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FlyingPress - Taking WordPress To New Heights v3.7.2

FlyingPress Nulled an all in one plugin to speed up WordPress sites, from page caching, CDN to image optimization.

Features FlyingPress

  • Optimize CSS
    • Generate critical and used CSS
    • Load unused CSS asynchronously/interaction
  • Font Optimization
    • Self-host, inline & combine Google Fonts
    • Add fallback fonts while loading (display swap)
    • Preload fonts
  • Page Caching
    • Generates static HTML pages
    • Preload cache
    • Configures Nginx/Apache/LiteSpeed to serve cache
    • Preload pages in browser on mouse hover
    • Varnish integration
  • Image Optimization
    • Adding missing height and width attributes
    • Preload critical images
  • Defer JavaScript
    • Remove render-blocking JavaScripts
    • Delay scripts until user interaction
    • Fix render-blocking jQuery scripts
    • Lazy Loading
      Lazy load images & iFrames
      Native or JavaScript lazy loading
      Exclude above fold images
      Lazy load any background images
  • Minify CSS and JavaScript
    • Minify CSS & JS files in the server or via CDN
  • Database Cleaner
    • Delete unnecessary entries and optimize tables

Changelog: FlyingPress

= v3.7.2 - 26 November, 2021 =
- Improvement: Keyless activation on plugin update
- Fix: Removed purge actions for non-admin (revert)

= 3.6.0- 10 September, 2021 =
- New: Responsive images using FlyingCDN
- Fix: Preload image from srcset if found

= v3.5.6 - 16 July, 2021 =
- Improvement: Use get_home_url() instead of get_site_url()
- Improvement: Allow exclude scripts from defer when inline defer is enabled
- Improvement: New documentation

= v3.5.5 - 21 June, 2021 =
- Improvement: Better CSS and JS files detection
- Improvement: Updated internal libraries
- Improvement: Hash CSS files with CDN url

= v3.5.1 - 12 June, 2021 =
- Fix: Support for YouTube embeds

= v3.4.0 - 07 June, 2021 =
- New: Enable or disable script to load on user interaction
- New: Only "safe" optimizations are enabled by default
- Fix: x-flying-press-source header will display LiteSpeed or Apache
- Fix: Use get_id() instead of ID for WooCommerce compatibility
- Improvement: Remove async attribute when defer is enabled
- Improvement: Minor UI improvements

= v3.0.7 - 26 Mar, 2021 =
- Improvement: Added user-agent "FlyingPress" while preloading
- Fix: Add width and height to images not uploaded using Media
- Fix: Add width and height to SVGs
- Fix: Fatal errors while installing in PHP 8

= v3.0.4 =
- Fix: Purge and preload posts only when post status is published

Download FlyingPress – Taking WordPress To New Heights v3.7.2

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.