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Interactive World Maps v2.4.9

This is a Wordpress plugin that allows you to make as many maps as you like, complete with interactive and colored markers, continents, countries, and regions.


Features: Interactive World Maps

Display Various Regions

You’ll be able to display hundreds of different types of maps, all of which are already included:

  • The entire globe is seen on this map.
  • It’s either a continent or a subcontinent. (Africa, Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Oceania, as well as all of their subcontinents)
  • A country that is divided into regions.
  • The name of a state in the United States of America.
  • Metropolitan areas are used to partition the United States.
  • A United States state separated into urban areas.
  • It’s a country. (Virtually every country in the globe is represented, with the most popular being the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Brazil, India, and Australia…)

Add Markers or Color Regions

Active colored zones can be added to the map and displayed in two ways:

  • As Regions – It will color the entire region, such as a continent, subcontinent, country, country province, or state in the United States.
  • As Markers – In the selected regions, which can be a city, a state, or a nation, it will display a colored bubble.
Color Regions or add Markers

Incorporate Interactivity

You can add interaction to the active zones by doing the following:

  • On hover, a tooltip with the information you supply will be displayed by default.
  • Is it possible to take action? When a user clicks on an active area, you can set up a variety of actions. You can either open a new URL or just display a message. Advanced users will be able to write their own Javascript functions to do specific tasks, such as opening information in a lightbox.


You’ll be able to personalize the appearance of your maps:

  • Background color;
  • Box border width and color;
  • Inactive regions color;
  • Individual colors for each active region;
  • Markers size;
  • Width and Height of the map;

Maps can be placed anywhere on your website.

The maps can be included in posts, pages, and even sidebar widgets using a shortcode. You may also use a simple php script to integrate the maps into your template.


It will load with the maximum width available in the container div if no width is supplied. It will, for example, load and adapt to multiple sizes for phones, iPads, and laptops. If you resize the window after it has been loaded, it will not change size.

Compatible with all devices and browsers

Because the maps are made in SVG and do not require flash, they will display in Mac products.

CSS Tricks Made Simple

There are a few capabilities that the Google Geochart API does not provide by default, but the plugin provides a ‘Custom CSS Generator’ to help create some of these features, such as hover color change effect, typeface icons as markers, and changing border color, to name a few.

CSS Hacks made easy

What is the best place to put it?

This add-on is ideal for:

  • Create maps to display locations and link to pages about a specific location on travel websites.
  • Display a map of destinations/countries visited on a traveler’s website.
    Create maps of the cities and countries where multinational corporations operate.
  • Small Businesses – Display the location of the company on a country map.
  • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) – Make a map of NGO projects all across the world.
  • Infographics — Display easy-to-understand maps with a variety of data.
  • And there are a slew of more! Be inventive!

Changelog: Interactive World Maps

2021/04/21 - v.2.4.9 -  Bug fixes on overlay maps
2020/04/27 - v.2.4.8 -  Bug fixes on custom action, admin improvements
2020/03/16 - v.2.4.5 -  Bug fixes on edit screen, code improvements
2019/01/20 - v. -  javascript improvement, added 'projection' shortcode parameter support, custom icon image hand cursor fix, image in colorbox fix, first iteration of duplicate maps, better handling for iOS html tooltip bug;
2018/09/10 - v2.2.7 - shortcode render in lightbox, iframe colorbox mobile size fix, nowrap bug solved
2018/06/28 - v.2.2.3 - sanitize fields bug fix
2018/06/11 - v2.2.1 - Small bug fix related with the action to display content after marker or region is clicked.
2018/06/08 - v2.2 - show-map-image shortcode and populate automatically helper actions + bug fixes
2018/05/11 -v.2.1 - Added option to setup custom image as marker
2018/01/13 - v.2.0.5 - added action to display content on the right & new option in the settings to disable image preview
2017/09/19 - v.2.0.2 - php7 improvement on layers widget, added shortcode to display map title and description [show-map-title id='x'],[show-map-description id='x'], added iwm_input filter, tiny MCE update
2017/06/28 - v.2.0 - Improved ordering of countries for list and dropdown (now considers accents in region names). Other small improvements.
2017/04/06 - v.1.9.9 - CSS Improvements, marker size for mobile, no wrap option for tooltip
2016/11/03 - v.1.9.4 - CSS Improvements. Improved zoom code (still in beta). Improved show-map-list shortcode.
2016/07/22 - v.1.9.1 - Added option to add Google Maps API Key. Other small bug fixes.
2016/05/24 - v.1.8.5 - Editor improvements
2016/05/24 - v.1.8.4 - Javascript bug fix and CSS improvements. Implemented workaround for Google API bug 
2016/05/01 - v.1.8 - Javascript bug fix that was preventing the maps from displaying in some browsers
2016/04/30 - v.1.7.9 - New Actions Added. Cornerstone integration. Hover code improved.
2016/02/07 - v.1.7.6 - Map widget & Layers widget, custom js field added, custom css generator hover option improved
2016/01/14 - v.1.7.3 - Added options to use font icons instead of markers
2015/11/12 - v.1.7.2 - Fixed PHP bug; Added hidden feature, shortcode parameter extras='dropdown'
2015/09/04 - v.1.7 - WPBakery (previously known as Visual Composer) integration code updated
2015/07/01 - v.1.6.7 - Improvements in the javascript code that controls the responsive behaviour
2015/04/01 - v.1.6.6 - Added Kosovo; Custom CSS Box; Overlay map options; Added projection option; Added tooltip on click option
2015/01/20 - v.1.6.5 - Small Improvements for  <a href="" target="_blank">advanced usage</a>;<br />
2014/09/06 - v.1.6.1 - Small Improvements; New shortcode to display region entries as dropdown;<br />
2014/06/13 - v.1.6 - Made the plugin Visual Composer Ready<br />
2014/06/09 - v.1.5.6 - New Custom CSS option in Settings; Text Markers Mode implemented;<br />
2014/05/04 - v.1.5.5 - https improvements / apply_filters( 'i_world_map_capability', 'manage_options'); implemented<br />
2014/01/31 - v. - Small Responsive behaviour improvement.<br />
2013/12/10 - v.1.5.4 - New admin Menu Icon (WordPress 3.8 compatible).<br />
2013/11/03 - v.1.5.3 - HTML tooltips added.<br />
2013/10/02 - v.1.5 - Improved Responsive feature; Improved javascript handling.<br />
2013/06/03 - v.1.4 - Added feature to make the maps fully responsive<br />
2012/11/30 - v.1.3 - Added feature to disable tooltip<br />
2012/10/18 - v.1.2 - Added feature to display markers inserting lat/lon coordinates<br />
2012/09/22 - v.1.1.0 - Added feature to color continents and subcontinents.<br />
2012/09/22 - v.1.1.0 - Added feature to color continents and subcontinents.<br />
2012/09/09 - v.1.0.3 - Improved support for HTML values in 'action value' field.<br />
2012/09/05 - v.1.0.2 - Google Chrome bug fixed, Improved function to show map from php function and other minor fixes.<br />
2012/09/03 - v.1.0.1 - Minor fixes in the wp_enqueue<br />
2012/09/03 - v.1.0.0 Initial Release 

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