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JetTricks v1.4.2 - Visual Effects Addon for Elementor

JetTricks Nulled is an addon perfect for adding visual effects to the web pages without any coding skills, using the extended functionality and extra widgets for Elementor live page builder. The plugin allows using parallax effects for the content, adding sticky elements, creating the unfolded columns effect, adding the hotspot makers and creating “View More” button.

The plugin is easy to use and customize, it is invaluable in adding visualization tricks whenever it is needed to spice up a webpage with stylish animation effects and liven up its content. It is astonishing how easily one can use the parallax not only for the background, but for any content one wants, create a “View More” button revealing more of the hidden content, or add the pointing markers to the image, etc.


jettricks header main img
Customize Tooltips and Apply Animation

Features: JetTricks – Visual Effects Addon for Elementor

Made For Elementor

JetTricks is an addon for Elementor live page builder, it enables adding stylish visualization effects to the pages, making it easy to implement animation to your unique content in just a few clicks.

Great For Adding Visual Effects

With JetTricks You’ll be able to add lots of astonishing animation and visual tricks and effect to make the page look even more stylish and creative. The visual effects will make it look professional, enhancing its appearance.

No Coding Skills Needed

The plugin is really easy to use for everyone, and one doesn’t need to learn coding skills in order to add animation effects to the page. Everything can be done using JetTricks functionality, which is intuitive and clear.

Easy To Use & Customize

While using JetTricks You’ll be delighted with how easy the effects can be added to the content, making it more eye-catching. And lots of customization options will allow changing the behavior of the effect whenever you need to do it.

Parallax Element

The stylish parallax effect is now available not only for the section backgrounds, but also for one’s unique columns. Just apply it for the needed content and your page will become alive with animation, looking even more creative.


In the case you don’t want all the content to be seen at once, you can always use the unfolding effect for the columns, which will conceal the content added to the column, making it unfold only when it is needed.

View More

The “View More” button is much needed in order to minimize the content added into the section. Apply this widget to the section in order to hide from view some of the content, making the section’s appearance more compact.


Add the eye-catching markers to the images to point out the most important parts and details of the image and specify it in a stylish and compact way using the neat hotspots.

Sticky Column

Once the page is scrolled down, some of the content hides from view. If You need dome of it remain on the page, then use the Sticky functionality. It allows the content remain on the screen and “stick” with You no matter where You scroll.

Satellite Element

Satellite Element Effect can be applied for one of the existing widgets to add a textual or image element before or after the widget, styling it up and positioning it according to one’s needs.


Tooltip element can be applied for one of the existing widgets to add a textual or image element before or after the widget, styling it up and positioning it according to one’s needs.

Section Particles

Enjoy adding the animated particles to the section to make its appearance more eye-catching and attractive.

Caring 24/7 Support

Competent and effective 24/7 support team will solve any questions concerning JetTricks plugin! We make it easy to use JetTricks and add lots of eye-catching animation and visual effects!

Clear Documentation

All the steps from installing JetTricks plugin to creating adding visual effects and tricks are described in details in the vast documentation, uncovering everything about the plugin and its usage.

Changelog JetTricks – Visual Effects Addon for Elementor

## [1.4.2](
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#5531](
* Fixed: сompatibility with Elementor 3.7
* Fixed: minor issues

* Fixed: elementor 3.6 compatibility

* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#3991](
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#4361](
* Fixed: minor issues

* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#2674](
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#2767](
* Fixed: widgets compatibility with new breakpoints
* Fixed: rtl compatibility
* Fixed: minor Issues

* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#3282](
* Fixed: minor Issues

[v1.3.7] - 13.05.2021
* Fixed: Hot Fix & Minor Issues

# [1.3.5] - 03.03.2021
* Fixed: Elementor 3.1.2 compatibility issue

v1.3.4] - 01.02.2021
* Update: JetDashboard Module to v2.0.6
* Added: an opportunity to set the image size in the Hotspots widget
* Added: compatibility the Hotspots widget with JetPlugins Dynamic Data Addon plugin
* Added: better compatibility with JetEngine plugin
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#1700](
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#1487](
* Fixed: [Crocoblock/suggestions#909](

## [1.3.3] - 14.12.2020
* Added: init sticky column after images loaded
* Added: an ability to use dynamic tags for widgets and extension
* Fixed: init tooltip if widget content is empty

[v1.3.2] - 12.11.2020
* Update: JetDashboard Module to v2.0.4
* Settings manager hot fix

[1.3.1] - 11.11.2020
* Update: JetDashboard Module to v2.0.3

[v1.3.0] - 06.10.2020
* Update: JetDashboard Module to v2.0.0

[v1.2.12] - 01.09.2020
* Fixed: the Unfold widget

[v1.2.11] - 28.08.2020
* Added: getting a list of templates in controls through ajax
* Update: JetDashboard Module to v1.1.0
* Fixed: compatibility with Elementor 3.0
* Fixed: init the Unfold widget

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Download JetTricks v1.4.2 Nulled Free

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.