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Discount Rules for WooCommerce PRO By FlyCart v2.5.2

Why should your WooCommerce store include Discount Rules PRO?

A discount is a tried-and-true sales increase. Discount Rules for WooCommerce Nulled – PRO is the most popular discount plugin for WooCommerce, with a ton of features, a simple UI, and a focus on maximizing sales conversions.

There are several WooCommerce discount plugins available. Discount possibilities, on the other hand, vary greatly from store to store. So simply installing a discount plugin isn’t enough. To attain your discount strategy, you’ll need professional assistance.

As a result, we have one of the greatest customer service departments.


discount customer specific discounts

Features: Discount Rules for WooCommerce PRO By FlyCart

It’s simple to set up an online store. The store’s scaling is the most difficult component. Having a good discount / pricing strategy can help you expand your business.

Because dynamic pricing and discounts can help you save money.

  • Increase the number of new customers you get.
  • Increase your online revenue potential.

Here are a few revenue-generating dynamic discount possibilities to consider.

  • Exclusive discount codes and pricing deals are created for wholesale customers using the wholesale pricing methodology.
  • Customers are encouraged to buy in pairs with combo product discounts.
  • Customers that take advantage of volume pricing discounts are more likely to purchase larger quantities in order to receive better savings.
  • Customers return to shop more because of discounts based on previous orders.
  • Your first-time website visitors become clients when you offer a first-order coupon discount.
  • People have terrible memory and can’t remember many discounts with a single coupon code. As a result, don’t bother them with too many discount codes. Simply create a single code and use conditional criteria to offer multiple discounts.
  • Discounts depending on category – Use a generous discount to boost sales in a low-performing category.

We divided the discount strategies into two categories in Discount Rules for WooCommerce – PRO, depending on where they are applied.

  1. Discount Rules based on Product Price – This works similarly to WooCommerce’s Regular Price – Sale Price process. You have complete control over the conditions that customers must meet in order to be eligible for a discount.
  2. Discount Rules Applied to the Cart – The discount is applied to the cart based on a variety of cart-specific parameters such as the subtotal, line items, quantity, shipping address, and more.

Changelog: Discount Rules for WooCommerce PRO By FlyCart

= 2.5.2 - 09/11/22 =
* Add: Support for WordPress 6.1.
* Fix: SKU filter displays wrong value, when having space in SKU.

= v2.5.1 - 02/11/22 =
* Fix: Loading issue on click Add to Cart button.

= v2.5.0 - 01/11/22 =
* Improvement: Added applied discount info in order and order item meta _wdr_discounts.
* Improvement: Set 3 for 10 fixed .1 difference on subtotal.
* Improvement: Show free shipping rule reports since v2.5.0.
* Add: Show total order count and sales on report section.
* Fix: Disable coupon option doesn't working with free shipping.
* Fix: Applied message is not displaying in cart for free shipping.
* Fix: Limit option is not working with Free shipping.
* Fix: Warning on PHP 8.

= v2.4.5 - 27/09/22 =
* Improvement: Backend field validation.
* Improvement: Condition and filter matches on any operation.
* Fix: Applying discount more than discount quantity on set and BXGY.
* Fix: Quantity issue on set discount while manual request.

= 2.4.4 - 09/08/22 =
* Fix: Onsale page query improvement for on-sale filter.
* Fix: BXGY cheapest variants together strikeout issue fix.
* Fix: Wrong price on subtotal promotion message while set including tax.

= v2.4.3 - 28/06/22 =
* Improvement: Event: advanced_woo_discount_rules_get_price_of_cart_item_on_find_cheapest_item

= v2.4.2 - 21/06/22 =
* Feature: Option to schedule sale page product rebuild on daily once.
* Improvement: Event: advanced_woo_discount_rules_refresh_shipping_options_on_order_review
* Fix: Cart coupon Condition not working when cart is empty.
* Fix: Strikeout not displayed for BXGY cheapest individual product on product page and cross sell block.
* Fix: BXGY discount applies before matches.
* Fix: esc_attr() applied to prevent XSS issues.

= v2.4.1 - 17/05/22 = 
* Improvement: Removed backslash while using single quote on promotion message.
* Improvement: Load rule id on discount table info for BXGY and Set discount.

= v2.4.0 - 06/04/22 =
* Fix: Multiple messages on having BXGY cheapest rules.

= v2.3.13 - 08/02/22 =
* Feature - Apply coupon through URL option.
* Improvement - Compatible option for Multi-Currency by WPML.
* Improvement - Compatible for WooCommerce Multi-Currency by TIV.NET.
* Improvement - Compatible for WooCommerce Price Based on Country by Oscar Gare.
* Improvement - Quantity calculation for Cart Item Product Combination Condition on having multiple product with same Id.
* Improvement - PHP 8 compatible.
* Fix - BXGY categories are not displaying in report.
* Fix - Not in list filter for variant sku also consider for discount.

= v2.3.12 - 13/01/22 =
* Improvement - WooCommerce 6.1 compatible

= v2.3.11 - 16/12/21 =
* Improvement - Disable free shipping rule in statistics.
* Improvement - Event: advanced_woo_discount_rules_admin_rule_notices.
* Improvement - Warning on product doesn't exists / out of stock for BXGY.
* Fix - Purchase history quantities for Specific Product condition doesn't considered variants.
* Fix - Not displaying variant name when having more than 3 combination of attributes.
* Fix - Auto add next available variant when a variant in not purchasable.

= v2.3.10 - 15/11/21 =
* Improvement - Event advanced_woo_discount_rules_calculate_cheapest_discount.
* Improvement - Event advanced_woo_discount_rules_use_sale_badge_percentage_customization.
* Improvement - Revert First order condition doesn't worked for mix guest and login
* Fix - Not displaying variation title in BXGY auto add select on cart.
* Fix - BXGY doesn't auto remove on checkout on rule failed.
* Fix - Handle BXGY sale badge on user group condition.

= v2.3.9 - 21/10/21 =
* Improvement - Taxonomy cache improvement.
* Improvement - Load the awdr_pro.js in footer.
* Fix - First order condition doesn't worked for mix guest and login
* Fix - Handle auto add products based on language while having wpml.
* Fix - Product not auto added when previously added is not in stock.
* Fix - Buy X get X not applies while having less quantity.
* Fix - Error while auto add (on product doesn't exists).
* Fix - Free shipping with other exclusive rule.

= v2.3.8 - 22/07/21 =
* Improvement - Event advanced_woo_discount_rules_select_set_discount_type
* Improvement - Event advanced_woo_discount_rules_bundle_set_recursive_fixed_set_value

= v2.3.7 - 30/04/21 =
* Improvement - Moved advance option tab to settings.

= v2.3.5 - 23/03/21 =
* Feature - Cross sell feature for BXGY cheapest product option.
* Feature - Recipe: sample rules to add.
* Improvement - SKU with product title in product select box.
* Improvement - Subtotal based promotion UI improvement at backend.
* Fix - Variable product with tag condition not working.
* Fix - The discount bar is not displayed for variable product SKU filter.
* Fix - Report for BXGY cheapest product discount (fixed discount) is not shown.

= v2.3.4 - 01/02/21 =
* Feature - Quantity based promotion message.
* Improvement - Translation improvements.
* Improvement - Event: advanced_woo_discount_rules_cart_item_key_for_buy_x_get_y_limited_discounts
* Improvement - Event: advanced_woo_discount_rules_select_coupon_from_woocommerce
* Improvement - Email tld condition improvement.
* Fix - Buy X get Y auto add not added while variant is added in cart.
* Fix - BOGO Cheapest strikeout issue.

= v2.3.2 - 05/11/20 =
* Fix - BOGO Cheapest doesn't works with WPML translation management.
* Fix - BOGO Cheapest individual option not works when apply all matched rule is enabled.
* Improvement - BOGO Cheapest individual option improved.
* Improvement - Optimized the purchase history based first order query.

= v2.3.1 - 16/10/20 =
* Improvement - Added new event advanced_woo_discount_rules_user_on_condition_check.

= v2.3.0 - 14/10/20 =
* Fix - Wrong discount in BOGO while having apply all matched rules option.
* Fix - SKU based rule not displays in onsale page.
* Improvement - Cart strikeout improvements.
* Improvement - Improved discount info in order meta.
* Improvement - UI for RTL.

= v2.2.2 - 24/09/20 =
* Fix - Case sensitive issue on email based rules.
* Fix - Loading multiple fields for custom taxonomy.
* Improvement - BOGO auto add improved.

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Download Discount Rules for WooCommerce PRO By FlyCart v2.5.2 Nulled Free

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