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FacetWP v4.1.2 (+Addons) – Advanced Filtering And Faceted Search Plugin For WordPress

FacetWP Nulled is a high-quality WordPress tool that allows you to add personalized searches to your e-commerce sites, resource galleries, and more. It comes with settings that only show custom values.

The FacetWP WordPress plugin comes with 11 predefined search types, including dropdowns, date ranges, checkboxes, sliders, and even near geolocation.


Features FacetWP – Advanced Filtering and Faceted Search Plugin for WordPress

features FacetWP
  • Smart Filtering: Users find what they’re looking for faster because only relevant filtering choices are displayed. This leads to feeling better customers and increased sales.
  • Using your existing data: Aspects using your site’s existing post types, custom fields, and taxonomies. FacetWP also automatically works on your existing archive pages.
  • Lightning fast: FacetWP is ajax-based, so filtering is quick and no page refresh is required. The plugin also uses the index table for added speed.
  • Works with most themes: Add facets anywhere on your page using shortcodes or PHP. Other built-in features (paging, sorting, user selection) are also just shortcodes.
  • Lots of facet types: FacetWP includes multiple facet types, including checkboxes, dropdowns, date ranges, sliders, and even proximity (geolocation).
  • Developer Friendly: Developers can take advantage of the plugin’s many hooks for a high degree of customization.

Changelog FacetWP – Advanced Filtering Plugin For WordPress Nulled Free

v4.1.2 - Nov 10, 2022
Fixed Query builder - "EMPTY" and "NOT EMPTY" clauses
Fixed ACF integration - prevent PHP8 error on invalid parent fields
Fixed Typo with "Strict query detection" setting, please re-save if using that setting

v4.1.1 - Nov 4, 2022
NewAdded experimental "Strict query detection" UI setting
ImprovedIndex table charset switched to utf8mb4 (for Emoji support)
ImprovedDate range - input labels can now be translated via facetwp_i18n
ImprovedDate range - a11y support
FixedFSelect lib - fire a change event, even when the value is empty
FixedA11y - added "aria-hidden" to hidden items to prevent ARIA warnings
FixedThe `facetwp_template_use_archive` hook should support the "s" argument
FixedQuery builder - issue with the "EXISTS" / "NOT EXISTS" query filter clauses

v4.1 - October 4, 2022
ImprovedTweaked admin UI styling
ImprovedSlider - prefix / suffix fields are now translatable via `facetwp_i18n`
ImprovedSlider - better styling for the disabled state
ImprovedFUtil lib now supports `.prepend`
FixedCheckboxes - choices ordered incorrectly when "Preserve ghosts order" was combined with "Highest count" sort
FixedImproved back-compat for the `get_filtered_post_ids` method

v4.0.9 - Sept 15, 2022
Fixed Query builder - issue when filtering by custom field values
Fixed Listing builder - move `display: grid` CSS inline to prevent layout shifts

v4.0.8 - Sept 7, 2022
ImprovedRevamped the "User selections" logic for number/date range facets
ImprovedRefined the sort logic, modified the new `facetwp_facet_sort_options` hook slightly
ImprovedSlider facet - display the UI even when only 1 available choice
ImprovedCustomized noUiSlider.js lib to support `data-disabled` attribute (long story)
ImprovedListing builder - added `post:title` dynamic tag
ImprovedListing builder - renamed "Name" setting to "Unique name" and added tooltip
ImprovedAdded label to range facet "Compare type" setting
ImprovedFSelect lib - don't auto-focus the search box on touch devices
ImprovedCache the row counts lookup
FixedPrevent PHP notices when indexing proximity facets (props @mgratch)
FixedPHP notice caused by undefined `$exists_clause`
FixedFSelect "No results" text wasn't appearing
FixedReset facet didn't reset pager or sort

v4.0.7 - August 25, 2022
New`facetwp_facet_sort_options` hook for Sort facets (mimics behavior of the "old" sort feature)
ImprovedDisplay WP compatibility data for update checks
ImprovedAuto-ignore "nav_menu_item" and "wp_block" post types
ImprovedNumber range - when input is focused, Enter key now triggers a refresh
FixedFComplete library - prefix the "hidden" class to prevent conflicts
FixedPHP error when using the API `fetch` method

v4.0.6 - August 15, 2022
ImprovedRefactored sort logic
ImprovedMultisite update notification support
ImprovedA11y - allow for translations of pager-related ARIA attributes
ImprovedQuery builder - added `EMPTY` and `NOT EMPTY` clauses to the query filter UI
FixedAdmin UI styling tweaks (font sizes)

v4.0.5 - July 22, 2022
ImprovedQuery builder styling tweaks
ImprovedValue modifiers UI setting supports both HTML entities (e.g. & copy;) and symbols (e.g. ©)
FixedPrevent scrollbar shift when using the actions popup (on the facet/template listing screens)
FixedLayout builder - `date_format` and `input_format` settings should have a default value
FixedPrevent manual indexing issues when the `facetwp_indexer_is_enabled` hook is false
UpdatedVueJS, SortableJS, noUiSlider, and vue-select

v4.0.4 - July 5, 2022
Fixed Prevent facets from being named `labels` to prevent issues
Fixed Ignore non-facet (i.e. custom) fSelects

v4.0.3 - June 6, 2022
NewSlider facets - added "Reset text" UI setting
ImprovedAdmin - only show "Compare type" setting when "Other data source" is used
FixedFormatting bug preventing sliders from loading properly

v4.0.2 - May 31, 2022
New`facetwp_builder_query_data` hook
ImprovedProximity facets are now up to 40x faster (props And)
ImprovedSlider - support "Enclose" compare type
ImprovedAdded `FWP.response` JS object containing ajax response data
ImprovedQuery builder - better styling of vue-select (dropdown) inputs
ImprovedApply `facetwp_facet_display_value` hook to dropdown and fselect facets
FixedMoved the `facetwp/set_options/slider` JS hook (allows for "range" to be overriden)
FixedAdmin - prevent 3rd party menus from moving the top nav bar

May 2, 2022
Admin UI - display facet / template names in the list tables
Support value-less shortcode atts, e.g. `[facetwp template="test" static]`
Prevent reset facets from resetting other reset facets (reset-ception)
Sort facet - make default label translatable via `facetwp_i18n` hook
CSS issue when using multiple FacetWP (shortcode) listings on a page
CSS issue preventing listing builder's default 1-column mobile layout
Restore a11y compat for the "old" sort feature
Counts shortcode display issue when per_page = -1
Cast page numbers as `int` for FWP()->facet->pager_args

Apr 18, 2022
FacetWP 4.0 requires PHP 7.0 or above
Reset facets
Support for WP Rocket
Support for multiple (static) FacetWP templates on a page
Ability to duplicate facets/templates from the admin listing
Ability to copy facet/template shortcodes from the admin listing
Added `post:image` dynamic tag to the Listing Builder
`facetwp_facet_pager_link` hook to customize the pager output
Much better Listing Builder admin UI
Tweaked the order of the "Data source" options
Added `span` around checkbox / radio display values
Admin.css uses CSS variables to standardize colors
Better admin UI tooltip help text
A11y - better support for pager and sort facets
Pager - "Per page" facets support a "Show All" option
Facetwp_display() now supports an optional 3rd argument ($atts)
Allow sort labels to be translated using `facetwp_i18n`
Made the admin tooltip UI less subtle
Renamed "Templates" to "Listings"
Sort facet choices by depth only when hierarchical
Sort facets should override the default relevancy sort when in use
Autocomplete - the UI should adhere to the `facetwp_facet_autocomplete_limit` hook
Star rating facets work with the "Hide empty facets" tutorial
Issue with multiple EDD `[downloads]` shortcodes on a page
Remove Reset and Sort facets from the "User selections" list
Prevent duplicate refreshes when using custom fSelect elements
FSelect - when "Hierarchical" setting is off, ignore depth to prevent display issues

v3.9.6 - Feb 15, 2022
ImprovedValue modifiers setting - automatically handle encoded characters (e.g. "&")
ImprovedFSelect - cleaned up styling, removed troublesome "!important" CSS properties
FixedWooCommerce - translation support for static strings (On Sale, In Stock, etc)
FixedAuto-ignore the "GDPR Cookie Consent" plugin's post type

v3.9.5 - Feb 1, 2022
FixedIgnore WP 5.9 internal post types (wp_global_styles, etc)
FixedDropdown - only indent choices when "Hierarchical" setting is enabled
FixedUser selections - choices for inherited UI types not displaying correctly

v3.9.4 - Jan 12, 2021
Fixed FSelect counts duplicating during paging

v3.9.2 - Dec 2, 2021
NewAdded `facetwp_facet_autocomplete_limit` hook to control max results
NewAdded "Comment count" as a sort option (layout builder and sort facets)
ImprovedMoved some layout builder CSS into `front.css` for easier overriding
ImprovedBetter instruction text for the query builder's "value" box
ImprovedCheckbox facets - show the "Soft limit" setting only when "Hierarchial" is off
FixedProximity facet "Source other" setting (props Jenny)

v3.9.1 - Nov 2, 2021
FixedPHP "null coalescing operator" error for sites running PHP 5
FixedPHP "undefined index" warning for the sort facet

v3.9 - Oct 19, 2021
Newsort facets! Create your own sort boxes from within the admin UI
Newinheritable facets! Facet types can now inherit the UI from other facet types. Range List is the first add-on to incorporate this feature, letting you choose whether to display a dropdown, checkboxes, radio, etc.
Newfacet field registration (more info coming in 4.0)
Improvedsmarter "re-index" notifier, now ignores non-indexable facets (search, pager, etc)
Improvedsimplified the internal `get_svg` method
Improvedremoved unnecessary Vue dependencies, updated libs
Improvedtweaked admin UI font sizes, other styles
Improvedupdated admin labels and tooltips for more clarity
Improvedhide the data source "ACF" header if no ACF fields exist
Improvedsearch facet - set autocomplete = "off"
FixedfUtil - return empty results when the selector is an empty string (jQuery parity)

v3.8.12 - Sept 17, 2021
SearchWP - faster speed by loading only necessary data (props Remco)
SearchWP - support additional args passed into SWP_Query (post_type, post_status, meta_query, etc)
A11y - added ARIA support for fSelect facets
Layout builder - add row count class (r1, r2, etc) to the `.fwpl-result` element
fUtil - `.prev`, `.next`, `.find` and `closest` methods now support multiple selectors
the above fUtil change fixes previously-broken Conditional Logic actions

August 30, 2021
smarter slider range (now dynamically adjusts even with selected values)
slider pageload quirks (more info)

v3.8.10 - August 20, 2021
Fixed WooCommerce - some choices weren't showing for variation-based facets in "OR" mode

v3.8.9 - August 9, 2021
Improved use wp_date() instead of DateTime->format() for i18n
Improved 3 new pager "Result counts" tags: [page], [per_page] and [total_pages]
Improved prevent pager / per page / sort values from getting stored in FWP.facets JS object

v3.8.8 - July 9, 2021
Important 3.8 is a MAJOR REWRITE. Please test first on a staging site!
Fixed move indexing to init:1000 to allow sufficient time for post type / taxonomy registration
Fixed radio facets - force in "OR" mode (props Kari S.)
Fixed date picker - edge case offset issue (props Lucas T.)
Fixed MS Edge requires JS catch(err) instead of catch (props George H.)
Updated Norwegian translations (props Johan F.)

v3.8.7 - June 29, 2021
Important 3.8 is a MAJOR REWRITE. Please test first on a staging site!
Improved removed need for float: right CSS on Star Rating facets
Improved indexer - ensure that post_author user exists
Improved fetch API - include term_id in the response

v3.8.6 - May 25, 2021
Important 3.8 is a MAJOR REWRITE. Please test first on a staging site!
Fixed issue caused from 3.8.5 script versioning change

= v3.8.4 - May 6, 2021 =
Important 3.8 is a MAJOR REWRITE. Please test first on a staging site!
Improved $params['place_details'] is now available when indexing ACF Google Map fields
Improved A11y - support Hierarchy fields
Improved Slider facet - the "Compare type" UI setting is now always available
Fixed Autocomplete facet - timing issues with some CSS-based templates
Fixed Gutenberg (10.5.0) - ignore the wp_template post type

= v3.8.3 - April 22, 2021 =
Important 3.8 is a MAJOR REWRITE. Please test first on a staging site!
Improved more tooltip info for the slider facet's "Format" setting
Fixed fully reset the indexer when purging the index table
Fixed Dropdown - restore support for jQuery-based enhancement libs (select2, chosen, etc)
Fixed PHP notice caused by the "load_jquery" setting
Fixed updated vue-select.js to resolve scrolling issues

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List of FacetWP Addons – Advanced Filtering Plugin For WordPress

  1. FacetWP – Recipes integration v0.4.2
  2. FacetWP – Elementor v1.6.7
  3. FacetWP – Flyout menu 0.8.1
  4. FacetWP – Alpha v1.3.9
  5. FacetWP – Beaver Builder v1.4
  6. FacetWP – Cache v1.6.1
  7. FacetWP – Color v1.5.5
  8. FacetWP – Conditional Logic v1.4.1
  9. FacetWP – Flatsome integration v0.4.5
  10. FacetWP – Hierarchy Select v0.5.2
  11. FacetWP – Multilingual support v1.0.1
  12. FacetWP – Map Facet v1.0.1
  13. FacetWP – Pods integration v1.2.4
  14. FacetWP – Range List v0.7
  15. FacetWP – Relevanssi integration 0.7.3
  16. FacetWP – Time Since v1.6.7
  17. FacetWP – Custom Hooks v1.0.0
  18. FacetWP – Submit button v0.4
  19. FacetWP – Bricks Builder integration v0.4

Download FacetWP v4.1.2 Nulled Free + Addon

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.