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JetAppointments v2.0.0 - Appointment Plugin for Elementor

Setting the appointment has never been that easy

No more installation routine

Enjoy a guided wizard. We arranged the easy steps for you: customize the services and the providers, add the new fields to your form (comments, phone numbers, etc.), set the company’s agenda and get the ultimate premade forms.

Automate pay solutions with WooCommerce

With this option, you can get all payment systems available from WooCommerce modules whether it’s PayPal or cash on delivery method.

Extend the forms’ functionality

Accomplish your goals in combo with the JetEngine plugin. It is fully packed with the essential options: add the different custom field types, set the page breakers, tune the notification settings, play with the style and much more.

Must-have features for every appointment plugin

Days off

Add holidays and rest days to a schedule.

Buffer time

Arrange the buffer time before/after the service sessions.

Set working hours

Adjust the default schedule for all of the services in one place. Later, you can edit it if needed.

Full appointments details

Find all the payment information in the special settings columns.

Support for multiple services

No matter how many different services do you provide, you can add all of them to the JetAppointment plugin, configuring individual duration, price, and other parameters.

Use single forms

Create single pages for services where the current service is set by default and obtain the appointment functionality in a simple way.

Changelog JetAppointments – Appointment Plugin for Elementor

* ADD: Workflows functionality;
* ADD: Zoom integration;
* ADD: Timezones picker for the front-end appointments calendar UI;
* ADD: Public actions functionality (confirm and cancel appoinments by URL);
* ADD: Allow to override day schedule with Working Days settings;
* UPD: Admin UI improvements;
* FIX: SQL errors on MySQL 8.0 or higher;
* FIX: Allow to set 0 into service price.

* ADD: Allow to automatically change appointemnts status by Cron;
* ADD: Allow two-way synchronization for WC Orders and appointments;
* ADD: Allow to limit allowed for appointment days range;
* FIX: Adding appointments from admin area;
* FIX: Elemenotr Popup compatibility
* FIX: Providers ans Services switch when custom template is used.

* FIX: try to create DB tables only if not exists;
* FIX: days off checking;
* FIX: correctly process float values for slots;
* FIX: prevent PHP errors;
* FIX: correctly refresh services and providers list.

* ADD: Duration step in time picker settings

* FIX: Display appointments on the calendar
* FIX: Option "Availability check by"

* FIX: UTC time

* FIX: Choice of service

* FIX: Form style
* FIX: Choice of provider

* FIX: Loading form in ajax pop up
* ADD: Macro processing for Gutenberg. Example: \<!-- JFB_FIELD::date --\>

* FIX: Meta _app_price

* FIX: Manage Capacity

* FIX: Date slots in admin panel

* FIX: Labels of statuses in the admin panel

* ADD: Compatibility with JetFormBuilder
* FIX: Saving global settings
* FIX: Empty days of weeks in the schedule
* FIX: The price from the calculator field is transferred to the WooCommerce prices
* FIX: Fixed a bug with booking different times with the same provider

* FIX: Time slots compatibility with php 7.1

## 1.5.0
* ADD: Multi booking
* ADD: Provider price
* UPD: Integration with woocommerce
* UPD: Notifications `Send Email` and `Call a Webhook`

* UPD: Admin panel for appointments
* ADD: Ability to edit and add appointments from the admin panel
* ADD: New views of appointments calendar and timeline.
* ADD:v1.4.0
* UPD: Admin panel for appointments
* ADD: Ability to edit and add appointments from the admin panel
* ADD: New views of appointments calendar and timeline.
* ADD: Filter for searching and sorting appointments in the admin panel Filter for searching and sorting appointments in the admin panel

## 1.3.3
* FIX: Webhook date data

* FIX: Fixed appointment if option "Manage Capacity" is enabled

* FIX: Custom Schedule in services and providers

⭐See also: Collection of CrocoBlock plugin Premium updated daily

Download JetAppointments v2.0.0 Nulled Free

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.