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How to Create a Free 7Gb RAM Windows VPS from Github

There is currently a trick to help you create a free 7GB Ram WINdows VPS from Github combined with Ngrok. The tutorial on creating a 15Gb ram VPS has been fixed, but how to create a free Windows VPS from Github is still usable, especially if you don’t need a credit card or account verification. To create a free terrible configuration Windows VPS, you do the following:

Steps to create a free Windows 7Gb RAM VPS from Github

Because VPS is free, Github only allows you to use up to 6 hours, but in return VPS has a terrible configuration. After 6 hours you can create another github account then follow below steps to create new free Windows 7Gb RAM VPS, but old data will be lost.


  • How to create simple, unlimited number
  • RAM 7Gb
  • 2 CPUs
  • HDD 255 Gb
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Download speed 75Mb/s


  • Only used for 6 hours
  • Remote speed is not as fast as Google’s VPS

Step 1. Get authtoken of Ngrok

Now you need to create a Ngrok account to get access token authtoken.

After creating an account, go to

Scroll down to see 2. Connect your account, copy the authtoken code.

Get authtoken of Ngrok

Step 2. Create a Free Windows 7Gb RAM VPS from Github

Using Gmail Create a Github account.

Then visit (New update link June 22, 2021)

Click on the Fork button in the upper corner to get this project on your Github.

Step 2. Create a Free Windows 7Gb RAM VPS from Github

Next, Click Menu Settings -> Secrets -> New repository secret

Click Menu Settings

Enter the following information:

  • Value: Enter the authtoken code in Step 1
  • Click Add secret.
Enter the authtoken code

Next, go to Actions Menu -> I understand my workflows, go ahead and enable them.

6 action

Look at the menu on the left, select Cl.

select Cl

Look to the right click on Run workflow -> Run workflow

8 run workflow

Now you press F5 to reload the page, you will see the VPS is being created, to see the VPS creation progress, click on the color Cl.


Continue to click on Build

buid 1

Wait for the “Connect to your RDP 2core-7GB Ram” paragraph, click the arrow to get Remote information to the Windows VPS. This process takes about 3-5 minutes.

Connect to your RDP 2core 7GB Ram

Step 3. Connect to Github’s Windows VPS

Open Run (Windows + R) enter the mstsc command to open the remote Desktop program.

Enter the IP assigned from Ngrok, remove the tcp:// word.

Connect to Github's Windows VPS
  • Username: Administrator
  • Password: as provided in the picture on github
Connect to Github's Windows VPS

You will enter the Github Windows 2019 Datacenter VPS screen, a good thing is that the VPS has pre-installed Firefox, Chrome …, now you like to install or Download / Upload whatever is up to you.