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JetSmartFilters v3.0.1 for Elementor WordPress Plugin

JetSmartFilters Nulled – While creating post and product archive pages, there is no way you can do without filters. An ability to filter WooCommerce products by different criteria, apply several criteria at once for the custom posts or products, is the magic key that allows the visitors find the necessary information, or make a choice towards one of the products and make a purchase.

The easier and faster the visitor can apply the filters, the more likely he is to find what he’s looking for. Just remember, how frustrating it is to click the specific filter to show the products, e.g., within the set price range, and when you have to wait until the page reloads with the needed results? And what happens when you need to apply more than several filters to find what you’re looking for?


jetsmartfilters demo 1
jetsmartfilters demo 2
jetsmartfilters demo 3

Features: JetSmartFilters for Elementor WordPress Plugin

7 Smart Filter Variations

Discover a much faster way to filter the products and publications without refreshing the page

  • Radio Filter
  • Date Range Filter
  • Search Filter
  • Active Filters
  • Range Filter
  • Checkbox Filters
  • Check Range Filter


The visitors won’t have to wait until the page loads to view the products or posts they need.

Works with JetWooBuilder and JetEngine

Use the JetSmartFilters functionality to easily add filters to listings and shop pages.

Use Several Filters at Once

Allow selecting one of the filters or applying several of them if there is a need to combine them.

Changelog JetSmartFilters for Elementor WordPress Plugin


* ADD: admin RTL
* ADD: admin select search field for options
* ADD: admin advanced input for custom query var
* UPD: admin color-image icon
* FIX: admin exclude or include items on options changing
* FIX: admin media control SVG
* ADD: accessibility tabindex
* ADD: 'jet-smart-filters/inited' document event
* ADD: JS trigger before filters initialization
* ADD: allow to use tax query with different sources
* UPD: change icons
* UPD: tax query and new dynamic min/max callbacks
* FIX: prevent notices when Color Image options generated dynamically
* FIX: compatibility with custom options

Admin interface changes. Redesigned into single page application.
* FIX: prevent php notices after installation template by wizard
* FIX: prevent php notices on calendar request
* FIX: allow to correctly extend Jet_Smart_Filters_Hierarchy class
* FIX: woocommerce-archive hide out of stock items from the catalog on page reload
* FIX: date period editor block error (air-datepicker script)

* ADD: Query ID setting for blocks
* ADD: 'jet-smart-filters/query/request' to filter request before parsing query arguments
* FIX: Compatibility with Elementor 3.7
* FIX: Blocks editor and Listing Grid 'is_archive_template' option compatibility
* FIX: Merge default with current query args on ajax indexing
* FIX: Correctly pull dynamic min/max from meta values for range filter on terms archive pages
* FIX: Select filter. Don't add select_disabled_color control if the indexer is disabled
* FIX: JetEngine Calendar compatibility
* UPD: For indexer SQL query removed space between parenthesis and value. This causes an error for some clients
* UPD: Unchecked group items for intersection relational operator

* ADD: JetWooBuilder 2.0.0 version compatibility
* FIX: Blocks styles
* FIX: multi language without multi currency
* FIX: filter name Check Range > Check Range Filter

May 3, 2022
ADD: reindex indexer DB table on plugin activate and update
UPD: template parses special characters
FIX: Permalink rewrite rules
FIX: range filter with popup
FIX: WPML WooCommerce multi currency price
FIX: Date Range Filter datepicker current day
FIX: Search filter RTL
FIX: filter date period rtl scroll
FIX: gutenberg console error
FIX: indexer with current query args
FIX: maps listing for Borlabs Cookies plugin
FIX: additional filter settings input clears the 'X'
FIX: show widget icon in elementor editor if filter not selected
FIX: additional filter style search remove horizontal offset RTL
FIX: additional filter style search remove horizontal offset RTL
FIX: Checkbox styles for block editor

* UPD: replaced deprecated method _register_controls to register_controls
* FIX: CheckBoxes additional settings dropdown
* FIX: Search filter spinner spins infinitely on submission with 'AJAX on typing'
* FIX: ePro widgets after filtration
* FIX: duplication of sublevels of a hierarchical select
* FIX: woocommerce shortcode attribute on page reload
* FIX: check hierarchy current page
* FIX: Radio filter with motion effects sticky
* FIX: Date range filter query & placeholder on redirect
* FIX: Date period filter for popup
* FIX: Select filter alignment style
* FIX: EPro Posts skin 'Full Content' settings

* ADD: Custom Query Variable option for taxonomies source
* ADD: `URL with filtered value` dynamic tag
* UPD: Better JetEngine compatibility
* FIX: Select filter style options
* FIX: WPML tax sub terms indexer
* FIX: Filter label notice

* ADD: allow to filter indexer data before writing into DB
* UPD: setIndexedData updating result manually
* FIX: grammatical error correction from HoriSontal to HoriZontal
* FIX: clear range filter input
* FIX: hierarchical chain
* FIX: sanitize widgets settings before passing for rendering
* FIX: indexer with duplicates

* ADD: indexer on get filters data request sql SET SESSION group_concat_max_len
* ADD: check is indexer enabled on 'index_filters' method

* SYS: renamed indexer method

## 2.3.5
* FIX: JetEngine with Use Custom Query on AJAX compatibility
* FIX: JetEngine lazy load compatibility

* FIX: Indexer for custom database table prefix

* ADD: multi sorting
* ADD: Sorting filter Reset Field Appearance control
* FIX: url with additional filters
* FIX: apply button filter for gutenberg
* FIX: Alphabet filter
* FIX: Date period filter events duplication
* FIX: Active tag filter visibility for Hello Elementor theme
* FIX: guten get_editor_script_depends
* FIX: Radio All option label when Group terms by parents
* FIX: Date Range with page reload in Safari
* FIX: hierarchical chaining for identical taxonomies
* FIX: Range filter WooCommerce min/max prices with gets params
* FIX: Hierarchical label
* FIX: jet-engine-calendar current request query

## 2.3.1
* ADD: Query Builder settings to store for JetWooBuilder Product Grid/List providers;
* FIX: Custom query arguments for Product List provider.

* ADD: Alphabet filter
* ADD: Multiple query variable separated by comma
* ADD: Radio, Visual, CheckRange filters add additional settings
* ADD: CCT Data Source
* FIX: Additional filter settings dropdown without search
* FIX: range input slider
* FIX: relation AND between filters with the same taxonomy
* FIX: elementor pro Archive Products customizer default product sorting options

* ADD: compatibility with new jetEngine features
* UPD: pagination filter provider top offset change max to 999
* UPD: pagination filter items gap
* UPD: checkbox decorator offsets
* FIX: Products cat & tag default taxonomy
* FIX: elementor Scheme_Typography

## 2.2.2
* UPD: Range Filter
* FIX: Grouped Filters styles
* FIX: Minor bugs

* UPD: Allow to rewrite indexer query args
* UPD: Rolled back hide elementor widget container if all items are hidden by indexer
* FIX: JetEngine glossaries compatibility
* FIX: Avoid letter-casing related errors when checking if DB table is exists
* FIX: ePro archive products default query
* FIX: ePro Archive Products sorting on page reload if sorting presets are set in the customizer
* FIX: Products loop

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Download JetSmartFilters v3.0.1 Nulled Free

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.