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JetWooBuilder v2.0.5 - WooCommerce Page Builder Addon for Elementor

JetWooBuilder Nulled is a must-have addon allowing to add fully-fledged WooCommerce pages built with Elementor, use them as templates, and create loads of attractive WooCommerce content with versatile WooCommerce widgets.
Creating WooCommerce content becomes a really easy task with JetWooBuilder. The plugin has everything one needs when building a WooCommerce-based online store with Elementor.

It allows creating product page and product archive templates with versatile layouts and structure. You won’t have any limits while building a WooCommerce page.

The process of implementing it is as easy as breathing, so one doesn’t need to learn coding skills in order to succeed.

JetWooBuilder plugin is also a great asset when one needs specific WooCommerce dynamic widgets to add a purchasing button, product image or description.


Create a single product page template
Create a single product page template
Orchestrate the shop page at one stroke
Orchestrate the shop page at one stroke
Custom Cart page
Custom Cart page
Custom Checkout page
Custom Checkout page

Features: JetWooBuilder

Made for Elementor

JetWooBuilder is an addon for Elementor live page builder, which allows creating unique WooCommerce product page and product archive templates.

Perfect for creating templates

JetWooBuilder allows creating unique Product page templates and implementing them to the existing products in a matter of several clicks, all the process simple and clear.

Great for building product archives

The plugin provides everything needed for creating WooCommerce product archive templates, allowing to set the unique playouts and use versatile content widgets.

15 unique woocommerce widgets

Enjoy the opportunity to choose from loads of eye-catching content widgets, such as Add to Cart, Excerpt, Image, Rating, Related, and many others.

No coding skills needed

It doesn’t matter if you have any coding experience, with JetWooBuilder you’ll be able to create really stunning WooCommerce product pages without ever touching a single line of code.

Limitless page layouts

Implement different page layouts for the product pages to create your unique stylish templates, that will perfectly suit your purpose.

Amazing layout widgets

Display the products and product taxonomies in the form of attractive layouts on any page built with Elementor you need!

Fully responsive

JetWooBuilder plugin ensures that your product pages will look classy not only on desktops, but also on mobile devices.

Effective 24/7 support

Competent and effective 24/7 support team will solve any questions concerning JetWooBuilder plugin! We make it easy to use JetWooBuilder and build creative and unique content and WooCommerce pages for everyone.

Detailed documentation

All the steps from installing JetWooBuilder plugin to creating WooCommerce page templates and adding WooCommerce widgets is uncovered in the detailed documentation! We’ve ensured that it will be easy for anyone to use JetWooBuilder plugin!

Changelog JetWooBuilder – WooCommerce Page Builder Addon for Elementor

* Updated: Allow accessing JetWooBuilder JS object from the global scope;
* Tweak: Better WPML compatibility;
* Tweak: Better Astra theme compatibility;
* Fixed: Empty favourites query;
* Fixed: My account controls ID conflict;
* Fixed: Product variation metadata output in Cart Table widget;

* Added: Favourites query type for Product Grid/List widgets;
* Added: New query type Stock Status for Products Grid/List widgets;
* Tweak: Custom stock status functionality in Products Grid/List widgets;
* Fixed: Custom taxonomy template functionality works separately from shop template functionality;
* Fixed: Ajax add to cart spinner styles;
* Fixed: Carousel render with overflow option;

* Fixed: Products Grid badges align;
* Fixed: Archive Rating widget missing global `$product` variable;
* Fixed: Compatibility with Elementor 3.7;
* Fixed: Additional minor bugs;

* Fixed: Products Grid widget box-shadow controls visibility;

* Added: `jet-woo-builder/widgets/archive/pre-product-price` hook to rewrite archive product price output;
* Fixed: Themes compatibilities issues;
* Fixed: Variation product single AJAX add to cart;
* Fixed: Carousels pagination styles section visibility;
* Fixed: Display Archive widgets in JetEngine listing;

* Added: Woo Page Builder template tabs;
* Added: WooCommerce placeholder image handling in widgets;
* Added: Single Rating widget reviews link captions;
* Added: Style & Advanced tabs to custom templates in Elementor editor;
* Added: Single Template Elementor editor settings;
* Added: Style controls for Single Tabs widget;
* Added: Empty rating functionality in Products Grid/List widgets;
* Added: Products List & Categories Grid widgets clickable item functionality;
* Added: Products List widget content elements align controls;
* Added: Manual selection of categories in Categories Grid widget;
* Added: Archive items templates editor canvas view;
* Added: Responsiveness in checkout forms;
* Added: WooCommerce action widget;
* Added: Dynamic & macros functionalities for IDs fields in Products List/Grid widgets;
* Updated: Better JetEngine compatibility;
* Updated: Better Elementor 3.6 compatibility;
* Updated: Widgets controls and templates;
* Updated: Better Blocksy theme compatibility;
* Updated: JetDashboard to 2.0.9;
* Tweak: Widget accessibility for different template types;
* Tweak: Single Add to Cart widget styles;
* Tweak: Single Images widget;
* Tweak: Single Meta widget;
* Tweak: Refactor and restructure compatibility, integration, components and predesigned files and folders;
* Fixed: Cart Table widget thumbnail width;
* Fixed: Quick view popup with OceanWP theme.

* Added: Products Grid&List compatibility with `woocommerce_product_is_visible` hook;
* Tweak: Remove button color styles in Cart Table widget;
* Fixed: Archive items equal column height.

* Dev: `jet-woo-builder/documents/is-document-type` hook for checking document type;
* Dev: `jet-woo-builder/integration/register-widgets` hook for widget registration;
* Fixed: Editor widgets rendering.
* Fixed: Astra theme checkout page compatibility.

* Tweak: WooCommerce templates versions;
* Fixed: Frontend carousel rendering with slide overflow;
* Fixed: Minor bugs.

* Added: Cart Table widget auto update functionality;
* Tweak: Products List/Grid & Single Product AJAX add to cart styles;
* Tweak: Purchase Popup functionality;
* Fixed: Cart & Checkout elements float styles;
* Fixed: Close quick view popup after adding product to cart;
* Fixed: Carousel rtl issue;
* Fixed: Elementor templates export compatibility with new Export/Import functionality;
* Fixed: Update cart button mobile visibility.

* Added: Cart Table widget auto update functionality;
* Added: Separate box sizes controls for Carousel Dots;
* Added: Minimum touchmove velocity control for Carousels;
* Added: Simulation switching control for Carousels;
* Added: Carousels slide overflow and space between functionalities;
* Added: Export/Import templates;
* Updated: Cart, Checkout, My Account and Thank You templates widgets;
* Updated: WooCommerce templates;
* Updated: Body classes and wrappers for custom templates in Elementor editor;
* Updated: Assets and Templates folders structure;
* Updated: Admin templates;
* Updated: Carousels styles & styles controls;
* Tweak: Templates styles;
* Tweak: Quantity input script handling;
* Tweak: Templates switcher script handling;
* Tweak: Product thumbnails attributes implementation;
* Fixed: Checkout forms rtl compatibility;
* Fixed: Thumbnail effect in Wishlist archive product card;
* Fixed: Integrated themes compatibility;
* Fixed: Elementor db update critical error;
* Fixed: Thumbnails tablet & mobile visibility in Cart Table widget;
* Fixed: Billing and Shipping Forms widgets address fields require property;
* Fixed: SVG icons colors in carousels controls.

* Updated: Better Blocksy theme compatibility;
* Fixed: Carousel issue;
* Fixed: Custom Query widgets compatibility with JetSmartFilters indexer;
* Fixed: Some additional bugs.

* Fixed: Minor bugs.

* Fixed: Archive Template inside wishlist widget;
* Fixed: Reset Archive Template object;
* Fixed: some additional bugs.

## [1.11.1](
* Fixed: Single Images widget width control units.

## [1.11.0](
* Added: Custom labels visibility controls for Shipping Form and Empty Cart Message widgets;
* Added: Proper WooCommerce classes to editor templates;
* Added: Possibility to choose the icon for Cart Table remove button;
* Added: Bestsellers query to Products Grid/List widgets;
* Updated: Single Images widget;
* Updated: Default WooCommerce templates styles;
* Updated: Better WPML compatibility;
* Tweak: `get_product_thumbnail()`;
* Tweak: Carousels pagination styles;
* Tweak: Cart Totals widget;
* Fixed: Conflict between Shipping Form widget heading styles and Elementor Global styles;
* Fixed: Carousel columns styles;
* Fixed: `$wp_query->queried_object` in archive card templates;
* Fixed: Product Grid clickable item compatibility with JetEngine Query Builder;
* Fixed: Checkout forms custom address fields classes.

* Added: Blocksy theme integration;
* Updated: Single Product widgets templates;
* Updated: Quantity input form;
* Updated: JetAdminBar 1.0.2;
* Tweak: Output on not found message in Products Grid/List widgets;
* Tweak: Cart table coupon form;
* Fixed: Cart tables width;
* Fixed: Custom query functionality without JetSmartFilters;
* Fixed: Columns for the carousel in the editor;
* Fixed: Elementor Motion Effect with archive card templates.

* Added: Alignment for Single Add to Cart Widget & hidden input styles;
* Tweak: Products Grid/List widgets button template Archive/Single Add to Cart widgets open popup after add to cart functionality;
* Tweak: Cart Totals & Table widgets;
* Tweak: Price styling;
* Tweak: Cart Cross Sell widgets styling controls;
* Fixed: Editor document type;
* Fixed: Product content template;
* Fixed: Grid styles.

* Added: Compatibility with Elementor Custom Breakpoint;
* Added: Link colors controls for Checkout Order Review widget cells;
* Added: Template layout applied in Elementor editor;
* Tweak: Checkout Additional Form widget label field handling;
* Tweak: Single Images widget thumbnail padding controls;
* Tweak: Cart Totals & Checkout order Review widgets border styles;
* Fixed: Variation select display in Safari browser.
* Fixed: Checkout field manager classes.

* Fixed: Fixed: Product Grid/List Query conditions.

* Updated: Cross-sell query in Products Grid/List widgets in Cart template;
* Fixed: Default addresses in Checkout templates forms;
* Fixed: Archive Product image & title permalinks in JetEngine listing with WC Product Query;
* Fixed: Cart Totals Widget mobile heading styles;
* Fixed: Empty cart template container width.

* Added: Custom field functionality to Cart Table widget;
* Added: Fields manager for Checkout Billing & Shipping forms;
* Added: JetAdminBar module;
* Updated: Billing & Shipping forms widgets templates;
* Updated: JetElementorExtension module to 1.0.5;
* Fixed: Grid widgets breakpoints styles;
* Fixed: Cart table template part;
* Fixed: Quick view popup closing after a product added to cart.

## [1.9.2]
* Added: Stock Status order to Products Grid/List widgets;
* Added: Currency sign separate style controls in Checkout Order Review widget;
* Tweak: Products Grid widget sale badge styles;
* Tweak: Products Grid widget clickable item functionality;
* Fixed: WooCommerce default product sorting after template switching;
* Fixed: Dynamic tags bg for builder pages;
* Fixed: Single Tab widget hover & active colors;
* Fixed: Default thank you page template functionality;
* Fixed: `the_content()` not found when product edited with elementor;
* Fixed: Single Add to Cart widget quantity input positioning.

## [1.9.1]
* Fixed: elementor-preview template;
* Fixed: Astra theme woocommerce container width;

## [1.9.0]
* Added: Compatibility with JetEngine Query Builder query in Products List/Grid widgets;
* Added: Controls for templates layout;
* Added: Products List widget compatibility with `woocommerce_hide_out_of_stock_items` option;
* Added: Cells width controls for Single Attribute widget;
* Updated: Register widgets category;
* Updated: Theme integration styles;
* Updated: Optimize theme integration files;
* Updated: Refactor WooCommerce part templates code;
* Tweak: Single Product template type;
* Tweak: Layout switcher ajax request;
* Fixed: WooCommerce pages container styles;
* Fixed: Cart popup opening;
* Fixed: JetEngine dynamic tags for archive cards;
* Fixed: Archive Products widgets compatibility with listing grid that uses WC_Product_Query.

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Download JetWooBuilder v2.0.5 Nulled Free

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.