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JetProductGallery v2.1.8 - Elementor Represent Product Images in Form of Convenient Gallery

Bring Your WooCommerce Projects to Success with JetProductGallery

4 Powerful Widgets for Displaying Product Images

Get everything to showcase product images and videos in the form of a slider, a gallery, or anchor the images

Best for WooCommerce Single Product Pages

The JetProductGallery widgets add dynamic images and videos to product page template

Made for Elementor. Made to be easy to use

The plugin is meant to be used with Elementor, making you in charge of the image galleries’ style and content

Enrich your WooCommerce Product pages with imagery to represent your products to the fullest

Display the WooCommerce product images and video in the form of a slider, making it easier for the prospect to make a decision

Enhance the product page’s appearance with an attractive Modern Gallery layout, perfect for arranging images of different size

Boost the product page with anchored images of the item, made for making the visitors aware of its most attractive features

Represent the product images in the form of a neat images grid, classy-looking and easy to customize in content and appearance

* Fixed: Gallery Slider widget thumbnails desktop visible items count.

## [2.1.7](
* Added: `jet-gallery/render/variation-images` hook for custom product variation data;
* Added: `jet-gallery/render/image-attr` hook for custom images attributes;
* Updates: Method for getting images HTML;
* Updates: Dynamic bullets functionality;
* Tweak: Gallery Slider widget script;
* Fixed: Centered mod space between slides.

## [2.1.5](
* Fixed: Handling Elementor breakpoints for Swiper slider;
* Fixed: Minor controls issues.

* Fixed: Main slider image after variation change in Single Product template.

* Added: Mute option for videos;
* Tweak: Self hosted video print method;
* Tweak: Plugin naming;
* Update: JetDashboard 2.0.9;
* Fixed: Fraction and progress pagination reverse loop sliding values;
* Fixed: Elementor global styles applying in Self hosted video player;
* Fixed: Self hosted video in popup;
* Fixed: Minor bugs.

April 29, 2022
Fixed: Navigation functionality in Gallery Slider widget;
Fixed: Gallery Slider widget image width;
Fixed: Featured image display in Gallery Slider widget with different transition types;
Fixed: Gallery Slider thumbnails alignment.

* Added: New controller pagination types;
* Updated: Widgets styles;
* Fixed: Self-hosted video autoplay and loop functionality;
* Fixed: Photoswipe gallery trigger position;
* Fixed: Gallery Slider rendering with fade animation.

* Added: Gutenberg integration.
* Updated: Widgets templates;
* Updated: Zoom functionality for all gallery sources;
* Fixed: Minor bugs.

* Updated: Self hosted video in Gallery Slider widget handling;
* Fixed: Thumbnails pagination display conditions;
* Fixed: Default slider values.

* Added: Photoswipe gallery image trigger type;
* Fixed: Gallery Slider widget appearance;
* Fixed: Self-hosted video height in the vertical slider.

* Added: Compatibility with Elementor Custom Breakpoint;
* Fixed: Thumbnail pagination with disabled featured image in Gallery Slider widget;
* Fixed: Horizontal slider fade & flip transitions with different images sizes.

* Added: additional aspect ratio;
* Added: Placeholder handling for different types of gallery sources;
* Fixed: Variation functionality with single Gallery Slider widget with loop option;
* Fixed: Gallery Grid widget breakpoints styles;
* Fixed: Critical error when elementor deactivated.

## [2.0.1]
* Fixed: Gallery Slider widget thumbnail pagination.

## [2.0.0]
* Added: Ability to display gallery from various sources;
* Added: Controls for handling video in different type of gallery source;
* Added: Dynamic tags functionality;
* Update: Refactor gallery render code;
* Update: Register widgets category;
* Fixed: Vimeo & Youtube fullscreen video in Gallery Slider widget;
* Fixed: Photoswipe functionality in Gallery Slider widget with loop option;
* Fixed: Anchor Gallery widget bullets functionality when video on first place and empty feature image;
* Fixed: Self hosted video play functionality.

## [1.3.0]
* Added: Option to hide featured image from widgets;
* Added: Separate display control for thumbnails pagination slider;
* Added: Transition effect for Gallery Slider widget;
* Added: Elementor require version warning;
* Tweak: Gallery Slider widget thumbnail slider cursor pointer;
* Fixed: Slider thumbnails pagination default responsive display;
* Fixed: self hosted video view in gallery slider.

## [1.2.3]
* Added: Horizontal alignment control for thumbnails;
* Added: Pagination indent controls;
* Tweak: Vertical Gallery Slider;
* Tweak: Photoswipe gallery with infinite loop;
* Tweak: Video with infinite loop;
* Fixed: Minor bugs.

* Fixed: Slider without pagination.

* Added: Compatibility for Swiper JS Library with Elementor Improved Asset Loading;
* Tweak: Gallery Slider widget;
* Fixed: Minor bugs.

* Update: Slick to Swiper slider;
* Fixed: Undefined `$play_button_html` variable;
* Fixed: Elementor Image Lightbox after variation changes;
* Fixed: Grid style conflict.'

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