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HT QR Code Generator for WordPress v2.3.6

HT QR Code Generator Nulled is a WordPress plugin that allows you to produce QR codes right from your dashboard. QR codes may be generated using Elementor widgets, WordPress widgets, and Shortcodes. This plugin allows you to create QR codes for custom text/links, mail-to links, email messages, mobile messages, phone numbers, and current page links, among other things.

Data and information may be stored in QR codes, which can then be read and downloaded to a mobile phone. QR codes are adaptable; they may be used for a variety of reasons and are beneficial to both website owners and customers. Placing a QR code on a website lowers and saves money on advertising and marketing expenditures. This QR code can be scanned and saved by a visitor for future use. With the smallest expenditure, a QR code may enhance visibility and money.


ht qr code generator for wordpress demo

Features: HT QR Code Generator for WordPress

  • Download and print the QR code.
  • Button to Download and Print QR Codes Options to enable and disable.
  • Button Design Customized.
  • Design your own QR code.
    • Background created by the user.
    • Create your own logo.
    • Color, width, and height of the border
    • Patten Color (Outer) / Color (Inner)
    • Outer / Inner Color Alignment
    • Customizable Timing
    • Dot Style Customizable
    • And a lot more.
  • Patterns that support the dot style are required.
  • Quiet Zone settings are supported.
  • Customize the color of the inner fill and outer border of the Position Pattern.
  • Custom Alignment is supported. The color of the pattern’s inner fill and outside border.
  • Custom vertical and horizontal color Timing Patterns are supported.
  • Images of logos to support
  • Background Image should be supported.
  • Support for several languages.

The QR Code Generator may help you create codes for:

  • Text/link can be customized.
  • Account on social media
  • URL of the current page.
  • Email Message/Mail to Link
  • Call us, make a phone call, or send an SMS.
  • Contact over Skype.
  • WIFI is available.
  • Event on the Calendar.
  • Information about how to contact us
  • Google Maps is a location-based search engine.

Changelog: HT QR Code Generator for WordPress

v2.3.6 - DATE: 15 – OCTOBER – 2022
01. Dashboard Gutenberg Backround Image Size Issue Fixed
02. Compatible with WordPress 6.0.2 Version.

VERSION: 2.3.4 —-—-DATE: 28 – DECEMBER – 2021
01. Pop-Up Page QRcode load issue Fixed
02. Archive Page Current Url Issue Fixed
03. Gutenberg Blocks QRcode Alignment Options Added

VERSION: 2.3.4 —-—-DATE: 28 – DECEMBER – 2021
01. Gutenberg Blocks Support.

VERSION: 2.3.3 —-—-DATE: 28 – SEPTEMBER – 2021
01. Comptable latest version Elementor..

VERSION: 2.3.2 —-—-DATE: 26 – APRIL – 2021
01. Documentation update.

VERSION: 2.3.1 —-—-DATE: 04 – APRIL – 2021
01. Multi Language support (Minor issue Fixed)

VERSION: 2.3 —-—-DATE: 18-MARCH-2021
01. Add Multi Language support

VERSION: 2.1.1 —-—-DATE: 23-FEBRUARY-2021
01. Footer blank space issue fixed

VERSION: 2.1 —-—-DATE: 14-JANUARY-2021
01. Minor Bug fixed

VERSION: 2.0 —-—-DATE: 11-JANUARY-2021
01. Inner Shortcode Support.
02. Wordpress Comptable with 5.6
03. Documentation update v2

VERSION: 1.2.6 —-—-DATE: 11-01-2021
01. CSS simple bug fixed.
02. Wordpress Comptable with 5.6

VERSION: 1.2.5 —-—-DATE: 08-10-2020
01. Add new Future Widgets Positions Control Option.

VERSION: 1.2.4 —-—-DATE: 20-08-2020
01. Documentation Update.
02. Minor bug fixes.

VERSION: 1.2.3 —-—-DATE: 19-07-2020
- Simple bug fixed

VERSION: 1.2.2 -—--- DATE: 12 July 2020
01. Documentation Update.
02. QR code Contact Information additional field Mobile Number Add.

VERSION: 1.2.1 -—--- DATE: 02 July 2020
01. QR code Print and Download Button Enable and Disable Options.
02. QR code Script Update.
03. Minor bug fixes.

VERSION: 1.2.0 -—--- DATE: 25 June 2020
01. QR code Print and Download feature added
02. Documentation Update.

VERSION: 1.0.3 -—--- DATE: 27 March 2020
01. Graphical user interface update.
02. Documentation Update.

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Download HT QR Code Generator for WordPress v2.3.6 Nulled Free

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.