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JupiterX v2.5.2 – Multi-Purpose Responsive Theme

Jupiter Nulled Theme is your all-in-one platform for creating pixel-perfect websites, quickly and easily. The theme comes with Elementor page builder, the world’s leading WordPress page builder.

You can customize Jupiter Theme anywhere using the WordPress customizer. The all-new store customizer helps you customize every aspect of your online store, including checkout and cart pages. Moreover, you can now build your own headers and footers easily with visual editors.

Jupiter X Theme also allows to customize your blog and portfolio listings and single pages. It doesn’t stop there! Now you can easily customize your custom posts archive and single pages allowing to create any listing/directory website like hotel, car rental, real estate, gallery, job site and much more .

JupiterX not only has over 250 pre-made website templates, but also hundreds of page block templates to save your time and get you inspired. Artbees provides new and updated website every month.


Features Jupiter – Elementor Multi-Purpose Theme

Features Jupiter

Revolutionary Customizer:

  • 100% Visual Page Builder (WYSIWYG)
  • Store Customizer (WooCommerce)
  • Title construction
  • Build footer
  • Blog customization
  • Customize Portfolio
  • Theme Customizer (Front-end Theme Options)
  • Build pop-ups
  • Building Magazine Magazine
  • Post single page customization
  • Template Builder
  • Customize post archive

Core features:

  • SEO Optimization
  • Multilingual WPML, PolyLang
  • Support RTL
  • Google and Adobe fonts
  • Unique title per page
  • Plugin Manager
  • Unique footer per page
  • Responsive & Retina Ready
  • Customize 404 . page
  • Contact Form
  • Sidebar sidebar management
  • Customize the Search page
  • Customize the title bar
  • Auto save
  • Edit History
  • Customize Lightbox Lightbox
  • Custom color picker
  • Undo
  • Save and reuse sections
  • Customize Widgets
  • Custom burger menu
  • Custom maintenance page
  • Website templates (including PSD)
  • Page section template
  • Widget customization
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Custom storage
  • 22 elements exclusive to Elementor
  • Save and reuse pages and sections
  • Site navigation and management

Technical features:

  • Built on top of the best open source libraries/plugins for even more extensibility and customization.
  • Developer friendly (highly customizable in various aspects).
  • Strictly adhere to standard WP techniques for more plugin compatibility.
  • Very light
  • Asset compiler. Load dynamic assets.
  • Every line of code is optimized
  • Loads of actions and filters for even more customization

Included plugins:

Changelog Jupiter – Multi-Purpose Responsive Theme + JupiterX Nulled Free

Bug Fix: Fixed Layout Builder remove button issue.
Bug Fix: Fixed undefined array key error in Nav Menu.
Bug Fix: Fixed removing empty font type URL from CSS.
Bug Fix: Fixed file upload issue in Form widget.
Bug Fix: Fixed incompatibilities with PHP 7.
Bug Fix: Fixed alignment controls in slides.
Bug Fix: Fixed Custom Snippet JS error.
Bug Fix: Fixed Layout Builder admin JS issues.

Bug Fix: Fixed deprecated functions.
Bug Fix: Fixed Product Additional info errors.
Bug Fix: Fixed Media Attachment compatibility issue.
Bug Fix: Fixed Product Rating link issue.
Bug Fix: Fixed Custom Icon typos.
Bug Fix: Fixed Advanced Menu small control issue.
Bug Fix: Fixed Layout Builder importing issue.
Bug Fix: Fixed Global Widget issue in fresh installation.
Bug Fix: Fixed disabling Layout Builder issue.

Feature: Added Product Title widget.
Feature: Added Product Gallery widget.
Feature: Added Product Reviews widget.
Feature: Added Additional Information widget.
Feature: Added Add to Cart widget.
Feature: Added Product Data Tabs widget.
Feature: Added Global widget feature.
Feature: Added Button widget extra options.
Feature: Added Motion Effect feature.
Feature: Added Custom Attribute feature.
Feature: Added Role Manager feature.
Feature: Added Product Price widget.
Feature: Added Product Rating widget.
Feature: Added Product Meta widget.
Feature: Added Product Content widget.
Feature: Added Product Short Description widget.
Feature: Added Tooltip feature.
Feature: Added My Account widget.
Feature: Added Custom CSS feature.
Feature: Added Dynamic Content feature.
Feature: Added Site Title widget.
Feature: Added Author Box widget.
Feature: Added WooCommerce Breadcrumb widget.
Feature: Added Advanced Menu widget.
Feature: Added Custom Fonts feature.
Feature: Added Custom Icons feature.
Feature: Added Pricing Table widget.
Feature: Added Animated Heading widget.
Feature: Added Flip Box widget.
Feature: Added Price List widget.
Feature: Added Archive Title widget.
Feature: Added Description widget.
Feature: Added Lottie widget.
Feature: Added Call to Action widget.
Feature: Added Hotspot widget.
Feature: Added Media Carousel widget.
Feature: Added Testimonial Carousel widget.
Feature: Added Slider widget.
Feature: Added Reviews widget.
Feature: Added Business Hours widget.
Feature: Added Product Media Attachment feature.
Feature: Added Content Switch widget.
Improvement: Improved template importing process.
Improvement: Improved Form Elementor widget.
Improvement: Improved Layout Builder issues.
Improvement: Improved location of some conditions in Layout Builder.
Improvement: Improved showing widgets based on the type of page.
Improvement: Improved Layout Builder UX.
Improvement: Improved Video widget.
Improvement: Improved Layout builder compatibility with JetWooBuilder.
Bug Fix: Fixed header issue with custom template.
Bug Fix: Fixed Crocoblock plugin conflict.
Bug Fix: Fixed pot file generation small issue.
Bug Fix: Fixed search form error.
Bug Fix: Fixed some conditions functionality in Layout Builder.
Bug Fix: Fixed menu icons conflict.
Bug Fix: Fixed lite theme version rollback issue.
Bug Fix: Fixed SellKit warning.
Bug Fix: Fixed Product widget tag issue.
Bug Fix: Fixed showing extra custom post types in control panel.
Feature: Added Media Carousel widget.
Removed: For better UX Elementor Pro ads are removed from everywhere.
Improvement: Improved Layout Builder functionality.

Bug Fix: Fixed some security issues.
Bug Fix: Fixed anchor link in single product review.
Bug Fix: Fixed SellKit Free installation issue.
Bug Fix: Fixed deprecated preg_match() notices.
Bug Fix: Fixed Products layout option.
Bug Fix: Fixed Affiliate/WP Affiliate Portal compatibility issue.
Bug Fix: Fixed Content Import issue in template installation.
Bug Fix: Fixed naming issue in template categories.
Bug Fix: Fixed critical error when WooCommerce is not active.
Bug Fix: Fixed Layout builder loading issue.
Bug Fix: Fixed Image Sizes tool issue.

Bug Fix: Fixed some security issues.

Improvement: Improved Layout Builder to handle WooCommerce sections when it’s not active.
Bug Fix: Fixed deprecated notices with Elementor 3.6.x
Bug Fix: Fixed duplicated logo.
Bug Fix: Fixed container border in Products element.
Bug Fix: Fixed Jupiter X elements icons when Inline Font Icons experiment is active.
Bug Fix: Fixed misplaced Shopping Cart and Search elements.
Bug Fix: Fixed visual issues caused by Elementor’s Improve Assets Loading.
Bug Fix: Fixed products element sorting option.
Bug Fix: Fixed Customizer warning message.
Bug Fix: Fixed multilingual issue of search box in search page.
Bug Fix: Fixed PHP 8 issues.

Improvement: Moved Overlap settings from Customizer to Layout Builder.
Improvement: Added SellKit widgets preview label.
Improvement: Added SellKit banner.
Bug Fix: Fixed saving templates issue in Elementor editor.
Bug Fix: Fixed critical error in child theme.
Bug Fix: Fixed draft articles shows on the Posts widget.
Bug Fix: Fixed displaying issue in Posts Carousel widget.
Bug Fix: Fixed missing custom post type archive page settings in Customizer.
Bug Fix: Fixed Form widget checkbox typography issue which affects the label.
Bug Fix: Fixed PHP warnings in the Dashboard.

v6.10.0 v1.0.4 v1.4.0 v6.7.0
Improvement: Updated WPBakery Page Builder (Modified Version) plugin.
Improvement: Added Lazy Load option in Image shortcode.
Improvement: Added captions in Image Galleries’ lightbox shortcode.
Improvement: Added Type option in Theme Options > Page Title > Breadcrumbs page to control type of breadcrumb.
Bug Fix: Fixed warnings caused by unimported images after template installation.
Bug Fix: Fixed PHP 8 issues.
Bug Fix: Fixed wrong position of sidebar in Firefox.
Bug Fix: Fixed broken Header Builder when using latest jQuery version.
Bug Fix: Fixed undefined varibale in Custom List shortcode.
Bug Fix: Fixed Cart popup issue in the header.
Bug Fix: Removed Crop and Resize option from magazine style of Blog shortcode to prevent confusion.
Bug Fix: Fixed untranslatable Quick View word.
Bug Fix: Fixed layout issue of Thank You page in mobile.
Bug Fix: Fixed broken admin stykes and scripts in new post page.
Bug Fix: Fixed Layout Builder issue in showing the correct template when Elementor Pro is active.
Bug Fix: Fixed GDPR regulation issue caused by Social Login element.
Bug Fix: Fixed broken icons in Customizer.
Bug Fix: Fixed Customizer’s issues with Child Theme.
Bug Fix: Fixed Columns option issue in Products element.
Bug Fix: Fixed broken Dashboard > Settings tab.
Bug Fix: Fixed hidden Dynamic tags when Elementor Pro was not registered.

Jupiter X theme v1.26.0 Jupiter X Core plugin v1.23.0
Improvement: Added “default value” field to the Form fields.
Improvement: Added “Request Parameter” dynamic tag.
Improvement: Added a notice for autoplay option in the Video element.
Improvement: Reordered the settings in the Control Panel > Settings.
Improvement: Extended the Categories element to accept any taxonomies.
Improvement: Improved compatibility of the Search Form element with WPML plugin.
Bug Fix: Fixed plugin update notice issue.
Bug Fix: Fixed WooCommerce templates show error after notice.
Bug Fix: Fixed self-hosted video upload issue in the Video element.
Bug Fix: Fixed navigating issue among items in the Posts Carousel element on mobile devices.
Bug Fix: Fixed selecting categories issue in the Categories element.
Bug Fix: Fixed backslash stripping in the Form element.
Bug Fix: Fixed submit button animation in the Form element.
Bug Fix: Fixed box-shadow being cut-off in the Post Carousel element.
Bug Fix: Fixed broken Jet Price Filter style in shop page.
Bug Fix: Fixed “Undefined JupiterX Options” error.

Jupiter X theme Jupiter X Core plugin
v1.25.1 v1.22.1
Improvement: Added Smooth Scroll option in Control Panel > Settings to control theme smooth scroll feature.
Bug Fix: Fixed sticky header gets hidden when clicking on the Toggle/Acoordion/Tab item.
Bug Fix: Fixed missing Body Border option in Customizer.
Bug Fix: Fixed full width issue in Post Carousel element when using space between option.
Bug Fix: Fixed JavaScript error when enabling lightbox option in Video element.

= JupiterX v1.25.0 =
Improvement: Improved Search element to be compatiblie with Polylang plugin.
Improvement: Improved assests regenration after update.
Improvement: Improved Form element filter to handle hidden fields.
Improvement: Improved Form element to play nicely with sticky header.
Bug Fix: Fixed Elementor templates library issue.
Bug Fix: Fixed error in Control Panel > Plugins when debug mode is enabled.
Bug Fix: Fixed load more button in Products element where there is no more products to show.
Bug Fix: Fixed Full Screen layout hidden status in mobile in Navigation Menu element.
Bug Fix: Fixed SVG icons import on template installation.
Bug Fix: Fixed template installation issue stuck in “Custom tables are imported” step.
Bug Fix: Fixed Breadcrumb issue with inner custom post type posts.
Bug Fix: Fixed Acceptance field issue when required in Form element.
Bug Fix: Fixed fatal error when disabling all Jupiter X elements in Control Panel > Settings..
Bug Fix: Fixed some deprecated notices after Elementor update.
Bug Fix: Removed Digg social share button.
Bug Fix: Hide Edit Header/Footer buttons in Site Settings of Elementor editor.

= JupiterX v1.24.0 =
Improvement: Added an option to manage google fonts from Control Panel > Settings.
Improvement: Added share button in single post.
Improvement: Improved Portfolio order option.
Improvement: Improved Posts Per Page option in Posts element to accept -1 to show all posts.
Improvement: Improved Form element field mapping to show proper value on different conditions.
Improvement: Improved Threshold option of the reCaptcha V3 to accept proper values.
Bug Fix: Fixed an issue caused by third-party plugin.
Bug Fix: Fixed error in Control Panel after previous update.
Bug Fix: Fixed Navigation Menu element mobile menu with issue.
Bug Fix: Fixed Form element UX options.
Bug Fix: Fixed Excerpt Length option in Posts Carousel element.
Bug Fix: Fixed WPML plugin compatibility with Video element.
Bug Fix: Fixed Mega menu link issue.
Bug Fix: Fixed Posts Carousel element compatibility issue with Elementor Pro plugin causing not showing featured images.
Bug Fix: Fixed Posts Carousel element Space Between and Autoplay options.
Bug Fix: Fixed Posts element not showing All label when sortable is enabled.
Bug Fix: Fixed Video element dynamic tags issue. Added custom key option.

= JupiterX v1.22.1 =
Improvement: Added Multilingual Customizer option in Control Panel > Settings to enable/disable multilingual feature for Customizer.

= Jupiter v6.8.0 + JupiterX v1.22.0 =
Improvement: Updated WPBakery Page Builder (Movified Version) plugin.
Improvement: Added rel=”nooppener noreferrer” to all social links.
Improvement: Improved WooCommerce email sharing feature by adding product link to in message body.
Improvement: Improved Quick Cart popup visiblity by increasing the hover out delay.
Bug Fix: Social-hosted background video issue in Page Section shortcode.
Bug Fix: Collapsing issue in Toggle shortcode.
Bug Fix: Extra spacing in Swipe Slideshow shortcode.
Bug Fix: Missing images in Fullwidth Slideshow shortcode.
Bug Fix: Icon search issue in shortcodes.
Bug Fix: Hidden content caused by fixed background attachment.
Bug Fix: Ajax search showing hidden products.
Bug Fix: Typo in German translation.
Bug Fix: Google analytics is not working properly.
Bug Fix: wp_remote_get() issue in System Status page.

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Download JupiterX v2.5.2 Nulled Free

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.