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Duplicator Pro v4.5.8.1 (Business/Gold) – WordPress Migrate And Backup Plugin

Duplicator Pro Nulled helps to backup WordPress files and databases. Copy and move an entire website from one place to another in just a few steps. Make a full copy of your website at any time.

Backup to Dropbox, FTP, Google Drive, OneDrive or Amazon S3 for safe storage. Recover from Duplicator Pro within minutes.

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Features Duplicator Pro – WordPress Migrate and Backup Plugin

Features Duplicator Pro – WordPress Migrate and Backup Plugin
  • Multisite support: Besides standard single sites, Duplicator Pro supports multisite backup and migration. You can even set up a subsite as a standalone site!
  • Large site support: The tool in the Pro version is faster and works better with larger sites. Supports backup capacity up to 100 GB!
  • Backup Limit: Limit the number of your stored backups so you don’t fill up your cloud storage with previous backups.
  • Filter data: Filter only the folders, files, extensions, and database tables you want to back up.
  • Automatic Database Creation: Easily select existing cPanel databases & users or create new ones without leaving the installer.
  • Override live sites: Install your backed up or migrated site to an empty location or on an existing site – including one-click WordPress sites for quick installation !
  • Single File Bundle: Duplicator Pro tool bundles your website into a single archive unlike other plugins that create lots of files that are hard to manage.
  • Large Database Support: The ability to manually import SQL files means very large databases are now supported.
  • Email Notifications: Know instantly when Replication has problems with backups, times out, or needs attention.
  • Advanced Options: Tons of advanced options to customize your WordPress backup and customize your settings.

Changelog Duplicator Pro WordPress Plugin Nulled Free

v4.5.8.1 Release Date: 2022-11-9
PHP Version: 5.6.20+
WordPress Version: 4.0 or greater
Tested up to: 6.1
[FIX]: Fixed saving to secondary local storage

v4.5.8 Latest-Stable
Release Date: 2022-10-30
[NEW]: Implemented chunking system for local storage
[UPD]: Removed the “skip archive validation” checkbox from Dropbox endpoint
[UPD]: Add additional testing to path added by user
[FIX]: fixed bug related to dropbox getting stuck on hash validation
[NEW]: Added an option for skipping the source path replacement
[NEW]: Show detailed error message in case of PHP incompatibility after install.
[UPD]: Added the validation of WP config database constants and auto switch with a warning to a sample wp config in case if they do not exist
[UPD]: The Site title can now be set in Basic Mode as well
[UPD]: Improved layout to match updated help and visually sync with the Lite version
[FIX]: Fixed an error in case the default charset is invalid

[UPD]: Updated the message in case of removed recovery point
[UPD]: Improved error detection during setting recovery point
[UPD]: Improved checking of required functions and classes in requirements section, just before package creation
[UPD]: Updated the German translation
[UPD]: Fixed template save button being disabled
[FIX]: Miscellaneous internal fixes and improvements
[FIX]: Fixed the local storage export file warnings due to a missing SQL file
[NEW] Added new validation test called “PHP Functions and Classes”
[FIX]: Miscellaneous internal fixes and improvements

4.5.6 Latest-Stable
Release Date: 2022-7-18
[NEW]: Enhanced the imported package information under package details
[UPD]: Fixed invalid state error when wrong auth code is entered for OneDrive
[UPD]: Update Tippy to latest version and refactor tooltip related event handlers that were reported as deprecated by jQuery Migrator.
[UPD]: Removing old constant DUP_SECURE_KEY from wp-config if new one is prepared/exists.
[UPD]: Added a quick fix to remove installer files when scheduled build fails
[UPD]: Updated api client for Google Drive, since Google will no longer support the "out of band" flow.
[UPD]: Removed the usage of shell_exec and instead using exec.
[FIX]: Added checks to prevent creating local storages inside core WordPress directories.
[FIX]: Added checks to prevent creating more than one local storage in the same folder.
[FIX]: Exception class name is displayed in the “test s3connection” dialog for S3 remote storage configuration.
[FIX]: Skip disk checks if PHP disk functions are not available
[FIX]: Compatibility with Google Cloud in S3 mode fixed
[FIX]: Fixed OneDrive notices that were appearing after authorization of personal OneDrive storage.
[FIX]: Clearing the output buffers before ending the buffering output
[FIX]: fixed timezone and server time strings in the “Tools” screen
[FIX]: Now possible to create multiple Google Drive storages for the same account

[NEW]: Now importing a site to a multisite also handles installations with multiple domains
[UPD]: Removed the usage of shell_exec and instead using exec.
[FIX]: Fixed bug related to upload url not being correctly replaced in some cases when doing a subsite standalone install with SSL enabled
[FIX]: Clearing the output buffers before ending the buffering output

[FIX]: Fixed bugs related to SFTP transfers that were introduced in v4.5.5

v4.5.5 Latest-Stable
PHP Version: 5.6.20+
WordPress Version: 4.0 or greater
Tested up to: 6.0.1
The 4.5.5 release contains quite a few fixes and updates as well as a couple of new small features.
[NEW]: Split and adapted form tables for 3 different kinds of S3 providers, including one specialized for Backblaze.
[UPD]: Improve recovery point UI with help icons
[UPD]: Added a feature to remove unused plugins and themes
[UPD]: Improved handling of installer file name and filters applied to it in the code
[UPD]: Removed usage of DUP_PRO_RestoreOnly_Package class
[UPD]: Improve scanner message for mixed-case DB tables names
[UPD]: Improved scheduled build email with additional information about the package
[UPD]: “Save Brand” button disabled except when it is needed.
[UPD]: Disable notice that recommends Duparchive on a new site
[UPD]: Exposed real region values in UI for Amazon S3 Direct storage, next to the human readable strings
[UPD]: Added a specific error message for cases where the archive package file is missing
[UPD]: Updated phpseclib to the latest version
[UPD]: Make multisite tab (build step 1) visible for all license types, but only enabled for Business and Gold
[UPD]: The tmp folder will be emptied every 24 hours
[FIX]: Eliminated image overflow problem in branding preview
[FIX]: Fixed strings referring to Amazon S3
[NEW]: Added a feature to remove users without permissions
[UPD] Showing correct message on AJAX error with status code and appropriate documentation link
[UPD]: Improved the Cleanup Labels in the Advanced Installer
[UPD]: Added an explanation to help for the Cleanup options
[UPD]: Prevent click of browser backward and forward buttons
[UPD]: Introduced a new archive check for manual extracts
[UPD]: Encapsulated the check for manual extracts case and installation directory existence
[FIX]: Fixed invalid charset and collate replace bug
[FIX]: Fixed the missing getSuperAdminsUserIds method in DUPX_MU
[FIX]: Create new tables option not to trigger the count of affected tables
[FIX]: Fixed a bug that was preventing the installer to work if “Create Da

v4.5.4 - Release Date: 2022-6-14
The 4.5.4 release is a cumulative bug fix version, no new features have been added in this release.

[FIX] Removed clearing of update_plugins transient since occasionally caused problems with other plugins/themes
[FIX] Better error handling when .htaccess not permitted to be created
[FIX] Addressed problem when migrating NinjaForms

[UPD]: Update tested version and core file list to WordPress 6.0
[FIX]: Fixed a problem in package creation in case the root path is /
[FIX]: Fixed an error in case the phpinfo function is disabled

View All 4.5.3 Changes
Plugin [NEW]: Archive password encryption, improved support for AES-256 encryption on the file
Plugin [NEW]: Auto updates for the plugin are now available Updated EDD_SL_Plugin_Updater to version 1.9.1
Plugin [NEW]: Added functionality to download packages saved at non-default local storage from the front-end
Plugin [NEW]: Added link for downloading the installer file in the “Package File Links” dialog box in the package’s details page
Plugin [NEW]: Added automated installer cleanup options in Settings ❯ Packages Tab ❯ Cleanup Modes (Email Notice and Auto Cleanup)
Plugin [UPD]: Minimum version required PHP 5.6.20
Plugin [UPD]: Removed the old CRON library and setting so that the schedule library only uses the new one
Plugin [UPD]: Improve the content and layout of the Duplicator Pro Tutorial
Plugin [UPD]: Update the Templates and edit UI to be closely correlated to the create package UI
Plugin [UPD]: Improved import fail message
Plugin [UPD]: Updated Duplicator Pro define auth key name
Plugin [FIX]: Improved time zone handling for scheduled builds
Plugin [FIX]: Eliminated image overflow problem in branding preview
Plugin [FIX]: Fixed a problem with reading the list of MySQL enabled engines
Plugin [FIX]: Improved storage information handling
Plugin [FIX]: Fixed error on WP-CLI plugin activation
Plugin [FIX]: Fixed a problem in the creation of the package with the mysqldump in some configurations of the DBHOST
Plugin [FIX]: Installer can be downloaded and package transferred when the package is created on WPEngine or Cloudways hosting
Installer [NEW]: Archive password encryption
Installer [FIX]: Fixed problem of interference of .htaccess from dup-installer folder with the installer
Installer [FIX]: Fixed toggle password on the new admin password field

v4.5.2 Latest-Stable
Release Date: 2022-4-19
PHP Version: 5.3.8 or higher
WordPress Version: 4.0 or greater
Tested up to: 5.9.3
The 4.5.2 is a cumulative bug fix version. Many small/medium sized bug fixes have been added to improve stability.

The 4.5.1 is a cumulative bug fix version. Many small/medium sized bug fixes have been added to improve stability and improve some of edge case scenarios. Additional improvements to some of the user interfaces include better support for FTP/credential feedback and the installer database validation dialog along with better support for Bitnami stacks.
[NEW]: Encryption key is now stored in wp-config.php instead of dynamically determined.
[UPD]: The Cron Expression is now the recommended and default parser
[UPD]: Improved UI dialog for FTP/SFTP connection tests and overall feedback and status.
[FIX]: Show single quick fix when build time exceeds max build time
[FIX]: Fixed a problem in the creation of the package when the wp-config was in the parent folder in spite of ABSPATH.
[NEW]: Improve Bitnami support
[UPD]: In case the wp-config does not have write permissions the wordpress prefix is updated correctly
[UPD]: Improved validation test for new table names that exceed 64 chars, for cases when importing site(s) into multisite
[UPD]: Improve the database confirmation dialog to show for an empty database
[FIX]: Removed the htaccess from the dup-installer folder that could cause problems in some cases

v4.5.0 - Release Date: 2022-2-21
[NEW]: Import package with URL. Allows server-to-server package transfer - No need to download a package to your desktop machine!
[NEW]: Server-to-server Dropbox import support added
[NEW]: Added a new option that allows you to set a custom path for importable packages
[NEW]: Improved UX when storages associated with schedules are deleted
[NEW]: Added bulk activate and deactivate options for schedules
[NEW]: Manual transfer screen updated to include quick copy links for hashed files
[UPD]: disable S3 storage if any curl_multi_* function is disabled
[FIX]: Not showing the activation notice for plugins which are already activated once
[FIX]: Fixed bug related to the basic auth quick fix notification not being displayed
[FIX]: fixed filter_var bug with PHP versions less than v5.4.8
[FIX]: Validation performed on filters only in case when they are ON
[NEW]: Added validation message notifying the user about having multiple WP installations on the same database
[NEW]: Added support for SSL connections to remote mysql servers
[NEW]: Check if index.html exists on destination site and, if it does, displays a warning in the final report
[UPD]: Reorganized database parameters in advanced mode
[UPD]: Removed non-braking spaces option
[UPD]: In "Backup and Rename Existing Tables" action, if limit of 64 chars in table name is exceeded, made sure that new table name is unique
[NEW]: Added new validation test in 'Classic install' which tests if limit of 64 chars in table name is exceeded by adding prefix
[FIX]: Fixed bug where paths with no write permission are not being displayed
[FIX]: Fixed timeout error that was happening on some hosts when exec command hangs
[FIX]: fixed PROCS, VIEWS and FUNCTIONS creation bug for older versions of PHP
[FIX]: Copy Recovery URL button now works in import installer

Release Date: 2022-2-4
PHP Version: 5.3.8 or higher
WordPress Version: 4.0 or greater
Tested up to: 5.9
[FIX]: Fixed problem that prevented sites with expired certificates from importing.
[FIX]: Fixed problem with serialized objects getting corrupted when they had non-breaking spaces between strings.

v4.0.6.1 Latest-Stable
Release Date: 2022-2-1
PHP Version: 5.3.8 or higher
WordPress Version: 4.0 or greater
Tested up to: 5.9
[FIX]: Fixed SFTP data storage
[FIX]: Enhanced import logic to account for case when hosting prevents PHP files from being executed inside wp-content
[FIX]: Added preliminary check when setting up the Recovery Point to make sure recovery is possible.

v4.0.6 Changes
[NEW]: Added option that allows to exclude all tables that do not have the prefix of the current wordpress installation
[NEW]: Added option that allows to exclude all tables that belong to deleted sites in a multisite installation
[NEW]: Bulk subsite import in multisite
[UPD]: Updated error messages that appears if a user tries to activate Duplicator Pro plugin while Lite version is active
[UPD]: Symlinks for main WordPress folders (wp-content, plugins ...) managed as normal folders in case they are children of home path
[UPD]: Added schedule name to scheduled package built emails
[UPD]: Improved the accessibility of the packages screen and the overall build process
[UPD]: Writing better description in log when installer files present during (scheduled) build
[FIX]: Now backup-dup-pro folder is correctly filtered automatically even if wp-content is a symlink
[FIX]: Safe mode docs and settings are now properly set to Enabled/Disabled
[FIX]: Removed unnecessary check in EDD client
[FIX]: Third party backup folders are again filtered and not included in packages by default
[FIX]: Fixed bug in the startup of the Drag and Drop installation that in some rare cases was not executed correctly
[FIX]: Fixed recovery point bug that would timeout at startup when working on large sites on slow hosting
[FIX]: Fixed DupArchive timeout bug when working with large databases
[NEW]: Bulk subsite import in multisite
[UPD]: Added validation test for REST API
[UPD]: Improved the database cleanup transients function which could timeout in large sites
[UPD]: Improved performance of the boot startup with the DupArchive
[UPD]: Now you can import non-complete packages into a multisite
[FIX]: Removed all the visible references to Duplicator in a branded installer
[FIX]: Removed some checks of the REST calls that caused the installation to fail in case of self signed certificate
[FIX]: iThemes Security and Easy HTTPS Redirection plugins automatically deactivated during installation
[FIX]: Fixed recovery package age in validation
[FIX]: chunked the table prefix replace regex to work with large number of tables
[FIX]: SAPI check now catches SAPI: apache2handler

v4.0.5.3 Release Date: 2021-11-24
PHP Version: 5.3.8 or higher
WordPress Version: 4.0 or greater
Tested up to: 5.8.2
Plugin [FIX]: Removed auto switch of client side kickoff when package determined stuck
Plugin [FIX]: Increasing time required that determines when a package is stuck - increases build reliability especially on slower systems

v4.0.5.2 Release Date: 2021-11-22
PHP Version: 5.3.8 or higher
WordPress Version: 4.0 or greater
Tested up to: 5.8.2
[UPD]: Updated certificate for SSL requests
[UPD]: Updated certificate for SSL requests (Out of date certificates affected imports on some machines)

Release Date: 2021-11-8
PHP Version: 5.3.8 or higher
WordPress Version: 4.0 or greater
Tested up to: 5.8.1
[FIX]: Fixed a warning message that appeared in case other plugins generated an unexpected output
[NEW]: Implemented ZipArchive throttling
[NEW]: Added HTTP headers disabling caching during install
[FIX]: Charset and collate replace bug fixed
[FIX]: Fixed a bug when trying to duplicate a site in the same multisite
[FIX]: Automatically setting ZipArchive throttling for Siteground
[FIX]: Chunked the table prefix replace regex to work with large number of tables
[UPD]: Require site that is importing a package to run a version of Pro at or greater than the version that created the package
[UPD]: Improved instructions for manually removing the maintenance file generated by the installer.

[NEW]: Plugin now capable of importing Duplicator Lite packages
[UPD]: Reduced queries executed in the frontend for better optimization
[UPD]: Improve the schedule ‘Run Now’ icon on the main packages page
[UPD]: Fix manual transfer status with OneDrive and improve UI workflow
[FIX]: Fixed the dead lock that occurred in some rare cases
[FIX]: Fixed autoselection of cPanel tab, when the 'Auto Select cPanel' checkbox for the Template is checked
[FIX]: Fixed an issue with the installer starting to import if loading a package after a migration
[FIX]: added check to make sure we are deleting the installer file at cleanup
[FIX]: Fixed autoselection of cPanel tab
[NEW]: Standalone → Multisite subsite feature officially released
[NEW]: Advanced user import for multisite subsite installs (standalone and subsite sources)
[NEW]: Added next step and final report notices for config files in main folders
[NEW]: Added validation test and automatic search and replace for invalid MySQL engines
[NEW]: User mode added
[UPD]: Keep user now work on multisite
[UPD]: Improve wording for SHOW VARIABLE Validation check
[FIX]: Fixed multisite subsite import issue where Duplicator was activated both at the network level and subsite level

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Download Duplicator Pro v4.5.8.1 Nulled Free

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