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Impeka v1.4.5 - Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Impeka Nulled allows you the flexibility to dream up your perfect website and then make it happen, quickly. It’s easy and simple for beginners, yet it’s full of possibilities for more sophisticated users. Your website will be quick, completely responsive, and professionally optimized for SEO with Impeka, so you can be certain that you’re keeping up with the competition, attracting the correct visitors, and providing what they want. The best part is that you won’t need any coding or design abilities to obtain professional results with this premium WordPress theme – we’ll take care of that.


impeka creative multipurpose wordpress theme demo 1
impeka creative multipurpose wordpress theme demo 2
impeka creative multipurpose wordpress theme demo 3
impeka creative multipurpose wordpress theme demo 4
impeka creative multipurpose wordpress theme demo 5
impeka creative multipurpose wordpress theme demo 6
impeka creative multipurpose wordpress theme demo 7
impeka creative multipurpose wordpress theme demo 8
impeka creative multipurpose wordpress theme demo 9
impeka creative multipurpose wordpress theme demo 10
impeka creative multipurpose wordpress theme demo 11
impeka creative multipurpose wordpress theme demo 12

Features: Impeka – Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

  • Amazing Menu Styles and Header Layouts
    • Layout by default
    • Top of the page with a logo
    • Navigation on the Left
    • Menu Separation
    • Side Navigation Is Hiding
    • Menu Off Canvas
    • With the Safe Button, you may create a completely custom menu.
  • UNIQUE Ultra-Dynamic Parallax for your Columns
    • Parallax in the vertical plane
    • Move the mouse in the X and Y directions.
    • X Moves the Mouse
    • Move the mouse to the right.
  • Clipping motions in columns and particular components are great.
    • Using Clips
    • Trimming Down
    • Clipping to the Left
    • Right Clipping
    • Clipping Up in Color
    • Clipping Down Colored
    • Clipping Left, Colored
    • Right Colored Clipping
  • 32 Detailed, Handcrafted Websites
  • Define how your columns will appear in various devices: Using eye-catching moving columns, capture everyone’s attention. Change the order of the columns to highlight work that isn’t organized in a linear fashion.
  • Editor for Gutenberg: Impeka is compatible with the new editor in every way, including fundamental functionality and blocks. We will, of course, continue to monitor Gutenberg’s progress.
  • Button of Safety: To captivate your consumers and make navigating easier, put a brand new, evolved, and exposing safe button at your service.
  • Super-Crispy Moldable Typography – Manipulative Typography: Are you tired with rigid and unyielding typographies? Impeka breaks the norm and removes yet another barrier to unique, flawless writings.
    • Fonts that are commonly used
    • There are around 600 Google Fonts to choose from.
    • Uploader of Fonts
    • For your typography, you have incredible responsive control.
  • Manipulation of the Header Elements on an Unparalleled Scale (not just predefined headers)
  • Any menu may be designated as your Responsive Menu.
  • To activate the Responsive Header, select the screen size you like.
  • Amazing Clipping Animations in the 21st Century
  • You have complete control over your logos and their sizes.
    • The Default Header’s logo
    • The Dark Header’s logo
    • The Light Header’s logo
    • The Side Navigation Logo
    • Sticky Header has a logo.
    • The Responsive Header logo
  • Sticky Header comes in a variety of styles.
    • Simple
    • Shrink
    • Move your cursor up.
    • Animated
    • None
  • Custom Footers All-In-One
  • Choose from a variety of menu styles.
  • Layout: Boxed, Stretched, and Framed
  • Importing Demo Content
  • Dummy Data with a Single Click
    • Import on the Spot
    • Manager of Content
    • Mode of Operation Functionality
  • Functionality of the Coming Soon Mode
  • Search Page That Can Be Customized
  • Google Maps may be customized.
  • Modals that are perfect for your needs
    • Use this form to contact us.
    • Newsletter
    • The Search Engine
    • Switching Languages
    • Social Networking
  • On each page, you may create custom modals with whatever element you want.
  • Sliding Area that you may personalize for each individual post!
  • Menu that isn’t shown Per page/post/portfolio/product, there is a navigation option.
  • Color, picture, slider, video, map, or Revolution Slider in an amazing feature section (custom/full height)
  • Scrolling with a smooth parallax effect (even on devices)
    • Parallax in the vertical plane
    • Parallax in the horizontal plane
    • Parallax Performance may be set using the sensor option.
  • Overlapping headers on all pages/posts/portfolios/products or each page/post/portfolio/product
  • WooCommerce Support on a Large Scale
    • Hover over the images in the Shop Overview to change them.
    • In a single product, there is a zoom image effect.
    • Ajax Cart is a kind of Ajax that allows you
    • Each product category has its own title (backgrounds, colors, and height).
    • Various Navigational Styles
  • Per page, there is an additional sticky anchor menu.
  • Countless Title Possibilities
  • Titles are categorized separately (post categories, product categories)
  • Version on a single page
  • Scrolling through the entire page with several possibilities
  • There are over 100 predefined layouts to choose from.
  • Unlimited Color Options in a Live Color Customizer. Without a doubt, you have complete control over every hue in Impeka.
  • Sections of Background Information (Color, Image, Video, YouTube)
  • Effects in the Background Section (Default, Parallax, Parallax Left to Right, Parallax Right to Left, Animated, Horizontal Animation, Image as Pattern)
  • Background Sections with a Full Width
  • Elements with a Full Width
  • Mega Menus are incorporated into the theme, and choices are accessed via a graphical user interface.
  • Custom Page Titles on Multiple Pages
  • Design That Is Extremely Responsive
  • Ready for Retina Display
  • Scrolling With Ease
  • Loader of Themes
  • Option Panel with a Difference
  • Page Builder by WPBakery
  • Revolution Slider is a new type of slider that allows you
  • Color Presets that have been pre-programmed
  • Compatible with all major web browsers
  • Animations in CSS
  • Background Sections with a Full Width
  • Elements with a Full Width
  • Sidebars are unlimited.
  • Sidebars That Stick
  • Elements of the Top Bar Header
  • Options for a Blog
    • Grid of Blogs
    • Masonry Blog
    • Large Media Blog
    • Small Media Blog
    • Full Width Blog
    • Carousel of Blogs
    • Filterable Blogs
    • Standard, Gallery, Audio, Video, Link, and Quote are all supported post formats.
    • Various Navigational Styles
  • Optional Portfolio Overview
    • Grid of Portfolios
    • Masonry Portfolio
    • Full Width Portfolio
    • Carousel of Portfolios
    • Several Hover Effects
  • Countless Handcrafted Elements
  • Options for Multiple Galleries
  • Forms of Contact
    • Support for Form 7 is available.
    • Support is Created by Gravity Form
    • Various Form Styles
  • Widgets that may be customized
  • Theme Updates with a Single Click
  • Compatible with WPML Multilingual Plugin
  • Support for Google Fonts
  • Support for languages written from right to left, such as Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, and Urdu.
  • Prepared for translation
    • Support for Polylang, a multilingual plugin
    • Prepared for translation (po & mo files)
  • Fonts with Awesome Icons
  • Support for Breadcrumbs Navigation
  • Optimized for SEO
  • Impeka employs legitimate and clean code to ensure that Google and other search engines will find it appealing. It also works with the most popular SEO plugins.
  • Optimized for speed
  • Compatible with children’s themes
  • Support for Touch Swipe
  • Documentation of the event in real time is extensive.
  • Video Instructions
  • Updates for the rest of your life and dedicated support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • All of the files are well-organized and annotated.
  • Skills in coding are not required.

Changelog: Impeka – Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

v1.4.5 08 November, 2022
External links can now work with Quick View in overviews
WPBakery Page Builder (v 6.10.0)
Impeka Elementor Extension (v 1.4.5)
Impeka WPBakery Extension (v 1.4.5)
Revolution Slider (v 6.6.5)
WordPress 6.1 Compatibility
Issue with Gallery Masonry Autocrop
Issue with List element on mobile (back browser)
Issue with the Fixed footer in the Elementor backend editor
Issue with Email share option on post title
Issue with Icon Box (Side icon Layout 2 with link)
Issue with Webp image popup

v1.4.4 - 04 October, 2022
Impeka Elementor Extension (v 1.4.4)
Impeka WPBakery Extension (v 1.4.4)
Google fonts
Issue with the Sticky Header in Framed Layout
Issue with the Large Modal in Framed layout
Issue with the mini cart (WooCommerce) and the Side Header
Issue with the Grid animations on mobile
Issue with the Load More function in the Products element
Issue with the icon in the Counter element
Issue with the Menu element

v1.4.3 - 19 September, 2022
NEW Demo - Impeka Marketing
Another minimal one-page case study created with Impeka.
Gradient colors in Typed Text element
Impeka Elementor Extension (v 1.4.3)
Impeka WPBakery Extension (v 1.4.3)
Impeka Importer (v 1.4.3)
Responsive menu clickable items space
Elementor first section editing (backend)
Issue with Events Calendar Templates v6.0
Issue with the sticky header border opacity

v1.4.2 - 13 August, 2022
Impeka Elementor Extension (v 1.4.2)
Revolution Slider (v 6.5.31)
Issue with Impeka Elementor Library

Version 1.4.1 25 July, 2022
NEW Demo - Impeka Artist
Minimal & Creative portfolio case study to showcase your work and get noticed.
Underline menu item option in responsive menu (hover and current)
Impeka Demo Importer (v 1.4.1)
Accessibility Optimizations for hover items
Issue with Footer links and footer shadow
Horizontal scroll issue with Framed layout
Isssue in Image Gallery popup with Framed layout
Issue with Portfolio custom Link (new window)

v1.4 24 June, 2022
NEW Demo - Impeka Carpenter
Demonstrate your carpentry services. Another demo was created with Elementor Builder.
Impeka Elementor Library - 4 New individual pages & 3 New sections
Impeka Extension (v 1.4)
Impeka WPBakery Extension (v 1.4)
Impeka Elementor Extension (v 1.4)
Impeka Demo Importer (v 1.4)
Revolution Slider (v 6.5.25)
SSL error in Dynamic CSS

Version 1.3.9 12 June, 2022
Impeka WPBakery Extension (v 1.3.9)
Impeka Elementor Extension (v 1.3.9)
Clickable logo in fullscreen off canvas mode
WooCommerce Lost Password page
Sticky header skin on refresh page
CF7 Acceptance disabled button style
Accordion Issue with Icon Library
Author biography translation issue (WPML)
Minor issue with fixed sidebar - tablet portrait and mobile

v1.3.8 - 24 May, 2022
Revolution Slider (v 6.5.23)
WordPress 6.0 compatibility

v1.3.7 - 18 May, 2022
Option to sort Posts by Tags
Impeka Extension (v 1.3.7)
Impeka WPBakery Extension (v 1.3.7)
Impeka Elementor Extension (v 1.3.7)
Impeka Demo Importer (v 1.3.7)
Revolution Slider (v 6.5.22)
Google Fonts
Global modal reset option
Media Box Radius issue (Elementor element)
WPML issue with Animated Text element
Modal Popup Video Issues

Version 1.3.6 13 April, 2022
NEW Demo - Impeka Spa Services
Demonstrate your luxury spa services or any other relaxing services. Another demo created with Elementor Builder.
Impeka Elementor Library - 4 New individual pages & 5 New sections
WPBakery Page Builder (v 6.9.0)
Impeka Extension (v 1.3.6)
Impeka WPBakery Extension (v 1.3.6)
Impeka Elementor Extension (v 1.3.6)
Impeka Demo Importer (v 1.3.6)
Revolution Slider (v 6.5.20)
Google Fonts
Notifications in Font Manager
Issue with the Tour Element (enhanced WPBakery page builder)
Typekit Fonts slug issue
Issue with the custom WooCommerce gallery and the variable products
Minor issue in the Blog Grid Style on Safari
Issue with Horizontal newsletter form
Version 1.3.5 24 March, 2022
Impeka Elementor Extension (v 1.3.5)
Issue with Skin on Scroll effect & Elementor v. 3.6.1
Issue with the Gutenberg Post title in the backend

Version 1.3.5 24 March, 2022
Impeka Elementor Extension (v 1.3.5)
Issue with Skin on Scroll effect & Elementor v. 3.6.1
Issue with the Gutenberg Post title in the backend

Version 1.3.4 24 March, 2022
Option to define the posts order in custom post types
Impeka Extension (v 1.3.4)
Impeka Elementor Extension (v 1.3.4)
Major Issue with Elementor v. 3.6.0

Version 1.3.3 20 March, 2022
NEW Demo - Impeka Startup
Handcrafted for Startups and small businesses. Created with Elementor Builder.
NEW Impeka Elementor Library - 49 individual pages & 35 sections, an easy way to import all Elementor creations
Option to have Scroll up on click in Accordion element
Padding & Margin Support in Gutenberg columns
Impeka Extension (v 1.3.3)
Impeka WPBakery Extension (v 1.3.3)
Impeka Elementor Extension (v 1.3.3)
Impeka Gutenberg Extension (v 1.3.3)
Impeka Demo Importer (v 1.3.3)
Revolution Slider (v 6.5.19)
Issue with the list element in Accordion
Issue with the YouTube Icon in Team element
Issue with lightbox in RTL languages
The Color Dominant option from various elements

Version 1.3.2 01 March, 2022
NEW Demo - Impeka Agency
Handcrafted for Design Agencies & Freelancers. Created with Elementor Builder.
Impeka Extension (v 1.3.2)
Impeka WPBakery Extension (v 1.3.2)
Impeka Elementor Extension (v 1.3.2)
Impeka Demo Importer (v 1.3.2)
Revolution Slider (v 6.5.17)
Media Box element with background color (text colors)
Image sizes in Theme Intro
Issue with the Button line animation in column with link
Issue with Media Box, Image Text and Video Popup in Elementor
Issue with Bookmarks & Header Skin
Issue with Small Blog Date visibility
Issue with Post Title in backend (typo, colors)
Issue with Contact Info widget

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Download Impeka v1.4.5 Nulled Free

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