerce gateway as we work to resolve API rate limiting issue with PayPal Support. Both teams are actively working on a solution. In the meantime, we recommend using PayPal Standard gateway.

1.9.36 – 2022-04-27
Drip/Expiration columns on Rules list
Removed Auto Rebill from admin upgraded/downgraded email default template
PayPal Commerce connection improvements

1.9.35 – 2022-04-20
Disconnect and Retry button on PayPal Platform integration
PayPal Platform migration message

1.9.32- 2022-03-25
Added notices for Spring Promo
License key optimizations

v1.9.29 – 2022-02-08
Quizzes alert
License key activation checking on every admin request when left blank

v1.9.28 – 2022-02-22
Please note: after updating to 1.9.28 your Members page filtering may be off for a few hours/days depending on how many members you have. A background process will run slowly updating your members data to support the new filtering options and accuracy.
Additional French territories in VAT taxes
Before Trial Ends reminder for recurring subscriptions
Failed invoice reminder email (from Stripe) on failed transactions
Currency code for Burmese Kyats
Custom fields cannot share a unique slug
Retain some formatting when using more tag
Added status attribute to mepr-list-subscriptions shortcode
Stripe Google/Apple pay buttons moved under Stripe gateway option
Viewing a Sub-Account Transaction now possible
Members page filtering improvements
Pasting password on mobile phones
Saving phone numbers sometimes not working
Duplicate memberships showing up in some rare cases
Subscribe link not showing on some inactive subscriptions
Removing roles when updating user profile
Stripe checkout styling
Recaptcha for Stripe's Google/Apple pay buttons
Developer Tools error when validating CC expiration dates
Incompatibilities with Elementor
Blank page on Twenty Twenty Two theme

v1.9.27 – 2021-11-18
VAT number included in Members export
Show actions in account page on fallback (downgrade path) transactions
Option to show/hide Wallet options at checkout for Stripe in Elements mode
Setting to disable in-plugin notifications
Performance improvements
Adjust BF notices
Better email translation handling for Polylang
Proper Stripe locale handling
Don't run key validations when Stripe payment method isn't connected
Fix password strength indicator not working with paste passwords
Fix deprecated message due to optional param order

v1.9.25 – 2021-11-13
VAT number included in Members export
Show actions in account page on fallback (downgrade path) transactions
Option to show/hide Wallet options at checkout for Stripe in Elements mode
Setting to disable in-plugin notifications
Performance improvements
Adjust BF notices
Better email translation handling for Polylang
Proper Stripe locale handling
Don't run key validations when Stripe payment method isn't connected
Fix password strength indicator not working with paste passwords
Fix deprecated message due to optional param order

v1.9.24 – 2021-10-20
Plugin notifications inbox
Order Memberships alphabetically in drop-downs
Dashboard widget CSS broken
Automatically cancelled subscriptions (at Stripe) staying active in MemberPress
Stripe payment request paid trial
Offline gateway sending duplicate emails in some cases
Apostrophes in emails
Members page innacurate inactive members list
Update user roles when membership is purchased through WC

v1.9.20 – 2021-08-05
Affiliates menu item (Easy Affiliate)
Pressing enter after typing coupon code will apply coupon, not submit form
Undefined index PHP notices
SourceMaps warning error with Developer Tools add-on
Stripe tax rate errors
HTML mismatch in privacy policy
eCommerce tracking shortcode not working with Stripe Checkout
Two-factor options not showing if using BuddyPress integration
Return handling sometimes going to account page in PayPal Standard
Updating Credit Card details on imported Stripe subscriptions

1.9.19 – 2021-06-29
Bugfix release
Removed Alipay from Stripe Checkout
redirect_to url encoding fix
PayPal Standard sometimes bringing user back to account page instead of thank you page

v1.9.18 – 2021-06-24
Added mepr-user-active-membership-titles shortcode
Card Testing feature for Stripe (blocks malicious users)
Additional payment methods supported in Stripe Checkout depending on location and availability (SEPA, iDEAL, Bancontact, Giropay, Sofort, p24, alipay)
CLP currency option
Send tax rate to Stripe properly
Account page subscription actions (cancel, pause, change plan etc) now show on their own lines
Drips/Expirations on Rules use local WP timezone now (fixed still uses UTC)
Update link hidden on account page if subscription uses Offline gateway
Refreshed Stripe gateway UI
Duplicate payment receipt emails being sent in some cases
Stripe Checkout on non-Single Page Checkouts
Coupons with Stripe Checkout
Expiration date showing incorrectly in some cases with fixed-date memberships
Taxes in prorations
Stripe Checkout error handling
Months translation fix in weekly stats widget
Membership-specific welcome emails with offline gateway
VAT number not stored with customer account when using Stripe Checkout
Conflict if signup and account form on same page
Stripe Checkout cancel URL encoded params bug
Stripe Checkout not working with gifting add-on

v1.9.17 – 2021-04-23
New gateway form defaults to Stripe
Error on PHP < 7.0 sites
Stripe Checkout fixes (subscriptions with free trial)

1.9.16 – 2021-04-22
Hide “update” link on paused subscriptions
Alter page/browser title on account page tabs
Password reset emails support template overrides
Password validation errors not appearing
Deprecated jQuery warnings
Various Stripe Checkout fixes
SQL create bug with some hosting setups

v1.9.12 – 2021-03-30
Added Stripe Checkout option
Better login scripts detection
Trial period bug with PayPal
Fix missing parameter in_array

List of MemberPress Pro Addons

  1. MemberPress Toolbox – Set Display Name v1.0.2
  2. MemberPress Toolbox – Manual Member Approval v1.1.6
  3. MemberPress Toolbox – Account Navigation Tabs v1.0.6 
  4. Memberpress divi v1.0.8
  5. MemberPress Elementor Content Protection v1.0.2
  6. memberpress beaver builder v1.0.4
  7. MemberPress PDF Invoice v1.1.17
  8. MemberPress Amazon Web Services (AWS) v1.3.6
  9. MemberPress Affiliate Royale v1.4.15
  10. MemberPress Active Campaign v1.1.0
  11. MemberPress AWeber v1.1.2
  12. MemberPress BuddyPress Integration v1.1.15
  13. MemberPress Campaign Monitor v1.0.2
  14. MemberPress Constant Contact v1.1.3
  15. MemberPress ConvertKit v1.2.2
  16. MemberPress Corporate Accounts v1.5.20
  17. MemberPress Delightful Downloads v1.0.3
  18. MemberPress Downloads v1.2.4
  19. MemberPress Developer Tools 1.2.14
  20. MemberPress Drip v1.0.2
  21. MemberPress Drip – Tags Version v1.1.2
  22. MemberPress GetResponse v1.1.2
  23. MemberPress HelpScout v1.0.7
  24. MemberPress Importer v1.6.7
  25. MemberPress MadMimi v1.0.2
  26. MemberPress MailChimp v1.0.7
  27. MemberPress MailChimp 3.0 Tags v1.2.3
  28. MemberPress MailPoet v1.2.4
  29. MemberPress Mailrelay v1.0.5
  30. MemberPress Mailster v1.1.2
  31. MemberPress Math CAPTCHA v1.1.7
  32. MemberPress Sendy v1.0.5
  33. MemberPress Courses v1.1.9
  34. MemberPress User Roles v1.0.5
  35. MemberPress WooCommerce v1.0.5
  36. MemberPress WP Simple Pay Pro v1.0.3

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Download MemberPress Pro v1.9.49 Nulled Free + Addons

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.