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MaxHost v9.4.1 - Web Hosting, WHMCS and Corporate Business WordPress Theme

The Maxhost Nulled WordPress theme includes WHMCS templates and a live page builder, allowing you to quickly establish a professional web hosting website.

Maxhost is a professionally designed web hosting and corporate company WordPress theme that allows you to create a fully working professional website in less half an hour. WHMCS templates (8.4x, 8.3x, 8.2x, 8.1x, 8.0x, 7.10x, and 7.9x compatible) || WooCommerce || Revolution Slider || WPBakery Page Builder || Aweber || Mega Menu || Elementor Widgets and many more powerful features are included.

You can now design and organize page layouts in real time using either Elementor or WPBakery’s drag and drop page builders, which are both quick and easy to use. It means you may experiment with the appearance and feel of your site while seeing a live preview before making any changes.


maxhost web hosting whmcs and corporate business wordpress theme demo 1

Features: MaxHost – Web Hosting, WHMCS and Corporate Business WordPress Theme with WooCommerce

  • All of the preview pages are ready to be installed with a single click utilizing the WPBakery page builder.
  • WPBakery has a drag-and-drop page builder built in.
  • Plugin Revolution Slider has been integrated.
  • Integrated Elementor Plugin
  • WooCommerce-ready to the nth degree
  • WHMCS Template is now available.
  • 3+ Portfolio Styles, 2+ Blog Styles, 2+ Contact Styles, 7+ Home Styles, 4+ Header Styles, 4+ Footer Styles, 3+ Portfolio Styles, 2+ Blog Styles, 2+ Contact Styles
  • Aweber is integrated for newsletter subscriptions.
  • More than 60 unique shortcodes
  • Multilingual Capability
  • Compatible with the most recent version of WordPress
  • Free Support for 6 Months

Changelog: MaxHost – Web Hosting, WHMCS and Corporate Business WordPress Theme with WooCommerce

v9.4.1 – 12th November 2022
1. WHMCS version 6 compatible templates included.

v9.4.0 – 4th November 2022
1. Godaddy Reseller Store plugin Compatible
2. WordPress 6.1 Compatible

v9.3.0 – 1st November 2022
1. Improvement: Images can be included before the drop-down items of the main Nav Menus.

v9.2.0 – 28th August 2022
1. Improvement: WPBakery Demo data updated
2. Tweak: CSS styles of Shop page updated

v9.1.0 – 25th August 2022
1. Improvement: WooCommerce 6.8.2 compatible

v9.0.0 – 25th June 20221.
1. Improvement: Newly designed templates included for WHMCS v8.5x and v8.4x.

v8.6.0 – 22nd June 2022
1. Improvement: WHMCS version 8.5.1 Compatible template included.

v8.5.0 – 15th June 2022
1. Improvement: WHMCS version 8.5.0 Compatible template included.
2. Improvement: WooCommerce 6.6.0 Compatible

v8.4.1 – 30th May 2022
1. Improvement: WordPress 6.0.x compatible
2. Improvement: WooCommerce 6.5.1 Compatible
3. Improvement: Rev Slider updated to its latest version
4. Tweak: Requires at least WordPress version 5.7

v8.3.0 – 26th March 2022
1. Improvement: New options added to adjust logo width and height as needed
2. Improvement: Language files updated
3. Improvement: WPBakery plugin updated to latest version

v8.2.1 – 21st March 2022
1. Improvement: WooCommerce 6.3x compatibility work done.

v8.2.0 – 23rd February 2022
1. WHMCS version 8.4.1 compatible template included.
2. Demo data file updated.

v8.1.0 – 17th February 2022
1. WooCommerce 6.2x compatibility work DONE.
2. Extension plugin updated.

v8.0.0 – 19th January 2022
1. WHMCS version 8.4 compatible template included.
2. WordPress 5.9x compatibility done.

v7.9.0 – 9th January 2022
1. Improvement: NEW Banner widget included in Elementor and WPBakery page builders.
2. Improvement: Bundled plugins installation process is now more user-friendly.

v7.8.0 – 1st January 2022
1. Elementor widgets are compatible with latest versions of Elementor plugin.
2. TGMPA plugin installer updated.

v7.7.2 – 21st December 2021
​1. Improvement: WHMCS version 8.4.0 RC1 compatible template included.
2. Improvement: WooCommerce version 6.x compatible.

v7.7.0 – 2nd December 2021
​1. Improvement: WHMCS version 8.3.2 compatible template included.
2. Verification process included in admin area.

v7.6.3 – 23rd November 2021
1. Improvement: WooCommerce 5.9.x compatible.

v7.6.2 – 29th October 2021
1. Improvement: WHMCS version 8.3.x compatible template included.
2. Improvement: WooCommerce 5.8.x compatible.

v7.6.1.1 – 7th October 2021
1. Fixed: In tablets Main Menu was overlapping the Logo.

v7.6.1 – 4th October 2021
1. Improvement: WHMCS version 8.2.1 compatible template included.
2. Improvement: WooCommerce 5.7.x and WooCommerce 5.6.x compatible.
3. Improvement: Documentation for WHMCS template integration updated.

v7.6.0 – 27th July 2021
1. Improvement: WordPress 5.8x compatible.
2. Improvement: New homepage variation added.

v7.5.2 – 9th July 2021
1. Improvement: New slider included for 2 homepage variations.
2. Improvement: WooCommerce 5.4.x and 5.5.x compatible.

v7.5.1 – 22nd June 2021
1. WHMCS version 8.2 compatible template included.

v7.5.0 – 6th April 2021
1. Improvement: WordPress 5.7.x and WooCommerce 5.1.x and 5.2.x compatible.
2. Fix: dropdown menu was pushing the slider down on open.

v7.4.3 – 27th February 2021
1. WHMCS version 8.1.3 & 8.1.2 compatible template included.

v7.4.2 – 22nd February 2021
1. WHMCS 8.1.1 compatible template included.

v7.4.1 – 12th February 2021
1. Improvements: WooCommerce latest version 5.x compatible.
2. Tweak: Minimum WordPress version required is 5.4.

v7.4 – 6th January 2021
1. Custom WHMCS template included for WHMCS version 8.1.x.

v7.3 – 18th December 2020
1. WordPress version 5.6 compatibility work DONE!
2. WooCommerce version 4.8 and 4.9 compatibility work DONE!
3. Custom WHMCS templates included for WHMCS versions 7.10x and 7.9x.

v7.2 – 6th December 2020
1. WooCommerce version 4.7.1 compatibility work DONE!

v7.0.1 – 17th November 2020
1. WHMCS v8.0.4 updates: Included WHMCS 8.0.4 compatible template
2. Removed deprecated WHMCS templates for version 7.8 and 7.9

v7.0 – 1st October 2020
1. Custom WHMCS template included for WHMCS version 8.0x
2. Fix some CSS issues of custom WHMCS template for WHMCS version 7.10.2
3. Removed deprecated WHMCS templates for version 7.5, 7.6 and 7.7

v6.3 – 17th August 2020
1. WordPress 5.5 Compatibility works DONE!
2. Demo data xml file updated.
3. WooCommerce version 4.6 compatibility work DONE!

v6.2 – 6th August 2020
1. Demo data xml file updated
2. WHMCS template updated according to whmcs version 7.10.2
3. Fixed: WHMCS template's CSS issue with 'promo headers'

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Download MaxHost v9.4.1 Nulled Free

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