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CSS Hero v5.0.6 Beta - Visual CSS Editor

CSS Hero Visual CSS Editor makes it easy to customize WordPress Themes, live

CSS Hero is the perfect WordPress plugin to easily customize the look and feel of your website, with an easy and intuitive point and click interface.


CSS Hero Visual CSS Editor 1

Gain full control over the look and feel of your website

Just hover over and click on the element you want to edit and adjust it to fit your needs, lively!

Font style and typeface

Add a touch of class with your own fonts, a huge collection of Google Fonts is at your fingertips. TypeKit fonts are also supported.

Color Management

Use the color picker to experiment with background and color changes more directly than ever before. CSS Hero Visual CSS Editor also stores your latest used colors and helps build a consistent color palette.

Adjustment of measures

Easily adjust element margins and padding: just drag the slider and see what happens.

Complex CSS made simple

Spice up your web page elements: building gradients, box shadows, text shadows and all modern CSS properties is now a matter of point and click.

Style it like it’s unlocked

Style your site while having a realistic look at what it will look like to your unlocked users.

Style Login Page

Styling the WordPress login page has always been a pain, forget it, now you can style it easily with the CSS Hero Visual CSS Editor.

Readymade Snippets

Pre-made editable combinations are ready to boost your creativity with just one click!

Relative response

CSS Hero allows you to easily edit, preview, and control how your site displays on desktop and handheld devices. Use your standard breakpoints or your custom breakpoints.

CSS Hero Visual CSS Editor 3

Device mode preview

Test your tablet\mobile edits before going online, creating a responsive theme has never been so easy..

Device-specific tweaks

Customize how your theme appears on handheld devices, make device-specific edits and preview them in one click.

Not afraid of breaking things

Fear of breaking your site’s responsiveness with your editing? The life-saving desktop-only feature allows you to limit some of your specific edits to desktop devices with a single click.

Unplash Integration – CSS Hero Visual CSS Editor

Finding great images has never been so easy. Thanks to Unsplash, you can enjoy [almost] unlimited sources of high-quality, royalty-free images that are great to use in your projects.

Search by keyword, choose an image and size, and instantly apply it as the background image of any web page element.

Unplash Integration – CSS Hero Visual CSS Editor

Save checkpoints

Store a snapshot of your edits without having to bring them live, archive different versions, choose the one you like, and go live.

save checkpoint

Undo \ Redo history

We all design by experiment. Sorrowful! Need to undo? Do not panic. CSS Hero automatically stores all your edits in a detailed history list, going back and forward in history steps is as easy as clicking the undo\redo buttons.

Safe and non-destructive editing

CSS Hero is a live WordPress Theme editor that works without modifying any of your theme files. It is widely compatible with many environments and it is built to be lightweight and resistant.

CSS Hero Visual CSS Editor 6

No key supplier

Export your work as CSS, LESS, JSON data: you can export your website personalizations instantly and download files, also for backup purposes

A perfect match with your favorite WordPress tools

CSS Hero works on any WordPress theme and plugin and helps you visually customize all the elements of your website, from the header to the footer.

CSS Hero Visual CSS Editor 7 2048x898 1

You are 100% in control with Inspector

Take more control of your customizations with the full-fledged CSS and LESSCSS editor with live rendering. Add your extra rules, copy and paste and easily export your work with one click.

CSS Hero Visual CSS Editor 8

Review your code

Test, tweak, and edit CSS code generated by CSS Hero Visual CSS Editor

Add additional custom CSS directly

Get a live preview of your CSS edits on your website

Avoid typical CSS mistakes

Your code is automatically checked by the smart CSSLint engine

Easy element selection

Select and click for editable elements

Device-specific CSS tweaks

Apply edits to all devices or limit to one media query

Add your own media queries

Extend your CSS Hero code to new media queries

Comment your code

Track edits or just add notes to your code

Save \ Export

Save – and enjoy the results – or export the clean CSS code

Animations – CSS Hero Visual CSS Editor

Easily apply scroll animations to any element on your pages. Choose from many animations and speeds.

CSS Hero Visual CSS Editor 9

Powered by AOS gallery plugin that provides many amazing animation effects fade , flip , slide , zoom

Changelog CSS Hero

-Upon quitting the editor, user is returned to the specific page where it was – instead of being brought to the homepage
-Plugin initial state (zero CSS edits) does not throw a 404 anymore for referencing an empty CSS file in the browser console
-More solid product activation routine via stronger data validation
-Minor security tweaks in editor launching page

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Download CSS Hero v5.0.6 – Visual CSS Editor Nulled Free:

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.