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Legacy v9.4 – White label WordPress Admin Theme

Legacy Nulled – White label WordPress Admin Theme with feature White Label Branding, it comes with 20 elegant themes and gives you an option to Create your own custom theme. You can also Full control over appearance of Admin Menu, Top Bar, Buttons, Content Boxes, Typography, Forms, Text and background colors, logo, etc.

Legacy Admin compatible with both LTR and RTL . modes so can be used for any language. The legacy administrator is also Multisite compatible.

Admin Menu Management The addon is again an outstanding feature to use. You can easily Rename, Reorder menu items and submenu, Change menu icons, Enable/Disable Menu and submenu items.

Legacy admin comes with Beautiful fully customizable login screen theme. Also Control Bar Links, Customize Footer, Plugin Access, Login Page Customization Options, etc features that help you to design your web project (in WordPress) to your customers with your own corporate brand.

Check out our online demo: Legacy – White Label WordPress Admin Theme

Live Demo. Login with Username: demo and Password: demo


Features: Legacy – White label WordPress Admin Theme

Legacy White label WordPress Admin Theme
Legacy White label WordPress Admin Theme 1
Legacy White label WordPress Admin Theme 2
Legacy White label WordPress Admin Theme 3
Legacy White label WordPress Admin Theme 4
Legacy White label WordPress Admin Theme 5
Legacy White label WordPress Admin Theme 6
Legacy White label WordPress Admin Theme 7
Legacy White label WordPress Admin Theme 8
Legacy White label WordPress Admin Theme 9


  • Customize Admin Top Bar (All Links and CSS Styles)
  • Customize Footer
  • Customize the Login Section completely. Themes available, also create your own.
  • Customize Appearance to your Branding needs.
  • Fully customizable Admin Menu.
  • Custom logos and favorites to build your own brand in Admin Panel.


  • Rename Menu and Sub-Menu items.
  • Rearrange / Rearrange Menus and Submenus with Drag and Drop interface
  • Custom menu icons
  • Enable/Disable Menus and SubMenu Items

MULTISITE compatible

  • Ready to use on a multisite network.
  • Easy to install on multisite networks.
  • Customize for Network Enabled mode or Individual sites on the network.

Colors, Themes and Styles

  • 20 awesome themes available
  • Multicolor, Dark theme, Light color
  • Create your own custom theme
  • Ability to edit elegant themes (using the import theme file option)
  • Fully customize the DashBoard Admin interface using the many available options.
  • See Screenshot for all available options.

Login screen

  • Built-in beautiful Theme login screen.
  • Custom Logo for Login Page
  • Fully customize the look with lots of built-in styling options
  • Show/Hide URL links like “Back to Site” and “Forgot Password”
  • Control the color, opacity, background, font, etc. of any element on the login page.

Styling options

  • Choose an existing theme or create your own.
  • Form Custom CSS Options Panel
  • Button customization options (Primary and secondary button options. Controls both Hover color.)
  • Logo and Favicon options
  • Update images from external URLs. To control images on all your client sites from a single place.
  • Enable/Disable page loader
  • Fully customize the CSS of Main Admin management
  • Admin Control Top bar style
  • Content box styling options
  • Theme options main color
  • General Layout CSS Customizations
  • and more…


  • All Admin Control Top bar links.
  • Customize CSS options as needed.
  • Available in 2 different styles (Full Width and Part Width)
  • Remove unwanted links using button ID
  • Show Sign Out link in the top bar
  • On/Off top bar (both on front and back side)
  • Change the User Greeting (Howdy) to the desired text.


  • 650+ Google Fonts built-in
  • Support multiple Fonts. Example: Different font for title, menu, body.
  • Use the default desktop font as a backup font for Google Fonts.
  • Advanced Typography options to control font size, line height, font strength, font subsets, etc.
  • Custom text in Footer.
  • Show/Hide WordPress version information from footer

Import Export

  • Easy import and export settings panel
  • It’s okay to transfer settings to any other website
  • The ability to edit themes is available by importing settings.

Is different

  • Built-in smooth scrolling
  • Built-in page loader
  • Black box encryption standard
  • Documentation
  • Admin Added compatibility with Menu Editor Pro plugin.
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Fast and dedicated support
  • Themes will be added regularly
  • Compatible with almost all wordpress Plugins & Themes.
  • The ability to add your custom CSS code too
  • Edit Footer Text

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Changelog: Legacy – White label WordPress Admin Theme

v9.4 - 5th Sept 2022
UPDATE: Wordpress 6.0.x compatible
UPDATE: Removed unused code
UPDATE: Improved CSS for various elements

Version 9.3 – 29th Mar 2022
UPDATE: Removed unused code
UPDATE: WordPress 5.9.x compatible
UPDATE: Improved CSS for various elements
UPDATE: Improved Welcome Panel CSS
UPDATE: Removed version info from plugin settings panel.
UPDATE: Improved dynamic CSS generation.
UPDATE: Improved Admin top bar user info dropdown section.
UPDATE: Improved Login page CSS settings.
UPDATE: Improved Admin Left Menu CSS.

v9.2 – 16th Aug 2021
UPDATE: Removed unused code
UPDATE: Menu settings page strings escaped for translation
UPDATE: Plugin settings page strings escaped for translation
UPDATE: Replaced .click(), .bind() etc. events with .on() events
UPDATE: Escapsed all dynamic data
UPDATE: WordPress 5.8.x compatible

Version 9.1 – 6th March 2021
UPDATE: Fixed Content Box Styling
UPDATE: WordPress 5.6.x compatible
UPDATE: Fixed count number styling in admin menu
UPDATE: Fixed Menu management rename option.
UPDATE: Improved CSS for various elements
ADDED : New branding option added as Email Settings tab. Can update From Email Address and From Name for outgoing email notifications.
UPDATE: Fixed heading font issue in certain elements
UPDATE: Select box form element styling fixed
UPDATE: Fixed hero button styling
UPDATE: Dashboard widgets move order styling added.
UPDATE: Admin top bar styling options removed. Restored to single style.
UPDATE: Updated inbuilt color theme CSS files
UPDATE: Fixed admin top bar and left menu overlapping issue

v8.1 – 26 July 2020
UPDATE: PHP 7.4 version compatibility
UPDATE: Updated smooth scroll plugin to latest version
UPDATE: Fixed login_headertitle deprecated warning on login page.
UPDATE: Fixed implode() warning in plugin fonts library
ADDED: Add CSS variables info in plugin options panel for dynamic and better custom css codes.
UPDATE: Improved CSS
UPDATE: Fixed wordpress add new plugin page layouts
UPDATE: Regenarated and Minified CSS files

v7.2 – 04th May 2020
ADDED: CSS variables implemented in styles. Now css variables can be implemented in custom css option panel.
UPDATE: menu management string tags from names
FIXED: menu managemnet – showing counts for plugins, comments, and updates
UPDATE: elementor compatibility
UPDATE: gutenberg compatibilty
UPDATE: Improved css
UPDATE: WordPress 5.4.x compatiblility
FIXED: continue 2 php warning for php 7.3.x versions.
UPDATE: Regenerated external plugin css

Version 7.1 – 21st January 2020
Update: WordPress 5.3.x compatible
Update: Improved login page css and improvements
Update: Minify login page css
Added: Extra settings custom css for login page
Update: Improved plugin css
Update: Regenerated and Minified plugin main css files

Version 6.3 – 09th June 2019
Update: WordPress 5.2.x compatible
Update: Improved Login Page style
Update: Regenerate Minified CSS files
Update: Improved Collapse button style
Update: Improved Gutenberg style settings
Update: Improved overall style
Update: Improved Documentation
Update: Regenerate all inbuilt CSS files

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Download Legacy v9.4 Nulled Free

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.