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JetBlocks v1.3.4 - Must-Have Widgets For Creating Headers & Footers Elementor

JetBlocks Nulled – Enjoy the easy-to-use widgets made for enriching headers & footers with content.


jetblocks header main img

Features: JetBlocks – Must-Have Widgets For Creating Headers & Footers Elementor

9 Exquisite Widgets

Feel free to add and customize login form, sile logo, hamburger and nav menu, search form and other important content.

For adding textual and image logo to the headers and footers created for the site pages.

Login Form

For adding and customizing fantastic login forms on the pages built with Elementor.

Registration Form

For adding stylish registration forms with multiple fields to the headers, footers and webpages.

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Hamburger Panel

For adding a neat hamburger panel to make access to the needed template more easy.

For creating a menu to place it in the website’s header or footer built with Elementor.

For adding the search forms to the website’s headers and footers whenever it is needed.

Shopping Cart

For adding the shopping cart to website’s header or footer and customizing its appearance.

Display the path leading to the website’s page in an attractive way keeping everything simple.

Why JetBlocks Is So Special

Discover more about JetBlocks powerful functionality

Made for Elementor v2.0 PRO

JetBlocks widgets set works in perfect sync with Elementor 2.0 PRO and allows creating unique headers and footers in a few clicks.

Perfect for Building Headers & Footers

JetBlocks widgets include everything needed for making headers and footers.

Multiple Style Settings

Enjoy the enormous amount of stylization settings available for each of the JetBlocks widgets.

No Coding Skills Needed

Add a hamburger menu, a login form or a search field without ever needing to write a single line of code

Changelog JetBlocks – Must-Have Widgets For Creating Headers & Footers Elementor

[v1.3.4]( - 26.09.2022
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#5837](
* Added: `Enabled for` option in the Navigation Menu Widget for selection breakpoint when Mobile Trigger is activated.
* Fixed: accessibility

v1.3.3 - August 8, 2022
* Added: Crocoblock/suggestions#3921;
* Added: Use Cache for Template option in the Hamburger Panel Widget;
* Fixed: compatibility with Elementor 3.7;
* Fixed: minor issues.

[v1.3.2]( - 14.04.2022
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#4915](
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#3923](
* Fixed: minor issues

[v1.3.1]( - 23.03.2022
* Fixed: elementor 3.6 compatibility

[v1.3.0]( - 22.12.2021
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#1512](
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#2698](
* Fixed: RTL compatibility
* Fixed: minor issues

[v1.2.10] - 23.08.2021
* Fixed: PHP 8 compatibility

[v1.2.9] - 30.06.2021
* Added: output validation for html tags settings
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#3049](
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#2916](
* Fixed: compatibility the Search widget with WPML
* Fixed: multiple issues in the Cart widget
* Fixed: prevent php warning

## [1.2.8] - 03.03.2021
* Added: layout type for woo card widget
* Added: JS triggers on ajax load template
* Fixed: mini cart display in mega menu item after ajax request
* Fixed: Elementor 3.1.2 compatibility issue

## [1.2.7]- 11.12.2020
* Added: support anchor links in the Nav Menu widget
* Update: JetDashboard Module to v2.0.5
* Fixed: compatibility with WP 5.6

[v1.2.6] - 13.11.2020
* Update: JetDashboard Module to v2.0.4
* Added: an ability to customize the home link text in the Breadcrumb widget ( [#527]( )
* Added: an ability to load Hamburger Panel templates via AJAX ( [#1476]( )
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#319](

 - 12.10.2020
* Update: JetDashboard Module to v2.0.0
* Update: minor improvements in the Breadcrumbs widget
* Added: getting a list of templates in controls through ajax
* Added: start elements animation handlers on opening the Hamburger panel

[v1.2.4] - 17.07.2020
* Update: JetDashboard Module to v1.0.16
* Fixed: prevent Rest API error notice

v1.2.3 - 08.06.2020
* Added: multiple performance improvements and bug fixes
* Fixed: compatibility the Auth links widget and Elementor Popup actions

[v1.2.2] - 02.04.2020
* Update: JetDashboard Module to v1.0.12
* Update: Breadcrumbs module to 1.0.2
* Added: multiple improvements and bug fixes

v1.2.1 - 28.01.2020
* Update: Jet Dashboard Module to v1.0.9

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Download JetBlocks v1.3.4 Nulled Free

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