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CheckoutWC v7.8.1 – Optimized Checkout Page For WooCommerce

CheckoutWC Nulled helps the WooCommerce checkout page to be replaced as your checkout page with a beautiful, responsive and optimized design. Works with any theme.

Checkout for WooCommerce plugin is uniquely designed to improve the WooCommerce checkout experience. Our system reduces cart abandonment and increases checkout conversions for your WooCommerce store.


Features CheckoutWC – Conversion optimized checkout template for WooCommerce

Features CheckoutWC – Conversion optimized checkout template for WooCommerce
  • How Checkout for WooCommerce will increase your sales: If you use the default WooCommerce checkout page, you can lose 30% of your customers. Checkout for WooCommerce makes it easy to optimize your checkout page.
  • One-click solution, beautiful design: Checkout for WooCommerce is a simple solution for convenient checkout. No configuration or coding knowledge is required.
  • Optimize for conversions: Checkout for WooCommerce boosts conversions by streamlining complex checkout and payment processing.
  • CheckoutWC is fully responsive and works with all WordPress themes.

Changelog CheckoutWC – Optimized Checkout Pages for WooCommerce Nulled Free

v7.8.1 - 2022.11.8
Fix - Fix issue with address formatting in address review sections
Fix - Fix potential issue that could reset breadcrumb color settings during plugin activation
Fix - Fix PHP version notice
Dev - Get rid of unused compatibility classes
Dev - Update tested version numbers

v7.8.0 - 2022.11.1
New - We've consolidated our plans. Plus plan holders now get access to all functionality.
New - Mobile cart summary view now closes when advancing tabs.
Improved - Improved default settings for several features for new stores.
Improved - Improved how we load Google fonts.
Improved - Selectively support select2/selectWoo for specific fields while leaving address fields unharmed. Uses an in-house fork of selectWoo which replaces the native version on the checkout/order pay pages.
Fix - Detect unpublished bump and treat it like an invalid bump.
Fix - Fix potential infinite loop when address fields are mismatched between shipping and billing fields.
Fix - Fix rare glitch with Amazon Pay express button.
Fix - Fix issue where pickup location was added to non-shipped orders.
Dev - Added new event that triggers init of Google Address Autocomplete. This is required for compatibility with Real Cookie Banner which can now load Google Address Autocomplete after cookie consent is granted.

v7.7.2 - 2022.10.18
Hotfix - Fix bug that prevented saving scripts to the database. Do not save your settings until you have updated to 7.7.2 to prevent data loss.
Dev - Added cfw_copy_pickup_details_to_order_notes filter to enable sending pickup information to order notes field.

v7.7.1 - 2022.10.11
Hotfix - Fix bug that prevented pickup location from being stored on orders.

v7.6.3 - 2022.09.23
Hotfix - Wrap woocommerce_cart_actions call with filter: cfw_run_woocommerce_cart_actions. Disabled by default. Use add_filter( 'cfw_run_woocommerce_cart_actions', '__return_true' ) to enable.

v7.6.2 - 2022.09.22
New - Added Turkish translations (tr_TR)
Improved - Added woocommerce_cart_actions to side cart for better support for other plugins.
Fix - Fix bug with local pickup feature and non-shipped products
Fix - Fix empty cart redirect setting.
Fix - Fix bug that caused pickup feature to run when not on a CFW page (checkout mainly)
Fix - Fix bug that caused new installs to get the wrong default setting for hiding optional fields. Should default to hidden.
Fix - Hide Klarna Checkout express button if gateway hasn't loaded.
Fix - Prevent empty cart message in side cart while side cart is loading after an add to cart action.

v7.6.1 - 2022.08.31
New - It is now possible to limit the number of items an order bump upsell will replace using this filter: cfw_order_bump_upsell_quantity_to_replace
New - Added compatibility fix for Bigblue logistics plugin.
Improved - Pickup option is now the default option when ship option is disabled. (Local Pickup)
Improved - If cart goes from shipped to non-shipped or vice versa, refresh the checkout page.
Improved - Instead of just marking shipping fields unrequired when pickup is selected, we now remove them using woocommerce_checkout_fields filter.
Fix - Fix bug that prevented disabling all billing fields.
Fix - Implement proper support for session->reload_checkout variable
Fix - Fix bug that prevents shipping method from being set to lowest price option when applying a promo code that applies free shipping.
Fix - Fix styling specificity issues that caused problems when applying a non-white background.
Fix - Fix fatal error with stat collector and settings screens that don't have get_items method.
Fix - Fix styling issue with Order Delivery Date Pro.
Fix - Fix link to Google API key setting.
Fix - Fix syntax error in wpml-config.xml
Fix - Fix SCSS syntax error
Fix - Fix bug with WooCommerce Smart Coupons apply store credit before taxes setting that caused the store credit value to become zero when cart item quantities were changed at checkout.
Dev - Updated WP and WC tested versions.

v7.6.0 - 2022.08.03
New - You can now hide the shipping methods when user selects Pickup. Pickup Locations have been moved to the Pickup step if it is enabled for better UX.
New - It is now possible to enable Local Pickup without enabling the shipping option for stores that only allow pickup.
New - Added setting to exclude order bumps when one or more products are in the cart.
Improved - Added preliminarily support for Cashier for WooCommerce\'s Checkout Field Editor feature.
Improved - Added wpml-config.xml for user defined phrases
Fix - Fix translation of French phrases for local pickup feature
Fix - Fix issue with conditional coupon errors not being shown on order submit failure
Fix - Remove outdated Square code throwing JS errors
Fix - Fix WPML issue with pickup location translations
Fix - Fix fatal error from bug in Free Gifts for WooCommerce

v7.5.0 - 2022.07.28
Improved - Refactored JS validator promises to save ~200ms during validation
Improved - CheckoutWC scripts are now output in the footer for better compatibility and PageSpeed scores.
Improved - Implemented JSON repair technique from WooCommerce core to eliminate some instances of failed AJAX calls on poorly configured sites.
Improved - When using enhanced registration, the overridden WooCommerce settings for generating username and password now only apply on the checkout page
Improved - Refactored Order Review Step tab output to use our updated tab system. This fixes validation of fields on the order review step tab.
Dev - Implement cfw_is_cart_bump_valid as generic filter for bumps.
Dev - Removed some non-functional JS from the Square compatibility JS module
Dev - Added cfw_estimated_pickup_time to filter pickup time output
Dev - Added cfw_hide_email_field_for_logged_in_users filter to allow showing the email field to logged in users.
Fix - Fixed fatal error with latest version of SUMO Payment Plans
Fix - Fix bugs with BeTheme theme.
Fix - Fix state matching for Italy with Google Address Autocomplete
Fix - Fix bug with trust badges repeater that caused image picker to be non-functional when multiple badges were added between clicking save.
Fix - Fix bug with Aelia Currency that prevented the correct currency from being selected after country change
Fix - Fix regression that broke ThemeHigh Checkout Field Editor Pro conditional field validation.
Fix - Fix full-width field rendering for WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor fields.

v7.4.3 - 2022.07.23
Hotfix - Fix fatal error when recording order bump revenue stats post purchase.

v7.4.0 - 2022.07.15
New - If enabled in settings and using the \'WooCommerce style\' registration option, the username field will now appear for registering users. This field will not be displayed for most configurations.
New - Add support for Coderockz Woo Delivery
Improved - Refactored Klarna Payments integration to use available gateways filter instead of the weird templating tactic they use.
Fix - Fix styling of Amazon Pay banner on order pay page
Fix - Fix potential PHP warning/error with enabled fields setting not returning an array
Fix - Fix bug with Chrome Autocomplete service making fields readonly on the PayPal for WooCommerce review order screen
Fix - Fix potential issue where — (dash dash) was selected as country when no location was set or found.
Fix - Fix bugs caused by our attempts to prevent select2 from loading. We can’t really go after select2 so aggressively because Local Pickup Plus and other plugins need it or they throw errors / don’t work properly
Fix - Fix broken action that prevented woocommerce_checkout_before_customer_details and woocommerce_checkout_after_customer_details actions from firing. This allows ThemeHigh Checkout Field Editor\'s conditional fields to work properly.
Fix - Preserve alerts when going to payment tab on error (order review step)
Dev - Differentiate validation promise logs so that we know if a promise failed during tab validation or order submission

v7.3.3 - 2022.07.05
Fix - Fix bug that caused new installs to not have any enabled billing fields.
Fix - Fix generic error message for custom parsley validators that use AJAX
Fix - Fix potential issue where billing address fields were output twice for non-shipped carts

v7.3.2 - 2022.06.30
Improved - Added option to change the label of the local pickup shipped order option
Improved - Added pickup address to thank you page under pickup instructions.
Improved - Address under pickup instructions is now linked to Google Maps by default. This can be disabled with this filter: cfw_local_pickup_use_google_address_link
Dev - Added new filter for the pickup address on the thank you page: cfw_local_pickup_thank_you_address
Dev - Order submission errors now show the server response when cfw-debug flag is set. (I.e., https://yoursite/checkout/?cfw-debug=true)
Fix - Fixed PHP warning with Klarna Payments
Fix - Changing between shipping and pickup now recalculates totals correctly.
Fix - Changed columns of MyParcel fields for a better layout

v7.3.0 - 2022.06.28
NEW - Local Pickup. CheckoutWC now has a native understanding of pickup vs delivery and can selectively show / hide the shipping address and shipping options based on whether the customer selects shipping or pickup.
NEW - You can now select which countries to highlight in country dropdown from settings (WP Admin > CheckoutWC > Checkout > Field Options)
NEW - You can now selectively hide/disable billing address fields from settings. (WP Admin > CheckoutWC > Checkout > Address Options)
NEW - Added option to disable \'Same as shipping address\' option in settings. (WP Admin > CheckoutWC > Checkout > Address Options)
Improved - Remove cart item link is now always shown at mobile screen sizes
Improved - Updated Greek translations based on feedback from customers.
Dev - Updated WC tested version to 6.6.0
Dev - Added two new actions: cfw_before_payment_methods_block and cfw_after_payment_methods_block
Dev - Added new cfw_order_updates_heading filter and new cfw_after_thank_you_order_updates_text action
Dev - Extra billing fields are now output on an action hook like everything else.
Dev - Implemented updated_cart_totals JS event from WooCommerce core.
Dev - Added new action after side cart totals: cfw_after_side_cart_totals
Dev - Moved before_woocommerce_pay call so that it fires within the template content
Dev - Added cfw_side_cart_free_shipping_progress_bar_free_shipping_message and cfw_side_cart_free_shipping_progress_bar_amount_remaining_message_format filters
Fix - Fix potential JS errors from undefined variables
Fix - Fix issue with PayPal for WooCommerce and customer info sections appearing that should be hidden
Fix - Fix bug that prevented overriding CheckoutWC image sizes
Fix - Fix issues with PostNL and MyParcel
Fix - Fix issue where colon appearing in shipping method name was errantly removed.
Fix - Improved accessibility of side cart.
Fix - Fix issue with FlyCart Woo Discount Rules and side cart.
Fix - Fix issue that caused the review panes to show incorrect information when billing address is forced to be the shipping address.
Fix - Fix bug that made it possible for post code validation error to be shown when correct post code was entered.
Fix - Fix potential typing issues that could cause fatal errors in recent versions of PHP.
Fix - Fix issue where Select2 could be loaded.
Fix - Fix issue with caching and add to cart error messages. Now acts more like native AJAX add to cart functionality in WooCommerce core.
Fix - Fix incorrect usage warning
Fix - Fix multiple issues with Amazon Pay 2.0 legacy API and order pay endpoint
Fix - Fixes to how Malaysian addresses are handled with Google Address Autocomplete
Fix - Google Address Autocomplete now supports named buildings in addition to normal street addresses
Fix - Fix conflict with Woostify CSS and side cart table styling.
Fix - Fix issues with Variation Swatches for WooCommerce and the side cart
Fix - Fix potential issue with some finicky gateways by adding a slight delay to firing payment_method_selected event so that it runs after animations have completed.
Fix - Fix bug that prevented woocommerce_before_thankyou from running
Fix - Fix bug that prevented side cart free shipping progress data from being filtered.
Fix - Fix bug with option to hide the floating side cart button when the cart is empty and situations where the cart transitions to a non-empty state. Now behaves correctly when emptying the cart and adding an item.
Fix - Refactored cart updating code to fix bug with WooCommerce Product Bundles quantity syncing
Fix - Prevent fatal errors when order bump cannot be added to the cart

Version 7.2.6 - 2022.05.30
Fix - Fix bug where fields that were not visible in the current viewport because of scrolling were not validated properly.

Hotfix - Fix PHP warning related to missing field class arguments. A hot fix for a PHP warning you ask? Well here\'s the deal: we misread the bug report but had already done the work to fix this and release it. Your log files will thank us.

v7.2.3 - 2022.05.25
New - Added support for ThemeHigh Checkout Field Editor Pro.
Fix - Fix bug where address_1 was not set correctly on page load when using discreet address fields.
Fix - Fix bug where review pane showed session values instead of the information entered by the customer.
Fix - Fix bug with unique billing fields treatment that caused the billing address not to appear when shipping was not required.
Fix - Fix issue where fragment is updated even when it hasn\'t changed.
Fix - Fix issue with Square where CC field was unusually sized
Fix - Fix bug with Order Pay page that prevented errors from being shown
Dev - Added filter to bypass email domain validation check: cfw_email_domain_valid
Dev - Added filter for unique billing fields: cfw_unique_billing_fields
Dev - Updated WP tested version to 6.0.0

v7.2.2 - 2022.05.12
Hotfix - Fix potential PHP fatal error with Checkout Field Editor and fields that don\'t have classes defined.

v7.2.1 - 2022.05.12
New - Billing address fields that don\'t have a matching shipping address field are now output below the billing address accordion so that they are always visible.
Fix - We now inherit the step, min, and max for quantity from the WooCommerce default cart quantity control.
Fix - Fix Checkout Field Editor column and layout calculations
Fix - Fix bug where password field was shown even when create account by default was set to false.
Fix - Fix bug that caused all optional fields to reveal when clicking the link to show one.
Dev - Add cfw_order_item_thumbnail filter to order item thumbnail
Tweak - Remove unused class from fields
Tweak - Remove tabindex for password visibility toggles
Tweak - Add disclaimer that Checkout Field Editor potentially breaks some important features when overriding the address fields
Tweak - Update SmartyStreets verbiage to new branding

Version 7.2.0 - 2022.04.29
New - Password fields now have toggle button to show password in plain text so that customers can verify they have entered the correct input.
New - Smarty Variation Matching for Order Bumps. When setting up an order bump you can now set the search and offer products to be a variable product. Smart Matching attempts to match the offer product variation attributes to the search product variation attributes in the cart. Example: If you sell mattresses you could set it up so that a person who chooses a queen mattress and then adds a mattress protector as an order bump would also get the queen size protector.
New - Added option to order bumps to set whether or not the order bump quantity can be adjusted in the cart.
Improved - Improved how bundled products are displayed when using WooCommerce Product Bundles.
Improved - If it is not possible to change the quantity of a cart item, show the cart item quantity bubble on that line item. 
Improved - Order Notes are now excluded from field persistence caching (Garlic.js).
Dev - Added cfw_enable_field_persistence filter to make it easy to turn off field persistence.
Dev - Added cfw_welcome_back_text filter for welcome back text.
Fix - Fix bug that caused shipping phone to not be saved with submitted order.
Fix - Fix issue where address review didn\'t have all of the correct info when using WooCommerce for Japan.
Fix - Fix bug where address formatting strings that weren\'t replaced would appear in review address area of checkout steps.
Fix - Fix bug that caused multiple events to be bound where one was required during field validation.
Fix - Fix bug that caused the state field to not be validated.
Fix - Fix lack of sale price when using YITH by implementing proper filter
Fix - Handle sale prices differently so that it works with YITH Dynamic Pricing.
Fix - Fix issue with zooming into text fields on mobile safari
Fix - Fix characters not being totally covered by shimmer.
Fix - Fix side cart totals spacing
Fix - Detect coupons with free shipping and render shipping progress bar correctly.
Fix - Add some more styling to help the side cart display correctly with themes that like to add borders to tables.
Fix - Fix potential fatal error with PHP 8.
Fix - Fix incorrect city when using Google Address Autocomplete with Swedish addresses.

v7.1.8 - 2022.04.18
New - Added new Cart Summary Link color setting
New - Added setting to display sale prices in cart and checkout cart summary.
New - It is now possible to use a WooCommerce Product Bundle that contains variations as an order bump. The default variation values for each bundled product are used.
Improved - Improved how product bundles are styled in the side cart and checkout cart summary
Fix - Fix setting that appeared erroneously when side cart is disabled.
Fix - Change label of cart item quantity color settings to add clarity to what they style.
Fix - Fix issue where quantity stepper wasn't available in side cart unless cart editing at checkout was enabled.
Fix - Fix issue where there were duplicate validators during checkout submission
Fix - Attempt to fix race condition that caused the postal code validation to show an error message after correct postal code was entered
Fix - Fix bug in admin where publishing an order bump triggered before unload alert
Fix - Tweak our side cart coupon apply code to better match core

v7.1.7 - 2022.04.14
Improved - Removed some unnecessary files and compressed some others to reduce build size 30%.
Dev - Added cfw_show_klarna_checkout_express_button filter to allow hiding Klarna Checkout express button.
Fix - Don't allow quantity of order bumps to be changed.
Fix - Fix issue where elements of checkout page were unblocked during an update.
Fix - Fix WooCommerce Gift Cards field in Cart Summary sidebar.
Fix - Get rid of duplicative events that caused multiple calls to zip code autocomplete API.
Fix - Fix issue with express checkout buttons being hidden that were active.
Fix - Fix issue with Checkout Field Editor that caused 50% width fields to be rendered incorrectly.
Fix - Fix issue that caused address field changes to apply on my account page.
Fix - Allow country field to be removed with Checkout Field Editor without causing postal code validation errors.
Fix - Fix JS error with Braintree for WooCommerce (Payment Plugins) gateway.

v7.1.4 - 2022.04.03
Fix - Fix potential infinite loop that caused update_checkout to run continuously when WooCommerce German Market was active. Fixes other potential scenarios that would cause the same thing
Fix - Fix styling glitch where loading shimmer didn't fully cover payment gateway titles.

⭐Suggestion: YITH WooCommerce Checkout Manager – Customize WooCommerce Checkout Field

Download CheckoutWC v7.8.1 Nulled Free

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.