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Formidable Forms Pro v5.5.3 (+Addons) – WordPress Forms Plugin & Online Application Builder

Formidable Forms Pro Nulled is the most advanced form builder for WordPress. Create a complex multi-page contact form or form with conditional logic, calculations, and file uploads. Then display the collected data in a graph.


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Features of Formidable Forms Pro

  • Formidable Forms Pro has all the features needed to create a powerful managed WordPress forms and web data application. Take a look at the features that make Formidable Forms the best form builder in WordPress.
  • Display form data with views: Format, filter, and display the data submitted through your form in the user’s view. Create dynamic views referencing personal information records or filter by current user ID.
  • Designer: WordPress visual forms Create complex forms simply with the simple WordPress visual form editor. Simply click or drag a new field onto the form without editing the HTML code.
  • Automatically add a form field: Need to collect multiple sets of information from a single record? Repeatable fields allow your users to add a new set of fields quickly.
  • Forms to add user messages: Add forms to add user posts and pages. Set custom fields, captions and even favorite images. Accept new messages from users as drafts to allow admins to moderate them.
  • Multi-page forms with progress bar: Split complex data entry into manageable multi-page forms that automatically save drafts every time you turn the page. The progress bar and rootlines also provide a great user experience.
  • Front End Form Editor: Allows users to edit entries, submissions, and user-generated pages or posts – all from the external interface of your site. Editing forms from the interface is quick and easy.


Features of Formidable Forms Pro

Changelog Formidable Forms Pro – WordPress Forms Plugin & Online Application Builder Nulled Free

Formidable Forms v5.5.3
NOVEMBER 3, 2022
New: Formidable-styled submit buttons will now appear at half opacity with a disallowed cursor pointer when disabled.
New: Draft pages can now be selected when adding existing items to an application.
New: Password field strength will now validate in JavaScript when the setting is enabled.
New: Added a new "page" option to form shortcodes. For example, [formidable id=454 page=2] will begin on the 2nd page of a form, and [formidable id=pages page=start-page] will begin based on the value of a start-page get param.
Fix: Some application templates would fail to import because of an unexpected conflicting attribute in newer XML exports.
Fix: Fields inside of a duplicated section were not properly wrapped in a field group in the form builder until after refreshing the page.
Fix: Views wouldn't appear in Applications when Polylang was active because of a filtering conflict.
Fix: Calculations weren't triggering on page load after hitting the back button on Chrome and Edge.
Fix: A regex pattern was growing too large when importing an XML file with thousands of fields resulting in a "Compilation failed: regular expression is too large at offset" warning.
Fix: Additional checks were added to import to prevent warnings when tracking child entries and when importing an unexpected date value.
Fix: Cascading look up field options were not appearing (this was already patched in some versions of the previous release).
Fix: Taxonomy rows in post actions would disappear from post actions after changing taxonomy type.
Fix: The "Exclude options" checkbox for taxonomy rows in post actions would remain checked after saving unless all options were also unchecked.
Fix: All fields will be hidden again when using a form shortcode with the fields="" option like in previous 5.0.x versions of Pro.

Formidable Forms v5.5.2
OCTOBER 13, 2022 
New: Scale fields now use open fields for defining a min and max range value, and include a new step option.
New: Page break fields can now be filtered using the frm_display_break_value_custom filter. See for examples.
New: Dynamic fields now have a option order setting similar to Look ups.
Fix: Forms made with Gutenberg blocks were not working with [frm-set-get] shortcodes.
Fix: Prevent a warning when duplicating fields with array data, like check boxes.
Fix: Batched requests for dynamic field data were processing too frequently in some cases.
Fix: Updated scale field styling on the Edit Entry page to fix visual issues at mobile screen sizes.

Formidable Forms v5.5.1
SEPTEMBER 28, 2022
New: Added a new Rootline / Progress Bar position setting to Pagination settings.
New: Labels that fall outside of x_min, x_max, y_min, and y_max range values will no longer be included in graphs.
Fix: The value of a disabled time dropdown will be cleared after the date is changed. Previously the value would still appear selected but submit as empty possibly resulting in missing time values or unexpected required field errors on submit.

= 5.5 =
* New: Paragraph fields now support a new Limit Length setting for limiting a Paragraph field to a maximum number of words or characters.
* New: Date pickers initialized from a Formidable date field will now use a prefixed class to avoid styling conflicts with other date pickers. Styling for month and year dropdowns has been modified to improve compatibility with the Astra theme on WooCommerce pages.
* New: Added a new frm_check_file_referer filter to give better control of the referer check for protected files.
* New: Added a new Autocomplete setting for setting the autocomplete attribute for password and number fields.
* Fix: A 0000-00-00 date will no longer be used as the entry creation date when creating a form entry from a draft post.
* Fix: The entry updated time will now use the current time instead of being left blank when creating a form entry from a draft post.
* Fix: Prevent a warning when saving a draft on a form with only a single page.
* Fix: The frm_date_field_options filter previously would not work for disabling the changeMonth and changeYear options with the unique option set on the date field.

= 5.4.5 =
* New: Application items will appear as parent relationships when the shortcode is found embedded in the detail page content and in the no entries message.
* New: Only the selected language will be loaded for localized datepickers, significantly reducing the file size of the script.
* New: Localized datepicker scripts are now loaded locally in-plugin instead of defaulting to a Google API for better GDPR compliance.
* New: Protected files will now temporarily be readable during an Updraft Plus backup, and when WP Offload Media is uploading files, to help improve compatibility.
* Fix: Protected PDF files were displaying broken thumbnails because the URL for the PDF image was invalid.
* Fix: Featured images in Formidable Posts that were duplicated with WPML were copying too much post meta causing issues with the duplicated file's URL.
* Fix: Data was exporting blank when exporting as XML for a file field with multiple files.
* Fix: Prevent an error when clearing file upload errors that can happen when customized HTML is missing an expected class name.
* Fix: Prevent an error when starting over when a checkbox field's default value was in an unexpected format.
* Fix: New conditional logic rows for actions were missing a few supported field types including file, date, and rich text.

= 5.4.4 =
* New: Exported application XML files will now also include form entries.
* New: The import files checkbox is now available when importing XML files.
* New: Imported application templates will now import images from the template.
* New: Fields with [auto_id] shortcodes will now auto-increment when an entry is duplicated.
* New: Added a new frm_should_import_files filter so importing files is easier to toggle on and off.
* Fix: Application relationship tags were not appearing when the embedded shortcodes used form and view keys instead of ids.

= 5.4.3 =
* New: Added a new Format number as currency setting to Slider fields as well as additional Use custom currency format settings to make customizing the slider field value formatting as easy as possible.
* New: Long field names are no longer truncated in submit button and action conditional logic dropdowns to make the names easier to read.
* New: Added a new not_equals alias for conditional shortcodes that works the same as not_equal.
* New: The frm_after_duplicate_field hook is now also triggered when a section is duplicated.
* Fix: An unknown column id database error was occasionally preventing new the new Application flow as items were being added.
* Fix: Thumbnails for images were missing when moving between form pages and a generic document icon was being used instead.
* Fix: A conflict with Yoast was preventing protected files from generating sizes properly. This caused issues with files appearing in summary fields when Yoast was active.
* Fix: Application pop ups were occasionally getting cut off leaving the buttons in the footer inaccessible.

= 5.4.2 =
* New: When using a Name field for a graph, the full name will now be displayed instead of only the first name.
* New: A default fallback thumbnail image will now be used immediately on upload when uploading a files with less common file extensions.
* New: Stale required file errors will now be cleared immediately when a file is uploaded.
* New: License and version information for Formidable Pro will now available from a new item on the WordPress Site Health page.
* Fix: The text for the new start over button was not translatable.
* Fix: Dropzone file upload fields were not re-initializing after the start over button was clicked on forms with multiple pages.
* Fix: The start over button would load a blank page on forms with multiple pages when the global setting to fade in forms with conditional logic on page load is active.
* Fix: When clicking the save draft button on the last page of a form with multiple pages, it would redirect to another page of the form instead of the active one.
* Fix: A theme conflict with Astra was causing textarea fields with the Autogrow setting to jump and not shrink properly.
* Fix: An invalid start time value of 00:60 was causing Time fields to create an infinite loop resulting in fatal errors when memory is exhausted.
* Fix: Searching for an entry with a post action would not return results when the entry does not have an associated post.

= v5.4.1 =
New: Temporary uploaded files will now be deleted with a cron job when crons are enabled.
New: Added a new Autocomplete setting to Text fields for defining the autocomplete attribute value in HTML.
Fix: Expired licenses were appearing as "Premium" in the license settings section with an option to upgrade to Elite and will now properly show the license type before it was expired.
Fix: Summary fields would display a "You do not have permission to do that" message for inaccessible protected files. Now an icon based off of file type will be displayed instead of the permission error.
Fix: Warnings were appearing when editing entries with Likert fields in some cases.

= v5.4 =
* New: Added a new frm_new_form_values filter for customizing the default values of new forms.
* New: Added a new frm_ajax_loaded_field event for listening for loaded fields loaded via AJAX on long forms in the form builder.
* Fix: Custom aria-describedby attribute values were not properly merging with the aria-describedby values added by field descriptions and errors.
* Fix: Imported field data would occasionally break if the new field ids had a different number of digits than the previously imported values.
* Fix: Placeholder text was appearing more transparent in Firefox than in other browsers and has been updated for consistency.
* Fix: Prevent a conflict that was causing the new Form modal to appear on some websites as a blank box without any content.
* Updated the icon for Constant Contact.

= v5.3.2 =
New: [frm-graph] shortcodes with % width values will now automatically redraw as the browser is resized for better responsiveness.
New: Collapsible sections now get proper tab index and will toggle with the space bar, improving compatibility with keyboards and screen readers.
Fix: A link to Applications was appearing as a sub-menu item for Pages, and an Applications textbox was appearing in Quick Edit.
Fix: Some sites without minified JavaScript were triggering an error when trying to call the is_plugin_active function when it has not been loaded causing issues with loading scripts and forms.
Fix: Administrator users were getting blocked from creating and updating Applications if the new Applications permissions were not yet saved.

= v5.3.1 =
New: Added a new Application column to the Forms list page.
New: Added new Add/Edit Applications and Access Application Dashboard permission settings.
Fix: Check box options were not properly getting selected for default get param values when single values contained commas.
Fix: The application page would occasionally load at first with flashing large icons on the screen before all styles were finished loading.

= v5.3 =
New: Added support for grouping together forms, views, and pages as Custom Applications.
New: Application templates can now be imported from the new Applications page.
New: Added a new frm_xml_filename filter for customizing the name of an exported XML file.
Fix: Conditionally hidden repeated fields were missing when displaying summary fields in some cases.
Fix: Avoid a division by zero error when using data_type="average" in graph shortcodes.

= v5.2.07 =
Fix: Labels were missing for conditional sections when viewing an entry in the back end.
Fix: When editing an uploaded file, the full image path was being used for the thumbnail instead of the smaller thumbnail image.
Fix: Dropzone file names and sizes were appearing too close together so some padding some added.

= v5.2.06 =
New: Added a step option to the [auto_id] shortcode. For example, [auto_id step=2] will auto-increment by 2 instead of the default step value of 1.
New: Conditional short codes for file fields now support show options. By default, the URL of the file field will be compared. This means that [if x like=".jpg"][/if x] can be used to match an uploaded file for a specific file type.
New: Added a frm_address_sub_fields filter for customizing Address sub fields.
Fix: Decimals were stripped from Euro currencies when calculated fields were hidden with field visibility settings.

= v5.2.05 =
* New: Added a new frm_focus_first_error filter to toggle of the behavior of the auto-focus that gets triggered on the first field with an error.
* New: Added a new frm_include_alert_role_on_field_errors filter to toggle the alert role that gets added to field errors.

= v5.2.04 =
* New: Defined field option data will no longer be sent to Akismet, to help improve accuracy with Akismet API.
* Fix: Updated Elementor widget so it no longer uses the deprecated _register_controls method.

= v5.2.03 =
* New: Updated how unique field and form keys are generated for shorter unique keys.
* New: Added a new frm_unique_field_key_separator filter for unique field keys.
* New: Added a new frm_saved_errors filter for extending custom form validation.
* Fix: Fixed a conflict with All in One SEO that was causing multiselect dropdowns to appear larger than expected.

= v5.2.02.01 =
* Fix: Fixed a conflict with Duplicator Pro that was causing dropdowns to break after updating to Bootstrap 4.
* Fix: Bottom margins were removed from credit card and address fields with last release and have been added back.
* Fix: Imported templates with multiple forms were getting imported with the wrong name.
* Fix: Clicking to install a quiz template was copying the NEW html into the form name input.

= v5.2.02 =
* Updated Bootstrap to version 4.6.1.
* New: Name fields will be automatically used to define entry names if available.
* New: Added setting to update privileged access message.
* Fix: Section icon dropdown toggles were not displaying updated changes.
* Fix: Prevent a PHP 8.1 deprecation message where null was being passed to substr.
* Fix: Name fields with no descriptions were still displaying bottom margins.

= v5.2.01 =
* New: Added new checkboxes to toggle form title and description visibility. The form preview page will no longer always show title and description by default, and will use these checkboxes instead.
* Fix: In-Theme Previews trigger a fatal error in WordPress 5.9.1.
* Fix: Checkbox fields were appearing as broken vertical lines when using the Enfold theme.
* Fix: A deprecation message was occasionally logged in PHP8 when trying to decode null values.

= v5.2 =
* Increased WP version requirement to 5.2.
* New: Added a new Embed Form modal and a new Embed button that appears in the form builder and form settings pages beside Preview and Update. Now a form can be embedded into a new page or an existing page with just a few clicks.
* Fix: A Notice was being logged that wp_enqueue_script() was called incorrectly when loading the new Widgets editor since WordPress 5.8.
* Fix: An unexpected array value in form data would cause some text fields to break in PHP8.
* Fix: Some AJAX calls for API loaded forms were occasionally targeting the wrong site, causing unwanted redirects.
* Fix: Dropdown field options were including redundant class="" HTML that has been removed.

= v5.1 =
- Updated Bootstrap Multiselect to version 1.1.1, fixing issues with the accessibility of backend multiselect dropdowns for blind users.
- New: Inputs with errors will now add the aria-describedby attribute during JavaScript validation for more accessible errors.
- New: Form errors will now always include the role="alert" attribute for more accessible errors. New fields will now also include role="alert" in custom field HTML.
- New: Added a new frm_entries_column_value filter hook.

= v5.0.17 =
- The embedded CodeMirror code for compatibility with versions of WordPress before 4.9 has been removed.
- New: The ctype PHP extension is no longer a requirement.
- Fix: The custom CSS page would appear without any textarea on some configurations where CodeMirror may be disabled.
- Fix: Removed padding styles from radio buttons because of a conflict with the Sensational theme.

= v5.0.16 =
- New: Field shortcodes now support sanitize_url=1 and sanitize=1 options which were previously only processed in Pro. For more information on how these options work, see
- New: The sanitize_url=1 option will now be inserted automatically when inserting most field shortcodes to a redirect url. This is to avoid issues with redirects stripping characters like ' and @ which may cause a redirect to fail in some cases.
- New: Updated styling for radio buttons and checkboxes, with improvements to appearance on mobile devices as well.
- New: Extended the FrmCSVExportHelper::generate_csv function so it has the option to generate a CSV file in a temporary directory, and pass along an array of meta information to most CSV filter hooks.
- New: A new action_id variable has been added to the arguments passed to the frm_notification_attachment filter to make it easier to filter attachments by email action ID.
- New: Added new frm_entry_formatter_class, frm_prepend_and_or_where, frm_entry_formatter_format, frm_formatted_entry_values_content, and frm_entries_show_args filter hooks.
- New: Allow more colors in the styler to be transparent including background colors and border colors for active, hovered, and disabled inputs.
- Fix: Selected radio buttons were appearing incorrectly when using the Twenty Twenty One theme in Chrome or Safari.
- Fix: Radio buttons and checkboxes were appearing overlapped with labels when using the H-Code theme.
- Fix: Field pop ups were displaying upgrade messages even for licenses that had access to the add on.

= v5.0.15 =
- New: Added a v3 reCAPTCHA type option and reCAPTCHA threshold slider to global reCAPTCHA settings. When using v3 the score will be compared to the threshold and marked as spam if it is lower than the threshold. The default value is 0.5. For more information on setting a score, see

= 5.0.13 =
- FrmAppHelper::jquery_ui_base_url and an unused dropdown view file have been deprecated.
- Security: Back end form settings will now always filter on render when the DISALLOW_UNFILTERED_HTML constant is on.
- Security: Added additional sanitizing when saving a custom style, added additional filtering to icons, and improved how some content is escaped.
- New: Added a new frm_disallow_unfiltered_html filter that will always filter back form settings without having to set the DISALLOW_UNFILTERED_HTML constant.
- New: A name field will always be used when sending comment author information to Akismet if one is set to avoid false positives that could cause another field value to possibly get sent instead.
- Fix: When importing a grid or table view, [/if x] and [/foreach x] shortcodes were not properly being replaced.
- Fix: Too much was being stripped from custom submit button HTML for underpriveleged users or when disallowing unfiltered html.
- Fix: Too many calls were being made to Akismet for forms with multiple pages.
- Fix: A conflict with WooCommerce was sometimes triggering an error when checking for addon updates.
- Fix: The comment author information sent to Akismet was not getting set if the author information was set in a name field.

= v5.0.12 =
- New: When the frm_inline_submit class is added to custom Submit Button HTML if frm_inline_form is missing from the form it will now be automatically added to allow for the submit button to become inline.
- Fix: Many Formidable addons were not properly displaying update details from the plugins page.
- Fix: Fewer API requests will be sent to Formidable when inbox notice cached results expire and when a request results in an error.
- Fix: Added additional validation to CSV export so it fails more gracefully when the form does not exist.
- Fix: The style setting for Margin under Field Settings as been renamed to Bottom Margin to avoid confusion as it only updates one margin value.

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List of Formidable Forms Pro Addons

  1. Formidable ActiveCampaign v1.08
  2. Formidable AutoResponder v2.04
  3. Formidable API v1.10
  4. Formidable AWeber v2.02b
  5. Formidable Surveys v1.0.03
  6. Formidable Constant Contact v1.03
  7. Formidable Export View v1.04
  8. Formidable Datepicker Options v1.03
  9. Formidable Forms for AMP v1.0.6
  10. Formidable Salesforce v2.04
  11. Formidable Campaign Monitor v1.04
  12. Formidable GetResponse v1.05
  13. Formidable Highrise v1.06
  14. Formidable Locations v2.02
  15. Formidable Logs v1.0b1
  16. Formidable MailChimp v2.06
  17. Formidable MailPoet Newsletters v1.01
  18. Formidable Modal v2.0
  19. Formidable Payments v1.14
  20. Formidable PayPal Standard v3.09
  21. Formidable HubSpot v1.09
  22. Formidable Polylang v1.10
  23. Formidable Quiz Maker v1.03
  24. Formidable Registration v2.04
  25. Formidable Digital Signatures v2.06
  26. Formidable Stripe v2.05
  27. Formidable Twilio v1.09
  28. Formidable User Tracking v1.0
  29. Formidable Visual Views v5.1.05
  30. Formidable WooCommerce v1.10
  31. Formidable WPML v1.10
  32. Formidable Zapier v2.01
  33. Formidable Form Lock v1.7.0
  34. Formidable Authorize.Net v2.01
  35. Formidable Bootstrap v1.03

Download Formidable Forms Pro v5.5.3 Nulled Free + Addons

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.