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Fluent Support Pro v1.6.6 - Customer Support Plugin for WordPress

Customer service has never been easier, more enjoyable, or more fluent.

Introducing WordPress’s most effective support ticketing system. Do you need to give super-quick, dependable, and efficient client service? Fluent Support is here to help.

What distinguishes Fluent Support from the competition?

Fluent Support features everything you might want in a WordPress helpdesk system: product-based support, user information, automatic responses, and performance tracking.


Better team collaboration faster support

Features: Fluent Support – Customer Support Plugin for WordPress

  • Agents of assistance indefinitely
  • Tickets are available indefinitely.
  • Personalize your email notification
  • Agents who are based on products
  • Fields that can be customized
  • Filtering options for advanced users
  • Slack and Telegram replies
  • Create a ticket with your email address
  • Automation of work processes
  • Templates for responses
  • Without logging in, a guest ticket is available.
  • Ticket sorting
  • Reply to a large number of tickets
  • Response time is critical when you’re on the run.
  • Management of priorities
  • Check out the activity logs.
  • Report on performance
  • Notes from inside

Changelog: Fluent Support Pro – Customer Support Plugin for WordPress

= 1.6.6 (Date: October, 2022) =
* Activity Log Filters
* Active Tickets for Products
* Waiting Tickets stat on Dashboard
* Hourly Reports for tickets activity
* New Trigger – Ticket Closed on Automation (Pro)
* Close Ticket Silently (without triggering emails)
* Migrate Tickets from Awesome Support
* Migrate Tickets from SupportCandy
* Bug Fixes and Improvements

= v1.6.5 (Date: August 24, 2022) =
* Added Auto Close Ticket Module based on ticket inactivity days
* Improved Saved Replies. Now you can add more replies
* Fixed File Upload Issues
* Fixed Few minor issues on integrations

= v1.6.1 (Date: August 19, 2022) =
* Added - Shortcode support in workflow
* Added - LearnPress integration
* Added - Split reply to a new ticket
* Added - License status in EDD widget
* Added - Agent portal in frontend
* Added - Ticket closing feature from Slack and Telegram
* Added - Adding or removing ticket bookmark from workflow
* Fixed - Email box setup issue on translated sites
* Fixed - WooCommerce customer guest purchase not displaying in WooCommerce widget
* Improvement - Security
* Improvement - Code Base

= v1.5.7 (Date: July 07, 2022) =
* Added - Global Customer Searching on Ticket Creation on Behalf of Customer
* Added - Template for Ticket Creation on Behalf of Customer
* Fixed - WooCommerce Order Total Issue
* Fixed - Text Encoding Issue on Email Piping

= v1.5.6 (Date: May 26, 2022) =
* Added - Ticket Merge System
* Added - Ticket Watcher System
* Added - Mailbox Check in Workflow
* Added - FluentCRM List & Tag Check in Workflow
* Added - FluentCRM List & Tag Attach & Detach in Workflow
* Fixed - WooCommerce Multi Currency Issue
* Fixed - WooCommerce Draft Product Display in Custom Fields

= v1.5.5 (Date: March 02, 2022) =
* Added - Whatsapp integration via twilio
* Added - Outgoing Webhook Integration in workflow
* Added - Agents report filtering by specific agent
* Added - Today's stats of tickets
* Added - Send notification to 3rd party integrated notification system on agent assign
* Added - Ticket moving feature from one mailbox to another
* Fixed - Ticket created email notification not sending when creating a ticket via incoming webhook

New Update Changelog v1.5.4​
Added - Ticket advanced filtering
Added - Custom fields on Telegram integration
Added - Incoming Webhook
Added - Missing translations
Fixed - Issues related to email piping
Fixed - Email footer not sending to email notification
Fixed - Discord Notification issues
Fixed - Custom fields not saving when creating a ticket from agent dashboard

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Download Fluent Support Pro v1.6.6 Nulled Free

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.