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LatePoint v4.6.2 (+Addons) – Appointment Booking & Reservation Plugin For WordPress

LatePoint Nulled – Simple and intuitive appointment booking plugin

Are you tired of complicated booking software that takes forever to set up and once you do that – it slows down your entire website causing you to lose potential customers? Try LatePoint – our simple and intuitive appointment booking plugin focuses on your customers, making it super simple to schedule an appointment with just a few clicks.

Osetin is an expert in User Interface design, with over 15 years of experience, tens of thousands of customers are using Osetin products to improve their business.

Install in 5 minutes or less

LatePoint Plugin has created a special setup wizard that will help you complete the setup process in less than 5 minutes, create agents, add services and set business hours. And that’s it, then just insert a booking code button anywhere on your page and your customers will be able to book appointments in no time.

Social login available

LatePoint makes it easy for your customers by allowing them to log in with popular social networks to pre-populate their name/email/phone information. Once they create an account, they can manage bookings online.

Powerful management reporting

While simple on the outside, it is incredibly powerful on the inside. LatePoint Plugin has created a clean and modern admin dashboard for company owners to easily view reports on agent performance and service and customer management.


Features LatePoint – Appointment Booking & Reservation plugin for WordPress

Features LatePoint
  • Make appointments and schedule daily usage for customers and admins.
  • With a simple 3-step installation process and helpful setup wizard, you’ll be ready to accept bookings in no time.
  • Simple steps can be reordered or omitted
  • Each Agent has their own dashboard and calendar
  • Powerful client interface management. Your clients can manage appointments, send you messages and more.
  • Supporting the biggest names in Payments Stripe, PayPal and BrainTree allow you to accept payments in most countries globally.
  • Intelligent performance reporting and analysis for resellers and services
  • Full control over work schedule
  • Quick preview when your agency is available
  • Send appointment reminders and notifications via SMS and Email.

Changelog LatePoint – Appointment Booking & Reservation plugin for WordPress Nulled Free

v4.6.2 = Oct 7, 2022
Fixed currency formatting when using dot for thousand separator
Added filters and actions requested by discord users
Added support for large service prices

Version 4.6.1
Sep 14, 2022
Fixed issue with custom fields re-ordering, custom fields addon needs to be udpated as well.

Version 4.6.0
Sep 12, 2022
Added new shortcode [latepoint_resources items="services|agents|locations" columns="3|4|5"] which outputs items in a grid, with a book now button.
Added ability for customers to view booking summary from customer cabinet.

v4.5.0 - Sep 5, 2022
Support for File upload and Google Address Autosuggest fields in Custom Fields addon
Support for custom booking statuses

v4.4.8 - Aug 23, 2022
!Important: You have to reset your cache for the changes to take effect.
Price formatting settings
Price breakdown on booking form and in summary
New updated summary look
Support for taxes addon, and invoices addon (coming later this month)
Booking Summary can now be viewed on mobile phones
Calendars now show availability across all services
Many other small fixes

Version 4.4.1 - Jun 4th, 2022
Location not set issue when creating new booking in admin
Chart not showing (conflict with Wordfence plugin resolved)
Buffers are now being respected correctly
Cancelled appointments are now remove from calendar and are not blocking slots anymore
Fixed iss when group booking was not turning off slot when minimum required capacity is reached
Translations files updated
Slots for today that are passed are now correctly being shown as non bookable

v4.4.0 - Jun 2nd, 2022
New dashboard design
Availability popup to show number of available time slots per day
Sync support for full day Google Calendar events
Fixed Google Calendar connection issues
Timezone related issues

Version 4.3.7 - Oct 31th, 2021
Fixed an issue where locations are not visible even though they were created before.

Version 4.3.6 - Oct 31th, 2021
Locations can be organized in groups
Timezone can be displayed in time picker, verification and confirmation steps

Version 4.3.5 - Oct 31th, 2021
Fixed issue when end time was displayed as 00:00 on verification step

Version 4.3.4 - Oct 7th, 2021
You can now reorder services from service categories page, even when you don't show categories on a front-end
Fixed update notification

v4.3.3 - Aug 4th, 2021
Fixed issue when LatePoint agent was not saving a connection with WordPress user.

Version 4.3.2 July 31th, 2021
Fixed appointment date translation issue in notifications
Fixed selected start time and date shortcode attributes
Fixed issue when minimum capacity was not pre-filled If service is preselected
Fixed group bookings overflow issue in a popup
Fixed typos

= Version 4.2.3 February 6th, 2021 =
If duration is longer or equal to 60 minutes it will be shown in hours and minutes. So 120 minutes duration will appear as 2 hours, 90 minutes will appear as 1 hour and 30 minutes etc...This can be disabled in settings - steps, via a checkbox option.

= Version 4.2.2 February 3rd, 2021 =
Fixed bug on agent edit form that was not showing service linking selection
Improved styling of facebook and google sign in buttons on mobile

Version 4.1.1 December 17th, 2020
Fixed issue with google calendar event and zoom meeting not being cancelled automatically when customer cancels booking from customer dashboard.

= Version 4.1.0 December 15th, 2020 =
Zoom Meetings Addon: New Addon
Added hook that deletes google calendar event when Latepoint booking was deleted
Reminders Addon: Email Reminders allow HTML input
Messages Addon: Messages gets deleted when booking is deleted
Service Extras: Fixed issue with service extras not being saved to google calendar and zoom
Custom Fields: checkbox field allows to set custom label for on/off values using .pot editing
Google Calendar: You can now set event description template as well as event title using all of the variables that were available for email templates
Added Checkbox to disable ability for customers to cancel their bookings from customer dashboard
Booking That is being edited will not block slots on quick availability panel
Php 8 Compatibility
Improved quick availability UI, highlighting selected timeslot, ability to load previous days and more

= v4.0.4 - December 4th, 2020 =
Added "Total Price" to the list of variables that can be used in a tracking code on confirmation step (useful for facebook pixel and other tracking tools)
Added ability to search customers by email, phone and name on booking form panel in admin
Added pre-loading limit to customers list on a booking form panel in admin
Fixed issue with google calendar two way sync (!IMPORTANT - Update Google Calendar Addon)
Fixed issue that was causing skipping payment step when only PayPal addon installed (Update payment addons if needed)

### v4.0.3 November 28th, 2020
Messages Addon - now allows to chat with many customers from one chat box
Messages Addon - added link and notification on top bar to quickly read new messages from customers

Fixed issue with weekly calendar not displaying appointments
Fixed “Cancel” button not disappearing from customer dashboard even when appointment is cancelled
Fixed issue with group booking showing time slot as unavailable even when there are still available slots left
Fixed issue when status change was not correctly reflected in email/sms notification
Fixed issue displaying multiple custom work schedules on the popup form, added scroll on overflow
Improved rendering of a quick booking form with availability on tablets and small displays
Fixed error on customer dashboard when trying to update customer data or send messages (messages addon update required as well!)

### v4.0.1 November 5th, 2020
- Fixes: Fixed multisite error issue

### v4.0.0 November 5th, 2020

- Plugin can now update itself when purchase code is activated
- Custom Fields: added ability to hide fields from summary page
- Social Login: updated branding for Facebook and Google buttons
- Added RazorPay payment gateway
- Added stripe 3D Secure SCA payments support
- Added ability to remove Zip/Postal Code fields on Stripe Payment form
- Added Braintree 3D Secure SCA Payments support
- Adds ability to delete appointments from database
- Adds ability to show “All Locations” on dashboard and bookings index
- Improved appearance of the performance widget on dashboard
- Pre-selected service can now show durations and quantity selector
- Fixed issue that prevented loading of the calendar for 2 month ahead schedule
- Fixed session issue in WordPress health check console
- Fixed issue when customer choose one category then one service but then go back to another category and service, the calculator will add the prices instead of clearing it and starting over.
- Fixes issue of service extras disapearing when changing booking status from “Pending Appointments” page
- Fixes issue of price calculation when service is pre-selected
- Fixed issue when too many customer bookings were not properly displayed in admin
- Social Login: fixed google and Facebook login issue when phone number and other fields were required
- Fixes issue when two customers start booking process at the same time and end up booking the same time slot

LatePoint Addons List – Appointment Booking & Reservation Plugin (Update)

All LatePoint Addons – Appointment Booking & Reservation Plugin are being tested and updated on 06/10 (UTC+7), please wait until this is tested. FreeWP sincerely thanks the source of update links from users sent to admin.

  1. LatePoint Timezone Selector Addon v1.1.0
  2. LatePoint Service Durations Addon v1.0.5
  3. LatePoint Google Calendar Addon v1.2.9
  4. LatePoint Coupons Addon v1.0.9
  5. LatePoint Messages v1.1.1
  6. LatePoint Addon – Group Bookings v1.1.0
  7. LatePoint Addon – Locations v1.0.9
  8. LatePoint Addon – Payments Braintree v1.0.5
  9. LatePoint Addon – Payments Paypal v1.0.3
  10. LatePoint Addon – Payments Paystack v1.0.3
  11. LatePoint Addon – Payments Razorpay v1.0.6
  12. LatePoint Addon – Payments Squareup v1.0.2
  13. LatePoint Addon – Payments Stripe v1.1.1
  14. LatePoint Addon – QR Code v1.0.2
  15. LatePoint Addon – Service Extras v1.1.1
  16. LatePoint Addon – Zoom v1.0.0
  17. LatePoint Addon – Reminders v1.0.2
  18. LatePoint Addon – Custom Fields v1.2.2
  19. LatePoint Addon – SMS Twilio v1.0.1
  20. LatePoint Addon – Webhooks v1.0.3
  21. LatePoint Addon – Taxes v1.0.0

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Download LatePoint v4.6.2 Nulled + Addons

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.