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Media Grid v7.3.1 - Wordpress Responsive Portfolio

Media Grid Nulled is a one-of-a-kind plugin that allows you to easily construct endless flexible, filterable, and paginated portfolios using the masonry engine.

Using sophisticated approaches, you may construct your own layouts, dynamically or manually mixing any media type and adapting to any container!


media grid wordpress responsive portfolio demo
media grid wordpress responsive portfolio demo 2

Features: Media Grid – Wordpress Responsive Portfolio

  • Portfolios with no layout restrictions are available indefinitely (freely shape up items to build grids)
  • Grid builder with visual drag&drop and mobile mode
  • Dynamic grids, repeating your base layouts, and shifting pieces are all options.
  • Make grids out of any public post on your website, combining it with Media Grid elements or utilizing photos from the WP Media Library.
  • Grid cloning in a single click
  • There are six different pagination mechanisms to select from (included infinite-scroll and numbered buttons)
  • Deeplinking solution for SEO: lightbox tracking, filters, search, and pagination (tracking browser history change)
  • Objects are shaped entirely with CSS (superfast)
  • Choose from a wide range of item types, all of which come with complete media support:
    • single images
    • video support in the image slider
    • Slider for images inline
    • Self-hosted videos on Youtube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion (lightbox and inline)
    • Spotify, Mixcloud, Soundcloud, and self-hosted audio are all good options (lightbox and inline)
      With the ability to use video as a background, inline text may be used.
    • Custom content in a lightbox
    • Link
    • Fetching material from posts or custom post types
  • Filtering mechanism for items (optionally searches through pages)
  • Grid filter by default (shortcode parameter)
  • 675 icons to personalize item overlays and enhance filters
  • Searching for objects in the grid using custom tags is now possible (optionally searches through pages)
  • Pagination of filtered results
  • Filters and search can be positioned at the top, left, or right of the grid.
  • Support for animated GIFs
  • AJAX-based lightbox that supports HTML and shortcodes.
    • 2 different lightbox modes (text or media focused)
    • 5 different content layouts for lightboxes
    • 6 different command styles for the lightbox
    • 3 entrance/sliding lightbox effects
    • There is no limit to the length of material that may be added to a website without affecting the page’s loading
    • Option to match the height of the contents to the text
    • Zooming mechanism for images (for single image item type)
    • The modal mode is a mode that allows you to change
    • There are no limits to the number of custom characteristics an item may have, and icon association is optional.
    • Use of the item’s data for proper social sharing (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+)
  • There are 16 different current loaders to pick from.
  • Ken Burns effect for things is an option.
  • Wizard for creating shortcodes
  • Native integration with Elementor, WPBakery Page Builder, and Divi Builder
  • The title of an item may be moved behind a picture using a shortcode (attached or detached)
  • Font-size and font-family control, full colors, gradients, margins, and borders
  • Override the pagination mechanism and grid aspect via shortcode instructions.
  • With 10 preset styles, you can get started right away with just one click.
  • Adapts to any container and is fully responsive.
  • XML sitemap for items to send material and photos to search engines
  • Integration with WooCommerce, including an optional “add-to-cart” button that supports quantity and changeable goods.
  • Incorporation of Disqus or Facebook Comments in the lightbox is an option.
  • With WPML certification and Polylang compatibility, the site is completely multilingual.
  • “Right-click” protection for images
  • With the Overlay Manager add-on, you may create an unlimited number of overlays.
  • Using the Advanced Filters add-on, you may create an unlimited number of filters.

Changelog: Media Grid – Wordpress Responsive Portfolio

v7.3.0 - release date 22/08/2022
ADDED item attributes for “custom content” item’s type
ADDED webP images support for inline slider images
ADDED switch using WP thumbs for webP images
ADDED support to Divi builder to be rendered in lightbox
NEW better scripts enqueuing
FIXED "require search to display FAQs" option in Gutenberg

v.7.2.0 - 22.08.2022
NEW grid initialized only when Muuri is ready
NEW added support for WooCommerce external/affiliate products
UPDATED LC WordPress Dashboard
FIXED lightbox rounded - hidden nav navigation display on mobile
FIXED various lightbox commands glitches on various display options
FIXED WooCommerce product overlay icon
FIXED media-focused lightbox contents preloader
FIXED item categories sorting order not saved
FIXED filter items count bug with button resetting filters

v7.1.2 - release date 29/04/2022
UPDATED LC WordPress Dashboard
FIXED RangeSlider value not rendered on frontend of Gutenberg blocks

v7.1.1 - release date 22/04/2022
FIXED DIKE javascript integration typo blocking plugin functionalities

v7.1.0 - release date 22/04/2022
Elementor and Gutenberg integrations now have an empty default gallery choice to avoid uncontrolled values override
Gutenberg blocks initialization improved
ADDED base-12 item sizes
UPDATED LC WordPress Dashboard
FIXED text under items not linked along with linked post items
FIXED "no results" text showing also cleaning the searchbar

v7.0.17 - release date 08/03/2022
UPDATED LC WordPress Dashboard
FIXED dynamic inline text resizer going into infinite loop
FIXED Gutenberg warning about fields "type

v7.0.15 - release date 03/03/2022
LC WordPress Dashboard introduced
FIXED global lightbox slider thumbs visibility option

v7.0.14 - release date 22/02/2022
FIXED Elementor widget not displayed in the list

v7.0.13 - release date 16/12/2021
FIXED chosen touch-interaction method not followed

v7.0.12 - release date 03/11/2021
FIXED media-focused slider's width for WooCommerce items
FIXED Divi CSS selectors with body-related classes
FIXED URL passed to Twitter sharing system

v7.0.11 - release date 18/10/2021
FIXED side filters placement

v7.0.10 - release date 06/08/2021
FIXED title under items sizing on filter/pagination

v7.0.9 - release date 26/07/2021
FIXED WP media library items usage in manual grids

v7.0.8 - release date 22/07/2021
filtering engine improvement

v7.0.7 - release date 19/07/2021
FIXED bad items placement on filter/pagination due to recent Muuri script
FIXED (some) custom icons now shown in secondary overlay
FIXED Divi builder not respecting certain CSS rules

v7.0.6 - release date 15/07/2021
Divi integration redone from scratch
ADDED compatiblity codes for WP 5.8
ADDED transient to let plugin recreate the custom CSS including add-on CSS

v7.0.5 - release date 11/07/2021
UPDATED Muuri (fixing items positioning bug)
FIXED filtered items pagination
FIXED MG options saving for WP media library images

v7.0.4 - release date 29/06/2021
FIXED media-focused lightbox layout on certain combinations
FIXED minor CSS glitches

v7.0.3 - release date 29/06/2021
FIXED typo leading to fatal error in frontend_css.php

v7.0.2 - release date 28/06/2021
FIXED lightbox image appended on any audio item
FIXED zoom function on matching height items
FIXED minor CSS glitches
better Divi integration

v7.0.1 - release date 28/06/2021
FIXED items dragging interaction whil using height's dropdown (grid builder)
FIXED item type icons in grid builder

v7.0 - release date 26/06/2021
complete code overhaul and optimization
new progressive image zooming system
new LC Micro Slider used also in lightbox context
lightbox now preloads next/prev items for a smoother user experience
ADDED media-focused lightbox mode
ADDED grid composition using WP media library images
ADDED Divi Builder native support
ADDED support for WooCommerce variation images
ADDED option to show counters aside of filters
ADDED spotify and mixcloud embedding
ADDED light theme for self-hosted player
ADDED option to use muted autoplay in lightbox
ADDED option to use custom touch behavior for overlays
ADDED optional responsive font sizes

v6.5.6 - release date 21/05/2021
FIXED custom attributes management
FIXED custom attributes display in item's editor

v6.5.5 - release date 19/05/2021
FIXED grid filtering behavior
FIXED conditional fields in settings

v6.5.4 - release date 16/05/2021
FIXED slider js plugin initialized multiple times

v6.5.3 - release date 12/05/2021
FIXED taxonomy's term selection in grid builder (started in v6.5)

v6.5.2 - release date 12/05/2021
various fixes to glitches started with v6.5

v6.5.1.1 - release date 09/05/2021
better auto-updater script management for old numeric veresions

v6.5.1 - release date 06/05/2021
minor fixes

v6.5 - release date 05/05/2021
code refactoring to adhere new Codecanyon standards

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Download Media Grid v7.3.1 Nulled Free

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