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JetElements v2.6.7 - Widget Addon for Elementor Page Builder

Meet JetElements Nulled, one of the best-selling addons for Elementor Page Builder. It provides a huge set of 50 content widgets and requires no coding skills.

JetElements includes the JetDesignKit extension, giving access to over +1000 pre-designed section templates, +150 stylish subpage templates on different topics, and the set of +60 home pages, built with Elementor and JetElements.

The plugin has basic RTL support. It is compliant with PHP 7.x and WordPress 4.9.x, and has full compatibility with the latest Elementor versions.


jetelemnts countdown timer img
jetelemnts pricing table img
jetelemnts slider
price list img

Features: JetElements – Widget Addon for Elementor Page Builder

  • Library of Interactive Popups: With 50+ popup layouts for Elementor, you can make your content more engaging. Once you’ve seen how it works, you’ll never go back to static popups.
  • Parallax section: Any element on a page can be given a parallax effect. Create many layers and give each one its own impact.
  • Tooltip: Hover over an object to bring up a little window containing any content: text, photos, icons, and forms.
  • SVG inline: Display SVG files such as logos, graphics, buttons, maps, and more with great performance and no loss of quality.
  • Buttons for downloading and linking: Add a button to a page and give it the ID of the media library element that will be downloaded when the button is pressed.
  • Headline that is original: Make use of a variety of typeface settings Text with traditional gradient text colors and ornamental embellishments
  • Text That Moves: Add animation effects to a heading by pasting the URL into t, adjusting the delay time, split type, and so forth.
  • Vertical Scrolling / Scrolling Effect: By adding vertical pagination along the parts, it is possible to jump from one section to the next inside a page.
  • Slider for Image Comparison: Compare two media files to create the Before/After effect. If necessary, adjust the divider arrows and slider mode.
  • Flip Box with Animation: Use multiple animation styles, insert links and icons, and present content on both sides of an animated flip box.
  • Form for Subscription (Mail Chimp): Add the MailChimp subscribe form to a website to allow users to enter their email address and subscribe to a newsletter.
  • 7th Contact Form: Create flexible forms to allow visitors to contact you and for you to receive feedback from them.
  • Files of Lottie: To add animated items to the site, use an external URL or a JSON file. Set the effects and behavior of the object.
  • Feed on Instagram: Select a layout for displaying tagged photographs or photos from the profile: masonry, grid, or list.
  • Widget for Weather: Showcase weather conditions such as air temperature, precipitation, and wind speed in real time for any area.
  • Player of Videos (YouTube, Vimeo): Without duplicating HTML code or altering scripts, you may customize YouTube, Vimeo, or custom videos.
  • Player of Sound: Display the controls, and apply the styles after uploading MP3 audio format files or adding an external URL.
  • Map that is more advanced (Google Map): Create a Google map for the site and apply it, then add pins to display the needed place and determine the zoom parameters.
  • Testimonials: As a tell-all grid, scrollable slider, or laconic single, display user evaluations and feedback.
  • Timer with a countdown: Announce forthcoming events by indicating the start and end times and including various countdown forms.
  • Slider: Move the content blocks with title descriptions and connected buttons smoothly or sex the autoplay.
  • List of Prices: Add a completely adjustable pricing list to the site, complete with items that have icons or images, and design it all.
  • Table of Charges: Create a table with features and buttons to display the price plans. Columns, grid, and a custom table may all be selected in the layout.
  • Banner: Display the photographs with the necessary information and use animation effects to grab the visitors’ attention.
  • Showcase of logos: Add a block to the site with the logos of the businesses, partners, or clients, as well as links to them.
  • Services: Add a title, header, description, and icon to the company’s services and organize them in a logical manner.
  • Circle Progress & Progress Bar: Use a bar or circle layout with animation effects to visualize the progress numbers.
  • Member of the group: Demonstrate how each team member may create a bespoke team card structure and simply customize it.
  • Pie and bar graphs: Display the most important information in the form of charts, such as pie, donut, horizontal, and vertical bars according to values.
  • Tables that are responsive: Break the data down into cells, rows, and columns to organize it. Allow horizontal scrolling by making it responsive.
  • Timeline (horizontal and vertical): To represent events, projects, and roadmaps chronologically, use either vertical or horizontal timelines.
  • Gallery of Work (Images Grid Layout): Using an appropriate arrangement, add adaptable pictures or photos. masonry, grid, justify, or list are all examples of masonry.
  • Carousel of Images: To show photographs as a slider with many items and pagination or navigation elements, create image carousels.
  • Grid of Posts: The posts should be shown in a grid format. Sort them by categories, IDs, publication dates, and so forth.

Changelog JetElements – Widget Addon for Elementor Page Builder

[v2.6.7] ( - 08.08.2022
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#5447](
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#5450](
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#5536](
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#2108](
* Fixed: [Crocoblock/suggestions#5532](
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#5580](
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#5596](
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#5623](
* Added: `Add Encryption for Download ID` option in the Download Button widget
* Added: short youtube url support in the Video Player widget
* Fixed: Scroll Navigation widget compatibility with Elementor Flexbox Container
* Fixed: compatibility with Elementor 3.7
* Fixed: minor issues

v.2.6.6 - June 3, 2022
Fixed: Crocoblock/suggestions#4587;
Fixed: Crocoblock/suggestions#3181;
Fixed: Crocoblock/suggestions#5411;
Fixed: minor issues.

May 2, 2022
Fixed: Crocoblock/issues-tracker#366

[v2.6.4]( - 14.04.2022
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#4959](
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#4921](
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#4296](
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#2009](
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#5154](
* Fixed: animated box issues
* Fixed: widgets compatibility with new breakpoints

[v2.6.3]( - 23.03.2022
* Fixed: elementor 3.6 compatibility

[2.6.2]( - 27.01.2022
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#3657](
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#3760](
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#4465](
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#3646](
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#1754](
* Fixed: WPML compatibility
* Fixed: compatibility template library with Elementor 3.5
* Fixed: minor issues

[v2.6.1]( - 19.11.2021
* Fixed: js error in the Slider widget

## [2.6.0] - 09.11.2021
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#3227](
* Fixed: widgets compatibility with new breakpoints
* Fixed: PHP 8 compatibility
* Fixed: scratch type in the Animated Box widget
* Fixed: minor issues

[v2.5.9]- 23.08.2021
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#3624](
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#3639](
* Fixed: RTL issues
* Fixed: WPML issues
* Fixed: PHP 8 compatibility
* Fixed: scratch type in the Animated Box widget
* Fixed: typing effect in the Animated Text widget
* Fixed: lightbox in the Portfolio widget
* Fixed: default slider height in the Slider widget

## [2.5.8] - 23.06.2021
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#1748](
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#2518](
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#2523](
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#2520](
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#2672](
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#2532](
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#3076](
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#3133](
* Fixed: use global colors in the Circle Progress widget
* Fixed: tooltips in the Pricing Table widget
* Fixed: actions after expire in the Countdown widget
* Fixed: image border in the Team Member widget

* Updated: JetDashboard Module to v2.0.8
* Fixed: compatibility with Elementor 3.2

## [2.5.6] - 08.04.2021
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#2519](
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#2562](
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#2433](
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#2910](
* Added: Elementor compatibility tag
* Added: validation the html tags settings
* Fixed: minor issues

## [2.5.5] - 03.03.2021
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#2504](
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#2521](
* Fixed: [Crocoblock/suggestions#2723](
* Fixed: [Crocoblock/suggestions#2079](
* Fixed: Elementor 3.1.2 compatibility issue

[v2.5.4] - 05.02.2021
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#2025](
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#2267](
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#2378](
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#2486](
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#2082](
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#2104](
* Fixed: text spacing in the Animated Text widget
* Fixed: image margin in the Testimonials widget

## [2.5.3] - 17.12.2020
* Updated: JetDashboard Module to v2.0.6
* Added: better compatibility with WPML
* Added: better compatibility the Audio widget with Dynamic Tags
* Added: `Link Hover Color` control in the Advanced Carousel widget
* Added: `Content Alignment` control in the Button widget
* Added: DMS format for coordinates in the Advanced Map widget
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#1925](
* Fixed: minor bugs

* Updated: JetDashboard Module to v2.0.4

## [2.5.1]
* Updated: JetDashboard Module to v2.0.3

* Added: new Line Chart widget
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#1321](
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#1371](
* Updated: JetDashboard Module to v2.0.2

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Download JetElements v2.6.7 Nulled Free

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.