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Custom Instagram Feed Pro Developer v6.2

Instagram Feed Pro Nulled is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add stunning, adaptable Instagram feeds to your website. It’s quite simple to set up and customize, so you can simply match the appearance and feel of your website to your Instagram feed.

Show Instagram photographs from any account that isn’t Instagram. Using advanced shortcode settings, you may display several Instagram feeds on the same page or on other pages of your website.


Features Instagram Feed Pro Plugin

Features Instagram Feed Pro Plugin

  • Very simple to set up
  • No design or engineering knowledge required
  • Responsive and mobile optimized
  • Multiple Instagram feeds with no limits
  • Accessible search engines
  • Reliable data caching
  • Hashtag feed
  • Instagram Stories
  • Multiple layout options
  • Highlight specific posts
  • Create an image or video carousel
  • Powerful visual moderation system
  • HTML5 video support
  • Tagged feeds
  • Easily manage multiple accounts on the same page
  • Filter posts by hashtag or word
  • Show post comments
  • Share your articles directly from your website
  • Customize or translate text
  • Store images locally
  • Advanced customization through snippets

Changelog Instagram Feed Pro Developer Nulled Free

= v6.2 =
* New: Added the ability to filter "Reels" posts in feeds. In addition to videos and photos you can now choose to show or hide Instagram "Reels" posts.
* Tweak: Toggling oEmbeds on and off on the oEmbeds admin page will clear oEmbed caches of failed oEmbeds due to an API error.
* Tweak: Added a workaround to retrieve missing images if none were returned by Instagram for a post.
* Fix: Fixed the incorrect CSS file being referenced when using Elementor.
* Fix: Custom colors assigned to the Follow button would not apply when using a custom color palette.
* Fix: Fixed stories feature not working when using GDPR features.
* Fix: Fixed PHP Notice: Undefined index: isFeedTemplatesPopup.
* Fix: Fixed an issue where posts available in a hashtag feed with multiple hashtags would disappear after a period of time.
* Fix: Added additional plugin hardening.
* Fix: Fixed a bug that cause an inability to connect multiple new sources under certain circumstances.
* Fix: Browser would crash when opening the feed editor if header data was not available for an account.
* Fix: "Extensions" menu item would show up when Social Wall was installed and lead to an error page.

= Version 6.1.1 – September 14, 2022 =
* Tweak: Updated API requests for the tagged feeds to include timestamps for better sorting of tagged and mixed feeds that use tagged posts.
* Tweak: Deleting all platform data will also delete any connected sources.
* Fix: Fixed line breaks causing the caption character limit to be shorter than was indicated.
* Fix: Fixed posts missing in the customizer when using moderation mode under some circumstances.
* Fix: Fixed an error that would cause shoppable feeds not to use custom URLs set in the customizer.
* Fix: Fixed custom header text not updating on the front end when using the new text header.
* Fix: PHP error that would occur when trying to use the new Instagram Feed Divi block with the Divi Builder plugin and PHP version 7.3 or lower.

= v6.1 =
* New: Introducing our new Feed Templates feature! You can now select a feed template when creating a feed to make it much quicker and easier to get started with the type of feed you want to display. Selecting a template preconfigures the feed customization settings to match that template, saving you time and effort.
* New: Added a Post Style setting which allows you to add a boxed style to your posts, with a background color, border radius, and box shadow.
* New: Added a new custom text header option, so you can now add custom text to the header for your feed.
* New: Add a header image and bio text for personal sources. Go to the settings page and click on the gear icon to add this to an existing source.
* New: Elementor and Divi Builder widgets. We've added new Elementor and Divi Builder widgets to make it easier to embed your feeds.
* Tweak: If WordPress cron is not working, the plugin will automatically fall back to updating caches when the feed loads.
* Tweak: When installing Instagram Feed Pro for the first time, encryption keys and salts will automatically be added to your wp-config.php file.
* Fix: For captions with emoji, the maximum text length setting would be inaccurate.
* Fix: Auto load more on scroll setting was not working for new feeds.
* Fix: The number of posts would be inaccurate in the feed preview when using the customizer for mobile devices.
* Fix: All sources would be removed when the grace period to address app permission issues ended. Now only the single source will be removed.
* Fix: Several improvements to moderation mode and pagination were made.

= 6.0.8 =
* Fix: If the number of posts for mobile was higher than the number of posts for desktop, the number of posts for desktop would be incorrect.
* Fix: When using a recent hashtag feed, if a post had been made within the last 24 hours, the plugin would not include top posts in the feed.

= v6.0.7 =
* Tweak: Added a warning notice to allow a grace period before Instagram data is permanently deleted from your site after deauthorizing the Smash Balloon Instagram app. Due to Instagram requirements, any Instagram data on your site must be deleted within a reasonable time after the app has been deauthorized. The new warning notice provides a 7 day grace period to allow you time to reauthorize the app if you don't want the data to be deleted.
* Tweak: Reconnecting an account now results in deleting the original connection in the database and adding a new one. This will prevent issues with some caching systems like Redis.
* Fix: The Infinity loop type for carousel feeds was not working for certain feed configurations.
* Fix: Removed the ".animated" CSS rule to prevent conflicts.
* Fix: Screen reader text was visible in the feed with some themes.
* Fix: Removed all Font Awesome icons and no longer include the CSS file from the Font Awesome CDN.

= v6.0.6 =
* Fix: When using the shoppable feeds feature, trying to view the second page of posts in the customizer would not work.
* Fix: Only the first 20 sources were available when creating feeds and changing sources for a feed.
* Fix: Admin notices from other plugins would display on the Instagram Feeds pages when a notification for Instagram Feed was available.

= v6.0.5 =
* Tweak: Several improvements to moderation mode. Show moderated posts only, improved pagination, and improved how far back in the feed's history posts can be moderated.
* Tweak: Removed the setting to filter for Instagram Live as this is no longer supported by Instagram.
* Fix: Posts on the "allow list" would stop displaying if there were a lot of newer posts from the source that were not in the allow list.
* Fix: Fixed the customizer sidebar being hidden when JetPack's Master Bar feature was enabled.
* Fix: Added back support for the "class" shortcode setting for all feeds.
* Fix: Only the first 20 sources were available when creating feeds and changing sources for a feed.
* Fix: The carousel layout was not showing the proper number of posts when there was a different number of posts for mobile and desktop.

= v6.0.4 =
* Tweak: After clearing the cache for a hashtag feed, the plugin will now also try to get older posts for that feed using a different API method.
* Tweak: Removed sorting by "likes" for hashtag feeds as sorting by likes is unreliable for this feed type due to limitations of the Instagram API.
* Tweak: You can now have up to 10 columns for feeds displayed on mobile devices.
* Fix: Switching the source for a feed would sometimes result in posts from the previous source being added to the feed.
* Fix: Fixed an issue where our Social Wall plugin was not showing all available Instagram sources.
* Fix: Pagination for showing more than 20 feeds was not displaying on the "All Feeds" page.
* Fix: An error would not display if a connected business account had reached the 30 day limit for new hashtag feeds.
* Fix: Backup method of retrieving video thumbnails was not working in all circumstances.
* Fix: Dashboard notices were displaying when customizing a feed.
* Fix: Added support for the shortcode "mediavine=true" to trigger our Media Vine integration features.

= v6.0.3 = 
* Tweak: Updated our logo throughout the plugin to match our new [website](
* Tweak: Changed how the hover color for follow and load more buttons is applied to prevent theme conflicts.
* Fix: Fixed Instagram Feed JavaScript file missing from the page when using the "AJAX theme loading fix" setting causing blank images to display.
* Fix: Fixed JavaScript file not being added to the page when using the plugin GDPR Cookie Consent by WebToffee.
* Fix: Some custom tables were not being created for specific versions of MySQL.
* Fix: Custom HTML templates were not applying to new feeds.
* Fix: Added back the ability to use up to 10 columns in feeds for desktop and tablet devices.
* Fix: Fixed the error message not displaying if there was an error when trying to connect a personal or basic account.
* Fix: The reconnect link that would display when an account had an error would not redirect to
* Fix: The shortcode setting "showbio" was applying for non-legacy feeds causing confusion when trying to change these settings in the customizer.
* Fix: Added the ability to create the custom database tables if there was an error when first trying to create them.
* Fix: Dismissing dashboard notifications would cause the "Add new feed" button to stop working until the page was refreshed.

= v6.0.2 =
* Fix: Re-added button to reset the error log on the settings page, "Advanced" tab.
* Fix: Fixed some settings for the carousel which were not applying on the frontend of the site.
* Fix: Fixed PHP warning "Headers already sent" that would appear when customizing a theme in some circumstances.
* Fix: Made several improvements to cache clearing.

= v6.0.1 =
* Fix: Media filters were not working correctly with feeds created with the new customizer.
* Fix: Fixed a PHP error which occurred in the integration with our [Social Wall plugin]( when trying to connect an Instagram account.
* Fix: Fixed an error in the plugin updater code which occurred in certain circumstances.

= v6.0 =
* Important: Minimum supported WordPress version has been raised from 3.5 to 4.1.
* New: Our biggest update ever! We've completely redesigned the plugin settings from head to toe to make it easier to create, manage, and customize your Instagram feeds.
* New: All your feeds are now displayed in one place on the "All Feeds" page. This shows a list of any existing (legacy) feeds and any new ones that you create. Note: If you updated from a version prior to v5.11 then you may need to view your feeds on your webpage so that the plugin can locate them and list them here.
* New: Easily edit individual feed settings for new feeds instead of cumbersome shortcode options.
* New: It's now much easier to create feeds. Just click "Add New", select your feed type, connect your account, and you're done!
* New: Brand new feed customizer. We've completely redesigned feed customization from the ground up, reorganizing the settings to make them easier to find.
* New: Live Feed Preview. You can now see changes you make to your feeds in real time, right in the settings page. Easily preview them on desktop, tablet, and mobile sizes.
* New: Color Scheme option. It's now easier than ever to change colors across your feed without needing to adjust individual color settings. Just set a color scheme to effortlessly change colors across your entire feed.
* New: We've improved our Shoppable Feeds feature to allow you to easily add custom links for each Instagram post within the new feed customizer. Just go to Settings > Shoppable Feeds inside the feed editor.
* New: You can now change the number of columns in your feed across desktop, tablet, and mobile.
* New: Easily import and export feed settings to make it simple to move feeds across sites.

= v5.12.9 =
* Fix: Added a content type to JSON responses to improve reliability for loading more posts and creating local images.
* Fix: The plugin will no longer continue to attempt to connect to the Instagram API if there is an access token encryption error.
* Fix: Could not load more posts when using moderation mode.
* Fix: Fixed a PHP error that would occur when trying to retrieve new posts for hashtag feeds.

= v5.12.8 =
* Tweak: Added a warning if the access token could not be decrypted for use in API requests.
* Tweak: Added a fallback method to reach the Instagram API if a cURL error 6 error is detected.
* Fix: Fixed an issue with connecting an additional business account if the first account listed was not selected.

= v5.12.7 =
* Tweak: Shortened captions will end on the last full word to fix an issue with emoji in captions.
* Fix: Fixed several accessibility issues in the admin area.
* Fix: Made a significant number of code quality improvements.
* Fix: Fixed a PHP warning that would occur when loading posts with AJAX initially.
* Fix: Periods and underscores in usernames when used as part of the shortcode would cause the load more button not to work.

= v5.12.6 =
* Fix: Using showheader="true" in the shortcode would not work if the related setting was disabled on the settings page.
* Fix: Added additional plugin hardening.

= v5.12.5 =
* Tweak: Error reporting notices are now only displayed if there is an issue with the primary API request, rather than secondary ones such as retrieving stories.

= v5.12.4 =
* Tweak: All Instagram data is now encrypted in your WordPress database.
* Tweak: Access Tokens are no longer able to be viewed on the settings page.
* Tweak: Added a maximum caching time of 24 hours.
* Tweak: Added an expiration time to backup caches.
* Tweak: Deauthorizing our app inside your Instagram or Facebook account will now delete all data for that feed on your site.

= v5.12.1 =
* Fix: Updated the Instagram authorization URL to prevent issues with connecting personal accounts

= v5.12 =
* New: Added support for IGTV posts. When creating an IGTV post, keep the "Post a Preview" setting enabled and the IGTV post will appear in your feed. IGTV posts are only available for connected Instagram business profiles and aren't available if you're using a personal Instagram profile in the plugin.
* Fix: Fixed a PHP error when the HTTP request to refresh an access token resulted in an error.

= v5.10 =
* Tweak: Several performance improvements have been made in this update such as improved caching and fewer database queries when displaying feeds.
* Tweak: The limit of resized, local images created and stored were raised for the overall number and the rate at which they could be created.
* Tweak: Improvements made to hashtag feeds including the ability to display a feed of multiple hashtags even if one has not yet had any posts made to it.
* Tweak: Improved how feed errors are handled and reported. API request delays will only apply to feeds encountering errors and will not affect other feeds.
* Tweak: Added hook for disabling image resizing dynamically with PHP.
* Fix: PHP Warning "required parameter follows optional parameter" that would display when using PHP 8+.
* Fix: GDPR feature was reporting errors when the feature was working fine.
* Fix: When using a hashtag feed and the first image in a carousel post was a video, the image would not always display properly.
* Fix: When using background caching and a hashtag feed, duplicate posts would appear in the feed.

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Download Custom Instagram Feed Pro Developer v6.2 Nulled Free

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.