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JetBooking v2.5.5 - Booking functionality for Elementor

JetBooking Nulled – Perfect for those who wants to offer rental or booking or services on a daily basis

Create product pages and listings in a few clicks

Сombine the booking plugin with JetEngineJetThemeCore or Elementor Pro and your pages are ready!

Filter your items by availability, property characteristics and more

Explore how flexible JetBooking is with all its options allowing to set up conditions and features to let your visitors select and find items according to their needs and requests.

Create expanded booking forms

Enrich your site with eye-catching booking form, which can be built the easiest way to collect all the needed information form your visitors so you’d be able to proccess it from the backend.

Customize booking notificationsafter the form is sent
Use JetBooking in combination with top-notch services to synchronize your schedule, automate the processes and add hooks to your form.

  • Google Calendar
  • Integromat
  • Zapier

Changelog JetBooking – Booking functionality for Elementor

* ADD: Some WPML compatibility;
* UPD: Datepicker field templates;
* FIX: Calendar proper label in tooltip;
* FIX: Excluded Dates option handle in script and admin area datepicker;
* FIX: Default and filtered datepicker field values;
* FIX: Weeks offset functionality;
* FIX: Booking functionality for different languages;

* ADD: `jquery-date-range-picker` in to dashboard edit & add booking popup;
* ADD: `'jet-booking/google-calendar-url/utc-timezone'` hook for timezone manipulation in Google calendar event link;
* ADD: `'jet-booking/form-fields/check-in-out/default-value'` hook for default `check-in-out` field value;
* UPD: Booking admin popups templates;
* FIX: Advanced price rates default value.

* ADD: JS filter `'jet-booking/calendar/config'` for calendar widget config;
* ADD: JS filter `'jet-booking/apartment-price'` for apartment price;
* FIX: Booking calendar layout;

* ADD: Dynamic tags: Available units count, Bookings count;
* ADD: Additional custom labels;
* UPD: Allow filtering settings value before return with `'jet-booking/settings/get/' . $setting-key`;
* UPD: Custom labels default value initialization;
* FIX: Order of advanced prices application;
* FIX: `check-in-out` field searched dates;
* FIX: Dynamic tag price per day/night;
* FIX: Advanced price popups data duplication;
* FIX: Filter result with Checkout only option.

* ADD: Checkout only days option;
* ADD: `jet-booking/form-action/pre-process` hook to allow handle booking from 3rd party plugin or theme;
* UPD: Update error message in admin popups;
* FIX: Overlapping bookings issue while update booking in admin area;
* FIX: Price rates popups overlays;
* FIX: JetEngine form while plugin setup;
* FIX: Booking list pagination;
* FIX: Minor WooCommerce integration errors;
* FIX: Compatibility with Elementor 3.7.

* ADD: Creating booking from admin area;
* ADD: Days off functionality;
* ADD: Disable weekdays and weekends functionality;
* UPD: Admin Booking page popups;
* FIX: One day booking seasonal price;
* FIX: iCal sync wrong check out date;
* FIX: Searched dates display in date fields with One day booking option;
* FIX: Admin Calendar page styles.

* Fixed: minor JS/PHP issue

* FIX: Per Day booking type same dateCheck-in and Check-out.

* ADD: Cookies filters searched date store type;
* UPD: WooCommerce order booking details in admin area;
* FIX: Seasonal prising empty rates issue;
* FIX: Booking apartment unit ID;
* FIX: Cron iCal interval synchronization;
* FIX: Default WC product ordering with JetBooking integration;
* FIX: JetBooking dynamic tags;
* FIX: Date range filed in popup after ajax call;
* FIX: Items with units booked dates using per day booking period;
* FIX: Edit&Details popups view in booking list page;
* FIX: Calendar widget editor render;
* FIX: Session filters searched date store type.

* FIX: apply units;
* FIX: returning a string instead of output;
* FIX: get_booked_apartments ignore apartments with invalid statuses;
* FIX: Elementor 3.6 compatibility.

* FIX: First day of the week

* FIX: Translation strings
* FIX: Seasonal prices without post editor

* ADD: Seasonal prices

* FIX:Synchronizing calendars

## 2.3.4
* FIX:Error of check-in-out fields when submitting a form

* FIX: JetFormBuilder compatibility

* FIX: Price per 1 day/night

* FIX: iCal compatibility

* ADD: JetFormBuilder plugin compatibility

* ADD: Default apartment price value
* FIX: Booking Availability Calendar

* FIX: Init check-out field

* FIX: Check-in/check-out field in booking form

## 2.2.0
* FIX: iCal post count
* ADD: Select the first day of the week
* ADD: compatibility with php 5.6 +

## 2.1.2
* UPD: Added localization file

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Download JetBooking v2.5.5 Nulled Free

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.