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Eduma v5.1.3 – Education WordPress Theme

Eduma Nulled theme is an educational institution WordPress template. Works with LMS plugin, user-friendly interface and full e-learning features. This WordPress learning template uses the LearnPress plugin, which not only supports WooCommerce but also includes 4 other payment methods: PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout, and

Eduma theme uses Mega Menu to provide users with great navigation as many different options can be displayed on this menu at the same time. Badges, drawings and typography.

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Features Education WordPress Theme | Eduma

Features Education WordPress Theme | Eduma
  • 20+ pre-school education themes built
  • Official WordPress LMS
  • Compatible with WPBakery Page Builder & SiteOrigin & Elementor
  • UX optimization for educational purposes
  • Easy for Branding + Event Management, Scheduling
  • SEO Optimization, High Performance Optimization
  • Multi-language support PolyLang, WPML
  • Professional Mega Menu
  • Mobile-friendly, multi-screen compatible
  • WooCommerce Support + bbPress Support + BuddyPress Support
  • 5 STAR review service

Changelog Eduma – Education WordPress Theme Nulled Free

v5.1.3 – 04-10-2022
Update and change layout menu mobile
Update out of date file WooCommerce
Fixed: missing notice when config Buy courses via Product
Fixed: fix text items in course progress not translate
Fixed: some minor bugs CSS

Version 5.1.2 - 24-10-2022
Bug fixes
Fixed error site when use add-on LearnPress - H5P Content 4.0.0
Change info comment in item course to lesson
Optimzier code Breadcrumb
Fixed: some minor bugs CSS

v5.1.1 – 10-10-2022
Added support multi languages with WPML for LearnPress LMS system
Added options show sub menu of user in widget Login Popup
Added select image size of course thumbnail in widget elementor
Remove H5P Results in single course
Fixed: some minor bugs CSS

v5.1.0 – 20-Sep-2022
Fixed video vimeo of widget portfolio not show
Update out of date file WooCommerce
Fixed: some minor bugs CSS

v5.0.9 – 12-Sep-2022
Updated: Support html for widget Thim: Accordion with elementor
Fixed: spacing in single lesson with mobile
Fixed: some minor bugs CSS

v5.0.8 - 22-Aug-2022
Bug fixes
Fixed: validate input in widget login form
Fixed: style button close popup form register course offline
Fixed: some minor bugs CSS (color button gallery,...)

v5.0.7 – 3-Aug-2022
Update out of date file LearnPress
Fixed: duplicate related course
Fixed: Button add to wishlist not show in single Course
Fixed: translate label of widget list event.
Fixed: some minor bugs CSS in LearnPress

Version 5.0.6 - 25-Jul-2022
Fixed: Page LP profile not show Biographical Info of use
Fixed: Widget Our Team layout slider not show in version 5.0.4
Fixed: some minor bugs CSS with WPBakery

v5.0.5 – 7-Jul-2022
Fixed: Options arrow in widget Gallery Images not working
Fixed: Responsive Thim List Event layout 5
Fixed: CSS icon of page Membership Levels
Fixed: some minor bugs (style RTL, options owl carousel…..)

v5.0.4 - 30-Jun-2022
Update owl carousel library
Fixed: widget login popup not woking with header_v4
Fixed: some minor bugs

v5.0.3 - 24-Jun-2022
Added: border for item course with version 5.0
Add: remove required child theme not use
Fixed: CSS for heading_v5
Fixed: some minor bugs

v5.0.2 - 23-Jun-2022
Update: Revert Old Main Demo
Fixed: Menu Right missing in mobile, tablet in header_v4
Fixed: some minor bugs

Version 5.0.1 – 19-Jun-2022
Fixed: Call to undefined function thim_lp_style_single_course() in version 5.0 when customizer not install LearnPress

v5.0 – 18-Jun-2022
Update: Re-design all Demo
Update: Remove plugin “AnyWhere Elementor” and add plugin “Thim Elementor”
Added: Options config layout Archive Course, Single Course
Added: Options config TopHeading
Fixed: some minor bugs

Version 4.6.4 – 23-May-2022​
Fixed: some minor bugs

Version 4.6.3 – 26-Apr-2022
Update Deprecated : _register_controls widget with elementor
Fixed: duplicate required plugin js_composer
Fixed: some minor bugs

v4.6.2 – 4-Apr-2022
Update out of date file LearnPress
Fixed Show more sections undefined in LearnPress
Update style loading when filter in archive course
Fixed: some minor bugs(padding, cache ,responsive…..)

v4.6.0 - 21 - Mar -2022
Bug fixes
Update out of date file LearnPress
Update: Archive page
Fixed: Widget Login
Fixed: some minor bugs

v4.5.8 – 23 -Dec-2021
Update out of date file LearnPres with LearnPress
Fixed time Remaining with another UTC

Version 4.5.7 - 08 -Dec-2021
Bug fixes
Fixed: js in file custom-script-v2.js
Fixed: some minor bugs

v4.5.6 - 02-Nov-2021
Bug fixes
Fixed: shortcode Thim: Counters Box not working in version 4.5.5

v4.5.5 – 26-Oct-2021 Version 4.5.5 – 27-Oct-2021
Fixed: style button add to cart of add-on LearnPress – WooCommerce Payment Methods Integration version 4.0.3
Fixed: button View all of shortcode Thim: List Posts with style 02 not work

v4.5.4 - 23-Sep-2021
Fixed: show duplicator curriculum with demo new edu

v4.5.3 - 17-Sep-2021
REMOVE: Import data demo with WPBakery and SiteOrigin
Bug fixes
Fixed: Option Show/Hide Meta of add-on Coming soon not working
Remove: remove_action( 'rest_api_init', 'wp_oembed_register_route' ); in file functions.php of theme

v4.5.2 – 4-Sep-2021
Fixed: not show CURRICULUM when use theme version 4.5.1 and LearnPress 4.1.2
v4.5.1 – 3-Sep-2021
Added new eduma-elegant and demo-restaurant with elementor.
Updated: Out of date file of LearnPress in version 4.1.3
Update function Deprecated in LearnPress
Fixed: block video when finish course

Version 4.5.0 - ...-2021
Bug fixes

Fixed: Page checkout of learnpress error layout when has sidebar
Fixed: Page navigation of our_team 404
Fixed: Mini Cart not show content
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v4.4.9 – 30-Jul-2021
Fixed: Coundown of commingsoon not show in single course Layout 1 – New Demo
Fixed: Text Lever and Text Duration can’t translate in single course
Fixed: error in get_cart() when enable gutenberg widget editor (WordPress 5.8)
Added: option config image size for shortcode Thim: Course Categories layout (Slider, Gird)
Updated: Out of date file of LearnPress in version 4.1.2

v4.4.8 - 1-Jul-2021
REMOVE: form register of LearnPress in widget Thim: Login Popup, Thim: Login Form use form register of theme
Bug fixes
Fixed: Duration info not show in Features courses
Fixed: Course layout 2 not show link forum course
Fixed: Display incorrect in sidebar Filter Course
Fixed: no required enroll of lesson not show Media
Fixed: icon social of author and instructor not show
Fixed: some minor bugs(FAQs in course layout new,....)

v4.4.7 - 14-Jun-2021
Bug fixes
Fixed button add to wish list in related of single course working error
Fixed style login popup when enable login social
Fixed Lost Password not working
Fixed field not working with “FRONTEND EDITOR ADD-ON FOR LEARNPRESS”
Updated allow_html_formatting of type "textarea" in widget with SiteOrigin Page Builder
Fixed layout tab event show error(error in eduma version 4.4.6)
Updated remove "wc-cart-fragments" in home page
Added options config font-size, font-weight .. of title footer

Version 4.4.6 - 27-May-2021
Added form register of LearnPress to widget Thim: Login Popup, Thim: Login Form
Bug fixes
Fixed setting Thumbnail dimensions of course not working
Fixed shortcode multiple images not working with elementor
Fixed not show description in Archive course
Fixed not button finish course in header bar

v4.4.5 – 20-May-2021
Fixed search in single lesson
Fixed missing widget Thim: Navigation Menu with Elementor
Fixed list event not show when select category
Fixed icon ratting in courses show error
Fixed Layout page profile in LearnPress 4.0.5
Change button buy course in block Popular Courses of demo “NEW EDU” to Read More

= v4.4.4 - 12-May-2021 =
Bug fixes
Fixed Warning: Cannot modify header information line 1484 of custom-functions.php in version 4.4.3

= Version 4.4.2 - 6-May-2021 =
Bug fixes
Fixed icon lesson for LP4
Fixed: some minor bugs
Fixed layout collection with LP4

= Version 4.4.1 - 5-May-2021 =
Bug fixes
Fixed addon of LP4 not working
Fixed widget Thim:course not show category in backend

= Version 4.4.0 – 22 – Mar-2021 =
Fixed some minor bugs with LP4 beta
Updated out of date with WooCommerce

= v4.3.8 - 31 - Mar-2021 =
Bug fixes
Fixed notice update thim-core
Fixed Widget Search Courses when use Elementor not show

= v4.3.7 - 30 - Mar-2021 =
Bug fixes
Fixed url video youtube in single lesson not show in version 4.3.6
Fixed Widget Search Courses in demo intructor not show in version 4.3.6

= Version 4.3.6 – 22-Mar-2021 =
Fixed Review not show when use plugin LearnPress – Course Review – 4.0.0
Fixed media courses, lesson not show when use elementor for courses
Fixed comment in activity of buddypress not work

= Version 4.3.5 – 01-Feb-2021 =
Fixed logo sticky mobile not show in version 4.3.2

= Version 4.3.4 – 29-Jan-2021 =
Fixed remaining not show in tab curriculum of single course

= Version 4.3.3 – 29-Jan-2021 =
Added popup form login in single lesson LearnPress
Out of date file of LearnPress

= Version 4.3.2 - 18-Jan-2021 =
Bug fixes
Fixed zoom-video not show heading
Optimizer code of logo and sticky logo
Added Option config retina logo
Fixed: some minor bugs

Version 4.3.1 – 1-Jan-2021
Fixed blog not show when can’t active LearnPress in version 4.3.0

Version 4.3.0 – 29-Dec-2020
Fixed text duration can’t translate
Fixed description of author can’t line break in profile page
Fixed deprecated window.load() – removed in jQuery 3.0
Fixed lost password not working & ‘I need become a instructor’ in form register not work
Added options change color Label of shortcode counter-box

Download Eduma v5.1.3 Nulled Free

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.